Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021-Buyers Guide

Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021 – Table of Contents

1. Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder kicteck Full HD 1080P 15FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation LCD 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with 2 Batteries(604s) 6. Video Camera Camcorder WiFi IR Night Vision FHD 1080P 30FPS YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder 26MP 3.0” Touch Screen 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with Microphone,Remote and 2 Batteries
2. Video Camera 1080P Camcorder CofunKool 24.0MP Vlogging Camera for YouTube, 270° Flipping 3.0″ IPS Touch Screen IR Night Vision with Microphone Wide Angle Lens Remote Control Mini Tripod 7. Camcorder Video Camera 4K 30MP WiFi Night Vision Camcorder Vlogging Camera Blogging Camera 16x Digital Camera Vlog Video Camera Camcorder with Microphone
3. Camcorder Video Camera Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera HD 1080P 30FPS 24MP 16X Digital Zoom 3 Inch LCD Flip Screen Video Recorder with Microphone and Remote Control, 2 Batteries 8. Digital Camera Camcorder, Weton Full HD 1080P 24.0MP Video Camera 3.0 Inch Flip Screen Vlogging Camera Camcorder with Retractable Flashlight for YouTube (Two Batteries Included)
4. SUNLEA Video Camera Vlogging Camera with MicrophoneFull HD 1080p 30fps 24.0MP Video Camcorder for YouTube Support Remote Controller 9. Video Camera Camcorder with Microphone YouTube Camera Recorder 2.7K Ultra HD 20FPS 30.0MP 18X Digital Zoom 3.0″ LCD Touch Screen Vlogging Camera
5. Video Camera Camcorder Vlogging Camera for Youtube Full HD 2.7K 30FPS 30 MP IR Night Vision 3 Inch Touch Screen Time-Lapse Camcorder with Microphone Remote Control Lens Hood and 2 Batteries 10. Video Camera Camcorder WiFi IR Night Vision FHD 1080P 30FPS 26MP YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder 3″ Touch Screen 16X Digital Zoom Digital Camera with Microphone Remote Control

Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021


If you are planning to start vlogging, then this article on the Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021 would be the ideal place to begin with.

The best vlogging camera would depend on your need and the type of videography you want to engage in. You need to consider several things before you purchase the best vlogging camera. All of these depend on your aim. Are you going to shoot in different locations? Will you prefer the mirrorless ones, or a DSLR would be an appropriate choice?

Whatever be your aim, your vlogging camera must be able to capture professional-quality videos, record clear audio, have a proper screen, and must be portable. Let us first give you an idea of the various specifications in the world of the camera.

Terminologies to know before buying a vlogging camera

  • Resolution – It is the number of pixels present to capture the video. 720p is pretty standard, but it is recommended that you go for 1080p. If you do not want to compromise on quality that 4K is the best.

  • Megapixels – It is the total number of blocks that the camera can capture at a time. You should go for something between 10 – 20 if you wish to target YouTube videos. Anything above 40 is for professional vloggers.

  • ISO – It is used to measure the sensitivity of your vlogging camera towards the light. The higher the ISO, the lower amount of light is needed to capture a great video. For a night or low-light vlogging, you need to have higher ISO ranges.

  • FPS ­– Frames per second is the rate at which your camera can shoot. The current industry standard is 30fps, but if you are a beginner, then 22 – 25 would be a good range to start with.

What are the different options to select from?

Now that you are well-versed with the camera lingo, we can discuss the different options available to you for your vlogging camera

  • Compact – This is a lightweight, portable camera for those who want to record on the go. You might need an external mic to capture clear audio.

  • DSLR – The most popular vlogging camera is DSLR. It gives you high-quality recordings, low-light adaptability, and sharp images.

  • Sports Cams – If you want to capture an outdoor sport, then you must check our action/sports cameras. They can withstand shock, are waterproof, and have an ultra-compact body.

  • Camcorder – Similar to DSLR and compacts, these are also lightweight and easily portable. The difference is that they are primarily used to videography. At the same time, DSLRs and compacts can also be used for high-quality photography.

  • Webcam – If you want to engage in commentary or some live talks, then a good quality webcam is the best. Webcams can help you record 1080p professional-quality videos.

With the above information, you are all set to dive into the world of vlogging cameras. It is time for you to look at our top ten picks. All the models are affordable and this guide will help you in making the best choice for your vlogging camera.

Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021

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Product Overview

Get ready to start your journey with this fantastic budget vlogging camera. You can record clear and sharp videos for your vlogging channel with this camcorder. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and durable. It is a multifunctional camera recorder with a lot of in-built features. The 3-inch LCD screen can be rotated up to 270 degrees. If you are new to handling video cameras, then this can be an excellent choice since it is easy to handle.

The image quality is terrific. The camcorder is really handy with all the buttons around your fingers. In short, it is an excellent camcorder with a lot of accessories accompanying it.

Product Features

This is an excellent camera for beginners, and you must be excited to check out its features.

  • The camera has a maximum image resolution of 24 megapixels (6000×4500) and a video resolution of 1080p (15FPS).

  • It has features like beauty functions, face detection and capture, anti-shaking stability, a self-timer, and can be easily connected to your television or computer.

  • This can serve as an excellent quality Webcam in case you do not have one. It is straightforward to use. Connect the device with your computer using the USB port and cables. Download the software – AMCAP and turn on the ‘PC-CAM’ mode. That’s all. You are all set to chat with your friends and family over a high-quality webcam.

  • One of the features which are beneficial to YouTube vloggers is the pause function. You can pause and resume recording in the same file. Now you can download, edit, and upload your video on social media.

  • The camera is powered by a 1500mAh battery, which lasts for about 75 – 90 minutes. If you plan to shoot for an extended period, then you can shoot while you charge. Though it would reduce your portability, yet you need not worry about draining the battery.

  • The device supports an external SD card (4GB to 32GB). SD card has to be purchased separately. It does not come along with the camcorder.

  • The camcorder is light and can easily be carried along with you. It can be used along with external lights and LEDs. Also, you can mount it on any standard tripod stand.


  • Simple and easy to operate, ideal for beginners
  • Offers a runtime of 90 minutes
  • Comes with a CMOS optical sensor technology
  • Supports up to 16x digital zoom
  • Comes with a robust carrying case


  • Not well-suited for low light recordings
  • Does not support autofocus and optical zoom
Bottom Line
This is an excellent camcorder for the new YouTube stars. Since it does not support autofocus and optical zoom, professionals may not be interested in this model. But as a beginner, this light, easy to control the camcorder, is one the best budget vlogging cameras that you can buy in 2021.

Product Overview

This is a stylish and powerful camera for all-purpose shooting across any location. If you want to upload videos on YouTube, Insta, or Facebook, then this can be the perfect model for you. It comes with face detection and motion detection features. The camera comes with an excellent screen resolution of 24 megapixels (6340 x 3600) JPEG images. The video camera supports high-quality videos up to 1080p.

This means you are all set to capture fantastic and high-quality videos. The camera is also equipped with a night vision technology to help you in low light conditions. The LCD screen supports the touch feature and can be rotated to 270 degrees. Isn’t the camera really cool!

Product Features

CofunKool has always come up with high-quality and durable products. Their products have excellent features, and this model is no exception.

  • It is a complete multipurpose camcorder. The frame rate is 30FPS, while the video resolution is of 24M (6340×3600). It supports face detection, beauty function, recording in the loop, slow-motion videography, and low light recordings.

  • You can easily use this device as a webcam. It can be connected to your PC or laptop via the USB port and cable.

  • The slow-motion feature allows recording slow-moving objects with up to 2X optical zoom. Then you can quickly transfer the videos to your computer or TV and watch HD quality videos.

  • The camera has an attached external microphone. It is equipped with noise cancellation technology so that you can record clear and crisp audio.

  • The wide-angle lens will support a panoramic view of up to 118 degrees. This makes it ideal for landscape shots.

  • You can capture an image while shooting a video. You need not switch between the camera and video mode.

  • The loop feature ensures that you can record even after the memory is full. What it will do it, it will keep the latest video or photograph and overwrite the old ones.

  • The IR vision feature is used for taking pictures or shooting videos at night. Although the images or videos will come in black and white, yet it is a powerful feature that you can explore.

  • There are three different color modes in the camera – Black and White, Sepia, along with the normal mode.


