Best 4k Gaming Monitor 2021-Buyers Guide


The power of a gaming monitor changes the level of your gaming almost phenomenally. Today, there are different models and features of gaming monitors available to provide you with a fluid and smooth experience, even while playing high-octane action games. How do you choose the best among them? Here is our review of the best 4k gaming monitors 2021.

Before getting into the reviews, here are some basic concepts you should know about choosing the Best 4k gaming monitors:

Screen size is not the prime factor when it comes to selecting the best gaming monitor. When you play games, you are going to be seated quite close to the monitor; therefore, you don’t have to opt for a big screen.

Ideally, screen sizes of 24 to 27 inches are good for playing all types of games. Also, when it comes to the resolution aspect, you can choose the 1080P monitors, as they give you good crystal-clear audio and video quality.

IPS display panels (in-plane switching) will give you a good gaming experience when compared to other panels. This is because the color reproductions and comfort at all viewing angles are more in this type. When you are looking for monitors that offer you fluid and immersive viewing experience, IPS monitors are a good choice.

When you want awesome effects on your gaming monitors, you can choose the HDR types. These high-definition range monitors make your games look more dynamic and stunning than before.

Now that you have known some basic factors, here are our reviews of the top 10 gaming monitors that are highly popular today. These have been loved by gaming enthusiasts all over the world for their personal and professional uses. So, take a look at these and make a qualified decision on the one that will meet your requirements the best.

Best 4k Gaming Monitor 2021

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What better model than Philips to feature right on top of the 10 best 4k gaming monitors 2021? With its amazing technological sophistication and life-life gaming experience, this 27” IPS gaming monitor is designed to give you fatigue-free viewing from multiple angles.


Here are some excellent features that make this Philips monitor one of the best in this price range:

  • Comes with the new 4K UHD resolution, which means the horizontal display screen contains almost 4000 pixels of crystal-clear resolution

  • 10-bit IPS (in-plane switching) display panel to provide you with the best of color combinations and angles to choose from; this display gives you 1074billion color gradations

  • Narrow border display technology not only makes it look sleek but also gives you a seamless viewing or gaming experience

  • Comes with two HDMI 2.0 inputs

  • Multi-view feature helps you to connect and view your favorite shows at the same time

  • Flicker-free technology to reduce the stress on your eyes and give you a worry-free viewing experience


  • Made from 100% recycled parts; therefore quite eco-friendly
  • 7-star energy rated; therefore, helps to reduce your energy bills by a large extent
  • Comes with a 4-year advance replacement warranty in the USA


  • No provision to adjust the height of the monitor or horizontal tilt
  • Vertical lines start to appear on the screen after a few days of use, according to a few users
Bottom Line
Yes, there are a few disadvantages to this 4k Gaming Monitor from Philips, but they clearly are overshadowed by the design, performance and durability of the monitor. Go for it if you don’t mind spending around $230 for your gaming monitor; however, many users feel that every dime you pay for this product is definitely worth it.


Designed for the true-blue game lover, this intelligent gaming monitor from LG comes with smart features, user-friendly options and lots of customizations to provide unlimited entertainment to gaming enthusiasts.


Why should you invest in this LG 4k UHD gaming monitor if you want to enjoy life-like audio & video experiences when gaming? These features will help you understand the same:

  • Superior quality, 24” 4K UHD monitor which ensures that all the clear & fine details are captured on screen, without any distortions

  • FreeSync technology-enabled, thanks to which all high-resolution games and live-streaming actions are played without any buffering or stuttering

  • On-screen control options help you store all the frequently used adjustment options (light, volume, picture mode, etc.) in a separate window to be accessed easily with a click

  • Screen Slit 2.0 option gives you options to work on multiple screens at the same time; currently, 14 screen slit options with 4 picture-in-picture customizations are available

  • Comes with three games modes to choose from (2 first-person shooter modes and 1 RTS pre-set mode)

  • Black Stabilizer highlights all the clear details in dark conditions while advanced sync helps in seamless gaming action

  • Comes with a new, curved, Arcline design stand, which helps in the durability of the monitor


  • Comes with all advanced gaming features to make your experience fun, interactive and entertaining
  • High-octane, fast paced games can also be played here


  • Sometimes flickers, especially when switched on after a long time
  • Lights are too strong, leading to discomfort when watching for a long time
Bottom Line

This LG FresSync Gaming Monitor is definitely a good buy, if you love gaming. You will be thrilled with the possibilities of control and customizations that it offers for your convenience.


