Best Gaming Monitor for 2021-Buyers Guide


In this article we will review the best gaming monitor for 2021. It won’t be wrong to state that a monitor is the soul of a computer, because it is what we stare at all the time while using a computer. Just like everything in the technological world, monitors have also evolved with time, and today the market is filled with all sorts of small and large monitors with different resolutions and screen sizes. Some monitors are perfect for general computer uses, some for web and media development, while some others are primarily centered at the Lovers of Gaming.

How to Choose the Perfect Monitor?

To decide which gaming monitor to get for your computer is not a hard job if you just sort out your preferences on the basis of the following points:

  1. The Main Purpose of Your Computer: Designers and developers generally prefer monitors having a wide view and better color accuracy, while the needs of a general user who does only educational work can be sufficed with a normal 22/24 inch monitor. But if you are a gamer, then you must go for a monitor which doesn’t produce any blurred motion during a game.
  2. Picture Quality Gets Better With Higher Resolution: Most of the companies have stopped manufacturing monitors with less than 1080p resolution. Full HD display with 1920*1080 resolutions is obviously the minimum requirement, but if your high-school daughter wants a subscription of Curiosity Stream and you want to enjoy ultra HD movies on Netflix after she has gone to sleep, then you must go for monitors with sharper displays, e. 4K or 5K resolution.
  3. Shorter Response Time Is Better: This is a very important characteristic for monitors that are specially meant for gaming. Response time determines how long it takes the monitor to change from black to white. If the response time is long, it can produce motion blur.
  4. Refresh Rate Should Be Higher: Refresh rate indicates how fast a monitor can process the new information. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). For normal use, the 60 Hz refresh rate is sufficient, but for gaming, it should be at least 75 Hz.
  5. Panel Technology: TN models (Twisted Nematic) are perfect for Gaming because of their low response time. However, they don’t have good color viewing angles, and so they are not suited for designers and professionals, who can choose IPS models (In-Plane Switching) which have the best viewing angle but come at a higher price. General users can choose monitors with the VA Panel (Vertical Alignment).
  6. Curved or Non-Curved Screen: The advantage of a curved screen over a non-curved screen is that it offers a wide view even when you are far away from the monitor. However, if you do only basic works and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then going with a non-curved screen is okay.

Best Gaming Monitor for 2021

In this article, we are going to talk about different brands of monitors present in the market. We’ll see their features, advantages, and disadvantages, which will help you choose the right monitor for your needs.

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When we talk about monitors best suited for gaming, we tend to think that they must be expensive. But Acer is one of those companies which are known for making reliable products packed with striking features and their remarkably low prices. And here they are, once again making a grand entry in the market of budget monitors for gaming with R240HY bidx 23.8” widescreen monitor, which provides mind blowing-gaming experience without putting a lot of pressure on your budget.

Product Features

Acer follows intense-research and creative approach towards the development of its products, and we can see this clearly in R240HY bidx 23.8” monitor.
  1. Bold Look

 Acer products have a way of stealing viewers’ heart just by their looks, and R240HY bidx 23.8” is not an exception. The monitor is housed in a thin bezel plastic casing with a glossy-black finish, which makes it appear so stylish. The ring-shaped stand allows the user to tilt the monitor from -5 degrees to +15 degrees so as to get the best possible view.

To connect mobile and tablets with the monitor, it also has VGA, HDMI and DVI inputs at the back.

  1. Beautiful Visuals

R240HY bidx 23.8” gives an awesome picture through 24-inch IPS panel, which is being improved constantly. IPS panels are known for superb view angles and gorgeous color reproduction. The 23.8 inch LCD along with stunning Full HD 1920*1080 resolutions brings out every detail come alive and thus making it one of the best-suited monitors for multimedia and productivity applications.

The blacks come out deep while the whites come out brighter, and there is no problem of yellow or grey tint which is usually found with other budget monitors.  The standard aspect ratio is 16:9 which is good. Since the backlight is LED, so the screen is still easily visible with a brightness of 250nits.  Acer has also provided an anti-glare coating on the screen, so the users don’t have to worry about the effects of sunlight.

