Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021-Buyer’s Guide

 Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021-Table of Contents

Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021 5. CORSAIR K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – Fastest & Linear – Cherry MX Speed – RGB LED Backlit
Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021 Table 6. CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Red LED Backlit – USB Passthrough – Linear and Quiet – Cherry MX Red Switch
1. Havit Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo, LED 104 Keys USB Ergonomic Wrist Rest Keyboard, 3200DPI 6 Button Mouse for Windows PC Gamer Desktop, Computer (Black) 7. Redragon K551-RGB Gaming Mechanical USB Keyboard with Blue Switches, Vara, 104 Key RGB Backlit Illuminated Computer Keyboard for Windows PC Games – Black [RGB]
2. Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Small Compact 87 Key Metal Mechanical Computer Keyboard KUMARA USB Wired Cherry MX Blue Equivalent Switches for Windows PC Gamers – Black 8. Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Small Compact 87 Key Metal Mechanical Computer Keyboard KUMARA USB Wired Cherry MX Blue Equivalent Switches for Windows PC Gamers – Black
3. Razer BlackWidow Chroma: Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 5 Macro Keys – Razer Green Mechanical Switches (Tactile and Clicky) 9. Razer BlackWidow Chroma: Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 5 Macro Keys – Razer Green Mechanical Switches (Tactile and Clicky)
4. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys – Black 10. Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard AW768 – AlienFX 16.8M RGB 13 zone-based Lighting – 15 programmable macro key functions


Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021


Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021

In this article we will review the Best Gaming Keyboards for 2021. Normal keyboards which come with PCs or which are inbuilt in laptops are good for general office works. But when it comes to gaming or robust typing, you’d need a keyboard which gives high performance, increases the effectiveness and allows you to click your fingers freely. Read on to know about some of the best gaming keyboards 2021.

Keyboard variations are quite limited as compared to other devices such as monitors or mouse. And this is why buying a keyboard is not a difficult job since you have to look at only certain points such as:

  1. Anti-Ghosting and Key-rollover: The key-rollover is the measure of the number of simultaneous key presses which a keyboard can register. The minimum is obviously 1- or 2-key rollover for any keyboard, but some keyboards simply don’t register additional key presses. This issue is called Ghosting, and it can be annoying for gamers.

Fast action or racing games require gamers to press buttons quickly, and this is why keyboards designed for gaming have a minimum of 6-key rollovers. N-key rollover can register any number of simultaneous key presses.

  1. Membrane vs. Mechanical: Laptop keyboards are the best examples of membrane keyboards. Their advantages include thin space consumption and almost silent presses. But they don’t give the real feel of gaming to the gamers.

A mechanical keyboard is based on springs and levers, which make the pressings precise and increase the effectiveness of robust key pressing. They are perfect for gamers and typists, but they have the disadvantage of making loud noises. However, for the best gaming experience, they are always the first choice.

  1. Build Quality: A gaming keyboard must be durable as fast-paced games require a lot of hard key pressings. Most keyboards come with metal back-plates to eliminate bending or breaking of keys. Keyboards are having a metallic or ABS plastic body prove to be the most durable and can easily withstand forceful keystrokes.
  2. Software Customization and Macros: Gamers need some actions to occur just by the press of one key which is located at a convenient place. For this purpose, keywords which have some additional keys, e. macros are best suited. Such keyboards are known as MMO keyboards, and they can have six to eighteen extra keys. However, they are a little pricier, so you have to decide if you need this feature.
  3. Colors and Illumination: There are three choices when it comes to backlighting: none, mono-color, full-color or RGB with 1.68 million colors. The thing is that gamers get habited to the keys even if they are not good typists. So, backlighting often isn’t as useful. However, if you love playing with the lights switched off, or if you want your keyboard to appear as vibrant as the game, then you can choose full RGB keyboards.
  4. Price: The price range of keyboards varies from as little as $30 to $200. Mechanical keyboards are expensive than membrane keyboards, but they are the one for Keyboards with metallic build are expensive, but you should never compromise with that because you want your keyboard to last for years.

Full RGB and the number of macros keys increase the price of keyboards, and it depends on your choice if you want them or not.

Best Gaming Keywords for 2021

In this article, we will talk about some of the popular gaming keyboards in the market and look at their advantages, disadvantages, features, and prices so that you can choose the right keyboard for your computer.

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[amazon box=”B016Y2BVKA”]Product Overview

Looking or searching for the desirable and perfect gaming keyboard and mouse combo can seriously make someone confused. In the era of gaming, one would be incomplete without a good gaming keyboard. Keeping this in mind, one of the famous brand named Havit comes into a picture with its ultimate gaming keyboard along with a suitable gaming mouse. What else can one need when they are getting a mouse along with a keyboard and that too from Havit.

Product Features

When it comes to features, it outdoes major brands in the race. With its splendid features, not only it is easy to operate, but will surely enhance your gaming experience to its limit. The various keys present in it optimizes your gaming skills at its best. We all very well know what we look in a gaming keyboard combo, and Havit has designed this keyboard and mouse by keeping the needs of the gamers in mind. Knowing this, let us see its different and mind-blowing features.
  1. Personalized LED Backlit

The Havit keyboard comes with an amazing customized LED backlit which include different colors like Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Purple. This gives that extra cooler look to the keyboard and gaming enthusiasts will definitely love this feature. The brightness and intensity of the backlights have an option that can be altered among high, moderate and breath mode. Though it cannot set a single color as a whole that is not much of a problem since the lights can be turned off or on as per required.

  1. Compatible Gaming Keys

With 19 conflict-free or non-conflicting keys, you can perform simultaneous operations. That means you can do several functions concurrently without worrying about having a conflict. The exchangeable ability of WASD keys and five multimedia keys make it stand out from the crowd. Yes, you can interchange keys as you like and also the win


  • The various customizable lights can make your keyboard stand apart from other brands. The RGB ambient colors it has really made it looks outstanding and much attractive
  • DPI switch with indicator flash for different colors; the different DPI ranges are 800 DPI (Red), 1200 DPI (Green), 2400 DPI (Blue) and 3200 DPI (Purple)
  • Soundless or quiet keys are less disturbing and irritating for most users. Also, the keys are spill free and non-slip, i.e. the rubber holders under the keyboard keep it safe. At the back are present drainage holes that will defend your keyboard from liquids
  • Concurrent function with 19 non-conflicting keys, interchangeable of different keys and Win key disable option makes it a unique gaming keyboard indeed
  • Easily compatible with all versions of Mac and Windows (from WIN2000 to WIN10)
  • Driverless installation in that you just have to plug in the mouse and keyboard and start operating it. That is what makes it very easy to use
  • The dynamic mouse is an add on which itself has micro switches for firm clicks, four different lights (can be customized) and a connector (plated gold) for a stable and balanced connection


  • No single LED light option, i.e. single light cannot be set as a whole in the keyboard. But that is the issue, not to worry about as multicolor looks more prominent
  • With low DPI (i.e., 3200 DPI maximum), it can be troublesome to be part of intense gaming sessions
  • Sticky keys and no mute button
dow (WIN) key can be locked while gaming. So it will not interfere during the game. Not only the Win key, but some other keys that are not required can be disabled at a go. This will no doubt make it a lot easier to play any game with satisfaction.

