Best Gaming Computer under 2000-Buyers Guide


If you are looking for best gaming computers under $2000 then look no more. PC gaming is a concept that has seen an exponential rise in recent years and with the advent of more powerful hardware components to take on more graphics-intensive tasks, the trend is only set to rise even further in the future for developers shall keep endeavoring and coming up with concepts and graphics that put these hardware components to the test and extracting the most out of them. There is a gamer in every person; it’s just that one has to find what kind and genre attracts them the most and even more so give time to their inner gamer to find its true form and once that happens, there is no turning back in life because after that you are just left wanting to more. Nothing can satisfy that hunger of playing all the modern titles at the highest quality possible and experience something that you never felt before in your life.

If you are an enthusiast or a professional gamer, some of the games that would definitely be on your list or at least should include Far Cry 5, God of War, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, DOOM, Apex, Metro Exodus, Injustice 2, and to name a few. If you are a professional gamer, then we wouldn’t be too far from assuming that you already have a good-performing desktop to your name designed exclusively for gaming, but for those who want to play all such AAA and other titles and do not have a proper rig for the same, the following article is for you guys only because in the coming sections, we are going to go through and review some of the best gaming computers under $2000.

The following list has been compiled and reviewed while keeping in mind some of the key aspects that differentiate gaming PC’s from regular ones: actually, the only difference between the two is that of a GPU or a quality GPU per se, but gaming desktops apart from GPU’s also rely heavily on other hardware systems whose performance and quality are at par with those used in regular desktops. The market right now is flooded with various options to choose from; be it the processor, the RAM, the GPU, motherboard, storage or anything.

Ever since AMD entered the market with its Vega, Threadripper, and Ryzen series of GPU’s and processors respectively, there has been a certain imbalance that not many users are able to get out of. With so many options with the possibility of mixing and matching, finding the right combination of everything is too troublesome; and that exactly is the reason that the following list exists- to save you from so many troubles in building a rig for yourself and instead offering you with some of the best pre-built desktops that are sitting out there, just waiting for you. Hope you find what you are looking for. Having said that, let’s waste no more time and jump right in!

Best Gaming Computer under 2000

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Cyberpower PC’s offers its latest mid-range gaming platform in the shape and name of the Gamer Xtreme VR 8060 series with A8 being the specific model name. An upgrade over the previous iteration of the series- the A5, the A8 manages to retain its tag of value for money all the while packing in a bunch of small upgrades than its predecessor. With some of the things still running askew with the Gamer Xtreme series, the A8 somehow manages to make itself recommendable.


  • i5 9th generation processor

The 8060A8 features the 9th generation of its i5 series of processors. While the design and the architecture remain the same, the performance does not. The performance of the i5 9th generation witnesses a massive boost from its previous base frequency of 1.6GHz to the current 2.9GHz (with a maximum boost up to 4.1GHz).

  • GTX 1660 GPU

With the price tag that the 8060A8 carries, the 8060A8 has more than a decent graphics memory provisioned by the GTX 1660 graphics card– another upgrade from that of the previous iterations of the PC which used a GTX 1060 3GB GPU as compared to the 6GB of dedicated graphics memory packed in the 8060A8.

6GB of memory is more than sufficient to punch out ~100fps at FHD quality and 60-70fps at 2K- stats that are more than enough to play out all the recent titles at the highest settings. If you are looking for 4K gaming though, look somewhere else.

  • B360 motherboard

The title is not exact, to be honest. Sure, the 8060A8 packs a B360 motherboard, but it is a modified version of the same that goes by the name of B360M. This chipset is an upgrade over the H310 motherboard used by most mid-range systems in the market. For a prebuilt gaming PC, the B360M is more than sufficient with its own restrictions though.

  • 8GB RAM

The 8060A8 packs 2 sticks of 4GB RAM modules with 2 extra slots in the motherboard providing the option to extend the memory.

  • SSD equipped

In a mid-range PC, despite being a gaming P, it is a surprise to see an SSD provisioned and that too with a capacity of 240GB besides the 1TB hard-disk.