This gaming monitor from BenQ is a perfect combination of technology, comfort and style. Yes, it is quite steeply-priced when compared to other gaming monitors from reputed brands. However, that’s because, this model offers quite a lot of gaming-related specific features to give you an enriching experience.


Here are some features you can get to enjoy when you buy the gaming monitor from BenQ:

  • Comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to balance the dark & white lighting so that you can get to view natural-looking lights that don’t affect your eyes

  • Comes with a quick 1ms GTG (Gray to Gray) transition, as a result of which high-octane games can be played without any lag or ghosting issues

  • AMD FreeSync technology-enabled, thanks to which you will not face any problems related to blurred images or frames

  • Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I. + Tech.) with an ultra-slim design to give you the perfect balance between contrast and vibrancy, thereby reducing eye fatigue in any environment

  • Smart focus feature helps you to focus on a particular window or part of the window by blurring out the background details


  • Excellent and intense video experience guaranteed, thanks to the technological features
  • Fluid and seamless gaming experience provided even for the highest level of action games


  • Priced at around $293, which is quite steep
  • Customer service of BenQ not very helpful
  • Whites and blacks aren’t evenly balanced out

Bottom Line

Yes, we are mighty impressed with this gaming monitor from BenQ. However, it is costly and we will recommend it only in case you plan to use it for very high-level action games. For normal video games, you can look for cheaper monitors in the market. So, make a qualified decision before investing in this.


Asus is one of the leaders in the gaming monitors market. With their sleek and stylish monitors loaded with the latest features, these products from Asus are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the gaming enthusiasts. This 28” 4K UHD gaming monitor is no exception to this rule.


Here are some features that provide you with excellent picture quality and life-like experience when you are gaming:

  • Superior 4K UHD 28” monitor to improve the clarity and immersion in the games

  • Comes with an advanced Eye Care Technology with patented Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filter to eliminate eye fatigue

  • Adaptive Sync Technology leads to fluid gaming and a 1ms responsive control for high-octane games ensures a hassle-free gaming

  • Comes with a 5-way OSD joystick control for innovative navigation controls on the screen

  • Equipped with lots of Games Plus and Games Visual features to provide you with enough controls and assistance to play your favorite game the way you want

  • Comes with 3-year advance replacement warranty


  • Gives you enough adjustment options to alter the height, viewing angle, and wall mounting angles as per your convenience
  • Sleek and stylish stand designed ergonomically
  • Lets you play the game the way you want by offering a variety of customizations
  • Easy to use as the OSD helps you control the brightness and other related settings


  • Final output produced doesn’t have enough clarity and sharpness in the resolution provided, though it of the 4K UHD type
  • Display port didn’t work in this monitor, according to a few users
Bottom Line

This Asus gaming monitor comes packed with a lot of features and sophisticated technology for advanced level of gaming. Therefore, we would recommend this for you, only if you plan to use it for gaming purposes.


Here we come again with yet another gaming monitor from Asus to provide you with crisp and immersive visuals that are sharper than you ever imagined them to be. Keep reading to know why this is one of the best choices in the market today for gaming lovers.


The Asus 28” Gaming Monitor comes embedded with the following features:

  • Excellent 4K UHD gaming monitor to provide crystal clear and sharp visuals

  • Adaptive Sync technology and 1ms response time for fluid and ghosting-free visuals and video streaming

  • Patented Asus Eye Care Technology which has flicker-free and blue light features to reduce the strain on your eyes

  • Comes with a 5-way OSD joystick which helps you with intelligent controls to navigate your way through the monitor

  • Comes with various Games Plus and Games Visual technologies to help gaming enthusiasts to choose their preferred settings

  • Rapid Replacement warranty of 3 years provided by Asus


  • Comes with dual HDMI connectivity and digital signal frequency on the display ports
  • Adjustments possible on the refresh rate to get stutter-free video displays while gaming
  • Energy-efficient model that saves a considerable amount on your energy bills


  • Some people found that the quality of resolution was poor when used with Macbook Pro
  • Not compatible to be used with Xbox One, as reported by a few users
  • Controls at the back of the monitor make navigation a bit complex when using multiple monitors
Bottom Line

Yes, this gaming monitor from Asus does come with a lot of technical features. However, unless you plan to use it for high-octane action games, it won’t help you much. If you are planning to get a monitor to give you a better movie-viewing experience than before, you have to look out for other options. This one is definitely for the gaming lovers.