  • Click photos while recording videos
  • Comes with an external stereo microphone
  • You can use a power bank to charge the batteries/device
  • Comes with a mini tripod and remote control
  • Batteries power the camcorder for a long period


  • Comes with no autofocus feature
  • Audio quality is average (low volume when you plug into TV or laptop)
  • Meager standby time
Bottom Line

This camera is an excellent option for novice vloggers. Although, professionals can consider this for casual recordings and shoots. The camcorder has attractive features and comes with a lot of accessories as well. The external microphone, IR vision, mini tripod, and remote control make it an excellent vlogging camera within your budget.

Product Overview

The Aabeloy Camcorder is a digital vlogging camera with full HD 1080p support and 16x digital zoom. This camcorder is well designed, keeping in mind the amateurs. You can easily control the device, get long runtime, and brilliant outdoor recordings. Since it comes with a powerful resolution, it is also recommended for YouTube video shoots.

The camera has a full zoom (16x), which makes it suited for different types of landscape photo and videography. The performance is further enhanced with the X-Y pickup technology for the external stereo microphone.

It comes with two powerful batteries and can be controlled using a remote. 

Product Features

  • The LCD screen is 3-inch and can be rotated up to 270 degrees. The camera supports features like face detection, timer, continuous shooting, in-built fill light technology, and pause options. 

  • You can easily connect it with any peripheral devices like TV or laptop. You can also use it like a Webcam attached to your PC or laptop.

  • This camcorder supports external SD cards (up to 32GB) and can be mounted on any standard tripod. (both these items do not come with the device)

  • It has an FPS of 30, video resolution of 1080p, and max image resolution of 24 megapixels. It comes with an X-Y stereo technology for noise cancellation and clear audio. Along with this, it also comes with an LED fill light. These fascinating features make it ideal for any budding vlogger or photographer.

  • The device can be controlled entirely by a remote. You can take pictures, record videos, pause them, play them all from a distance, without manually touching the device. You can even flip the screens between image and video and can control the device while it is being charged.

  • The excellent camera is powered by two Li-ion batteries (1500mAph). You can use it for 120 – 150 minutes at a stretch.

  • The product is light and durable. It can be easily carried with you. Thus, it is suited for all users and for all locations. The company comes to a one-month warranty along with a 24-hour technical support service.


  • X-Y stereo sound technology for clear audio
  • Supports in-built LED lights
  • Has a 3-inch 270 degrees TFT LCD display
  • Can be controlled using a remote
  • Simple and easy to use, even kids can operate this device


  • The microphone is of average quality
  • It does not support night or low-light photography
  • The LED lights do not work in playback mode
  • The device does not support manual focus
Bottom Line

We agree there are some drawbacks to this camera. But they seem negligible compared to the fantastic features it offers. Of course, as beginners, you may not focus on night photography. This camera is highly recommended for YouTube videos, the starting point for most vloggers. Its drawbacks come into picture if you are using it as a professional. But, under 100 dollars, this is one of the best budget vlogging cameras for 2021.

Product Overview

This is a versatile camcorder from Sunela. It is portable, can be easily controlled, and provides exceptional features that you may not get in any other budget vlogging cameras. If you are new to the world of vlogging and want to upskill yourself, then you will be amazed by this vlogging camcorder.

The camera gives you crystal clear audio, excellent quality images and also, comes with an added feature of taking selfies. Yes, you can completely flip the screen and shoot yourself while holding the camera. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Product Features

The exiting features are ready to give all your photos and videos the perfect professional look.

  • The camera comes with a 30FPS, 1080p video resolution. The image resolution is 24 megapixels. The LCD screen can be tilted until 270 degrees. This not only allows you to take awesome selfies but helps you set various specifications with ease.

  • This is a multipurpose camcorder with face detection, anti-shake, beauty capture, and self-timer features. You can easily control the device with a remote. The camera also has an HDMI output port.

  • You can also use this vlog camera as a webcam. If you want to start some talk shows or do commentary, sitting in front of your laptop, then you need an HD quality webcam for the best resolutions. In such a case, this can be easily used for recordings or talking with your friends on Skype.

  • It can be easily connected to your TV, laptop, or PC via USB or HDMI. So, you can stream all those beautiful videos and enjoy them live.

  • The camera comes with an external microphone. It is handy when you want to record some speeches, or you are filming a meeting or conference. The best part is that this device is compatible with any other external microphone. You can easily install any microphone and enhance the audio quality as per your need.

  • The product is light and can be carried along with you. It is highly portable. You can now shoot or record anytime, anywhere, be it at home or outdoors.

