Best Emergency Radios 2021-Buyers Guide

Best Emergency Radios 2021 – Table of Contents

Best Emergency Radios 2021 5. FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio, NOAA Weather Radio for Household and Outdoor Emergency with AM/FM, LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Power Bank USB Charger and SOS Alarm
Best Emergency Radios 2021 Table 6. Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Digital Solar Dynamo,Wind Up,Dynamo Cranking AM/FM/LW/SW & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio with Flashlight, Reading Lamp Alert,Smart Phone Charger & RDS and Real-Time Alert, Green
1. Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power,Dynamo Crank, Wind Up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight,Reading Lamp and Cellphone Charger, Yellow 7. Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio. Solar/Hand Crank/USB/Flashlight, Siren, Smartphone Charger
2. Midland – WR120B/WR120EZ – NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio – S.A.M.E. Localized Programming, Trilingual Display, 60+ Emergency Alerts, & Alarm Clock (WR120B – Box Packaging) 8. Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL Dual Conversion AM/FM, Longwave & Shortwave Radio with SSB (Single Side Band) Reception
3. Midland – WR400, Deluxe NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio – S.A.M.E. Localized Programming, 80+ Emergency Alerts, & Alarm Clock w/ AM/FM Radio 9. Midland – ER310, Emergency Crank Weather AM/FM Radio – Multiple Power Sources, SOS Emergency Flashlight, Ultrasonic Dog Whistle, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert (Red/Black)
4. [Upgraded Version] RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight, 1000mAh Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phone 10. Solar + Hand Crank AM FM Radio Emergency NOAA Weather Radio + USB 2000mAh Power Bank Phone Charger & LED Flashlight w/SOS Bonus Survival Paracord Bracelet Magnesium Flint Fire Starter Compass Whistle

Best Emergency Radios 2021


In times of unforeseen circumstances, the best emergency radios for 2021 are extremely helpful to overcome the situation by providing essential information to people. 

Emergency Radios have been developed so that they can be helpful during emergencies like power cuts, disasters, etc. In times of difficulty, it is essential to receive all the necessary information and then take fair decisions according to the circumstances. Emergency Radios have great potential to get through the situation quickly without losing hope. In addition to providing necessary information, emergency radios are used for a variety of other purposes so that you can stay connected.

List of powering options for emergency radios:

A perfect emergency radio should consist of multiple powering options to keep functioning smoothly without any problems. Given below are some the basic powering options which are available with any kind of emergency weather alert radio

  • Solar Panel – This is an extendable and customizable method of charging. Here, charging can be done with the help of natural sunlight

  • Hand Crank – In this method, charging is done with the help of an additional powering resource if available.

  • Power banks – These can also be used to regain charge during a power outage. Also, power banks can be used to charge other digital devices.

  • Alkaline batteries can also be used to get the device working

  • An AC/DC adaptor that is sold separately can be used to regain charge if available. Some devices have an in-built adaptor. 

Generally, all emergency alert radios include at least three or more of the above mentioned powering options. All these powering options are convenient to use, and anybody can recharge the device. It is crucial to go through the various powering options available for a particular emergency weather alert radio and see if it is convenient to use before making a purchase. 

Purpose of emergency Radios: 

Emergency Radios are being used for a variety of purposes. These purposes truly depict their importance in times of trouble. Given below, are some of the facts and figures which are provided by an emergency radio:

  • Emergency Radios help you to know the necessary information about your locality. This information includes the weather conditions in your area, any warnings or alerts generated by the government, or any dangers of an impending disaster, etc. Even if there is a power outage, you can take up all the necessary precautions if you get to know this information well in advance. 

  • Emergency Radios play a significant role in spreading awareness about the availability of necessary resources for survival, which include food, water, medications, etc. People who need health aid can also get relief. 

  • Emergency Radios also provide information about necessary precautionary measures to be undertaken during an emergency. So if you are confused as to how to go about with the situation, this is considered to be a great help. 

  • Emergency Radios also spread the views of expert authorities like weather forecasters and other people who advise people in times of emergencies. In this case, you can get detailed information about your locality even when you do not have access to other resources. 

  • If there is a need for clearance or shifting in your area due to abnormal situations, you can listen to these radios to get the right information at the right time. 

Given below are some of the best emergency radios for 2021. The features and functionalities of each emergency weather alert radio have been listed out. All these emergency radios are manufactured by well-known brands and are proven to provide full safety during uncertain situations. 