Are you looking for a monitor that offers you a seamless display of a range of brilliant color options from various sources? If yes, is 27” gaming monitor from LG is a good choice for you. One of the main highlights of this monitor that makes it one of the top 10 best 4k gaming monitors 2021 is that it offers you excellent colors, irrespective of the angle you are viewing it from.


Some remarkable features that make this monitor a reasonable investment decision are:

  • Comes with an HDR 10 (High-definition range) to provide you with a better balance of colors & brightness when compared to other monitors

  • Equipped with USB Type-C connectivity, thanks to which the unique Cports help to do multiple functions such as data transfer, video display, charging, etc. at the same time

  • Comes with sGRB 99 Color Gamut feature, which means it covers 99% of the spectrum, making it a great product for professional use as well

  • Ultra-thin screen gives a borderless display and distortion-free feel while playing

  • Comes with on-screen controls, thereby making it easy for you to control all adjustments from the screen itself

  • AMD FreeSync technology helps in stutter-free, ghosting-free and distortion-free fluid and seamless video even for high-octane games

  • Equipped with advanced features to help gamers; these include Black Stabilier for highlighting details in dark scenes and Dynamic Action Sync for fluid and hassle-free gaming


  • Offers a lot of customizations in the form of adjustable height, brightness, colors and other settings
  • Sleek, stylish and space-saving design
  • Great for professional gamers as well
  • C-ports reduce the clutter created by extra ports and cables


  • Not great for watching movies
Bottom Line

With this 27” 4K UHD gaming monitor from LG, you can be assured of hassle-free gaming, free from external distractions and distortions. Go for it if you are an avid gamer.


The BenQ PD2700U 27” 4K UHD Gaming Monitor is of premium quality with its design, style and color combinations. Yes, it costs a lot, but it is designed for gaming lovers who have an eye for quality and elegance.


What makes the PD2700U from BenQ one of the best-loved gaming monitors in spite of its steep price? Read on to know more about the same:

  • Comes with 100% sGRB, which means the colors cover 100% of the spectrum; Rec.709 feature ensures that you get awesome photos and video content at all times

  • Color shift is reduced when the viewing angle changes, thereby reducing any strain of the eye

  • 4K UHD Gaming Monitor ensures that you get crystal-clear image quality and intelligent images consistently

  • Comes with three viewing modes (CAD/CAM, Animation and Darkroom) to help professionals to view the final output in the mode they want for better quality

  • Dual View feature helps you to compare two modes and choose the one that suits your needs the best

  • HDR 10 (high-definition range) feature makes viewing and editing videos faster & more fluidly than before


  • Designed ergonomically so that it can be mounted with ease
  • Comes with a bevy of eye-care features such as brightness intelligence technology, flicker-free, blue-light and more
  • Display Port connectivity possible for setting up multiple monitors


  • Quite steeply priced at around $540
  • Diagnostic pop-ups after standby mode are quite distracting
Bottom Line

If you are looking for a gaming monitor for the first time, we would suggest you try the lesser-priced monitors with the basic features first, before you move on to this highly-advanced and exorbitantly priced monitor from BenQ. As a first-time gaming monitor user, you may tend to get confused at the advanced features and customizations that the PD2700U offers.


How about a gaming monitor that is big enough for you to perform other functions as well without having to scroll or switch monitors? Yes, we are talking about the Samsung UH750 28” 4K UHD gaming monitor. It is designed to provide users with complete ease and accuracy during gaming and other tasks such as browsing.