  • 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi adapter
  • Included SSD
  • Massive GPU
  • VR Ready
  • Eye-catching lighting of the CPU
  • Above-average performance


  • Not overclockable
  • Less memory
  • Low quality of mouse and keyboard

Bottom Line
The 8060A8 not just justifies its price tag, but offers you more value for the same. It has everything that a gaming PC needs- from right down to a quality motherboard to a quality display. Some things that disappointed was the RAM first of all because 8GB is too less for a gaming PC and if you do some heavy video-intensive tasks or wish to game at 4K quality, then even with the massive 6GB GPU, you will be left begging for more. Other than that, it is a good mid-range PC with above mid-range performance. Also, the motherboard is not overclockable which kind of beats the purpose of a gaming PC.

iBuyPower has been known for making great, high-performing desktops at dirt-cheap prices. Well, dirt cheap not in the sense that they are very affordable but in the sense that for all the specs and for all the power-packed performance that they offer, the price feels as if you just hit the lottery. Don’t take our word for it, but look at the features and then decide for yourself-


  • Intel i9 9th gen processor

Need we say anything beyond this? The Trace 9240 is one of the very few desktops in the market to pack the flagship Intel processor. With 8 cores, 16 threads, and a maximum processing speed of 5GHz, Intel terms the i9 as the ‘best thing to happen to gaming’ and that statement is true in all aspects.

  • RTX 2070 GPU

Again, need we say anything more? If the crown king of Nvidia GPU’s is the RTX 2080Ti, then the 2070 is the prince. With 8GB of dedicated graphics memory, there is empirically nothing that you can throw at the Trace 9240 that it won’t be able to handle. Even at 4K qualities, it will bring it’s a game without breaking much sweat.

  • Liquid Cooler

With so much firepower being brought to the show, it is also important that a mechanism to control it also exists. The Trace 9240 comes fitted with a closed-loop liquid cooler that pulls as much heat as possible and passing it through a network of tubes carrying distilled water that ultimately runs out to the exhaust vent, thus doing their best to maintain the temperature of the system.

  • 16GB RAM

Not a feature as such and definitely not something that you should be surprised by because all those features would have been a pure waste of money if the memory size was not at least that of the mentioned figure.

  • SSD equipped

Hardly a surprise to see an SSD equipped alongside 1TB of hard-disk space.


  • Flagship processor
  • Extremely powerful graphics memory
  • RGB lighting glass panels on the side for aesthetics
  • Sufficient memory
  • Liquid cooling to increase hardware longevity
  • 1-year warranty


  • A USB-C port is lacking
  • No flash card reader
  • No monitor

Bottom Line

There is nothing to be taken from the Trace 9240- it is not just ready for the present but is also stacked up with enough firepower to take on more graphics-intensive tasks of the future. Everything in this monster from iBuyPower just screams and oozes class. Absolutely no department has any sort of loose ends where the performance could be compromised. One thing that did tick us off was that one will have to separately invest in a monitor- strange combination, but what can one do.

If you are a professional or a hardcore gamer, this one should be one of your top choices. Casual gamers can also go with the Trace but then they will have to shell out the pocket-burning price too!

The MR9280 desktop is yet another PC from iBuyPower that totally disrupts the market equilibrium with its high-performing hardware components and what’s even more important is the unbelievably affordable price tag on the same. Although, that’s something that should not come as a surprise anymore because that’s what iBuyPower has been doing for a long time now.


  • Intel Core i9 9th gen

The inclusion of the most recent flagship processor in a mid-range PC is just unbelievable. Every other component can run to its full potential in the MR928, all thanks to the 3.1GHz base clock speed that can go as high as 5GHz.

  • GTX 1660Ti graphics

Inclusion of the Ti model of the 1660 is also a surprise because at this range we are at most accustomed to the GTX 1660. The MR9280 though packs its big brother that offers more CUDA cores and texture units to its name and better processing speed that even though offers only 6GB of graphics memory, it does so in a more efficient manner.

