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With so many options available, finding the best DJ headphones under 100 is a mind-boggling task. Whether you are an established DJ, an up and coming DJ, or just in the learning phase, you are always on the lookout for new kits and toys to fiddle with and get the best combination of everything possible The bigger challenge or rather milestone in doing so is to search for cheap yet good quality headphones because spending a fortune just for trial and testing does not make much sense!

With online retailers offering you options to return the product in case you are unsatisfied with the product, you can always keep buying, fiddling with, and returning every other possibility until you are finally satisfied with a pair or until you finally run out of options. This process is not just tiring and cumbersome, but is also a pure waste of time. You cannot be experimenting with new systems and kits while you have upcoming gigs because it is the quality of your headphones that can make your next track a hit (in case of established DJ’s) or while you are trying to learn something new (in case of beginners) because while practicing and performing, you cannot risk anything going wrong and neither can you be wasting time searching for alternatives when you should be investing the same time in upgrading and fine-tuning your skills.

This is the very motivation of coming up with the following sections is- to help all the budding DJ’s out there get their hands or at least get an idea about some of the best DJ headphones that they should be considering as their next toy of choice.

We shall be going through the 10 best DJ headphones that we could find under a budget of $100 and putting them under the lens, going through as many things as possible within our scope, and give a critical review of each and every one of them. In the final segment, we shall then discuss some miscellaneous topics about buying headphones and finally wrap up with a verdict on which headphones we deemed to be the best in our view and understanding. The final decision lies with you of course; whether our judgment suits your needs and budget or whether you have a better alternative in mind. Do take note of one thing though that in the reviews, you would often come across the words ‘mid-range’ and ‘high-end’: do not confuse them for the actual mid-range and high-end pricing of the entire headphone market.

With ‘mid-range’ we would be referring to the mid-range bracket of the $100 pricing i.e. <$60 and the ‘high-end’ would be all the headphones priced at over $60. So without any further ado, let’s begin with a critical view on some of the best headphones under $100. You could, of course, skip directly to the end and know our judgment, but we would advise against that: sit through and read about every piece that we have to offer to get a better understanding of the quality and specifications that you would be getting in the said price range.

Best DJ Headphones under 100

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COWIN has made quite a name for itself and that too in a very short span of time. With its E7 headphones, it has taken the market quite by storm and gave big brands such as Beats, Bose, HyperX, Sennheiser, etc. a run for their money with their own range of headphones. The E7 headphones from Cowin are mid-range and just verging on the border of being tagged high-end.


  • ANC

The Cowin E7 is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology to cancel most sounds and noise around you and give a pure audio experience. What makes it even better is that you can toggle said functionality as per your wish: so if you’re home, you can keep them off to listen for anyone calling you out or anything and keep them on while getting your audience all groovy.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

With the E7, you can get rid of all the wires and the troubles they cause because this one comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 so you can connect them to your phone/desktop/laptop/workstation seamlessly (as long as you are in its range, of course). The connection becomes even more seamless with the inclusion of NFC- Near Field Communication, which allows the headphones to pair with a recognized device as soon as turned on.

  • Comfortable earcups

The biggest problem with headphones is the discomfort caused to the ears with their uncanny earcup designs that do not allow you to use them beyond an hour or so. But with the E7 you get an extremely well-designed pair of 90 degrees swiveling cups that completely surround your ears and thus offering you the comfort to wear them for 2-3 hours on the stretch.

  • Quick charge

The E7 does not just provide an excellent battery backup of up to 30 hours on a full charge, but the fact that it is fast charging equipped makes it an excellent choice for those who tend to keep forgetting to charge their essentials. The E7 can give you an hour of playback time in just 10 minutes of charging.


  • Very comfortable
  • Very easy to operate and control
  • Can be paired both with Bluetooth or an AUX cable
  • Seamless BT connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Excellent battery backup


  • Sound quality is just okay
  • Heavy sound leakage
  • Build feels a bit cheap

Bottom Line
The E7 headphones are a very well-built pair that ticks almost every aspect that a good pair should have. There is ANC, BT and NFC, comfort, noise cancellation, and almost everything else that enhances the user experience. But all these features somewhat come at the price of the sound quality. We’re not saying that the sound output is poor, but you would definitely expect more when looking at its specification list. The bass is just average, the highs and mids are simply poor; sure you could tune it with an EQ or switch to ANC mode for balanced performance, but in its natural state, there’s a lot of room for improvement for there’s considerate sound leak too. Overall, a decent option that you could consider.
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The moment we saw an MDR series headphones, we already had high expectations from it which it definitely lived up to considering that it’s a part of this list. The MDR7506 is the world’s most professionally used (in studios) headphones in the world and its popularity and success has not been overnight, but has been a long and struggling journey ever since the ‘70s. But has that journey been fruitful enough to make it the best option for DJs? Let’s find out.


