Best Drones under $300-Buyer’s Guide


Want to take photography and videography to the next level? Now is the time to invest in the best drones under $300.

The first thing that may come to mind is, what is a drone?

You may have heard of drones when it comes to military applications. Without any doubt, these drones have been on the scene for a long time. But now, these drones are not just serving a military purpose, but are also used for personal uses.

These unmanned aerial vehicles are popular among professional and recreational users. Professionals are using these drones to check the aerial view, click pictures, and record videos. Some enjoy flying these remote-controlled UAVs just for fun.

These drones are small machines with a camera attached to them and propellers and motors to fly. You can control these machines from the ground using a remote control. These drones fly under battery power, which means the drone will come back once the battery is drained.

Most of these drones today are power-packed with various features that are perfect for both fun and work purposes.

Uses of best drones under $300

There are many uses of drones these days. That’s why there are so many drones ranging in shapes, sizes, features, and prices flooding the market.

Some drone applications are for:

  • Farmers: Are you a farmer and want to look over your farm with more technological advancements? Then drones are the solution to your problems. You can use these flying drones to scout the farm, capture pictures, and enhance the maintenance.


  • Real estate photography: Today, real estate buyers are looking for a 360-degree view of the neighborhood’s properties. Realtors and sellers can use drones to take high-end full view pictures of the property using drones.


  • Photography: For those who are photographers, especially nature and wildlife photographers, they can make use of these drones. Drones with a high-end camera and easy features can grab some breathtaking pictures while on vacation.


  • Videography: Drone cameras are not only useful for grabbing pictures, but also for capturing videos. You can make great footages from various places like any sports event, cultural event, or any natural event.


  • 3D VR viewing: Many are buying drones only to experience the world’s VR view from a certain height. You can use VR glasses and watch nature and occurrences while being on the ground.


  • Sports videography: Are you a sports enthusiast or a sports reporter? Then, get permission for flying drones during an event. You can capture some great moments from various angles that others may miss.


  • Social media: Today, social media is playing a big role in people’s lives. You can now use drones to capture pictures and videos, and then you can post them on social media. Without any doubt, these posts will stand out in the crowd.


  • For fun: You can use drones just for fun, too. Simply having a drone flying around where you decide the direction, speed, and everything is quite fun and entertaining.

Best Drones under $300

Drones are quite fun to use, but they come in wide varieties also. If you are a beginner or want to use drones for recreation, then choose budget-friendly ones. Below are drones under $300.

[amazon table=”2208″]
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If you are looking for one of the best drones under the budget of $300, then the Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone is the one that you need to pick up. Not only does this drone has one of the best 4K cameras to capture almost every detail out there, but it also comes with some of the best-in-industry features.


  • 4K camera: 4K camera with a high resolution of 3840×2160 makes the pictures and videos crystal clear. There is a shock absorption technology attached to minimize camera vibration.
  • Effective app: You can use the app to control and adjust the drone settings. You can also store the videos and pictures on it directly.
  • Impressive battery: The drone’s battery life is 26 minutes, which is higher than its competitors. You also get a dual battery charger along with it.
  • Better enhancements: The drone has high-end enhancements like the follow-me feature and point-of-interest feature. This allows the user to take pictures and videos without worrying about the speed.
  • Return to home: This feature allows the drone to automatically return home to the starting point when the battery is low.


  • Brushless motors and shock absorption
  • Easy to use
  • Less sound
  • Return to home feature with GPS
  • Travel friendly and foldable


  • A replacement battery is required
  • Charging takes a lot of time
Bottom Line
Looking for the best drones under $300 that fits the budget and offers some of the best features? Then this is the one to choose. Advanced features, great controls, and the high-end camera make this drone a winner.

For drone lovers who want to enjoy smoother use and better controls, Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone is the best choice. It has a plethora of features that allow you to use the drone anywhere and in any condition.