  • 16GB memory

16 gigs of DDR4 RAM offer you more than enough memory and versatility to take on most of the modern Triple-A games.

  • VR supported

With VR support, you can bring about whole new levels of realism to your gaming experience.

  • SSD included

240GB of SSD alongside a 1TB of HDD storage makes sure that your file accessing time, booting time, and all other times are always on the minimum end.


  • Latest Intel processor in the rig
  • 6GB of dedicated graphics memory
  • Included SSD
  • 16GB RAM
  • Magnificent design
  • Excellent display quality of the monitor
  • DOLBY 7.1 surround sound system
  • Robust build
  • 1-year warranty


  • No USB-C port
  • No flash card reader
  • There is documentation or online manual

Bottom Line

The MR9280 is one of the strongest contenders for the throne of being the best gaming PC in the mid-range budget. It is absolutely flabbergasting how iBuyPower can include the best of everything while the other manufacturers struggle to do so. Like seriously, how do you justify including the i9 9th gen processor in an above mid-range PC that runs with an underlying GTX 1660Ti GPU and 16GB of RAM where other manufacturers are able to go only as high as the i7 with the GTX 1660 as their graphics card. But to you as a consumer, it’s only good right! In our unbiased opinion, the MR 9280 is the best choice to go for budget gaming all the while retaining an almost professional performance.

Frankly, it’s not just tiring for the readers to see different models from the same brand, but it’s also difficult and tiring for us as reviewers to keep going through the same manufacturer over and over again. But what we need to understand is that this pattern is only suggestive of the quality that the manufacturer is providing.

This time, the quality comes in the shape of the Element 9260 which you can say is a toned-down version of the Element MR9280; in fact, the only difference between the two is that of the underlying processor. Let us see how it’s stacked up-


  • Intel Core i7-9700F 9th generation

Don’t be disheartened by the fact that the underlying processor is the i7 instead of the i9. Sure, there’s a huge generational gap, but if the cost is going down, then cost-cutting has to happen right! But don’t feel too bad because this particular model of the i7- the 9700F is the best of the series and offers similar clock speeds as that of the i9.

  • GTX 1660Ti GPU

Surprisingly, the Element 9260manages to retain the 1660Ti as its graphics card and its performance is unparalleled by any other GPU in the market; sure the RX 5600 XT comes quite close but just loses the edge to the driver support of NVIDIA. You can game at 1080p flawlessly and with a compromised smoothness at 2K. Not meant for 4K gaming though.

  • 16GB of RAM

2 memory sticks of 8GB each operating at 2666MHz each offer one of the fastest RAM solutions in mid-range PC’s.

  • ASUS TUF B365M motherboard

TUF is the gaming series of its mid-range notebooks by ASUS and its B365M motherboard is the flagship in that price range and so seeing it on the Element 9260 comes as a big greeting for gamers.

  • 240GB SSD

Yet another surprise inclusion on a pure mid-range PC is an SSD, but seeing as they have become quite the norm in mid-range desktops, the surprise factor loses its touch.


  • 16GB of primary memory
  • 6GB of dedicated graphics memory
  • Highly value for money
  • Best in class motherboard
  • A very efficient processor in the i7 9th gen
  • Deep cool 92mm cooler
  • SSD included
  • Latest Wi-Fi adapters (2×2 802.11ac)


  • No USB-C port
  • No flash card reader
  • Not durable

Bottom Line

Even though the 9260 is a toned-down version of the MR9280, it (the 9260) is more value for money than its compatriot for as mentioned, the only difference between the two is that of the processor and the price difference between the two is significant that makes the Element 9260 a better recommendation if you ask us because even though the processors are different, the difference in performance is very minute- in gaming terms: no more than 5-7fps; a factor that makes the 9260 a brilliant gaming solution at FHD and 2K qualities at such a low price.