  1. Excellent Gaming Parameters

Whether a monitor is perfect for gaming or not is determined by a) Refresh rate (the higher the better) and b) Response time and Input lag (the lower the better). The default refresh rate of Acer R240HY bidx 23.8” is 60 Hz, which is sufficient of all the computer works. For gaming purposes, however, it can be increased to 75 Hz, which is considered as the required minimum.

The pixel response time and input lag time are 4ms and 9.6ms respectively, despite the presence of IPS panel.  The result of all these features is that there is no motion blur while playing games and watching high-paced videos. Games such as Battlefield and NFS look extremely crisp and vivid with this monitor.

  1. Boundary-less Frame Design

Gamers love to connect two or even three monitors while playing so as to get a broad view. And this is why R240HY bidx 23.8” gives a unique visual effect without boundary so that there is no visible separating black-strip in between.

  1. Friendly for the Eyes

Acer has developed its own innovative Flicker-less technology, which reduces the flickering effect of the screen (one of the major causes of strain in the eyes when a user spends a lot of time in front of the computer). R240HY bidx 23.8” is also lashed with this feature to shield the user’s eyes from straining blue light.

  1. Energy Saving and Eco-Friendly

This monitor is energy efficient and has got the energy certification. It is also mercury-free. Moreover, it features Acer EcoDisplay design, which means that it can be recycled after the user has switched to a new monitor.

  1. Affordable Price

It’s true that there are other affordable gaming monitors in the market, but none of them comes with as many features as Acer R240HY bidx 23.8” in the price range of US $110. And more than that, a product backed by the name of Acer is sure to be authentic and trustable.


  • It has a low response time of 4ms. Input lag time is only 9.6ms. The refresh rate is sufficient at 60 Hz and can be increased to 75 Hz for the best gaming experience.
  • It comes with a high-quality IPS panel, which produces vibrant colors with superb view angles.
  • Stunning Full HD resolution of 1920*1080 pixels which produces great visuals
  • Zero frame design for adding two monitors while playing
  • Excellent color from all angles.
  • The interface is very simple and easily navigable.
  • Eye-friendly with Acer’s Flicker-less technology.
  • Energy efficient and recyclable.
  • Extremely affordable with a price just above US $110.


  • Pivoting the monitor is not easy. It has no swivel movement, and the user cannot tilt it away or close from him.
  • No USB ports; no Display port option and no audio peripherals
  • Only one HDMI port, which means two HDMI devices can’t be connected simultaneously
  • One of the major issues with IPS panels is the bleeding of light, which produces a glow around the edges of the monitor. This monitor shows more light-bleeding as compared to other monitors with IPS panels.
  • It is not compatible with VESA mounting. For this purpose, users have to buy an additional adapter.
Bottom Line

It is a general assumption that the Monitors which use IPS panels are not good for the purpose of gaming since they have a higher response time and lower refresh rates as compared to monitors with TN models. But Acer R240HY bidx 23.8” is probably the first monitor to prove this assumption false.With its low response time of 4ms, high sufficient refresh rate of 75Hz and stunning full HD display, this monitor takes care of all the gaming requirements and promises to give the best gaming experience one can expect at such an affordable price.

And not just game lovers, but people with other priorities such as graphic designing, web developing, editing, etc will also find it as the best choice for gorgeous displays.

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Asus brought out the Asus Republic of Gamers Series purely for the lovers of Gaming. The series features a number of monitors which have been designed with complete gaming ecstasy in mind rather than taking care of the budget. And one of the most expensive monitors in the series, PG3480 34”, is no less than a monster of Gaming.With G-sync support, high refresh rates and 3440*1440 resolutions, this monitor gives the unmatched feeling of immersion when one is playing the first-hand shooter on such a big screen.

Product Features

Simply put, Asus ROG PG3480 34” is lashed with all the features which have been developed for a gaming monitor.
  1. Sturdy Design and Flexible Mobility

First of all, the size of this monitor is 34” which is pretty big, and with a subtle and less pronounced curved screen, it provides the player with such a great peripheral vision during first-person shooting and racing games that not many other monitors can compete with. It also gives good accommodating space for strategic games and MOBAs.