  • Comfortable

The MDR7506 is very versatile and comfortable for all head sizes. Their light frame and weight allow for prolonged listening without any discomfort to the ears. The cups have a closed-back ear design that not only is super comfortable to the ears, but also aids in noise cancellation, thus making it great for recording and live sessions.

  • Excellent sound quality

Sony has been one of the big players in the industry when it comes to innovation of audio devices. The MDR7506, in particular, is one such headphone that has a perfectly balanced sound. Of course, you can’t compare it with the bigger and more expensive headphones, but under $100, this is as good as it gets. The bass is just superb, the treble sounds are also very close to perfection; basically, it checks every box in the sound department making it a great option for hearing what’s wrong with your tracks.

  • Ergonomic

The design and aesthetics of the MDR7506 are something that you just want to love. Being foldable, you can easily pack and throw them in your bag without having to worry about damage. Steel and metals have been used in the body and even yet, it is very lightweight than most headphones. The headband fits heads of all sizes and also stays adjusted instead of retracting back.


  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Quite comfortable
  • Very good sensitivity
  • Decent noise isolation


  • No noise cancellation
  • Cable not detachable
  • No BT connectivity

Bottom Line

The MDR7506 headphones deserve all the hype and praise that they have got. Despite lacking a few essential features such as noise cancellation and BT connectivity that you would expect from a high-end pair, they certainly deserve top positions on your consideration list. What they lack, they compensate for all of them just by their premium sound quality which is as perfect as you would want in the best DJ headphone under $100 which is the very reason that they are the most used headphones in the recording industry. The lightweight frame, the sturdy build, the comfort on them are just more reasons to opt for them over anything else.

Quite some years back, Audio-Technica decided to give their M-series range of headphones a whole new look and a whole new bunch of features. While the more famous M50X and M40X have garnered a lot of praise and appreciation in the spotlight, the small brother- the M20X has, if nothing, just been sidelined and ignored till now. The curation of this list was all about finding cheap headphones and it was in that exploration that the M20 surfaced in our eyes. But does it have the juice to match and compete against the beloved M50X or the M40X? Let’s find out.


  • Comfortable

Initially, we didn’t think we would be including comfort as a feature on the M20X simply because of its heavy weight of 190g. Somehow, they are more comfortable than you would think because even after prolonged usage of ~4-5 hours, you do not feel much pain/fatigue or warming up of the ears: the oval shape of the ear cups and rexine cushions of the same make sure of that.

  • Clear sound

We have really mixed feelings about the sound quality of the M20X. Surely, in front of the M50X and the M40X, this one sounds extremely dull. But when you see the price tag of $49 and then hear the sound, you would be thrown off-guard but only when you use it with a desktop PC or anything more sophisticated than mobile devices because phones and tabs are not able to bring out the best of the M20X; good thing that you are a DJ. The mids do sound a bit withdrawn, the lower trebles also have a slight dip, and bass too experiences some bumps but still, the overall sound quality is not something you can mark as muddy; you don’t get anything better at $50.

  • Sound isolation

The sound isolation on the M20X is also just off the mark, making it a good option for track mixing. The isolation to be very clear is neither too good nor too bad; it’s just okay.


  • Decent comfort
  • Above-average sound
  • Tough build
  • 6.3mm adapter included


  • Little heavy
  • Not foldable
  • The headband design is a bit weird

Bottom Line

The M20X is a really fine pair of headphones; even more so when you compare the price to the output. As a DJ or a producer, these are a very fine choice because only sophisticated audio equipments are capable of extracting the maximum juice out of them. If you are a bass freak, then look somewhere else. However, if you are more of a flat response lover, then you would definitely love these. The comfort on these is also staggeringly good, the noise isolation could have been slightly better though. But at $49, neither could we have asked for more nor could Audio-Technica have delivered more.