  • The device and its parts have a one-year warranty, and the company provides an excellent technical support service. If you have any problem, you can register it with them, and they will solve it within 24 hours.


  • Highly recommended for good-quality YouTube videos
  • Excellent image and video resolution
  • Good quality external microphone
  • Can be controlled using a remoComes with a lens cover to protect the lens and the camerate


  • Not suited for professional recording purposes
  • There is no online manual for this device
  • The battery might be an issue after a while
Bottom Line

The camera is a great one for beginners. It gives you features and specifications which are not present even in the expensive ones. This is simple and easy to use. Too many specifications and settings will be a headache for any novice vlogger. It is absolutely comparable to any other camcorder from a reputed brand. It is definitely worth your money.

Product Overview

If you are in the lookout for a budget vlogging camera that gives you incredible performance, then this camcorder is all set to serve you. You must capture every moment of your joyful life. It must be shared as precious memories with your family. For that, you need a high-performance recording device.

With a full HD 2.7K video resolution and a 30megapixel camera, this camcorder is going to go beyond your expectations. The camera is suited for night recording as well, and the external microphone ensures you record clear and crisp audio every time. Undoubtedly, this camera is going to give you a great experience with both indoor and outdoor shootings.

Product Features

  • The camera offers stunning performance with its FHD 2.7K resolution coupled with a rate of 30FPS. The 24-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens is ready to capture all the moments in your life. The displace panel is 3-inch and supports the touchscreen feature. You can attach an external SD card up to 128GB with this device. This means you never have to stop recording those precious, joyful moments.

  • The camera comes with a lens hood covering the lens. The hood is there to prevent any excess light from entering. This ensures the high quality of your photos and videos. It also protects the lens from dust and external shock.

  • The external microphone equips you to record audio at ease. You can easily control the device with the remote. It can help you manage the angle and direction of the camera while taking pictures (range 23ft).

  • You can shoot in dark environments with this camcorder due to the infrared night vision mechanism. Once you are in a dark background, turn on the infrared vision, and you can see all the objects clearly.

  • The camera supports pause function while recording, time-lapse, and continuous shooting. You can directly connect it with the laptop of TV via the HDMI cable. Additionally, it can also be used as a webcam with your PC or notebook.

  • The camera is powered by two Li-ion batteries (1500mAh), and you can record while the device is being charged. Thus, you need not worry about the battery getting drained while you are recording.

  • The company provides excellent customer support service. They offer a friendly service and would resolve all your issues promptly.


  • Records videos with a 2.7K video resolution
  • Equipped with infrared night vision feature
  • Comes with a 16X digital zoom
  • Supports time-lapse recording
  • It is a simple, user-friendly device


  • The batteries may not last for long
  • There is no facility for image stabilization or autofocus
  • During outdoor shoots, the mic might pick up ambient noise
Bottom Line

The night vision IR LED feature, and the 2.7K resolution really sets this model apart from its competitors. Though there are few shortcomings, considering the price and the excellent features, it is indeed worth every penny. If you want to shoot great videos both during the day and at night, then start exploring with this model. It will surely give you a fulfilling experience.

Product Overview

If you are not sure about vlogging and would like to try some budget vlogging cameras before jumping to the professional one, then strap this up around your waist and begin your remarkable journey.

The external microphone can easily filter noise, and the internal mic is powerful enough for close-range shots. We suggest you mount it on a tripod (not included with the product) and then smoothly control it using the remote. The pause button allows you to take pictures, even when you are watching or recording a video. You do not have to go through the hassles of switching modes or restart the video.

This camcorder can give you excellent image quality even in dim light conditions. For rookies, this camcorder is going to surprise you with its powerful performance.

Product Features

  • The camera is equipped with a 1080p video resolution, 26-megapixel image resolution, and a 16x digital zoom lens. The LCD touch panel is 3-inches and can be rotated up to 270 degrees. Additionally, your images will become clear and sharp with the 8-megapixel CMOS sensor for images.

  • The camera can capture images while recording a video. It can easily capture slow-motion objects. You can clearly see the movements of the objects with the slow-motion video recording. You can keep shooting videos even after the memory runs out. The lopping feature will keep the latest ones and overwrite the old ones.

  • The versatile device offers you an array of multipurpose features. Face detection, beauty image capture, Continuous recording, motion detection, and self-timer are some of them. These exceptional features will equip you to capture all the beautiful moments.