  1. Widely Compatible

Thinking whether it will work for your particular OS? No need of that because it got you covered with its compatibility feature. That means that no matter you are using Windows or Mac device, it will easily adapt to the OS itself and you will face absolutely no issues. It supports all Windows (Win2000 onwards) and Mac OS versions. This thing often lacks in many gaming keyboards which can be a major turn off for the customers.

  1. Versatile and Stylish Mouse

The brand also includes a gaming mouse which makes it a complete package for gamers. It features microswitches which serve firm and crisp clicks. Unique and spectacular LED lights give a whole new touch to it and feel soothing. The LED colors are four in total that are customizable. The connector is plated gold, which will ensure a balanced connection and less latency. Isn’t it a good deal.

  1. Plug and Play

Another important feature includes the plug and play facility which makes it a cinch to operate. It means that there is absolutely no necessity for the drivers to be installed. Often, the drivers are to be installed to make the device function properly, but now there is no requirement for that. Simply plug in the keyboard and mouse and start using it. With plug and play, it saves a lot of time and effort to install those drivers.

Bottom Line

With this many features and pros and very few cons, this is likely to be the choice of the gamers. The brand name itself is enough to seal the deal. Unlike other combo brands, this can be utilized by anyone from novice to professional gamers. Also, it will work perfectly fine for the non-gamers or daily users who prefer typing stuff instead of gaming. As for the gamers who find old keyboards cliché, this will stand up to their expectations.Gamers will not be disappointed with it, and there are no second thoughts on that. This level of features and functionality at such a reasonable amount is what anyone looks for. At a price of just $35, this is the gaming combo you never ever want to miss and will surely recommend it to all the game lovers out there.

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With an increasing number of famous keyboard brands in the market, the war for the best mechanical keyboards is also increasing on a daily basis. Within this comes a brand namely Redragon which is becoming popular day by day. The k552 is one of its portable mechanical as well as gaming keyboard that surpasses many brands in the market. If you’re a hardcore gamer, this is the keyboard that you’ll be needing a lot. This features basic gamers, writers, editors, and coders also.
  1. Custom Built Mechanical Switches

Switches that are custom mechanically built will provide you with the best gaming experience and feel. Due to this, the gamers will be facing absolutely no issue while gaming. And why only gamers, the daily users will have the same experience as well. You will hardly miss any keystroke, and the keyboard also enables you to make less typing errors which in turn make typing really fast. So for those who have to do more in less time, this will help you a lot.

  1. Stylish Red Backlit LED

The Red LED backlit drastically enhances the overall look and design. Also, the adjustable brightness feature of the backlit is a major add-on. With the double-shot injection keycaps, it provides crystal clear backlighting which will look fabulous in the dark. It also has on/off backlit feature on top of it. So the users have complete flexibility to control the brightness of the keyboard. The ten user adaptable levels of brightness make you use the keyboard even better in the dark. Moreover, this feature added an entirely amazing and impressive touch to it.

  1. Plug and Play

Another versatile feature includes the plug and play facility which makes it very cinch to operate. That means there is absolutely no need for those tacky drivers to be installed (though the driver CD is available with the product). The drivers are also available online. It would be tiresome to install drivers every time you attached your keyboard to a new computer, but now the scenario turns over completely.

  1. The interchangeable option of keys

Need the arrow keys instead of WASD keys or vice-versa? Don’t worry; they got this too. Yes, the arrow keys and WASD keys can be interchanged according to the user’s need or requirement. Since it’s custom mechanical, this thing is easily possible. Just pull out the keys and place it as you want since the key sizes are all the same. This feature would greatly benefit left-handers who generally use a mouse with left hands.

  1. Design Benefit and other feature

Its unique design makes the keys non-conflicting or conflict-free. It contains eighty-seven standard keys, twelve functions (or Fn) or multimedia keys and a design which is splash-proof. So next time you spill something on it, simply pluck the keys, clean it and put it back. All credit goes to its design.

The Compact design (all 87 keys are compactly placed) will take less space than the regular keyboard. Hence, to say that it’s a space saver would not be wrong. Sometimes window key (WIN) is pressed while gaming. For this, the WIN key may be deactivated during gaming.

This keyboard’s keys are tested to 50M (million) keystrokes. Also, the USB connector is plated with gold, which makes it corrosion free. Talking about the performance, it is completely anti-ghosting, which shows in-game. Though it doesn’t have macros, it is not that much of a problem.


  • Economical (i.e., budget friendly) and reliable is what Redragon K552 is all about. At a price of around $40, it is very well on the pockets. This reasonable price makes it affordable for customers
  • You will never get tired of typing and never miss a stroke with its superior heavy base design, and it will take your typing speed to the next level. Not to mention that it reduces typing errors too
  • Drinking and typing at the same time and something spills on it? No worries because with the key puller, you can easily remove the keys, clean it and place it back to its original form. It’s that simple
  • The backlit does the job for you with its on/off light and 10 different levels of brightness so you’ll never face any issues while using the keys in the dark
  • The exchangeable keys feature makes the gamers use it as they like especially for the left-handers as they may be using the mouse with their left hands
  • Heavy base construction ensures durability and endures few bumps. So the next time it will drop, it will be unaffected (the tough build will do the job)


  • The absence of NUMPAD can be a problem for some users and for those who use NUMPAD as alternative game controls
  • Though its heavy base design makes it durable somewhere, it makes it quite heavy
  • For Massively multiplayer online (MMO) gamers and online streamers, macro keys are not present
  • Due to mechanical keys, the clunking sound may be disturbing or irritating to some users, but that’s not much of a problem

Product Features

As a new entrant in this race, the Redragon k552 did wonders and even outdoes its thrice expensive competitors. It stands up to our expectations in terms of durability, design, and performance. Moving forward, we discuss the features it encompasses which include:
Bottom Line