The SLC8260A2 is Cyberpower PC’s response to the Trace 9240 by iBuyPower and if we have been commending iBuyPower for their extreme affordability, then we need to shower Cyberpower PC with even more praises for having taken the game to the next level. ‘Why’ you ask? Read on as to how the SLC8260A2 is a revolution-


  • RTX 2070 graphics card

The latest flagships of NVIDIA are a statement in themselves. Given the fact that there has been no task found that can make the RTX 2080 run to its full potential due to its 11 gigs of graphics memory, it is only foolish to power any desktop with it. But its smaller brother- the 2070 with its 8GB of memory can be given a run for its money and till now, it has not disappointed. Be assured of the smoothest gameplay at the highest quality settings (4K included)

  • Core i7-9700K processor

The 9700K model of the Intel i7 sits at one of the highest levels of Intel processors. Even though it’s no i9, be assured of very similar performance with just a hair strand to distinguish the two.

  • 1TB SSD

Be prepared for what is probably the fastest PC in the upper mid-range with a massive 1TB SSD.

  • 16GB RAM

With 16GB of RAM, all your other hardware components are guaranteed to run at their full capacity.


  • Equipped with the RTX 2070
  • Included with one of the best processors in the Intel lineup
  • More than sufficient primary memory
  • The entire storage system is an SSD
  • Very efficient liquid cooling
  • VR optimized
  • Custom ARGB lighting case
  • Latest Wi-Fi module
  • Totally value for money


  • A better motherboard could have been used
  • Processor variant could have been better
  • No monitor included

Bottom Line

As a straight competitor to the Trace 9240, the SLC8260A2 does pretty well, especially when you consider the price difference between the two and the almost similar performance. With a price difference of $400, Cyberpower could have pushed the limit a little and at least tried to include the i7-9900K processor if not the i9 series and the playing field would have been leveled even more. But that slight difference is made up for with the RTX 2070 that is more than capable of handling 4K games on its own; club all those high-quality hardware with a pure storage solution with a 1TB SSD and you have one of the fastest rigs to your name.

The only thing that ticked us is that a monitor is not included, but seeing the same problem with the Trace, there is breathing room for investing in a decent monitor will still keep the price of the whole system less than that of the Trace.

The Skytech Blaze series of desktops were designed to offer a cheap way out building a gaming rig yourself while giving the combined best of 2 experiences- building a system and going for a prebuilt model. The Blaze series has 3 configurations and the one we are going to review is the top model amongst them.


  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor

The Ryzen series of AMD series definitely took the market by storm because they redefined the performance versus price ratio. This particular processor- the Ryzen 5 1600 is the best model in the Ryzen 5 family that clocks a minimum of 3.2GHz- a figure that gives the Intel version of the Ryzen 5- the i5 flagships a run for their money; even more so when you compare the prices of the both.

  • GTX 1050Ti GPU

With this particular model of the Blaze series, you get the NVIDIA 1050Ti graphics card with 4GB of dedicated graphics memory to take on the graphics-intensive tasks that games require. 4GB is not a great figure, but it is not also too bad.

  • 16GB RAM

To account for the relatively lower specs of the GPU, Skytech equips this Blaze desktop with 16 gigs of RAM to ease some of the pressure on the GPU- won’t make much difference but still.


  • One of the best in its class processor
  • Decent graphics performance
  • Considerate amount of RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • Equipped with the fastest Wi-Fi module (2×2 802.11ac)
  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive case
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Performance not quite on par with the price
  • No SSD
  • No USB-C port
  • No monitor included

Bottom Line

The Skytech Blaze (1600-16G-1050TI-4G) is a decent option for budget gaming and serves its purpose well since it’s a good alternative that solves the headache of building your own rig. Given that it’s highly customizable kind of adds extra brownie points because you can invest in more quality hardware but if you do decide to do that, you’ll have to shell out extra for a better motherboard that will skyrocket your budget. So basically, it is customizable, but to a very small extent.

The performance too is just average- ~80fps when played at 1080p and to be honest, that figure is not justifiable for its price tag. Despite being a mid-range PC, it is marked quite highly for the performance it offers. There are much better options available.