AKG– the name says it all. A subsidiary of one of the world’s leading acoustics engineering company- Harman, which in turn is a subsidiary of another company that is the benchmark in the same industry- JBL, which further, in turn, is backed by one of the biggest conglomerates in the world- Samsung. So there is very little room to doubt the quality of AKG headphones. The K240 series of the same comes in 2 variants- the studio version and the MKII. We’ll take a closer look at the former and see how well it contains the pride of the companies behind it.


  • Incredibly clean sound

This should not come as a surprise when you consider the companies working behind the scenes- all of them giants in the world of auditory devices. The mids and highs are as balanced and clean as you would want, the vocals and the instruments are incredibly clear too. The detail paid to the overall sound is also praiseworthy for the final sound is very carefully balanced.

For bass lovers, this would be a disappointment, but for all other music lovers, this is a delight.

  • Good comfort

The comfort on the K240 is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you have relief in knowing that there is foam padding on a pair of round earcups, and on the other, you have to live up with the fact that the padding is not sufficient and that the head strap has no padding at all. Yet somehow, the K240 manages to do conform to the ear shape perfectly and allow you to keep them on for hours at a stretch.

  • Durable

The frame and structure of the K240 are very robust. The build materials have been carefully planned and deployed to ensure that the headphones don’t fall to pieces simply by dropping on the floor or anything. This one is made to survive for years all the while retaining its audio capabilities.

The earcups do seem a bit fragile though, but that’s something one can live with, given that they can be easily replaced; so there’s that.


  • Very light
  • Decent comfort
  • Perfectly balanced sound
  • Exceptional frequency response
  • Sturdy build


  • Not waterproof
  • Very low bass levels
  • Earcups tend to get frayed over time
  • No noise isolation

Bottom Line

The K240 is a great pair of headphones that have the most balanced and clean sound amongst all the headphones on this list. Sure, the bass levels are not good; in fact, they are just on the verge of being called sucky, but that’s okay when you consider the overall output of the headphones. We were a bit skeptical about the padding on the headphones, but they somehow manage to bring out decent levels of comfort with them. They do tend to wear out over time, but given that you can replace the earcups entirely gives some breathing room. All in all, they are one of the best DJ headphones under $100 especially for your mixing and studio work.

Well, it would seem that Audio-Technica not just released the M20X in its revamping of the M series of its headphones as a cheaper alternative to the beloved M50X and the M40X. In the wake and uprising, somewhere along the way, the M30X was also launched. How well does it fare? Let’s find out.


  • Rugged construction

One place where the M30X is definitely an upgrade over its smaller brother is its build. The M30X has a very robust design to its name that shows no signs of giving or breaking up even when exposed to the roughest of treatments.

  • Very good comfort

The padding on the earcups of the M30X is done with a plush leather material that allows air circulation to and from the ears to take place, thus eradicating any heat buildup which subsequently allows you to use them for extended time periods without any discomfort to the ears. The cups are also large enough to cover the entirety of your ears, thus removing any questions about them pressing to the ears and causing discomfort.

  • Rich in sound

With a price difference of $20 as compared to the M20X, the sound department of the M30X experiences a massive upgrade over the M20X. 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets offer clarity to minor sounds that many headphones are not able to achieve. Where the M20X experienced bumps in all kinds of sounds, the M30X keeps a relatively flat and crystal clear audio response. The bass and the mids are totally stable without any extra boosting or bumps; the treble though does sound a bit overpowered but after a limit, it does start to wane away. Such subtle sound cues and changes though are not noticeable unless you are a real pro at observing the most minuscule of changes.

Overall, it does not matter what kind of music you love- bassy, acoustic, classical, or whatever; the M30X is going to make sure that you enjoy your music in all its glory.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • Included bag to carry it


  • No noise isolation
  • The cable is non-detachable
  • The cable is too long

Bottom Line

The M30X is a great choice amongst the best DJ headphones under $100. They tick every box that makes a headphone a great choice for DJs and studio artists. They are extremely comfortable, are very durable, easily portable, and above all, have a very good sound quality to their name. At a relatively high price in the range, we were disappointed to not see a discrete noise cancellation system in place, but the large size of the ear cups manages to compensate for it a little. Overall though, if you are looking for good quality without heavy investments, the M30X is where you should be turning your heads.