  • The wi-fi feature connects the device with your tablet or smartphone. You can download the ‘YKJ’ app from the play store and browse through the pictures and videos on your phone.

  • If you are worrying about images in dark or low light environment, then the IR night vision feature will remove all worries. You can capture anything with complete clarity even in the dark (range – 16ft)

  • You can alternatively use this camcorder to connect and chat with your friend and family members. It can be easily used as a webcam.

  • The camera is accompanied by two Li-ion batteries, and you can use the camera while charging it as well.

  • The company offers a 30-day refund or replacement policy in case you are not satisfied with the product or its features.


  • Excellent captures even in dim or low light settings
  • It is light and can be easily carried along with you
  • The external mic can filter noise and provide extreme clarity
  • Comes with an extra battery
  • High-quality and vivid images


  • No autofocus or optical zoom
  • Supports only up to 32GB SD card
Bottom Line

Yet, another great budget vlogging camera for 2021. The features are really excellent and will give you good quality images and videos. It is very well suited for anyone who wants to kick start his/her vlogging journey. Even experienced vloggers can try their hands with this device at non-professional events and shoots.

Product Overview

Finding a decent camcorder that does not come hard on your pocket is a difficult task. At the same time, you cannot upload some hazy, poor quality videos. In such a situation, the SEREE Camcorder Video Camera with a 2.7K resolution and night vision focus becomes a companion for you.

The camera helps you shoot high-resolution videos, captures clear images in low light conditions, and connects easily with your smartphone or laptop. It is highly affordable and excellent in performance. It is a multipurpose, versatile camcorder designed to fascinate you with its features.

Product Features

  • You can now record full HD videos with the 2.7K (2688×1520) resolution and 30 FPS. Capture all the beautiful memories with the 24-megapixel camera. It is best suited for YouTube videos and your daily recording needs

  • You can plug the device as a webcam to your notebook or PC. It is instrumental when you want to feature live or star in your own show. The wi-fi connectivity allows you to stream the pictures and videos into your PC or laptop with ease. You can even upload them in no time.

  • The camera supports multiple functions like slow-motion videography, time-lapse, dim/low light photography, remote control, and an external microphone.

  • The IR night vision feature allows you to capture clear pictures and videos (black and night) even at night. When you enter a low light setting or night environment, turn on the IR and capture incredible moments with this device.

  • You can pause while playing or recording a video. The ‘Photo’ button will resume the video from where you left. This means you can take pictures while shooting videos. You do not have to switch modes. You can achieve the same functionality with the ‘mode’ button on the remote control.

  • Use the slow-motion and time-lapse features to capture any moving objects. Be it birds, pets, or any flying objects, you can quickly shoot them with this camera.

  • The camcorder can the mounted on any standard tripod. This vlogging camera also supports up to 128GB od external SD storage. (both tripod and SD cards have to purchased separately)

  • The camcorder has a lens hood to protect the lens from physical shocks and damage. It also prevents stray and halo lights from entering the lens. This ensures that the quality of the images and recordings are maintained under all circumstances.


  • The microphone is powered by its own separate battery
  • Supports 128GB external SD cards
  • 2.7K high-resolution video recording
  • Easy to grip and control
  • Wi-fi connectivity


  • The pixel system is poor
  • The battery might have issues after a while
Bottom Line

Admittedly, this camcorder will not give you the best quality professional 4K UHD videos. But considering its price range and the features it brings along, it is definitely worth purchasing. The issues with battery are shared with many vlogging camcorders. But you can always focus on the 2.7K resolution and the IR night vision features over the cons.

Product Overview

Are you troubled by your shaky hands each time you try to capture or record something? You can always switch to an anti-shake vlogging camera like the Weton Camera Camcorder. It has an image stabilization feature that will enhance the quality of the images.

This camera is highly suited for vlogging and professional photography. If you are worried about taking a picture in the dark, then use the retractable flashlights to enjoy night vlogging with ease. The 3-inch LCD screen provides unmatched control. You can set all the specifications and settings easily from the screen.

This 24-megapixel camera will ensure that your pictures are bright, vivid, and vibrant. They must bring life to every memory you capture.

Product Features

  • The 3-inch screen can rotate 180 degrees so that you know what you are exactly framing. This can even aid you in taking selfies or recording self videos. It is a wonderful device for rookies wishing to upload videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • The camera has multiple exciting features like rotation screen, digital zoom, face recognition, white balance effects, auto playback, image beautification, and pause functionality.