Best Emergency Radios 2021

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Kaito KA500 is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for 2021 as it is ideal for both days- to-day use and for emergencies as well. In the case of an emergency, this radio can be charged in various ways to keep it ready for usage. This radio consists of a battery that can be recharged by an AC/DC adaptor. Powering through USB is also possible. In addition to these methods, this product also consists of a solar panel for charging purposes. This is a flip-open solar panel that can be adjusted according to your needs. This option is used when there is no battery in times of need. This emergency radio is manufactured using premium quality materials, which makes it to be long-lasting and prevent severe damage. 


  • Kaito KA500 emergency radio is suitable for all kinds of purposes. It is considered to be waterproof, which makes it ideal for the open environment. This radio is made up of high-quality ABS material, which offers high resistance from damage.  

  • This radio consists of around seven channels which are programmed well in advance during the time of manufacture. You can tune in to these channels to receive all updates about sports, entertainment, weather reports, etc.

  • For powering purposes, it consists of a solar panel for batteries, a hand crank generator, a USB input of 5V, and a rechargeable battery. This radio offers five different ways of convenient charging. 

  • This radio is also ideal for charging mobile devices in times of emergency. This has a 5V USB DC for charging of cameras, smartphones, navigation devices, MP3 players, etc. 

  • This radio also consists of a red LED beacon light, LED reading lights, and an LED flashlight, which is exceptionally convenient during power cuts. 

  • High-quality speakers deliver a clear sound, which is easy to listen in times of emergency. It consists of an extendable antenna and modern circuitry to avoid tuning difficulties.  


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Automatic receivers
  • Easy to charge
  • Ideal for charging other devices


  • AC/DC adaptor is sold separately.
  • Batteries are not included in the solar panel.
Bottom Line
With all these modern features and functionalities, this radio can become your best companion in times of both joy and trouble.  This emergency radio is already programmed with receptions like AM, FM, and NOAA. For instance, if you want to get information about the weather conditions in your locality, you can tune into the channels which are already available to get quick access. All you have to do is to turn on the knob, and all the necessary information will reach you in no time. Another great feature of this radio is that it is considered to be automatic. To get this feature working, the radio should be kept in Alert mode. When this happens, all information will reach you automatically as soon it receives the signals. You can consider purchasing this product to be prepared to face any emergency. 
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Midland is a leading manufacturer of the best emergency radios for 2021 with high-quality alert radios and modern components. This emergency radio consists of a wide range of features, which makes it a perfect choice for unpredictable circumstances. Midland manufactures alert and emergency radios to generate early warnings about unforeseen situations. Keeping this in mind, this radio is designed using the concepts of S.A.M.E programming to create automatic alerts via a loud siren. Moreover, other customizable methods are also available according to your convenience. This can help you to make the right decisions for your safety whenever severe warnings are generated. This radio is capable of generating alerts for different types of emergencies like cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, thunderstorms, fires, etc. Providing service for over 50 years with millions of happy customers, these alert radios are designed with innovative radio communication strategies. 


  • Warnings are generated through various methods. In other words, alerts are considered to be customizable. You can select the most convenient way according to your comfort. The different techniques include sirens, desktop display, and voice alerts. The 90 dB siren or the flashing LED light on the screen is ideal for generating noticeable signals. 

  • This radio consists of an alarm clock which serves the purpose of the basic clocks available. Snooze and alert features are also included. These alarm clocks can also be used to generate alerts. 

  • These radios use S.A.M.E programming technology through which alerts can be generated for around 25 different areas nearest to your locality. 

  • These radios are capable of generating alerts for over 60 types of emergencies in your locality. Therefore, you can get all the information well in advance to avoid panicking at the last minute.  

  • During power cuts, you can make use of AA batteries to get the radio working. 


  • Capable of generating noticeable alerts and warnings
  • Easy to charge and usage of batteries are allowed.
  • Uses colors to indicate the severity of the warnings.
  • Modern features make it easy to use


  • This radio is designed to generate weather-related information alone
  • Consists of chemicals which might be harmful during usage
Bottom Line

Midland Emergency and Alert Radios are ideal for keeping you connected in times of trouble. Generating an early warning about an impending disaster is its primary specialty. This emergency radio is designed with a wide range of components like the siren, LED display, and the inbuilt alarm clock to make it convenient to use. This emergency radio is a must-have if you want to learn the weather conditions of your locality. Another great thing about this alert radio is that primary AA batteries can be used for its smooth functioning during an emergency when electricity is not generally available. On the whole, an ideal choice to be safe and secure during adverse weather conditions.