With just $40 in price, Redragon k552 provides a great option for most of the gamers and daily users. It will fulfill the needs of the users for sure, and one must think of purchasing it for the love of the games. Though it has a few cons, the impressive design and the reasonable price cover it all and I would definitely recommend the Redragon k552 to the customers. If anyone is looking for a budget-friendly gaming keyboard, this is the complete package on its own. So get the most out it!
[amazon box=”B00MTWV0II”]Product Overview

Every PC gamers need a hardcore keyboard for their gaming adventures, and Blackwidow Chroma V2 is exactly what can please these gaming enthusiasts. This Razer’s flagship keyboard has everything that a gaming keyboard should provide its users with.Razer has made sure that they add some great features and sturdy designing to keep it useful for both typing and gaming. Some of the great features which are attracting a lot of attention are its bespoke mechanical switches, macro keys, USB and audio cable pass through, RGB lighting and a comfortable wrist rest. Without any doubt, it is strong competition for many keyboards already in the market.

Product Features

Blackwidow Chroma V2 is packed with some features which will not just make it comfortable to use but also great in looks. Performance and price range wise it is strong competition for others. Some of the features of this Razer’s new entrant are:
  1. Design

Design of the Blackwidow is smooth and straight without much confusion going around. As a gaming keyboard, it should have enough space between keys for smooth and quick operation, here in this keyboard, there is a good amount of space between keys but just enough thus making it look a bit smaller in size. But it is a full-size keyboard that it is by no means small.

  1. Build

Razer’s Blackwidow Chroma V2 is strongly built with a high-quality indestructible plastic. It has got a matte finish which is very famous these days because of its chic and elegant look. There is also a small illuminated logo of Razer in the front of the keyboard. Also, the keyboard is accompanied by a leather wrist rest, which can be used when one needs to use the keyboard for too long like gamers or coders. The material of the wrist rest is leathery with a lot of cushioning which is comfortable and stylish.

  1. Mechanical keys

Blackwidow is installed with green, orange and yellow switches each color having their own traits. The keycaps are made of feel soft plastic which will reveal mechanical switches when removed. The mechanical switches are a great addition in the Chroma V2 as it gives the user different options to choose from depending on one’s needs and requirements.

The orange keys are great for playing games with their tactile bump for feedback and are silent in nature as they make less noise as compared to the green switches. The orange ones can also be used for typing as the tactile bump helps make sure that the typist is not making many mistakes.

The yellow keys are also used for gaming as it is linear in functioning and is also less noisy than others. The green switch is great for typing as it is clicky.

  1. Function keys

There are many function keys which are useful in various functions. There are several’ keys present on the left side of the keyboard which can be used as macro keys. The function of these macro keys can be activated for controlling volumes and lighting. For activating the macro keys, one needs to long press the ‘fn’ key.

  1. Performance

Well without any doubt performance of Blackwidow Chroma V2 as a gaming keyboard is very impressive and definitely worth buying. A gaming keyboard’s working can only be checked by playing heavy duty and complicated games with it. The assortment of mechanical switches is great to make sure that the user does not get stuck with the same switches for a different purpose.

The level of feedback is great for all the keys as well as their activation time. The keyboard does take a lot of space because of its full size, but the macro keys which can be assigned and number pads are definitely a great feature.

  1. Software

Blackwidow is installed with Razer Synapse software which imparts great features like key functioning, and it’s RGB lighting. The Chroma Configurator can be used to select the lighting style, whether one wants an advanced personalized one or the pre-configured one. Also, the keys can be assigned different functions respectively. All these configurations which one can create lead to profile creation and all these profiles are created differently for different applications.

  1. RGB lighting

This is the very need for a gaming keyboard, and Blackwidow has included this in their device flawlessly. The red-blue-green lighting is vibrant and bright and gives a great overall look to the keyboard. There are several patterns and effects one can choose from.

However, this feature does have some drawback in Chroma V2 as there is a bright spot over bigger keys and the backlighting under many keys are not too visible. But pretty much it does the job and looks peppy and cool for the first time users. There is also an option for one to pass an audio jack and a USB port through the keyboard when one wants to connect a headset or controller.


  • Keys of full size with 5 macro keys and a number pad for easy programming
  • The RGB backlighting is configurable for different hues one would want
  • Best mechanical keys which are specialized for different purposes
  • The audio jack and USB port pass-through is great for connecting headsets and controllers on the go
  • Synapse software’s built-in profiles are great for backlight control
  • The Synapse software allows the keyboard to sync with other Razer devices


  • The RGB backlighting is not up to the mark.
  • No minute control over backlighting and macro keys for profiling
  • There are no media buttons present on the keyboard.
  • It is expensive when compared to its other competitors in the market.
Bottom Line

For those who are entering into hardcore gaming can opt for Blackwidow without any doubt. The features of this keyboard are purposed for only one thing that is gaming, and it comes out a winner there. Though there are some glitches, they are minuscule when compared to its great key features which are customizable and comfortable designing. Thus, one can choose this keyboard for a great experience for its features are sharp and clean without much complexity hidden.
[amazon box=”B009C98NPY”]Product Overview

If you are a game freak, then we have something in store for you that you would surely love. This is a keyboard provided by the brand Logitech that allows noiseless keys and delivers quick responsiveness to the gaming experience. It is a revolutionary product being built just for the people who enjoy gaming anytime.

Product Features

  1. High-Speed Keys

The tactile keys of the keyboard allow the user to play noise free. Noise could cause distraction both to the family members and the player. Therefore, the keyboard is designed in such a way that the keys are pressed without any noise. Also, the responsiveness of the keyboard is high. This enables the keyboard to feed in command quickly without any delay and enhance the gaming experience for the player.

  1. Compatibility

Another feature of the keyboard is that it is highly compatible. It is capable of being connected with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista operating systems. It is also compatible with Mac OS * 10.6.8 – 10.9.x

  1. Product dimensions

The dimensions of the keyboard also make the product durable. With the length of 20.7 inches, breadth 9 inches and height 2.4 inches, the keyboard can be handled easily in the hands or the lap, and the keys can be controlled from the hands at an equal distance.

  1. Customer Review

The customer reviews on the product are good. They are satisfactory. Most of them loved the experience of playing with the keys. However, there are complaints regarding the fall of CTRL and ALT keys. The company has shown a pro-active attitude towards such problems and have initiated the return of the product within the warranty period. The company demands a copy of the receipt of the purchase made and then the product gets repaired, replaced or returned.