  • The retractable flashlight enhances night vlogging. You can take pictures or record videos at night as well. You can turn on or off the flash and also keep it in the auto mode. You can now get ready to take some beautiful pictures at night as well.

  • It supports a full HD 1080p, 15FPS video resolution. The 24-megapixel camera lets you shoot clear and vibrant pictures. You can easily set it up on a tripod stand, and it supports an external SD card up to 32GB.

  • It comes with two fully charged batteries. The moment you unpack, you can start capturing wonderful moments. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor recordings. You need not worry about the battery being drained away.

  • It is effortless to operate. The navigation controls are simple, and even a child can operate this device without any difficulty.

  • The camera is light and portable. It comes with a 52mm wide-angle lens. But it can be set up with any other professional lens. A fisheye or teleconverter lens can make it well-suited for professional photos or videography.

  • The professional customer support team is always at your service. They will help you solve any issue that you might face.


  • 52mm wide-angle UV lens
  • Light, portable and durable design
  • Equipped with a CMOS sensor of 24-megapixels
  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  • High focus and clear audio quality
  • Image stabilization with the anti-shake feature


  • Not recommended for high-quality professional vlogging
  • The instructions for some functionalities are unclear
  • The micro SD card accompanying the camera is of poor quality
Bottom Line

If you are looking for a budget camera for stabilizing, high-quality images and videos for your YouTube channel, then this can be an ideal choice. You can easily overlook the negative qualities and focus on the amazing list of features that comes along. You need not stop vlogging at any point in time. Enjoy night vlogging as well with the IR night vision.

Product Overview

Your search for the best budget vlogging cameras for 2021 might end with the LINNSE video camcorder. The camera can give you high-quality images and videos under any setting. The 2.7K video resolution is a couple with an 18X digital zoom to provide you with the best quality. You can record each precious moment in your life with greater precision.

The camcorder comes with an external microphone. It makes it well suited for all users under all circumstances. Be it an indoor shoot, or an outdoor event, be it a marriage or a conference, you can now record everything with high-quality audio. This is well-suited for the novice vloggers who want to hone their skills.

Product Features

  • The camera ensures high performance with its 2.7K (688X1520), 20FPS video resolution. The images are crisp and bright because of the 30-megapixel image resolution. The 3-inch LCD panel supports the touchscreen feature, and you can rotate it to 270 degrees.

  • The in-built LED light helps you capture moments even under low light conditions. It ensures your images and videos are always bright and vivid. The external microphone is equipped to cancel noise and make sure you have the best audio quality.

  • You can easily connect the vlog cam with your TV or laptop using the HDMI ports. You can even try using this camcorder to chat with your friends over skype. 

  • It is a versatile video vlogging camera. It supports multiple functionalities like image stabilization, face detection, beauty enhancement, self-timer, auto power-off, and continuous recording. The remote control can be used to control the device from a distance.

  • The camera can work on a single NP40 battery, which lasts for 80 – 90minutes. But you need not worry about long shooting hours. The vlog cam comes with two batteries that will last for 3 hours approximately.

  • The lens is protected from scratches and physical damage by the lens hood. It prevents flares and unwanted light from damaging your perfect moments.


  • Ultra HD 2.7K video resolution
  • In-build LED lights for night photography
  • Can be easily configured and controlled by the remote
  • Record while the camera is on charge
  • Supports 18X digital zoom


  • The batter life is short
  • It might shut down at times
Bottom Line

Having considered the features of this camcorder, we suggest that you can surely consider this for your next vlogging camera purchase. You may not get a better deal under $100. The video resolution, external mic, image stabilization, and night photography are some of the features which vloggers always appreciate.

Product Overview

This is yet another high-quality video camcorder ready for giving you a splendid vlogging experience. This would be an excellent choice amongst the other budget vlogging cameras for 2021. The camera has full HF 1080p resolution with an external microphone to capture clear audio. It is all about clear image, excellent sound, and long-lasting performance.

With all the features that you need for your YouTube video or vlogging channel, this is one of the best budget vlogging cameras for 2021. It has an ergonomic design, easy to grip and control and can be conveniently paired with any other device.