  • Intelligent build: This drone is built more intelligently since it has quick-release propellers and a brushless motor for easy flight and efficient glide.
  • Video streaming: You can now directly transmit live streams using the drone from 2500 ft. with 5G FPV. This is possible because of the easy and adjustable 4K camera with a 90-degree adjustable lens.
  • Easy controls: This drone is fast and easy to control. You can set the path, lock the height, and only focus on the camera. You can use the follow-me feature for a hands-free experience.
  • Long-lasting battery: The drone has a 20-minute flight time with a full battery. Also, there is an auto-return feature to bring the drone back when the battery is low.


  • 5G FPV transmission of videos
  • 22-minute battery life
  • Follow-me feature
  • Can set custom path of flight
  • Brushless motor


  • Battery charger design not great
  • The app is not very well-built
Bottom Line
This is a good drone that gives great performance for the money you are spending. It has a great battery life and a high-resolution camera that will make all your captures high-quality. Also, the enhanced features like follow-me and the custom set path make it even more worthy for the best drones under $300.

[amazon box=”B07TV1J4KW “]

A drone with GSP, high-resolution cameras, and advanced features are what a drone user wants the most. You can buy this drone under $300, and that is what makes it a clear winner among many other expensive choices with the same features.


  • Best camera: You can now capture some beautiful videos and pictures with the help of the 2K UHD camera with 120 FOV. Not only this, but you can also use gesture control to capture your own pictures with the help of a drone.
  • Smart features: This drone is packed with some high-end features like custom path settings, follow-me option, and GPS return home features. It can also track objects in its path.
  • Good battery life: The drone has two batteries, and you get a full 36-minute battery life while flying it.
  • Flying modes: Several flying modes will make usage much easier, like headless mode for easy direction changes, altitude mode, and one key start and take-off mode.


  • One-touch fly mode
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 36-minute battery life
  • UHD camera for better captures
  • Smart features


  • Makes noise while flying
  • Video frames tend to drop
Bottom Line
Choosing the right drone can make a lot of difference in your end experience. This drone is one of the best drones under $300. It is not only fast and easy to fly, but it also has some great features that will make flying a drone a much better experience.

 This is a drone made by the best drone manufacturers. Therefore, you can easily trust their level of design and features. Potensic T25 GPS Drone is equipped with new-age technology, which makes it resistant to wind and adds stability to the camera. All of this makes it a true value for the best drones under $300.


  • Wi-Fi camera: This drone features a 1080p HD camera with a 75-degree adjustable lens and 120-degree FOV. Also, it features Wi-Fi connectivity, making transmission smoother and faster.
  • Smart features: This drone has some great features that make the drones easy to fly and safer. GPS will make sure that the drone does not get lost when the battery is down.
  • Follow-me and hands-free: You can simply make the drone follow you and use the hands-free feature to take your own picture using the drone. Also, the nine-axis gyroscope helps in giving more stability to the drone.
  • Custom path control: Simply set a path control, and the drone will cover the route without adjustments.


  • Three-speed modes
  • Headless mode
  • 9-axis gyroscope for better stability
  • LED lights to show battery level


  • Low flight time
  • Controls can be tricky
Bottom Line
When it comes to finding the right drone that will make the video capturing easier, this one is the best pick. It has the best camera and features to stabilize the drone and take the best pictures easily.

A drone that allows transmission at 1640 ft. and total control over all types of terrain is 60Mins GPS Drones with Camera. You can take pictures and make the most of this flying machine without losing the battery that easily.


  • Battery life: The modular battery of this drone gives a total of 60-minutes of flying time, which is way more than its competitors.
  • Camera: Want to capture high-quality videos and pictures? Then this drone’s 4K camera with a 90-degree adjustable lens can come in real handy.
  • Real-time transmission: Video transmission from this drone stands to be the best. It allows Wi-Fi transmission with 5GHz FPV.
  • Easy-to-use features: You can set a path for the drone using the custom one-touch tap fly function. Also, there is a follow-me mode and find the drone feature to avoid losing your drone.