  1. Versatile

The product can be used for gaming purposes as well as for feeding the data into the computer system. It serves the purpose of a normal keyboard as well as that of a professional keyboard for gaming. It allows the youngsters to grab it more frequently over other options.


  • Excellent gaming experience- The keyboard is built in such a way that it enables the player to press the keys effortlessly and without any noise. This makes it one of the first and foremost lovable things about the product.
  • Easy to handle- The product is easy to handle. This is because the dimensions of the design of the keyboard are so made so that any player can handle it with ease. It can be kept on one’s lap, and the fingers are easily capable of reaching each key effortlessly.
  • Affordable- The price of the product is really within the affordable ambit of a gamer. Though there are other options available in the market at the same cost, even then it is a better option.
  • Light in weight – The weight of the product is just 4.8 pounds that again makes it durable. It can be moved from one place to another while playing. This is an additional pro as the gamer can play in any position, be it sitting, lying down or standing.
  • Warranty- Another good thing is that the product is covered under the warranty scheme for a definite period of time. These details can be fetched once the buyer puts the product in the cart and proceeds to make the purchase.
  • Versatile- The keyboard can be used for the typing purpose as well as for the purpose of gaming. This makes it a versatile option as the gadget becomes useful in more than one way and purchasing one keyboard is enough for both the purposes.


  • Poor quality of the keys: Many of the consumers have complained about the poor quality of the keys. Some have complained about the falling out of the keys like CTRL and ALT whereas some have questioned the quality of the material with which the keys are made as they break very easily after using for throughout four months.
  • The poor aesthetics- The design and the color options available are not at all appealing to the customers, and the buyers try to get rid of the extra shiny appearance of the product by taking the strips out. This is another problem found in the product and needs attention.
  • Other options are also available – Some other options are available in the market. With equally competent products available in the market and lower brand image the company fights to keep up its sales and maintain the quality it provides to the customers. Competitors pose an equal threat to the product.
Bottom Line

To look at the overall rating of the product, it has been ranked at 3.9 stars out of 5. This is a good rating provided by Amazon to the products. It ranks high in durability and versatility. The material quality of the product is ranked low. Customers are found to be happy with the after sales services provided by the company. The grievances are solved very well by the company, and the client support system works wonderfully well to solve all grievances.The products have been replaced by the company. Product satisfaction is also considered as important by the company. The customers rank the product as good for three months in case of higher performance. Then problems like fall out of certain keys are recorded but only in some exceptional cases. The company is always on its toes to serve their customers.

Purchasing the product is not going to be a bad decision if you are a gaming person. Go reach out and purchase your Logitech keyboard, and the promise is that there will be no regret on your part for purchasing this product. This is because of the warranty provided by the company, the after-sales service and the noise-free, high-response quality of the keyboard.

[amazon box=”B01D8H09TS”]Product Overview

You need a highly functional keyboard to compete at a faster pace with no hindrance and the lightning speed responsiveness to strike the obstacles and attack with precision. RAPIDFIRE provides this unmatched speed and solid features that are extremely attractive. This keyboard has a duplicate aluminum frame which is built so that you keep on using the keys, but it still functions smoothly and showcases amazing lighting effects on touch.USB pass-through is adjusted for no interruption while playing the game and detachable rest for the wrist so that you can play nonstop as much as you require. This device is durable with ultimate speed prowess.

Product Features

The Corsair is considered as a popular PC component creator with innovative and jaw-dropping designs which enhances the gaming experience to all new levels. Here are some of the features mentioned stating why this keyboard is ideal for buying
  1. The package box

The keyboard comes in a very neatly packed manner with the product name clearly displayed. There is also a fancy keyboard picture as well as the logo. All the lucrative features and product description of its blistering speed having a mechanical actuation of 1.2mm are mentioned clearly to get a proper idea about the product. The accessories and stuff available in the package is a manual on how to set up, wrist rest, a key puller and metal textured caps.

  1. Responsiveness and design

The keyboard has a lush, attractive design with the top frame in black made of aluminum displaying its top quality. Considering the mechanical nature of the keyboard, the keys are comfortable while typing and does not give out an annoying sound. The keys are soft having metal texture with all the alphabets and numbers mentioned accordingly. It also has multimedia keys which include fast forward, stop, backward as well as a mute button with icons on it for easy recognition.

There is also a button for LED/RGB brightness adjustment to set it as per your requirement so that you don’t need to customize it by going into the software you can just click a button for the same effect. This is a perfect choice for gamers as this has been built majorly to fulfill gaming purposes. The sound of keys can definitely be irritating for some so make it a point to remember while purchasing about the same.

  1. iCUE customization

The intuitive corsair utility engine allows you to experience its advanced customization providing top quality features for the user. After the utility is installed, the account must be created to have personalized effects. This is a simple but thoroughly detailed software. If you want to avoid the advanced settings, you can click on the RGB effect on the main screen directly.

Under your own profile, you can play around to have the desired lighting effect, according to your choice and mood. Also, the type lighting effect is amazing to watch as it lights up keys when you turn on a single key it spreads around nearby ones. Although it is sometimes difficult to handle the customization part as there are no tips and it is a complicated procedure on the first impression.

  1. Performance in gaming

It functions all the player moments of attacking, running, avoiding and all the necessary movements with amazing responsiveness. It has better precision and works fast with fluid keyboard moments. You need skillful movements in the game to win or level up; this mechanical keyboard is best for that use. Rapidfire switches are fast as well as sensitive and react quickly without lagging. If you like to play games in the dark, then the RGB lighting effects come handy for this purpose accentuating the feel further.