Emergency radios are invented for alerting people in times of bad weather. This weather radio consists of many useful features that are highly beneficial for safety during bad weather. This emergency radio is one of the best emergency radios for 2021. This emergency radio alerts people in advance about the upcoming harmful weather conditions and helps them to take action in advance. An emergency radio is mainly used to prevent any kind of loss during cyclones, tsunami, floods, and heavy rain. Therefore, this weather radio is manufactured with digital technology, especially to prepare ourselves for dangerous weather conditions. It can be used to pass the warning message of lousy weather conditions to maximum people living in low network areas. This emergency radio gives weather updates in all kinds of emergencies from the National Weather Service. It does not work on electricity, and hence it can always be used to pass essential messages during emergencies.


  • The emergency weather radio has the feature of FM radio to entertain people and listen to your favorite radio shows, songs, news, concerts at any time from any place around the world.

  • The radio system works on the battery system and can function efficiently when no electricity is supplied during adverse weather conditions.

  • It has an alarm clock feature with different alarm tones, which wakes you up at the right time, and it also shows the time of different countries and helps you finish all your work perfectly on time.

  • It has the unique feature of alerting people in times of bad weather. The user can choose the system options in which the warning will be given to him. This emergency radio consists of 85 dB siren alarm, voice alert, and visual LED flasher, which ISS used to make the alert more attractive to the user.

  • It can be beneficial to charge different devices like smartphones and tablets by connecting them with the USB cord of the radio.

  • This weather radio will update you about the weather condition directly from the top weather forecast channels. It will immediately send you an alert message if there is any kind of undesirable calamity like floods, tsunami, heavy rainfall, floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, volcano, or earthquakes, which is going to take place in your area. 

  • This radio functions digitally and uses the feature S.A.M.E (The Specific Area Message Encoding) to send you the instant weather updates of your country.

  • The radio consists of the NOAA reports from 25 countries and will immediately warn the user only if there is any kind of natural calamity in his area.


  • This emergency radio alerts people about any natural disaster
  • It has other features like FM Radio for entertainment purposes
  • It has a unique alarm clock system for an immediate alert.
  • The USB outlet charges other electric gadgets during power cuts and low electricity supply.


  • It is difficult to operate this radio.
  • The user might not know the required programming.
Bottom Line

This emergency radio is an ideal device that can be used during all kinds of situations. It can be beneficial for the people who live in low network areas and often encounter several difficulties to receive any important news. This device not only gives you the accurate NOAA weather report from 25 countries but also entertains you with your favorite radio programs. Electronic gadgets can now be easily charged by just connecting them to this device. The WR400 is programmed in such a way that it will send the warning to the user if there is a risk of any kind of natural calamity in his area. Therefore, this emergency radio is straightforward to use and very important for personal safety.


Running snail emergency radio has an incredibly stylish display, and it is mainly used to send people the latest weather updates received from the NOAA weather channel. It alerts people when there is a risk of natural calamities like a tornado, floods, storms in the user’s area. This radio has many special features like 1 W LED flashlight and 1000mAh battery. This radio is manufactured in such a way that it works on Solar energy. This radio works on battery, and it can be used very efficiently in low electricity areas. This radio can be beneficial during outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, and in areas without electricity as it has the special LED flashlight. This emergency radio sends an emergency signal to the users and alerts the users of the upcoming natural disaster in advance. This keeps the users safe during unpredictable situations. 


  • The crank radio consists of 1000mAh battery supply, which is used to charge various gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Devices can be charged directly through the USB cable. The radio doesn’t require any kind of adapter to charge the gadgets. This feature acts as a power bank and is very useful for people in emergencies.

  • It consists of a compact-sized flashlight of 1W of Led flashlight, which can be used in emergencies. This feature of the running snail emergency radio can be useful in low electricity areas. The users can carry this emergency radio anywhere, along with them in outdoor activities such as camps, hiking, backpacking, and in other low electricity areas.

  • This radio is mainly beneficial as it can recharge electronic gadgets anywhere. The devices can be charged easily by connecting them to the radio through USB cable. The natural solar charging feature also charges various gadgets very quickly using solar energy. The devices can also be charged manually using the hand crank method. The radio charges the other gadgets in these three ways very quickly. This feature is very useful in times of power cuts and low electricity supply.