Some of the features that have made the Samsung UH75o figure in the top 10 best 4k gaming monitors 2021 are:

  • Quantum Dot Color feature presents 1 billion color shades on the monitor to deliver the final audio and video content with utmost accuracy, without any distractions or distortions

  • Comes with PBP (Picture by Picture) dual-screen feature, thanks to which you can connect it to two devices simultaneously without destroying the final image

  • Comes with PIP (Picture in Picture) Sub-Screen display helps you resize a screen to 25% and make it appear anywhere on the current screen you are working on

  • Comes with narrow and stylish body with an ergonomically-designed stand to improve the visual appeal of your home or office


  • One of the few gaming monitors that give you life-like experience when you are playing your favorite game
  • Fluid and smooth action guaranteed, irrespective of the type of game you choose, thanks to the 1ms response time of this monitor


  • Not very effective when used with Xbox One
  • Height adjustment not provided
Bottom Line

In conclusion, we would like to say that this Samsung UH750 gaming monitor is definitely a good buy, though it does have a few defects. Coming from one of the respected brands, this monitor justifies its price and offers you a superior gaming experience across all viewing angles.


The LG 27” 4K UHD IPS gaming monitor provides you with such clarity and sophistication of audio & video content that you are bound to get mesmerized at its quality.


Here are the features of this 4K UHD gaming monitor from LG that are designed to provide you with full value for your money:

  • High-quality IPS display panel and a 99% sGRB, thereby making the final output to have the most accurate color balance and combinations

  • Comes with on-screen controls, thereby making it easy for you adjust the brightness, volume and other settings with just a click of the mouse

  • Screen Split 2.0 (14 options with 4 picture-in-picture options) and Dual Controller features help you to get the desired effects from your game with easy clicks on the mouse

  • FreeSync technology-enabled, which ensures fluid and hassle-free performance of the monitor, eliminating issues such as ghosting and stuttering

  • Comes with three game modes (2 first-person-shooter modes and 1 RTS pre-set mode) to offer you 100% customization

  • Sleek arcline design of the monitor’s stand for improving the stability, durability and performance of the monitor


  • Comes with advanced gaming features such as Black Stabilizer to highlight the colors in the dark scenes and Dynamic Action Sync for fluid movement during high-resolution games
  • Sleek and stylish design of the monitor and its stand add to the product’s visual appeal


  • Slightly overpriced at around $370
  • Stand is not as durable as the product information claims to be
Bottom Line

Yes, this LG 27” gaming monitor offers you enough customizations to choose the game mode and color combinations you want for a memorable gaming experience. However, go for it only if you can afford the huge price it commands. If not, there are other lesser-priced, equally good models in the market.


With its classic curved design, the Samsung 32” 4K UHD Curved Gaming Monitor is one of its kind, designed for gamers who love elegance and sophistication.


Thanks to these features, this monitor from Samsung is definitely worthy to find itself a place in the list containing the top 10 best 4k gaming monitors 2021:

  • Comes with the world’s first curved 1500R screen, which gives you a real, life-like and immersive viewing experience; helps to keep your focus distance at a constant level always

  • Ultra-slim screen with curved contours and bezel-free screen with three sides; monitor measures only 0;27 inches, making it one of the thinnest

  • Comes with a broad 4K UHD screen, which lets you browse webpages, view photos and do other work on your windows without scrolling a lot from your current window

  • Provides users with over a billion color combinations and accurate contrast effects irrespective of whether you are gaming, using other graphics, watching movies and more

  • Comes with various game mode settings to adjust the brightness, contrast and other settings to play in the dark and bright lighting conditions

  • PBP (Picture-by-Picture) feature helps to connect two devices to the monitor simultaneously and use them with ease


  • Slender and stylish metal stand with inbuilt cases for a mess-free design
  • Eliminates issues of eye fatigue and makes you feel comfortable even when seeing the monitor for a long time, thanks to the curved design


  • No adjustments on the stand
Bottom Line

Yes, this curved gaming monitor from Samsung is definitely an engineering marvel. However, it doesn’t offer anything more than the other models that are far lesser-priced than this offer. We feel that the curved screen is the only unique feature in this; go for it if you are only looking for a difference in screen shape and graphics purposes.


Are you done reading our reviews of our top 10 best 4K gaming monitors 2021? So, do you think you are ready to choose the monitor that suits your gaming needs the best? Happy shopping!

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