  1. Excellent typing

The typing experience from this keyboard is just brilliant, and the feel of the keys is refreshing.  Guys with fast typing speed need not worry as this keyboard registers every press bang on as well as smoothly with absolutely no interruption. It hardly misses any keystroke and provides a high level of consistency for an unconventional experience. The speed keys just need a slight tapping to activate and start working making it a strong point or sometimes weakness in some cases


  • This keyboard has a sleek, elegant and attractive design
  • The wrist rest is very much comfortable to play nonstop for hours
  • There is an abundant amount of customization available in iCUE if you have the hang of it
  • The speed switch is good for gaming and typing when you are comfortable with it
  • There is textured space between keys too, which feels awesome while typing
  • The gaming response is very much instantaneous with vibrant and beautiful LED lighting effects
  • This keyboard has a compact size with trusted performance and is durable
  • The anti-ghosting makes it a great addition for your competitive gaming journey


  • The iUCE customization is not extremely user-friendly for beginners.
  • Even though its features are nice still it is expensive.
  • This keyboard does not have dedicated macro keys, as well as no in-game dynamic backlighting support.
  • Some people might feel the keyboard to be overly sensitive for typing purpose.
Bottom Line

Definitely, this keyboard has some minute flaws as mentioned above about customization, but still, we recommend this as the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. This keyboard provides you with the best gaming experience with add on of amazing lighting effects which further enrich the excitement. Its attractive design and ultrafast switches make it a must buy a keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is one of the best available in the market currently and is an extremely fast-paced ideal for gamers.
[amazon box=”B00ZUPOMDQ”]Product Overview

Mechanical keyboard with RGB is the rage today. However, Corsair believes in delivering the best performance with a back-light effect on a good price. Their Strafe Cherry Red version is almost similar in design with the Vengeance K70. It took 20 years to develop an innovation that slides its way to the top with German engineering and has been rated as the leading one in the industry with 50 million key presses. This stellar companion will push you to your utmost potential, coupled with an exorbitant amount of customization options and an eye-searing brilliant backlight.Want to find out more about this key magnate of the gaming industry? Read on.

Product Features

The primary goal of every individual, be it a company or an organism, is to excel in their respective field. For those, who have already cultivated a platform, it was as smooth as butter. The concept of relying solely on a brand name is gradually fading away. Leading industry moguls have realized the demand for top-notch efficiency.Corsair strives not only to provide their clients with their favored renditions but also to keep them demanding for more.

  1. Design

The keyboard boasts of magnificence with its German engineering and a leading key swapping technology. Giving their gamers the competitive advantages the contoured keys maximizes the accessibility and grip. The STRAFE keyboard has no wrist rest, which saves a lot of space.

  1. Keys

With the sheer brilliance of a cherry red backlight enhancing the gaming experience, the matte finished keys do not fail to impress the users.  Corsair guarantees complete authenticity with its usual MX Cherry red keys, and the introduction of gold plated and cross point contacts along with metal alloy springs.

This particular keyboard comes in two colors- red and brown; the brown version has more pressure resistant keys. Efficient on the fly audio changes are affirmed with the access to enhanced multimedia keys which, while not on the gaming mode can be used to play or skip various audio tracks.

  1. Programmability

The CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) enables the reassignment of any keys and creation of endless macros. There is a presence of an inherent USB which is a pass-through and requires no extra slot. This helps to create an uninterrupted gaming session whereby it connects both the mouse and the USB drive. Corsair assures an absolute anti-ghosting and 104 key change, hence, no matter how fast the pace of the game is, each one of the keys is registered.

  1. Weight

The STRAFE weighs around 2.0lbs, although some customers have stated it is quite a heavy weighing almost 4 lbs and is completely solid delivering a proficient performance. Rated high in all the sectors of durability, material, and gaming; this keyboard is worth every 1lb.


  • Corsair’s STRAFE keys are used for two purposes, one for media control and the other for functions. This helps in cutting the cost down enabling affordability throughout.
  • The textured keycaps of QWERTY are suitable for the MOBA and FPS players. The keys require no cleaning due to adequate spacing. Also, one of the customers had reviewed that even when he had spilled his drink onto the keyboard, it worked completely fine after drying up.
  • The difference between the brown and red keys are hardly distinguishable if used for gaming purposes.
  • The keys have a soft touch which provides the ultimate comfort while typing; there is an absence of the distinct click sound you would get in an IBM PC keyboard.
  • Two sets of WASD keys are shipped along with the keyboard, one for gaming and the other for usual purposes.
  • There is an abundance of options for lighting patterns which you can program on your own. You can reassign almost every key and can create macros. You are blessed with backlighting options- whether you prefer bright, dim or none at all.
  • The keyboard comes with a hand rest and rubber feet. The ones in the front are adjustable so you can use it in a tilted position.
  • You get one main USB plugin with the keyboard while the second one is just a pass-through for which you do not require another slot.


  • Although commanding superiority in being one of the best gaming keyboards, hard-core players might find it difficult to access the keyboard due to the absence of additional keys.
  • The fact that the function keys double as the media control keys as well is a major drawback of the STRAFE keyboards. It becomes time consuming as the player has to reach across the keyboard to access it.
  • The keyboard, in order to save space, provides no wrist rest, which can lead to trouble if any player requires wrist support.
  • Some customers found the keyboard a little complicated as they did not possess prior experience or knowledge regarding it while the others found the product lacked quality control.
  • Old school typists might not find it a worthy product due to the lack of the clicking sound they are used to form the ancient PCs’. Some felt that the keys were unreadable in the dark due to the matte quality of the keyboard.
Bottom Line

The faults observed cannot be considered as an obstacle hindering you to buy the product. While every product has its own flaws, there are the positive features which can be favored with. Rated 4.1 out of 5 the customers and the customer groups have helped Corsair STRAFE mechanical keyboard to scale to the peak with their positive feedbacks. With Corsair providing a three-year warranty and Amazon’s 30-day return policy you benefit instant replacements for damaged products. With the steady advance towards better returns Corsair’s STRAFE is believed to be an ideal replacement for their modest version of Vengeance K70.With its splendor of cherry red backlighting and MX German engineering sided by an efficient performance, this has proven to be the best mechanical keyboard in the era of gaming. What’s more, you get it at an exceptionally reasonable price!

[amazon box=”B019O8YZ4A”]Product Overview

The Red Dragon is an original equipment manufacturer of gaming peripherals, especially keyboards and mice. They have gained popularity over the last few years because of reasonably affordable prices and striking features of their products. Reddragon K551 Vara Keyboard is a full RGB mechanical keyboard which is best suited for playing games on Windows PC. With great durability, precise actuation and multiple lighting modes all under the budget of US $50, it is much ahead of its rival brands.

Product Features

High durability and ruggedness are, of course, the prime requirement of a mechanical keyboard, and its importance increases multiple folds when the keyboard is meant especially for playing shooting and racing games which require vigorous tapping on the keyboard.The body of the keyboard is made of metal alloy and ABS plastic. It has an aircraft grade aluminum back-plate, which accounts for its overall sturdy build and rigid design. The mechanical keys and switches are plate-mounted which enables them to withstand intense gaming conditions.

It features double-shot injection modeled keycaps which means that they will last longer. They also offer a crystal clear backlight. Its body is thin thanks to the thin bezel design. It also saves desktop space without altering the functionality because of its compact engineered profile.