  • This emergency radio is designed in a very stylish way, which makes this emergency radio very fashionable and beneficial for users.

  • This radio alerts the users of serious natural calamities. It sends the latest weather updates from NOAA weather channel to the users.


  • A special brighter flashlight of 1W used in outdoor activities
  • It charges electronic gadgets quickly in three different ways.
  • It alerts users about the risk of natural disasters.
  • It has a stylish appearance.


  • Limited period warranty
Bottom Line

The running snail emergency radio is an ideal device that is very useful in many ways. This radio is highly beneficial to receive instant weather updates directly from the NOAA weather reports. It alerts users about all kinds of dangers in their areas. The running snail radio is an ideal device that can be highly beneficial in outdoor spaces because it has the unique feature of charging various gadgets anytime and at any place, and it also has a flashlight of 1W, which can be used in darkness and low electricity areas.


FosPower is a well-known manufacturer of the best emergency radios for 2021. These radios are designed to provide connectivity with NOAA weather stations and various other AM/ FM broadcast channels. With 4-way powering sources, these radios are manufactured using methodologies and are proven to be helpful in standard times or during emergencies. With this radio by your side, you need not have to worry about power cuts as these can remain functional during such situations through the secure recharge methods. These radios consist of 4 LED reading lamps and 1W LED flashlight, which is proven to be helpful light resources in times of darkness. All the components included in this emergency alert radio make it to be an ideal choice for both household and outdoor environments. This is considered to be the best multipurpose emergency and alert radio, which can be your helping hand when there is no other way. 


  • FosPower Emergency Radios are built with a 2000mAh power bank, which has the capability of charging any kind of mobile device in times of trouble. Small portable devices like tablets are smartphones that can quickly regain power using the power bank. 

  • Powerful light sources can solve the major problem of darkness during emergencies. An LED flashlight with a zoom feature, SOS alarm to generate a loud siren during an emergency alert, and two other reading lamps are installed to brighten up your surroundings. 

  • The NOAA weather stations are pre-programmed so that you can get all updates regarding the weather conditions in your locality. In addition to these weather stations, other AM/FM broadcasting channels are also available to provide full entertainment in times of trouble. All you have to do is to tune in to the desired channel. 

  • In addition to the power bank, there are three other ways to keep the device working. The hand crank and solar panel are available to recharge the radio and provide instant connectivity. AAA alkaline batteries can also be used to regain charge. This makes it very convenient to use. 


  • Inbuilt power bank available for powering other devices.
  • Strong light resources
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to recharge with convenient options.


  • Limited warranty period
  • Low sound quality
Bottom Line

FosPower Emergency and Alert Radio have all the necessary features and functionalities, which are essential to overcome emergencies with ease. These radios are considered to be the best solutions for all kinds of problems that arise during an emergency. Not only during emergencies, but these radios are also a perfect fit for daily usage as well. The components of this radio are considered to be helpful in one way or the other to keep you connected. Above all, instant connectivity with the broadcasting channels is a great feature and makes this radio a must-buy for all. 


Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 emergency and alert radio is considered to be the latest model designed by Kaito with modern features. With advanced features and modern technology, this emergency radio is undoubtedly one of the best emergency radios for 2021. Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 is designed by incorporating the Radio Data System (RDS) technology. This technology helps to store all kinds of information in the various FM broadcasting channels. This radio is also linked to the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which helps generate automatic warnings for any kind of impending disaster in your locality when the radio is kept in “Alert mode.” These automated warnings include all types of environmental hazards and other unforeseen circumstances. This emergency radio can quickly become the best partner of your leisure and an undeniable tool during emergencies as well. 


  • RDS and EAS technology helps to receive all the weather updates generated by NOAA instantly so that you can initiate safety measures. 

  • Tuning in to the stations is available through four methods which are incredibly convenient and useful. Tuning in to the channels can be initiated manually by entering digital numbers, or ATS and memory are available to access the channels instantly. 

  • Essential components that are frequently required are also available. These components include a thermometer to measure the temperature, clocks, and calendars to learn the current date and time, 5 LED reading lights to initiate brightness and dual-mode alarm clocks. 

  • This radio also consists of an extendable solar panel which can be used according to your convenience. Extra input Jack is also provided to connect other devices without any hassle. 