Apart from the Blaze series, Skytech also has a Shadow Gaming series to its name with 3 different models in it. We don’t quite understand the reason for launching a whole new series with almost the same specs as that of the Blaze series with very few details changed. If launching new desktops was the aim, they could have easily done so under the Blaze series only but it’s their choice right!

Anyways, let’s see how this particular model does against other competitors-


  • Ryzen 3 1200 processor

With this model of the Shadow Gaming series, you get the entry-level Ryzen 3 processor to your name. Even though it is the cheapest member of the Ryzen family, it does a pretty good job by clocking a base speed of 3.1GHz and 3.4GHz when boosted fully- numbers better than the 8th generation of the Intel i5 flagship but significantly behind that of the 9th generation chips.

  • GTX 1050Ti graphics card

With the 1050Ti, you get 4GB of dedicated GDDR5 graphics memory to handle the heavy graphics tasks of your games and video editing tasks (if you are into that). That is definitely enough to tackle most things thrown at it, but if you are looking to play modern games at full graphics; the 1050Ti shall burn out for sure.

  • 8GB RAM

Besides 4GB of graphics memory, you also get 8GB of primary memory; not a great figure to be honest but surely enough to handle things smoothly.

  • High build quality

The Shadow Gaming series is something that uses pretty robust materials in its build and design. In fact, we would dare say that amongst all the mid-range gaming PC’s, these computers have the sturdiest build of the lot and that is a big thing to say because the mid-range budget is saturated with so many options that one can’t even imagine.


  • Very good build and color schemes
  • Decent graphics handling with the 1050Ti
  • Pretty good processing power
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • 1TB HDD
  • 1-year warranty


  • RAM is too less
  • No SSD
  • No USB-C port

Bottom Line

In all fairness, this particular model of the Shadow Gaming series is a sheer disappointment primarily due to 2 factors- first is too little primary memory (RAM) and the second is the processor; sure the Ryzen 3 1200 is good but it is just not gaming material. Had it even been one of the lower-end Ryzen 5 processors, we would have been satisfied, but you can’t put a Ferrari engine in a Hyundai and expect the same output. Heat management of this desktop is also poor; even with 802.11ac Wifi, the signals tend to be pretty weak.

The performance is decent though; certainly playable at FHD. That is the only positive that we could squeeze from this rig. For its price, you can definitely do a lot better; even its Blaze series would be a better alternative.

The GXiVR8560A by Cyberpower PC is the bigger brother of the GXiV8060A8 model. With a few tweaks and upgrades to its name, the 8560A is a pretty powerful machine in the mid-range market. Well, not mid-range exactly. The price is a little more than that of most mid-range PC’s. Let us see if it is deserving of its price tag and whether it justifies the same or not.


  • Intel Core i7-9700F processor

The 8560A comes equipped with one of the most powerful processors in the Intel lineup- one of the 9th generation chips of the i7 flagship that offers just 3GHz of base clock speed, but a whopping 4.5GHz speed when functioning under turbo mode: figures very similar to the latest i9 flagship. Sure, the latest architecture and performance of the i9 chips put the i7 series to shame, but in terms of processing speed strictly, the two are off just by a whisker.

  • 6GB dedicated graphics

The GPU of the 8560A and the 8060A8 is the same- the GTX 1660. In fact, in most mid-range gaming desktops the 1660 has pretty much become a standard because it is that good. With 6GB of memory to its name, it renders and handles graphics as high as 2K beautifully with excellent frame rates; with 4K gaming though, it does begin to wear out delivering choppy frames.

  • Hardline liquid cooling

The cooling system of the 8560A is very good, thanks to a hardline liquid cooling system. Hardline cooling systems have proved themselves to be more efficient it improves the flow of the coolant.

This system also allows for better overclocking.

  • 16GB RAM

16 gigs of primary memory are more than enough to handle all sorts of tasks and also reduce some of the load (caused by memory intensive tasks) from other components such as the GPU, the hard disk, etc.