There are two rubber bands at the bottom, and two flip-out rubber stands on top of the backside through which the keyboard can be lifted to 1.25 centimeters above the desk. The gold-plated USB connector provides a reliable connection.

  1. Durability That Lasts for Ages

High durability and ruggedness are, of course, the prime requirement of a mechanical keyboard, and its importance increases multiple folds when the keyboard is meant especially for playing shooting and racing games which require vigorous tapping on the keyboard.

The body of the keyboard is made of metal alloy and ABS plastic. It has an aircraft grade aluminum back-plate, which accounts for its overall sturdy build and rigid design. The mechanical keys and switches are plate-mounted which enables them to withstand intense gaming conditions.

It features double-shot injection modeled keycaps which means that they will last longer. They also offer a crystal clear backlight.   Its body is thin thanks to the thin bezel design. It also saves desktop space without altering the functionality because of its compact engineered profile.

There are two rubber bands at the bottom, and two flip-out rubber stands on top of the backside through which the keyboard can be lifted to 1.25 centimeters above the desk.  The gold-plated USB connector provides a reliable connection.

  1. Excellent Features of Keys and Switches

First of all, the keyboard contains 104 keys, which is definitely a large number. There are twelve multimedia function keys, a full numeric keyboard, one window key, and five different keys for changing lighting modes. While playing games, the WIN key can be disabled.

The keys are an n-key rollover, which means they are conflict free and can register any number of simultaneous key presses.  The clicking of keys produces a pleasant sound, and they give good bump feedback for an ultimate gaming experience.

The design of the keys is excellent both for gaming and for general office works. The user will definitely love the touch and accuracy of the keystrokes and enjoy error-free typing.  These ultra-durable keys have been rated for 50 million clicks, and when compared with normal computer use, this means they can last for more than a decade.  A keycap puller comes with this keyboard to facilitate removal of keycaps for cleaning after long term uses.

  1. Beautiful full RGB Feature and Advanced Lighting Options

This is indeed the greatest marketable characteristic of this keyboard, and it seems like Reddragon has tried to fill this keyboard with every feature that has been developed for RGB lighting. The keycaps with double shot-injection modules produce a crystal clear effect which feels pleasant to the eyes and provide a perfect match to the speed of the game.

The lettering on the keys is visible not because of paint, but the RGB lighting, and this is why they can neither get scratched nor rubbed off.  There are five different modes and different brightness levels, which the user can choose from according to his mood and choice.

Different colors can be set for different keys; backlight brightness can be increased or decreased; breathing speed is also adjustable, and if the user feels like, then he can even turn the illumination off.  Different lighting patterns can be selected at random by pressing Fn+Insert or Fn+delete keys, and the speed of changing of these patterns can also be increased or decreased.

  1. Wide Compatibility

While this keyboard is primarily meant for Windows Operating Systems and can work with excellence on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, it also provides limited support on Mac OS.

  1. Price

Price is indeed one of the most attention-grabbing things about this keyboard. Not only that it fits within a minimal budget of just $50, but with its sturdy design, n-key rollover, and full RGB features, it gives tough competition to many other brands which cost a lot more than this.


  • It has a large number of keys (104), and yet it saves desk space because of its excellent ergonomics
  • The body is made up of metal alloys and ABS plastic and is highly durable and responsive
  • Plate mounting technique prevents keys from breaking and bending
  • The keys give a good feel on touch and can register any number of simultaneous key presses
  • Keycaps come with double-shot injection modules, which enable them to offer crystal clear backlights
  • Lighting modes and brightness can be adjusted. Breathing speed can also be increased or decreased
  • Users can choose from multiple lighting patterns and can even set different colors for different keys
  • The price is surprisingly low


  • This keyboard doesn’t come with extra macros keys
  • Reddragon doesn’t provide any software through which users can easily change and customize lighting easily. All adjustments have to be done through key press combinations
  • The clicking sound can be a little too much
  • There is no wrist rest, and so the user can have a problem during long gaming sessions
Bottom Line

When we think of a keyboard best suited for gaming, we think of robust design, sturdy body, vigorous clicking, and bold lights. And we also think of high prices. But Reddragon K551 Vara, Full RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard breaks our assumption of high price by packing in the entire host of media and gaming features at a truly affordable price. The metallic body and plate-mounted caps eliminate all concerns about the strength and durability of this keyboard, while n-key rollover and cutting edge design help in making lesser errors while typing. And the full RGB feature is just beyond words.If you are a crazy lover of games and are looking for a great budget mechanical keyboard, then this is the surely the one for you.

[amazon box=”B01CDYB8F6″]Product Overview

Whenever we talk of the best gaming peripherals, it is simply not possible that Logitech wouldn’t contribute to that list. They are known for quality and innovation, and they’ve been designing excellent peripherals for customers for years. Their emphasis is mainly on making equipment for games, PC navigation, digital music, and home-entertainment control.Just like their other products, their keyboards also cater to the needs of everyone from regular office workers to serious gamers. This G610 Orion Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a smartly designed keyboard with MX switches for best tactile feedback. Coming in the price range of just under $90, they provide an array of exciting features along with the free software to customize the user’s preferences.

Product Features

  1. Smooth Design with Extra Keys

Logitech never goes for those blatant gaming themes and bragging aesthetics, and this is why the keyboard looks simple from outside.  It is built from sturdy plastic which is matted on the top, and it has a glossy finishing on the sides. The keyboard is well built to provide strength and durability, and it can withstand vigorous clicking with ease.

It uses MX keys which are most popular in the category of mechanical keyboards. MX switches offer excellent feedback for the ultimate gaming experience, and they are rated for millions of keystrokes. On the backside are two flip-out rubber pads which allow the keyboard to be lifted to 4 to 8 degrees above the desk.

All keys are backlit with white dimmable LED lights. They can also be turned off, and then the keyboard looks completely normal. The keyboard, in addition to normal keys, also provides some extra controlling features. Unlike most keyboards, it has a complete set of one mute button, one light switch, and a few other playback controls in the form of flat and circular buttons at the right-hand side on the top. There is also a big volume wheel through which users can adjust volumes right from the keyboard itself.

The keys are block-designed and don’t create any problem no matter how vigorously the tapping is done on the keyboard. The USB cable is long and braided which is loved by many keyboard enthusiasts.

  1. Easy Lighting Controls and Programming

G610 Orion Brown keyboard provides only white backlit and not multi-color, but they allow many excellent customization options with the help of Logitech Software which is available for free. The user can choose from a wide range of lighting effects such as random starlit twinkles, slow light wave around the keys and many more.