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This particular model of the Sony MDR series is sure to have you head over heels for it. Even before having explored it, we are pretty sure it is going to be the best DJ headphones one can ever have under $100. Yes, it’s that good! It went through all of the requirements and aspects needed in a good pair of headphones like a hot knife through butter. Read and see for yourself why people are so in love with these.


  • Outstanding sound performance

The quality of the delivered sounds is what differentiates the good headphones from the bad ones and the MDR-V55 is an absolute beast in that department (under $100 that is). For the bass lovers, this would be an absolute delight- it punches those shallow frequencies unlike any other headphone that we came across. Other than the bass, the trebles, the mids, and the highs are all resonated with the utmost precision. With them, you can hear even the tiniest of details and tinkles.

  • Exceptional comfort

You asked for it and Sony delivered. Not only is the MDR-V55 a beast in offering the highest-quality sound but it also wins big time in making sure that its users are not left with hurting ears just after using it for an hour or two. The padding and cushioning of soft synthetic leather on the earcups are so good that they rest comfortably on your ears while covering them and without pushing them too hard against the face. You can wear them for as long as you like without feeling anything and all the while experiencing a surround sound type environment.

  • Compact design

The MDR-V55 folds pretty neatly into a compact bundle that makes it very easy to carry around. The only thing that irked us about its design is the fact that the connecting wire is not detachable, making its portability a bit of a hassle, for now, you also need to fold the wire neatly and carry it while making sure it does not slip away and untangle.


  • Incredible sound quality
  • Great comfort
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for all kinds of genres
  • Pretty sturdy build
  • Foldable design for easy portability


  • The cable is not detachable
  • No plug adapter

Bottom Line

The MDR-V55 up till now is hands down, the best performer we have had. The quality of its sound is incomparable to any other headphone in the price range. It covers and resonates all kinds of tones and beats as well as you would want; you get louder lows and transparent highs with an overall balanced sound that does not hurt the ears. Talking of hurting, the MDR-V55 also does not hurt your ears in any which way, thanks to its plush and comfortable padding. Lack of a dedicated noise cancellation system did irk us a little but with a certain budget, there’s only so much you can get and, to be honest you can easily overlook the absence for it is without a doubt the best DJ headphones under $100.

Having seen the MDR-V55 in all its glory, it was kind of difficult to imagine that there could be something else to challenge the crown of being the best headphone under $100. But Philips comes roaring in with its SHP9500 headphones, which seems to perform very similarly to the MDR and in some aspects maybe even better than it. Let’s crank open it and see what’s underneath that makes it so good.


  • Sound quality

The SHP9500 hardly puts a foot wrong in the sound department. Philips, in fact, brings about something of a revolution with these headphones because instead of the standard 40mm drivers, the SHP9500 makes use of 50mm drivers that account for the perfect resonance of all kinds of sounds. The overall sound is more focused on themes, but don’t even for a second think that it cannot reproduce the bass and treble sounds well. Honestly, the bass sounds are not as punchy to satisfy bass lovers. But the overall sound is not going to let you down.

  • Unbelievable comfort

These, by far, have got to be the most comfortable pair of headphones up till now. It is not just the earcups that come equipped with two layers of padding, but the headband also comes with double padding to ensure comfort all the way around. Furthermore, an open-back design ensures proper ventilation and ensures that your ears don’t get warm even after extended periods of usage.

  • Durable build

The SHP9500 is made to last. They are as well constructed as one could want or expect at its price: they are really sturdy and can easily soak up most of the abuse that it willingly or unwillingly has to suffer.


  • Excellent audio reproduction
  • Extremely value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Robust design
  • 50mm audio drivers


  • Open-back design leads to considerate sound leakage
  • Bulky
  • Sensitive to ambient noise
  • Cups not replaceable

Bottom Line

The SHP9500 is not all moons and rainbows; it comes with its own set of baggage such as the lack of a proper noise cancellation system, a considerate amount of sound leakage amongst other things and frankly for something priced at $74 we would have expected from a company such as Philips to have paid attention to such minute details but we have to make do with what we have! And what we do have is a pair of headphones that do what’s asked of them- deliver quality sound, in the best manner possible. Sound-wise, there are no complaints from the SHP9500, comfort-wise also, no complaints, design-wise, no complaints; it is just the finishing touch that the SHP lacks.

For pure sound junkies and DJs, this is another headphone in contention for the title of the best DJ headphone under $100.