The design gives a true feeling of Gaming by lying somewhere between the “industrial chic” and a “spaceship.” While the circular stand and the three wide legs have a gunmetal grey finish in orange accent, the rear is grey colored and is marked with drawings which look like the “reminiscent of a sci-fi ship.”   

The base of the monitor has a feature called Line in Motion, and when it is turned on, it projects a beautiful orange logo of Republic of Gamers on the desk. The brightness can be adjusted and even turned off if the user wishes to do so.

Once the monitor is assembled successfully on the desk, it offers excellent versatility with left and right and up and down the rotation. The panel swivels from side to side; maximum height adjustment is 115mm, and it can be tilted up to twenty-five degrees.

It is also compatible with 100mm VESA.

  1. Striking Visual Compatibility

The ultra-wide aspect ratio of PG348Q is 21:9, which gives an immersive viewing experience to the players. It also gives the advantage of ‘Field of view’ for those games which use HOR-scaling, and provides thirty-five percent more screen space.

The pixel density at 1100ppi is denser than 1080p and 1440p monitors, and it makes games sharper while bringing great details on the surface.

Asus panels use 4.9 million pixels and thus are not as demanding on GPUs as 4K screens with 8.2 million pixels. This is also the reason why they do not need any additional graphics card.

The IPS panels are known for providing excellent viewing angles with a minimum color change, and when combined with a true 10-bit screen, they can produce 1.07 billion colors, which is more than anything other monitors in the same price range can produce.

There’s no issue with color banding. The monitor shows good black layers and brighter whites are identifiable across the spectrum.

  1. NVIDIA G-Sync Technology

This innovative technology eliminates tearing effects of the screen and thus minimizes the stuttering of display and input logs. The ultimate result is a breathtaking gaming experience while playing even the fastest shooting or racing games. It also adjusts the monitor’s refresh rates in order to match the frame rate of the NVIDIA GPU.

  1. High Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is one of the most important characteristics which determine whether a monitor is game-friendly or not. PG384Q has the refresh rate of 100 Hz, far more than the minimum requirement of 75 Hz. This totally eliminates any motion blur.

It’s true that there are monitors with 144 Hz refresh rates, but 100 Hz is also not so far behind.

  1. Easy to Use Interface with Game Plus and Color Tabs

Game Plus is an onscreen-display to enhance the aiming, primarily in shooting games. It has a crosshair overlay with different crosshair options to choose from. To keep track of time elapsed while playing, there’s also a timer which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

In the game menu is the visual game tab, which allows the user to change preset color settings. Colors can also be customized through the color tab.

  1. Ecstatic Audio

PG348 34” comes with two 2W speakers, which are really good as they provide excellent punch and volume with satisfying clarity. The only glitch is the narrow range of lowest and highest sound, but users can use the included audio kit for more sound options.

  1. Multiple Connectivity Options

PG348Q 34” is loaded with HDMI 1.4 and 1.2 DisplayPort on the rear side of the monitor. Moreover, it also features 3 USB ports.

  1. Friendly to the Eyes

Asus has developed its own Eye Care technology to reduce the amount of blue light and eliminate the flickering effect in order to prevent the user’s eyes from straining during long gaming sessions.


  • Fully adjustable with right and left and top and down rotations along with 20 degrees tilt.
  • NVIDIA G-sync technology for eliminating screen tearing and providing seamless lag-free vision.
  • The refresh rate of 100 Hz, which eliminates even the slightest motion blur
  • Greater details with 3440*1440 Ultrawide QHD panel
  • Ultra aspect ratio of 21:9 which provides 35% more space on the screen
  • Frameless curved design with a seamless edge for adding multiple monitors
  • HDMI ports, DisplayPort and USB ports are available.
  • Easy to use interface with advanced Game Plus and color options.