  • Modern technologies like RDS and EAS
  • Automatic alert warnings
  • A wide range of FM/SM/AM and NOAA broadcasting channels included.
  • Suitable for daily use as well as emergencies
  • External audio devices can also be connected.


  • AC/DC adaptor is not available along with the product.
  • Batteries are not included.
Bottom Line

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 works as a lifesaver in times of emergency. This is considered to be a top-rated emergency radio and is a preferable one all because of the advanced technology incorporated during its manufacture. On the whole, this emergency alert weather radio consists of all the necessary components that you might require in times of trouble. When there’s nobody to lend a helping hand, this emergency radio can become your best companion by providing all the essentials that you require to survive in times of trouble. Charging this radio is not at all problematic, as this works fine with primary alkaline batteries. With a long-time warranty, this emergency radio is also perfectly suitable for activities like traveling, camping, hiking, etc. Therefore, all your essentials are packed up in one small device, which can also facilitate the charging of other small appliances. A must-buy because of its features and components  


Sangean MMR -88 is a modern age digital weather alert radio and is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for 2021 because of its revolutionary design and versatile features. This is a Public Alert Certified radio, which is capable of providing warnings and alerts about any emergency which is about to arrive. This radio can be charged through 3 primary ways, which include hand cranking, solar panel, or USB. Like any other emergency radio, this also consists of all the primary broadcasting channels so that you get the chance to receive all your favorite updates related to music, sports, and entertainment in addition to weather forecasting. Since the USB option is available with this device, you also have the option of charging other devices that are USB compatible. Therefore, this radio moreover fulfills many different purposes. 

Powering this radio is extremely easy, and you can get it working in times of trouble and lack of necessary resources. This emergency radio has a wide variety of technology-based advantages, which cannot be neglected as a lot of research has been carried out before coming up with this product. 


  • This emergency alert radio consists of a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. This 850mAh battery can be powered up easily using any of the three methods available (hand crank, USB or solar panel)

  • For lighting, this radio consists of an LED flashlight, which is adjustable according to your needs. The LED lamp is also available, and the brightness can be adjusted as blinking, low, or high according to your comfort. 

  • This radio is built with an excellent buzzer, which is used for generating sounds whenever a severe alert or emergency is declared in your locality. 

  • This radio also consists of a clock with an auto shut off feature of about 90 minutes. Speakers and headphones are also installed so that you can carry it anywhere and use it according to your choice. 

  • This radio is already programmed with 19 different combinations of both AM/FM broadcasting channels to reach you with the latest updates.

  • USB sockets are installed to charge devices like smartphones, MP3 players, etc. conveniently. 


  • Convenient three-way charging facility
  • Emergency buzzer
  • It can be used to charge other USB compatible devices as well.
  • LED lamps and flashlights which are color-coded
  • Water-resistant


  • Limited period warranty of 90 days.
Bottom Line

Sangean MMR – 88 Weather Alert Emergency Radio is suitable for all situations, be it indoor or outdoor. The wide variety of features that have been listed out satisfy their purpose successfully by providing a user-friendly experience like never before. The rechargeable battery is long-lasting, and the overall sound quality is excellent. This emergency alert radio is manufactured using waterproof materials to prevent damage so that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. On the whole, this digital emergency radio can be your lifeline in times of trouble. 


Tecsun PL880 is a portable emergency radio with modern features and functionalities which are not found in any other Tecsun radio before. This is considered to be an advanced age radio with Digital Signal Processing technology. This technology helps to facilitate better reception in the case of weak signals. This radio consists of a lithium battery that is rechargeable and long-lasting. This radio also incorporates nine different types of customizable bandwidth settings, and the users can adjust it according to their requirements. PLL synthesized technology generates better sensitivity and selectivity. This emergency radio also includes an external software-based antenna for smooth signal reception. Stereo type earphones have also been included to improve the user experience. Significant concepts of technology have been successfully incorporated in this emergency radio to provide the best user experience. 


  • This emergency radio includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a built-in charger. Therefore, users can overcome the problem of charging the device to use it during an emergency 

  • This radio facilitates complete coverage of AM/FM broadcasting with both Shortwave and Longwave listening.  

  • This also includes a primary 24-hour type alarm clock along with a sleep timer. Users can customize these settings according to their choice. 