Individual colors can also be selected for individual keys. The lighting patterns can also be synchronized with other Logitech devices such as headsets and mice. It means that if someone uses only Logitech products, then all of them can be controlled with the Logitech software.

The macros keys can be programmed individually using F- keys. Users can easily assign certain keys to do certain works and can also disable one or more keys just by pressing the game key on the top-right corner. They can also choose different profiles for various behaviors in different games.

  1. Cherry MX Brown Keys

The biggest advantage of Cherry MX switches is that they provide good bump feedback, and the fact that they are rated for millions of presses adds to the reason why they are so popular. The keys in G610 Orion Brown are non-clicking, which eliminates the noise production on tapping. The little bumps at the extreme position of switches movement can be easily felt while pressing the keys.

The non-standard buttons meant for volumes, game modes, lights and playback controls present on the keyboard are not mechanical keys, and they require a little care while pressing.  The keyboard has 2 mm-actuation distances with 45g actuation force, which allows it to function even under light presses.

Another important feature is the 26-key rollover, which despite being less than n-key rollover is good as it can register 26 simultaneous keystrokes at ones.

  1. Compatibility

It works well with all the latest Windows Operating systems such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7. The Logitech gaming software is also available for Mac OS.

  1. Price

It is difficult to give one single judgment about the price of G610 Orion Brown Mechanical keyboard. While some users may argue there are other brands available at a lower price, some others may commend this keyboard for outplaying its rival brands in terms of features and ease of use.


  • It has solid build quality, and it comes with popular Cherry MX switches.1
  • On the top-right corner are off the keyboard is a set of game, lights, volume and playback control keys
  • The Logitech software has an easy to use interface
  • Macros keys can be programmed easily, and users can select different profiles for different games
  • Cherry MX keys provide good bump feedback. The clicking of keys produces no sound
  • The keys are durable and create no problem when pressed vigorously
  • There is no problem such as Ghosting or Input Lags


  • The keyboard doesn’t have any USB hub
  • There is no wrist rest, and the user can have trouble while playing for long
  • The non-standard buttons are not mechanical, and so they need to be handled with care
  • Backlight doesn’t have RGB lighting and is restricted only to white
  • Macros can be programmed only by F keys and not through the Logitech software
Bottom Line

Logitech G610 Orion Brown can be considered as a smart and subtle keyboard which provides great feel while typing. The application of Cherry MX Brown keys provides strength and also delivers excellent feedback for an ultimate typing and gaming experience. The non-standard keys prove to be handy by allowing users to adjust volumes and brightness without coming out of the game window.It’s true that a USB and hub and full RGB lighting would have been even more wonderful, but when compared to the performance of other brands in this price range, it can be affirmed that Logitech G610 Orion Brown is one of the best gaming keyboards.

[amazon box=”B01F74F00I”]Product Overview

Famous for its constant revolutionary innovations, Corsair has been the leader of manufacturing quality and high-performance peripherals for the last twenty years. Corsair has a complete range of reliable peripherals which blow the minds of game lovers. With a deep commitment to innovative design, quality features, and high effectiveness, Corsair has thousands of happy customers worldwide.K65 LUX RGB Keyboard is a high-performance mechanical keyboard with ten less-key design, lightweight aluminum back-plate, and full RGB lighting. With advanced lighting controls and large font lettering of keycaps, it delivers dynamic, vibrant colored backlights. And by costing just under $100, it is one of the best choices for gaming keyboards.

Product Features

  1. High Strength And Durability

The frame of K65 RGB keyboard is made up of lightweight Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum which accounts for its superior durability and rigidity. The plastic base is topped with an aluminum deck and keys seem to be floating over it.

The USB cable is fixed permanently and is braided. It actually has two USB connectors, one for keyboard’s USB connection and another for a pass-through port at the back.

  1. Compact and Space Saving Design

It is a ten key-less keyboard, i.e. there’s no number pad which results in the availability of extra three to four-inch width without sizing down the other keys. It also allows the users to stretch their fingers to the maximum while typing. This keyboard makes use of Cherry MX Red RGB switches. Regular MX keys also allow the RGB lights to fit right beneath the keys.

The ultimate result is that there’s a uniform glow around all the keys and up through the letterings. The letters themselves are of large font and allow more light to come out to the surface. Close to the USB port, there’s a switch through which polling rates (ranging from 1ms to 8ms) can be adjusted. Obviously, 1ms is always the best choice.

  1. A Large Number of Special Keys

Despite having more space because of ten key-less design, most keyboards don’t go beyond function keys. But Corsair has accommodated some extra physical non-standard buttons such as:

  • Light switch—for adjusting brightness
  • Mute button—for enabling/disabling sound
  • Volume Switch—for increasing and decreasing of volume
  • Lock keys—for locking some keys which are not required during gaming.

The advantage of these keys is that users can change brightness, volumes and other such settings without coming out of the gaming window.  Media playbacks can be controlled by holding Fn keys and then pressing any of the F9 to F13 keys. The keyboard also comes with some textured, and angled keycaps (FPS and MOBA keycaps) and users don’t have to purchase them in addition. There’s a comfortable wrist rest to provide comfort during long gaming sessions, but the user can remove it if he feels so.

  1. Multi-Purpose Software for Customizations

Corsair has its own Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) which a user can download for free. It is the controlling software for Corsair gaming peripherals. It makes more use of resources and thus is more effective than other companies’ software such as Logitech Control.

To create an action, all a user needs to do to is to pick a key, and then he can enter text, remap the key, program macros keys, switch profiles, and even disable the key.

  1. Amazing Lighting Features and Controls

This is something which separates K65 LUX Mechanical Keyboard from other keyboards in the market.  There is an exhaustive list of various lighting effects such as rainbow wave, visor, color shift, rain, spiral rainbow, color wave, color pulse, lightening pink, etc.

These effects can be changed and adjusted in terms of duration and intensity through the advanced toggle tab present in the CUE.  By spending some time with the keyboard, the user will adapt, and then he can create lighting effects of his own.

However, the CUE software also has the lighting effect library for users to browse and download any profile as per the choice. This inbuilt lighting profile is something not many keyboards are equipped with.

  1. Unmatched Performance

With Cherry MX red switches, the polling rate of 1ms and n-key rollover which can register any number of simultaneous keystrokes, games like Battlefield and NFS can be played smoothly without any ghosting or input lag.