  • Extremely costly with a price of nearly US $1000.
  • Cheaper rival brands are available.
  • Response time is 5ms, which is high for gaming monitors.
  • Setting up the monitor can be an annoying task.
  • No 4K resolution despite such a high cost.
  • HDMI and USB ports are difficult to access.
Bottom Line

If you have a real craze for gaming and if you do not have limitations on your budget, then there can be no better monitor than Asus ROG PG384 34”. The cost indeed is high, but the slick design, fantastic colors and G-sync compatibility makes this monitor one of the best gaming monitors in the world.
[amazon box=”B00GMGHCVG”]Product Overview

In the previous review, we talked about one of the best gaming monitors from Asus which was amazing but quite expensive. This, however, doesn’t mean that Asus doesn’t care for those customers who care for their budgets as well in addition to the wonderful gaming experience. And this is why they have brought new VX248 24” Eye Care Gaming monitor which bridges both the requirements by providing jaw-dropping refresh rates and response time at a truly affordable price under the US $200.

Product Features

Asus is known as the company which never compromises with the features of its products, and this package of VX248H 24” is probably the best example of this.
  1. Basic and Elegant Design

It is a twenty-four-inch monitor and its encasing is done in bezel plastic with a beautiful finish which gives it an attractively slim and stylish look from outside. Its stand looks like the ring of Tron and is easy to fit into.

Its excellent ergonomic adjustments allow it to tilt and rotate in any direction. The left and right swiveling of this monitor is forty-five degrees; pivoting is up to 90 degrees, and it can be tilted up to twenty degrees. Its height can also be adjusted up to 4.3 inches.

VX248H 24” can be best described as the combination of an ultra-slim profile and sundial-inspired design.  The screen is more scratch resistant than other rival brands in the same price range. On the rear side is one HDMI port and one DisplayPort, which allows the user to connect mobile and tablets and extend his entertainment. The monitor also comes with one Dual-link DVI-D.

  1. Amazing Visuals

The contrast ratio of VX248H is 80,000,000:1 which straightaway beats many other monitors on the record. Such a high contrast ratio helps in adjusting the backlight and thus enhancing the display contrasts and bringing lifelike images. The black appears dark and true while white comes out bright, and there are no unpleasant tints.

The 24” LED screen with a stunning Full HD resolution produces gorgeous pictures with vivid details, which makes this monitor a wonderful choice for professionals engaged in works related to multimedia.  With its Vivid Pixel technology, this monitor can produce sharpened images and better color saturation of white colors.

  1. Intelligent Splendid Video Technology

This technology dramatically improves the brightness, color, contrast and sharpness which results in optimized video and image quality. The monitor has plenty of preset video modes (game, theatre, night view, scenery, standard and sRGB) from which the user can choose one according to his choice.

  1. Innovative Aspect Control

 Most monitors provide only one type of display, but VX248H comes with two types of display: Full and 4:3. The user can change the display depending on the format of the video and enjoy the best viewing experience without distorting the image.

  1. Lightning Fast Response and Refresh Rate

These are no doubt the best marketable feature of this monitor.  For a pleasant and satisfying gaming experience, a monitor should have a minimum of 75 Hz refresh rate and maximum response time of 4ms. VX248H 24” goes far beyond these requirements with 144 Hz refresh rates and response time of just 1ms.

In simple words, this monitor just doesn’t know what motion blurs and ghost blurs are.  Moreover, this monitor makes use of TN panels, which display vibrant colors and no noticeable lag.

  1. Robust Multimedia Connectivity

VX248H 24” includes dual HDMI and D-sub through which it can be easily connected to Blu-ray disc players and other playback devices such as set-top box and DVD players for unlimited entertainment.

  1. Easy to Use Interface

The feature of Game Plus lets the user choose one of the different crosshairs which improve aiming in action games. This is a good way to learn for people who are new in gaming. The onscreen timer keeps track of time spent while playing and it can be moved anywhere on the screen. Color options can be changed from the hotkey which is present on the bezel on the right-hand side.

  1. Eye-friendly

Loaded with Eye Care technology, VX248H 24” reduces the amount of blue light and minimizes the flickering effect and thus prevents the player’s eyes from straining during marathon gaming sessions.


  • This monitor has a basic and sturdy design.
  • With high ergonomic adjustments, it can be rotated in any direction.
  • Its contrast ratio is high with 80 million: 1
  • It supports the full HD display.
  • It has multiple video modes.
  • The Refresh rate is great with 144 Hz.
  • The Response time of 1ms is extremely low.
  • It can be connected easily with playback devices.
  • The User interface is easy to use.
  • It produces less strain on the eyes.
  • 3D games can also be played on this monitor.