  • 60-minute fly time
  • Better controls
  • 4K Ultra HD camera
  • Headless mode
  • Better GPS positioning


  • The remote can be a glitch
  • Makes noise while flying
Bottom Line
You can buy this drone under $300, which is a steal if you consider its features. You can make the drone fly high and capture some great pictures and videos and transmit them directly to the mobile. This is a great deal for the best drones under $300.

[amazon box=”B07MPPZ57M “]

Wi-Fi camera, smooth flight, brushless motor, and folding capabilities are some of this drone’s features that make it special. You can use this drone for both professional and entertainment purposes and then can store it away easily.


  • 4K camera: The ultra HD camera makes the pictures and videos perfect and almost lifelike. Also, the 90-degree adjustment and 120-degree FOV allows videos to be taken like professionals.
  • Better battery: Want to fly the drone for a longer time? Well, Contixo F24 Pro 4K UHD Drone is the best choice. It has a 30-minute fly time and also has LED lights to show the battery level.
  • Smart features: Some of the features include follow-me mode, GPS return home mode, custom path mode, and orbit mode for a better experience.
  • Smart gesture: You can use gesture control to give orders to the camera for taking pictures or videos easily.


  • Good battery life
  • No flying noises
  • Smart gesture mode
  • Minimalist remote control
  • Good camera


  • Gesture control can glitch
  • Bulky design
Bottom Line
For those looking for the best drones under $300 that allows you to take quality pictures, this can be a great pick in the budget. It sports a good camera, has easy-to-understand adjustments, and smooth flying for any flying conditions.

[amazon box=”B07VQH4ZH7 “]

Holy Stone HS165 GPS FPV Drones are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy flying a drone but without breaking the bank. You can enjoy good camera quality, battery life, and some easy-to-use features.


  • Camera and live transmission: Click some high-quality pictures and capture videos with the 1080p camera. Also, the live transmission feature allows you to get real-time videos and directly share them.
  • Battery life: The battery life of this drone is 14 minutes in one battery, but if you use two batteries, then the battery life gets extended to 28 minutes.
  • Easy controls: The drone is easy to control at all altitudes. Also, the hold altitude feature is quite fun to use.
  • Smart features: For those who like to use the smart features, this drone has much to offer. There is plenty to use from return home mode to tap fly mode to follow-me and circle mode.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to control
  • Good camera quality
  • Extendable battery life


  • Noisy at times
  • The camera has no adjustability gimbals
Bottom Line
This drone is perfect for those who are new to flying a drone. It is easy to handle and has many features that make flying drones a piece of cake. Also, you can use the drone to capture great videos and pictures in 28 minutes.These features make it one of the best drones under $300.

A drone should have some great flight features, a good camera, and better stability. EACHINE E520S GPS Drone provides these to the users. You can capture great footage and enjoy better connectivity during flight with this drone.


  • Battery life: The battery life of the drone is 16 minutes with the 1200 mAh battery.
  • 4K camera: The 5G WI-Fi-connected camera captures great videos and pictures and directly transmits them without a glitch.
  • Altitude hold: You can capture footage at a certain altitude with the help of this feature. The drone will not move when in altitude hold mode.
  • Smart features: There are many GPS smart features like orbit mode, waypoint mode (custom path mode), and auto-return mode installed.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Orbit mode and altitude hold mode
  • High-quality camera
  • Smart track feature


  • Video transmission lags
  • Battery life is not long
Bottom Line
For those who do not want to spend a lot of money and yet want  the best drones under $300 with a good number of features should choose this one. It is perfect for beginner-level photography and videography using the camera and helps you get used to the flying features.

 Long battery life and a high-quality camera are two major features in drones. These are the exact features that Potensic D85 FPV Drone provides its users with. You can capture authentic pictures/videos and easily transmit them and share them with 5G Wi-Fi transmission.


  • 2K sports camera: The drone’s camera quality is perfect for taking high-resolution images and videos. The best thing is that you can change the camera and attach the sports camera on the drone.
  • Safe return mode: You can use the safe return mode to bring the drone back when the battery is down. Also, there are various other features like route design and orbit mode.
  • Battery life: The double batteries that are installed give a 40-minute battery life.
  • Brushless motors: There are four brushless motors installed in this drone to give a speed of 50kmph. Also, this provides powerful flight stability and control.