  • 120GB SSD

With an SSD, you have to option to make your system faster by placing essential files such as the OS files, bootstrap files in the SSD.


  • Best in class processor
  • High-performing graphics card
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Sufficient RAM
  • Included SSD
  • Easily upgradable


  • No USB-C port
  • No thunderbolt-3 port
  • No display port

Bottom Line

Being the bigger brother of the 8060A8, the most pertaining question is whether the 8560A is better and does it offer more value. Looking at both, we were initially stumped, but with some cogitation, we would like to conclude that the 8560A loses out simply because it only leads its compatriot in terms of processor, loses out to it in terms of SSD storage, and draws in every other department. Shelling out an extra $350 just for a better processor is not justifiable. Had the processor been an i9 or the i7-9900K, then we could justify the price difference. But not in this case.

But take nothing away from the 8560A though. It’s feature-packed and delivers some of the most impressive stats for a mid-range PC. With quality hardware and an efficient cooling system to maintain the integrity of the rig, the 8560A is a fine choice for both casual as well as enthusiast gamers.

Skytech really struggled with its Blaze as well as with its Shadow Gaming series and so you may consider the Archangel series as its way of redemption. This particular model of the series- the Archangel II, comes packed with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor powered by the NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU. Let us see whether or not it is successful in doing what its fellow brother couldn’t.


  • Ryzen 5 1400 processor

The Ryzen 5 1400 clocks a minimum speed of 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz when operating in turbo mode- figures that are definitely at par with some Intel i5 chips and in fact better than some models of the i5. The performance level is just average- neither too good nor too bad, but the next feature brings out the best in it.

  • GTX 1060

The 1060 GPU from NVIDIA offers 3 gigs of graphics memory to this rig- certainly not an impressive figure, but enough to make do and make things happen for most games and graphics-intensive tasks. With the Ryzen 5 1400, the GTX 1060 is the best choice of graphics card because for some reason or the other, the chemistry between the two is very good and both are able to bring out the best of each other.

  • 16GB RAM

The Archangel II also packs with it 2 sticks of 8GB RAM sticks that offer a total of 16GB primary memory for you to exploit. This 16GB memory is sufficient to reduce the load on the GPU in the best manner possible when it (GPU) is called into use.


  • 16GB RAM
  • 3GB graphics memory
  • 1TB HDD
  • Durable
  • Quality components of power circuits


  • The processor is not good
  • Graphics memory is too less
  • No USB-C port

Bottom Line

If the Archangel series was supposed to bring back the lost dignity of Skytech, then it fails miserably at it. The specs of the Archangel II are just not worth such a heavy investment, especially when you consider that you have a thousand times better alternatives in the market for a similar price. Skytech makes a hash out of everything with the Archangel II- the processor; sure it’s a Ryzen 5 model, but its benchmark records are not good, the graphics memory is also too low to get a smooth gameplay and higher frame rates; sure you get an average of ~60fps with many games at FHD but once modern titles put the Archangel II attest, it fails miserably. Overall, only 4 words can sum it up- “just not worth it”!

Seeing as Skytech launches the Blaze II series, it would not be wrong to assume that the original series was a flop and with the reviews of some of its models, that should have been made clear by now. The bigger question that still circles Skytech’s credibility is whether the revamped versions can achieve what its predecessors were not able to? Let’s find out.


  • Ryzen 5 2600

Skytech finally includes a quality processor in its rig. The second-generation Ryzen 5 2600 operates at a base clock speed of 3.4GHz and goes as high as 3.9GHz. The figures are very close to that of the 8th generation of the Intel i5 flagships and when put to a test, its performance too is very similar to the i5 chips.

  • GTX 1660 graphics

Skytech finally realizes its mistake of not including a quality GPU and in the new Blaze series; it rectifies the same by including the 6GB NVIDIA 1660 GPU, which offers one of the most seamless and smooth gameplay in the mid-range market right now. With the 1660, you can go nuts with every game and experience high frame rates at visual quality as high as 2K.