  • Lightweight aluminum body makes the keyboard durable.
  • There are 104 keys, which is a large number, and they are a hundred percent anti-ghosting.
  • Large font lettering and extensive lighting controls provide dynamic effect with multi-color backlighting.
  • With its short body design, it saves space and is easy to carry.
  • Cherry MX switches provide fast linear actuation and no sound.
  • It has a removable wrist rest.
  • It comes with a separate set of FPS and MOBA keycaps.
  • Advance lighting and macros programming can be done easily through CUE software.


  • If the user has only 2.0 USB port, then this required two such ports to connect.
  • Nothing so remarkable for a ten key-less design
  • Since the switches are Cherry MX RGB Red, they don’t give any bump feedback.
  • BIOS mode is required only for old PCs. For normal operation, this is a useless feature.
  • CUE software is not as easy to use. It takes a long time to figure out how it works.
  • The keyboard can prove to be a little heavier on the budget.
Bottom Line

The label of Corsair itself is proof of the product’s reliability. This sound-free mechanical keyboard is perfect for those users who are running a little short on space. The keyboard is tough and sturdy, while the keys are a hundred percent ghosting free. There are many non-standard keys which provide convenience in changing some settings while the game is on.The CUE software allows complex macros programming and exhaustive lighting effects for any key. Also, with the comfort of a wrist rest, users can play for long without hurting their hands. If you are in search for a perfect keyboard for your gaming expectations and if you are willing to spend some extra dollars for it, then Corsair K65 LUX RGB Keyboard is the one you can count on.

[amazon box=”B072NHMYXX”]Product Overview

A gaming freak? Perfect! You have landed upon the right place as this is the keyboard that you have been looking for all this time. Ever came across those keyboards that are not at all professional for playing and cause a lot of trouble to you? Well, here is the solution to all your questions as the features of this product are exactly what you have been craving for!Let’s have a critical look at all the factors that could affect the buying decision taken by you to purchase the best keyboard you can for having a world class experience of playing your favorite games through it. Here we go!

Product Features

  1. Comfort comes first

The Company has emphasized the client’s comfort. The dimensions of the keyboard and the very design is so made that the player does not feel any pain in the fingers as the texture is smooth and the effort put on pressing the keys is very minimal. As gaming requires a quick hand response, this ensures that the game is played without any problem as well as the fingers don’t pain.

  1. The multi-colored keyboard

Another main feature added by the company to the design of the keyboard is that of the lighting effect. The keyboard is customized with 13 zone-based lighting. These zones help the player to associate certain keys with games and then play according to the color lighting. This helps the player to play efficiently, and at the same time, it adds an authentic feel to the keyboard.

  1. Cycle life

The cycle life of the keys is that it is 50 million. The keyboard is designed keeping in mind the needs of the gamer. This makes it an outstanding feature of the product and attracts gamers towards purchasing this keyboard.

  1. Mechanical Brown Switches

These mechanical brown switches are considered to be made up of quality material and do not fall over easily. They are said to work for a long period, and this makes it one of the most demanded gaming keyboards of all time. Multimedia keys not only provide a better option to the players, but it also suits the requirements of the player from beginner to an expert.


  • Multi colors: A wide range of 13 zone based colors are available, and the user can change the lights according to one’s preference. These lightings provide an unearthly experience for the user to play and enhances the looks of the keyboard by making it look radiant and lively. 16.8 R MGB ambient designs provided, the client has numerous combinations to choose from.
  • Easy to handle: The design of the keyboard is so made to suit the comfort requirements of the customer. Height of 34.8 mm, width of 499mm, depth of 171.8 mm and with the 3 legs available to adjust the keyboard, the customer gets a lot to do with the keyboard. It can be placed in the lap or on the table to play the games efficiently.
  • Optional palm rest: There is an option of palm rest available that enhances the gaming experience of the gamer. It is optional in nature and can and cannot be bought by the customer depending on the budget that the person has.
  • Warranty: The Company maintains a policy of providing a warranty on all of its products. The warranty specifications are explained when the person goes to purchase that product online. Proper after sales service is also provided by the company if the user faces any problem. The product can be replaced, returned or repaired by the company.
  • Brand: Alienware is known to be making products related to games. It is hence an experienced company that understands the requirements of the customers well. It produces quality products and maintains a good image among the community. It is a good brand to go for.
  • Lightweight: With just 1460 grams of weight, the keyboard stands out in delivering things that are provided by other keyboards hardly. Due to its lightweight, it can be kept on the lap very easily while playing games.


  • Noisy: Though the noise made is insignificant, but still the keyboard creates noise that is capable of disturbing any other person present in the room. This can cause a little problem as there are products available in the markets that are not at all noisy.
  • Costly: The keyboard costs $84.99. Purchasing such a keyboard is quite an issue as the target market is majorly youngsters. They are students and do not have much savings to spend upon such things. Therefore, the price of the product becomes too hefty for a student to pay.
  • Complaints by customers: Customers include various factors while complaining. First one is that the individual keys cannot be made to change colors. Separate zones are identified for that purpose, and that does not provide much variety for the user. The second one is that the keys are placed differently on the keyboards, unlike other keyboards. For example, the ESC key is not at its expected top left position. Also, the macro programming provided is pathetic. It does not allow for a change once the macro setting is instated.
Bottom Line

The product is famous for smooth and responsive gameplay. N-key rollover keys and anti-ghosting keys make it a very lucrative option. It is capable of being attached with any type of OS, and the compatibility factor is also found to be very good. With less noisy, mechanical keys and long 50 million cycle life, the product has its own fan following in the market.Gamers find Alienware interesting due to its comfort provision, better service, and quality of the keyboard. Generally, it is found that most of the gaming keyboards have the problem of key fallouts after a period of time. But with Alienware’s keyboard, the person could never face this problem. This makes it one of the best choices to be available to gamers.

There are a large number of competing keyboard brands in the market, and since the prices can vary from thirty dollars to even two-hundred dollars, it is important to decide what you are looking for in a keyboard and how much you are willing to spend.

All gaming keyboards are Mechanical keyboards, and while most of the companies build a sturdy keyboard with hundred percent ghosting free keys, it is important to look at the lighting features because not only they affect the appearance of the keyboard but also the cost. Macros keys, software customizations, and wrist rest are other important things which one should consider before buying a gaming keyboard.

We hope that with these detailed reviews of the best gaming keyboards 2021, we have helped you understand the fundamentals of gaming keyboards, and we are also sure you must have made your mind about which one you are going to buy! Once you get your gaming keyword you will need to get a awesome gaming mouse to go with it.


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