  • This radio also consists of an enhanced audio output from the receiver. The speaker includes a 450mW amplifier to deliver the best quality sound. 

  • High-quality stereo type speakers are known to generate audible and good quality sound. 

  • This emergency radio consists of an inbuilt charger which facilitates convenient charging.  


  • Rechargeable battery with inbuilt charger
  • External antenna socket
  • Perfect reception of FM/AM broadcasting channels
  • Leather pouch available to carry it around easily.


  • NOAA weather stations are not programmed
  • No light resources available
Bottom Line

Tecsun MMR – 88 is undoubtedly a modern-age digital emergency radio and one of the best emergency radios for 2021, which is designed by incorporating the best technology. As this kind of emergency radio is not manufactured by the Tecsun family before, it is considered to be a must-have for all its modern features and functionalities. This emergency radio is highly suitable for your entertainment, and you can receive the latest updates related to sports and entertainment via the AM/FM broadcasting channels. However, this radio is not programmed with NOAA weather stations, and thus you will not be able to receive any alerts or emergency warnings. But it is highly recommended for leisure activities, like traveling, hiking, camping, etc. 


As mentioned earlier, Midland is a top emergency radio manufacturer that mainly focuses on generating instant warnings related to weather conditions or any other emergency circumstances. This emergency alert radio is specially designed to provide the latest weather updates which are made by NOAA. There is a wide range of powering options available along with this device with powerful light sources to help you to stay connected during lousy weather or significant power cuts. Recharging is possible through the solar panel, hand crank, and the inbuilt 2000mAh battery. The option of charging other USB compatible devices is also available. This emergency alert radio has been invented to provide all the necessities that you will require when in trouble. 


  • Three-way charging options are available for powering the device. The solar panel can be used for charging through direct sunlight. Hand cranking can be used to charge the device through an available power resource, or rechargeable battery, which is replaceable as well can be conveniently used. 

  • Powering up other external devices like smartphones, MP3 players, and other portable USB compatible devices is also available. This can be extremely useful when essential devices like smartphones are out of charge during long term power cuts. 

  • The ultrasonic dog whistle feature has been introduced in this emergency alert radio, especially for the rescue teams, so that they can identify the victims and provide the necessary health aid. 

  • The NOAA weather stations of about seven different channels have been programmed in this weather alert radio. The emergency alarm is capable of generating automatic alert warnings if there are certain chances of adverse weather conditions in your area. In addition to the weather updates, FM/AM broadcasting channels are also available to get the latest updates about sports and entertainment. 

  • SOS flashlight is available as a reliable light resource in this weather alert radio. Morse code flash is possible to declare a sudden emergency, and the basic LED light can be used to generate a signal if urgent help is required. Users can also adjust the brightness of this flashlight according to their comfort. 


  • Ultrasonic dog whistle feature for receiving urgent health aid from rescue teams.
  • Color-coded flashlights to indicate alerts or signal help
  • NOAA weather stations for weather updates and precautionary measures.
  • Powering option for other portable devices like cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, etc.
  • Basic AA batteries can also be used for smooth functioning.


  • Harmful chemicals are used during the manufacture of the product.
  • Limited period warranty.
Bottom Line

Midland ER310 is considered to be the option as these are one of the best emergency radios for 2021. Generating alerts for emergency threats is a significant feature that is highly useful in times of bad weather and other unforeseen situations. Apart from all the basic features and functionalities which are available in almost all kinds of emergency weather radios, the ultrasonic dog whistle is something that is considered to be a new feature in the market. This feature can be a lifesaver if someone is need of urgent help. This feature makes the product to be a unique one on the whole. Other features like flashlights, automatic alerts, and convenient powering options are not to be neglected as well. By keeping all its components and features in mind, you can expect this product to be your helping aid when nobody else is available for you. 


Compass Culture Brand is a well-known manufacturer of the best emergency radios for 2021. This emergency weather radio is compact and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Its compact design makes it easy to carry out around anywhere without any hassle. Like all other basic emergency radios, this radio also consists of the 7 NOAA weather stations and various other AM/FM broadcasting channels so that you can receive all the necessary information instantly. Four different kinds of powering options are available to get this device working and charging of other portable, but compatible devices can also be done in times of trouble. Reading Lamps and an SOS alarm is also available for your safety. Apart from all these basic features, survival paracord bracelet with magnesium flint fire starter compass is one extra yet unique feature that has been included in this emergency radio. Looking at all its features and components, it is clear that this emergency radio is perfectly suitable for all purposes. 