  • Easy controls
  • Four brushless motors
  • Can attach a sports camera
  • Safe return mode


  • No stabilization gimbals
  • Transmission can be shaky
Bottom Line
Looking for the best drones under $300 that fits the budget and offers some of the best features? Then this is the one to choose. Advanced features, great controls, and the high-end camera make this drone a winner.

 This drone gives a control range of 978 ft. which is quite impressive for a drone under $300. It makes capturing live videos easier. You can control the height, speed, and the quality of the overall output easily with this drone.


  • Capture images and record voices: You can now not only capture images and videos with the 1080p camera, but you can also record voices to make those videos more fun.
  • Battery life: The battery life of the drone is around 26 minutes on full charge.
  • GPS settings: You can use the GPS features to activate the various modes like follow-me mode, auto-return mode, and path design mode.
  • Easy controls: This drone allows the user to use a single key for various operations on it.


  • Kid-friendly
  • Good camera
  • Voice recording
  • One-key operation


  • Maximum altitude not too high
  • Noisy while flying
Bottom Line
This drone is perfect for those who are beginners and want to learn how to fly a drone. It is easy to control and gives a good speed that is enough for smooth functioning. There are smart features that will make capturing videos an easy task. These features alone make it one of the best drones under $300.

Buying guide for the best drones under $300

There are many drones out there like these. Some are stylish, some may have great features, and some may fit the budget. Not only do these drones have good capabilities to fly and capture images and videos, but they are also equipped with a reliable software which adds new and advanced features. Some several features and items should be kept in mind while picking any budget-friendly drone. Finding one of the best drones under $300 requires you to do the research so you find the perfect drone for your needs.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Range 

One of the major features that should be considered before picking consumer drones is the range. The range is the distance from which the drone can be controlled. Now, professional drones can have a larger range. But, the consumer budget-friendly ones can give a range of only around 100 meters.

  • Speed

This feature decides the type of drone you are looking at. A drone that can fly at a higher speed can be easily termed as a racing drone. These are lightweight and have a much more powerful motor. But then, there are also videography and general drones. These do not run fast, but are effective in meeting its purpose. You should keep in mind the use before buying.

  • Controls

Most of the budget-friendly drones come with a remote control system which has two joysticks. These joysticks are used for controlling various settings for the drones. You can control the speed, tilt, and pitch of the drone using one joystick, and the other one can be used to control the revolution and throttle. Look for a remote control that is easy to use and understand and is also comfortable to hold.

These days, many drones come with app control, which means no remote control is required. But, you can fix and adjust the settings using the app downloaded from the play store.

  • Camera resolution 

If you are buying a drone to capture videos and pictures, then make sure that it comes with a good camera. The resolution of the camera should be high so that you can get crisper and brighter pictures. Also, check the shock absorption on the drones. This will help the camera from vibrating and avoid jittery pictures. Make sure the lens is adjustable so that you can grab pictures from any angle. You should look for Wi-Fi connectivity and transmission as well.

  • Battery

Consumer drones are fired by a battery that needs to get charged. A drone under $300 will offer a battery life of at least 30-40 minutes. Hoverer, this can differ from brand to brand. Also, the number of batteries and the power of batteries will decide how long you can fly the drone.

  • Smart features

Drones are also becoming technically-sound and more advanced. Many drones offer their users with a plethora of features and modes. These modes and features allow the users to fly drones perfectly and also take pictures with complete finesse. You can look for some features like:

  • Auto-return feature
  • Orbit feature
  • Custom path routing
  • Altitude hold feature
  • Find my drone feature
  • Follow-me feature
  • Hands-free mode

Bottom line

Drones today are more advanced, but you should pay attention to some basic features before buying. These features are build and construction, camera, speed, controls, safety features, etc. This will help in finding the best drones under $300so you get the most out of it. Always keep in mind the real reason why you are buying the drones and whether the features are serving their purpose or not.

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