Another headphone that offer offers great value at a very affordable price is the A70 from Oneodio. This one is just filled and riddled with features and functionalities; in fact, till now we guess the A70 is the one with the maximum number of functionalities up its sleeve. But is that enough to make it the best DJ headphone under $100? Let’s find out.


  • Dual connectivity

It would not be completely unfair to say or assume that dual connectivity is a premium feature of sorts because up until now, it is just the Cowin E7 that sports wired as well as wireless connectivity. The A70 joins that race by giving the option to connect to it through the traditional 3.5/6.5mm jack or seamlessly through Bluetooth to remove all hassles associated with dangling wires.

  • Fixed comfort

The padding on the earcups of the A70 is a delight: not so much as that of the Philips SHP9500. Nevertheless, it is plush and so comfortable that you can probably spend the entire day wearing them without experiencing any pain to the ears. The oval shape of the cups furthermore makes sure that the headphones fit perfectly over the ears and do not press the cups too hard against the face.

  • Tremendous sound

Given the fact that most people these days just cringe over bass and want only the highest bass levels in their auditory devices, the A70 has been made mostly for such people. The bass levels of these headphones are too good and in fact, we daresay that their bass levels are the best in this list of reviews. Apart from the bass, the treble sounds, the lows, the mids, and the highs are all also resonated with the perfect frequencies to give an enriching overall sound experience.

  • Excellent battery life

The battery life of the A70 is also praiseworthy. Despite the lack of quick charging, it gives a backup of up to 25 hours in just 2.5 hours of charge.


  • Dual connectivity
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clean and crisp sound of all frequencies
  • Very user-friendly with buttons for all purposes
  • Loud output
  • Highly value for money
  • Foldable
  • Built-in mic


  • Build material is very poor
  • Even with a wired connection, charging is required
  • Poor noise isolation

Bottom Line

The thing that we loved the most about the A70 was its extended Bluetooth capabilities. Rather than just being used for wireless connectivity, you may also use the BT to transfer files and also that it can connect to two different devices- one through a wired connection and second through BT that allows multi-streaming. Other than that, there are many other features such as the swiveling cups for better monitoring, a comfortable design, the best in its class sound, and discrete buttons for various playback controls. Again, the lack of a noise isolation system bugged us and that is the biggest drawback not just for us but for many people. Other than that, the A70 is yet another great choice for the best DJ headphones under $100.

The Pro-50 is a budget pair of headphones that promises a lot from its specified set of features and quality. Priced similar to the A70 headphones from the same company- Oneodio, we expected a similar set of features but the reality is the complete opposite. But we are fine with everything as long as it delivers what we are looking for. So does the Pro-50 deliver on its promises? Does the Pro-50 have enough to go head to head against the best DJ headphones under $100? Let’s find out.


  • Fantastic sound

The sound department of the Pro-50 pretty much checks every box. Powered by 50mm neodymium drivers, the frequency response of these headphones starts at 20KHz and goes as high as 20KHz: this was worth mentioning because most headphones under $100 max out at or under 15KHz. Due to this; the Pro-50 manages to hit the bass levels very sweetly while making sure that the mids and trebles get drowned out. Every sound frequency resonates pretty well to deliver pretty crisp and clear sounds.

  • Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, the Pro-50 beats the A70- something we didn’t think was possible. But the unrealistically soft padding and an additional layer of leatherette make them feel snug. The design of the cups has been done while keeping air ventilation in mind. The Pro-50 is so breathable that you can wear them for an hour or two without even realizing that something is wrapping and enclosing your ears.

  • Aesthetic design

While the primary material used in the Pro-50 is really cheap plastic, in the looks department, they put a lot of other headphones to shame. Matte black plastic and chrome with red stitching overall certainly turns quite a few heads.


  • Minimal sound leakage
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Precise tuning of all frequencies
  • Satisfying comfort
  • Visually appealing
  • Good fitting
  • Highly value for money
  • Built-in mic
  • 50mm drivers


  • Cheap material
  • Some hardware components tend to become faulty very soon
  • The build is very fragile

Bottom Line

The response of the Pro-50 to its expectations was very positive. It lived up to the sound quality and comfort that we expected from it. Although, the sound is good, but it’s not professional level good, thus making it a good option for beginner DJs and casual users. Seeing BT pairing in the A70, we also expected the same in the Pro-50 but were severely disappointed given that both of them are priced similarly. Apart from a few complaints with the build, there is not much to take away from the Pro-50.