  • This emergency radio consists of a 2000mAh power bank, which is capable of powering up small mobile devices that have run out of charge. Therefore, in addition to precautions, you can also have your favorite devices by your side during difficult times.

  • Powering up this emergency weather alert radio can be done in four different ways. Solar panels and hand cranking are two of the most convenient options. Apart from these, the power bank and basic alkaline batteries can also be used to keep it functioning all the time. 

  • Flashlights with easily customizable brightness are also available to provide the necessary comfort. The SOS alarm is also available and can be used according to your requirements. 

  • Another fancy component that comes along with this emergency radio is the survival bracelet with magnesium flint starter compass. This component is beneficial when you have it during trekking and camping activities. You can just wear it around your wrist and enjoy your day. 

  • Once charged, this emergency radio is capable of providing light for up to 15 hours. The lifetime of charge generally depends upon the powering option used to charge the device. 


  • 4-way convenient charging
  • NOAA weather stations and AM/FM broadcasting channels already available
  • 2000mAh power bank for charging other USB compatible devices.
  • Small in size and easy to carry anywhere
  • Survival bracelet and magnesium flint starter compass whistle.


  • This radio is not manufactured using waterproof materials.
  • Limited period warranty
Bottom Line

Compass Culture Brand Emergency and Alert Radio can be an ideal choice for both leisure and emergencies. This radio consists of all the basic components which are essential for survival, including LED flashlights, power bank, convenient charging, SOS alarm clock, etc. In addition to these, the survival paracord bracelet with magnesium flint starter compass is a plus point. This component is suitable when you are on a camping trip. Alerts regarding impending dangers usually are generated just like any other emergency radio. If you are looking for something affordable with all basic features, then you can consider purchasing this one for your safety. 


Unforeseen circumstances do not give warnings before entering. It is essential to find out about such situations well in advance so that necessary precautions can be taken up to reduce the negative impact of the case. 

How to choose the right emergency radio?

All emergency radios do have certain basic features in common. However, they are some emergency radios which have some unique and never seen before functionalities. In such a case, it becomes essential to select the right kind of product which helps you with all that you need during an emergency. Given below is a simple buying guide which would help you to figure out the right choice and choose the best product for your safety

  • Firstly, it is essential to check the number of powering options available to charge a particular emergency radio. Without charging, the radio would become useless, and there is no point in purchasing the product. Thoroughly go through the charging options provided and see if they are convenient to use. 

  • Generating automatic alerts and warnings about any unforeseen circumstances is another essential feature to consider. The emergency radio should have a component like a buzzer or a siren to initiate an emergency. Without this feature, the emergency radio is not considered to be worth buying.

  • The next important thing to consider is the variety of broadcasting channels available with a particular emergency radio. The NOAA weather stations are must to have as all the automatic alerts are generated through them. Not only weather updates, but an ideal emergency radio should also be able to provide all other updates as well. This is important to reduce panic during an emergency and also to keep you occupied and entertained. 

  • Sound quality is a significant factor. The audio output of the speakers should provide clear and audible sound, which is comfortable in listening. 

  • The size and weight of an emergency radio is the next important factor. This is because your emergency radio should be easy to store and carry wherever you go. Emergency radios of almost all sizes and weights are available. You can go through its specifications before making a purchase. 

  • This factor is not so important, but if available, it can be a solution to a significant problem. Electricity is generally not available during adverse weather conditions. In such a case, if your emergency radio is capable of charging other devices, it will be an end to your problems. Therefore, your emergency radio should have the option of powering up basic devices in times of trouble. 

  • Earphones and headsets are additional features that can be considered while purchasing an emergency radio. These components are essential because you can tune in to your favorite channels without disturbing your surroundings. 

The points mentioned above are critical and should be remembered while purchasing an emergency weather alert radio. In general, it is crucial to go through the product description and understand all its specifications before making a purchase.  

In such uncertainty, emergency weather alert radios act as lifesavers as these tools help people to survive during difficult times without much trouble. 

The best emergency radios for 2021 have been mentioned in the article. You can select any of the above-mentioned products based on your budget and preferences. All of the above-mentioned emergency radios have revolutionary design, modern features, and unique components that are essential during emergencies. Given the choices, you can make the right decision for yourself according to your needs and requirements.   

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