Product Features

  • The camera gives a maximum resolution of 1080p (30FPS frame rate) and an image resolution of 24-megapixels. Features like 16X digital zoom, touchscreen 3-inch LCD panel, Webcam feature, motion detection, pause function, and loop recording rendered it to be an excellent choice for vlogging.

  • Infrared LED lights allow you to capture and shoot even in a dark environment. Even at night, you can get clear pictures and videos, as you would expect in daylight.

  • The device can run up to 120 – 150mins on one fully charged battery. Since it comes with 2 batteries, you can conveniently use it for 3 – 4 hours. At the same time, remember that you can record videos while charging your vlog cam.

  • It supports wi-fi connectivity. So just need to download the ‘YKJ’ application and easily transfer photos and videos from the camcorder to your smartphone.

  • The camera can be connected with any peripheral device. It can be used as a Webcam for chatting with friends and screening a live session. You can also connect it with your television. It supports both USB and HDMI ports.

  • The ‘MENU’ button allows you to pause while recording. You can start from the same place, and it would continue recording in the same file.

  • You can always take pictures while recording a video. You need not switch from one mode to the other.

  • The loop recording feature allows you to keep recording even when you run out of memory. It will store the latest files and overwrite the older ones.

  • You can use the slow-motion feature to capture the minute movements. You can use the 2X zoom while on this mode to record every step by step movements.

  • You would love its portability and simplicity. It is small and lightweight, and can easily travel along with you. Additionally, the company offers excellent customer service. They say that if you have any issues, they will solve it within 24 hours.


  • External microphone with noise cancellation feature
  • Suitable for night vlogging as well
  • Wi-fi feature connects it with your smartphone in no time
  • Additional battery for backup purposes


  • Fixed lens position with no optical zoom
  • The user manual is not very detailed
  • The optical zoom may not be smooth at times
Bottom Line

Most of the budget vlogging cameras are for amateurs and rookies. There are not targeted for highly experienced professional vloggers. Considering the price, this model is well suited if you are looking for clear audio, high resolution, and night vlogging.


There are many budget vlogging cameras available in the marketplace. How will you choose the best one for you? This is where the buying guide comes to your rescue.

The budget camera does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. It is just that you would be trading off a few features and specifications for a lower price. Do not worry; these features are not related to video quality or will affect your vlogging in any way. But before you venture into the best budget vlogging cameras for 2021, you must be aware of the specifications that you will look out for.

How to choose the Best Budget Vlogging Cameras for 2021?

We have listed down the essential specifications and features that you must consider before making a final decision on your vlogging camera.

  • Camera Resolution (Megapixels) – A 1080p video resolution camera would be an excellent choice for YouTube and social media blogs. We have even listed cameras with 2.7K resolution. The frame rate can be between 25 to 30FPS. Most of our cameras have 24-megapixel image resolution, which is more than sufficient for excellent image quality.

  • Microphone – You might have taken a good quality video, but the poor audio quality can profoundly disappoint your audience. Most of the camcorders listed above have an external microphone. It will give you clear audio and cancel any external background noise.

  • Sensor Size – This measures the amount of light entering your camera. Camcorders, compact, and action cameras have small sensor sizes, while DSLR and mirrorless ones have bigger sensor sizes.

  • Performance in Low-Light – Low light conditions includes night time, cloudy or foggy weather, and any setting where there is insufficient natural ambient light. Since you are looking for budget vlogging cameras, you would not like to spend a fortune on a piece of lighting equipment. You should select a model with excellent low light performance.

  • Image Stabilization – Most of the vlogging cameras come with image stabilization technology. Without this, your videos will become shaky and inferior in quality.

  • Aperture – Lens aperture is measured in f-stops. Good quality lenses have wide apertures for better recording. Anything in between f/1.8 to f/22 would be the right choice.

  • Connectivity – All the vlogging cameras have USB support. It would be great if it has HDMI support as well. Even better, go for the wi-fi enabled models so that you can directly transfer photos and videos onto your smartphone or smart TV.

  • Battery Life – Poor battery should not stop you from recording your favorite moments. All ensure that your cameras come with two batteries. One for use with the camera and the other as a spare.

Now that you have a complete idea about budget vlogging cameras, nothing can stop you from creating high-quality videos. We would like to conclude with a small tip – always keep in mind that a great camera does not make a great vlogger. It would come with knowledge, experience, patience, and practice. Get your vlog cam, embark on this journey, and have an enjoyable experience! Check out the best camcorder for YouTube in 2021.

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