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Koss has always had a knack for coming up with really accurate headphones in all price brackets. That is enough to expect some great things from the DJ200 already but no pressure! First look at them and you would probably want to buy them right away because they are that well built. But does the design tell the real story? Does the DJ200 have enough to justify its place as one of the best DJ headphones under $100? Read on to know.


  • Good sound performance

The most commendable part about the sound department of the DJ200 is its frequency range. We thought that the Oneodio A50 was unbeatable in that department but the DJ200 does one better by resonating tunes in the range of 10-25KHz. That should suffice to let you understand that the bass and trebles are above-average if not anything else.

The lows come with plenty of detail with a little bleeding. The highs are very well controlled. The midrange though suffers considerably because the instrumentation sounds are very faded.

  • Excellent design

As already said, the DJ200 has a very appealing design. A pure matte black finish on the entire body with a silver coating on the clamps just pulls you towards it. The brand logo is also embossed in a silver color that makes its appeal grow even more.

  • Dual listening modes

This is the first that we are seeing on any headphone on this list. A button on the right earcup allows you to switch between mono and stereo sound mode. This is a wonderful feature because wearing headphones while lying on one side of the body becomes very uncomfortable and you are forced to remove one cup and miss out either the music or the vocals of the audio. The DJ200 solves this problem wonderfully with a simple yet ingenious idea.

  • Easily portable

Portability is no issue with the DJ200, thanks to its foldable design. The cups also swivel up to 90 degrees so that you can lay the headphones flat on a surface.


  • Can be used in mono or stereo sound modes
  • Excellent frequency range
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Decent sound reproduction
  • Foldable design
  • Sturdy


  • Not comfortable
  • Bass and midrange sounds lack some detail
  • Low loudness level

Bottom Line

Even with its applaudable sound quality and a bunch of other cool features such as dual listening mode and its portability, the DJ200 is really hard to recommend and that is primarily because of one factor only- its comfort. Even with a considerable amount of padding, the DJ200 are not comfortable to wear at all because of their clamping force: they clamp the ears too tight that it’s nigh impossible to use them beyond an hour (if you can bear that long that is). Even though it has a very affordable price and offers more than decent sound quality than some of the best DJ headphones under $100, in our opinion, the DJ200 is a big no-no.



Not all DJ headphones are the same. Particularly when browsing through a thin price range and trying to find the best DJ headphones under $100, the options not just become extremely overwhelming but they also tend to contradict the very first statement that we said (at least for beginners or people who don’t have much knowledge about headphones). But if you know what you are looking for and what you are looking at, you can easily spot one or more differences between any two headphones and then be the judge of which one is better. The statement, “the costlier the better” does not seem to quite fit in the context of headphones. That statement holds very well because quality always comes at a price. Somehow, headphones tend to refute that belief because something expensive might do one thing exceptionally and mess up in other departments, whereas some other less expensive product might do just mediocre in every department and prove to be a better deal than the expensive headphones. DJ headphones should excel or do at least do decently well in the following departments-

  • Sound

Well, this one goes without saying, doesn’t it! And not just DJ headphones, the sound department of every headphone in the world should be good because that’s what their ulterior purpose is- to enhance the listening experience.

DJ headphones though should not just focus on one aspect of the sound because DJs are not restricted to a particular type of music. Sure, the modern-day DJ has a greater bend towards EDM, rock, and pop genres but a proper DJ knows that they can be asked to play any kind of music any time. So their headphones need to be equally prepared to not just handle bass sounds, but also look after all other pitches perfectly.

  • Comfort

Given that DJs have to perform for hours on the stretch, it is highly important that their headphones do not hurt their ears even after using them for hours on stretch otherwise the ears are just going to hurt like anything at the end of a gig.

  • Driver size

The driver size affects the quality of the sound in a very big way because drivers are the units that produce the sound in the headphones and the bigger they are in size, the more is the power of the sound produced and better is coverage of all frequency tones. At $100, you would mostly be restricted to 40mm drivers and in some cases, you could also get 50mm drivers.

  • Noise isolation

This is probably the most important feature required in DJ headphones because without noise isolation, amongst the loud blaring of the speakers, DJs won’t be able to properly evaluate the exact point where they need to shuffle or mix their tracks.

Don’t forget to check out the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for sleeping.

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