  • 8GB RAM

8 gigs of main memory is just enough to handle most graphics-intensive tasks smoothly all the while giving the GPU and processor enough room to keep firing at their full potential.

  • 500GB SSD

With 500GB, the Blaze II offers the highest SSD storage in mid-range desktops; clearly depictive of the learning curve that Skytech has gone through- from no SSD to 500GB. Talk of a massive leap!


  • A high-quality processor in the Ryzen 5 2600
  • 6GB of graphics memory
  • 16GB RAM
  • Excellent performance
  • Very aesthetically designed


  • No USB-C port
  • No flash reader
  • Fan sound is high when under load

Bottom Line

With the Blaze II, Skytech is finally able to achieve what it has been trying to for so long. Finally, with high-quality hardware and specs, the Blaze II offers serious juice for both enthusiasts as well as hardcore gamers. With modern AAA titles too, it is able to throw out excellent frame rates even at 2K quality. 4K gaming is not possible due to the GPU, of course. With one of the most affordable price tags in the market and with such punchy performance stats, Skytech makes itself a force to be reckoned with.


Like we said at the very beginning: there are so many options in the market right now for everything that comprehending and choosing the right fit for you is not easy. As a general rule of thumb, you can very easily say that the higher the specs of any hardware component, better is the performance, but at the same time, you have to consider a lot of things to get the best gaming desktops under $2000, such as the price or the maximum budget that you have, understanding whether the amount you are spending is getting you the best in class of everything or not, and even more important is to know the level of intensity that you are seeking. If you are a casual gamer and looking for nothing more than to pass your time, spending heavily on high-end desktops is just overkill and if you are looking for some serious gameplay or maybe even professionally, there can be no compromises in any department. Having said that, allow us to suggest some of the best hardware components that you can consider including in your gaming desktop-

  • GPU

GPU’s are the very heart of gaming desktops. It is the engine that powers everything and takes care of all graphics-intensive tasks coming your system’s way. As such, compromising on the quality of the GPU is plain foolishness and nothing else.

For casual gamers not looking for anything serious, sticking to the mid-range GPU’s such as the GTX 1080, the GTX 1660, the Radeon RX 5600 XT are pretty good choices to get smooth gameplay at FHD quality.

For the more hardcore gamers looking for 4K gaming, VR gaming, and everything of the top level, the big-price GPU’s come in such as the RTX 2080Ti, the RTX 2070, the RX 5700 XT, the GTX 1660 Super, the RX 570 are the best choices to choose from.

  • Processor

After the GPU, the next most important thing in gaming rigs is the processor because ultimately it is the processor that would be providing the clocks needed to run every other hardware.

For mid-range gaming, the best processors include the i5 flagships (8th and 9th generations) from Intel and the second generation of Ryzen 5 processors from AMD.

When going for high-end gaming, the list becomes narrower; you can choose either from the 9th generation of the latest i9 flagships or the i7-9700K or the i7-9900K processors from Intel. AMD in high-end gaming provides just the one option with its second generation of the Ryzen 7 series processors. Also check out the Best wireless headset microphones to go with your gaming computer.

Having gone through so many desktops, it would be unfair if we left without our honest opinion on who we think is the best performer. Well, with such a vast range in the prices of the desktops, let us split them into two categories and then decide the best of each-

  • For pure mid-range gaming (casual and amateur playing levels), the Element MR9280 from iBuyPower is our choice: the specs are spick and span and every component used is a flagship of the highest quality and what’s even more important is that all those flagship components are of the latest generation too- more brownie points.

  • For high-end and professional gaming, the Trace 9240 V2 from iBuyPower and the SLC8260A2 from Cyberspace face a stalemate. Specs of both rigs are empirically the same with very few aspects to separate the two. In our choice, it is a perfect draw and you can choose freely from either of the two; it’s a perfect choice.

  • Once you pick out the best gaming computer check out the best gaming chairs under 200 to complete your gaming set up

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