  • Maximum refresh rate can be achieved only when DUI inputs and DisplayPort are in use.
  • Because of TN panels, color viewing angles are not very good.
  • There is no USB port.
  • The 2-watt stereo speaker is quite weak, and the user may have to upgrade it for better sound.
  • It doesn’t come with 3D glasses for playing 3D games.
  • It doesn’t have any adaptive refresh technology like NVIDIA G-sync.
  • There are cheaper rival brands in the market.
Bottom Line

The name of Asus behind a product itself explains the product’s credibility. Fulfilling all the gaming features such as high refresh rate and extremely low response time along with high contrast ratio, full HD display, and splendid video intelligence, VX248H 24” Gaming Monitor far outplays almost all the rival brands in its price range. It also provides good multimedia connectivity and allows the user to switch video modes whenever they want.If you are looking for a Monitor which provides mind-blowing gaming experience with crisp images and sharp visuals along with fitting in your budget as well, then this is the monitor you can really count on.

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Think of the best resolution gaming monitor of 27 inches in the market and Dell S2716DGR wins the game. The monitor provides the best in market adaptive display, speed and agility to their users, but these features are enjoyed mostly by high-end gamers. Running a personal computer with high speed should be rigged with the best monitor too and Dell’s latest retail model of S2716DG fits the part.This latest model comes with reliable design, slashed prices and great performance, giving major competition to other gaming monitors in the market. With already successful predecessors in the market, this will up the gaming scene for hardcore gamers.

Product Features

When it comes to features Dell never shies away from incorporating some of the most daring and innovative ideas into their device and Dell S2716DGR is the best example of that. This awesome monitor is packed with some of the great features one can look out for like:
  1. Image quality

It comes with a 27-inch screen and Twisted Nematic (TN) panel giving narrow viewing angles. The monitor provides with some sharp and crisp images all thanks to its 2560×1440 WQHD resolution, though it may turn some black shades into gray. But without any doubt, the higher resolution delivers a high pixel count per inch of the screen which is without any doubt great for the price.

  1. Design

The basic sleek design of the monitor looks like it is for formal use and not for gaming purposes, which is a great thing as it does not look bulky and heavy. The monitor is fitted and has excellent build quality which is one of the basic, trusted features of the Dell monitors. Monitor got a glossy black bottom and face is almost bezel-free, but it is staged on a dual bezel which is not much of an issue when in use. Keeping its slim proportions intact, it does not come with inbuilt speakers but have two 3.5 mm ports for speakers and headsets.

  1. Connectivity

This monitor comes with two types of display connectors, one is display port 1.2 which supports 1440p at 144Hz and G-SYNC, and another is of HDMI 1.4 which gives maximum support of 1440p at 60Hz. It also comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 more additional USB ports paired with an outlet for the audio line.

  1. Performance

Dell never compromises when it comes to the performance of their monitors, and this one too has some great new additions making it great for fast-paced games which require quick response times without any lag whatsoever. Dell S2716DGR have a great response time of less than 1ms which eliminates ghosting and thereby no motion blurring when there are some fast moving objects on the screen. The refresh rate 144Hz gives an instantaneous response, no input lag, and screen tearing.

The latest feature inclusion is of variable refresh rate with NVIDIA G-SYNC and ULMB (ultra low motion blur). The NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards change the response rate according to the GPU (graphics processing unit). Whereas when switched to ULMB, though it reduces the monitor brightness but it inserts black frames between regular frames which reduces trailing.

  1. On-screen display controls

Most of the monitors these days have the touch-sensitive controls which can be troublesome as it may switch off the monitors with just a mistaken touch. But Dell S2716DGR comes with physical buttons which though may be a bit difficult to press due to its small size but does the job perfectly, and there will be no accidental shut-off.

The on-screen display controls are easy to understand and navigate without any unnecessary crowding. The controls comprise contrast, brightness, RGB value buttons, color temperature, and input source selection.

  1. Sturdy ergonomics

The basic ergonomics structuring is just like a normal Dell design. It comes with a sturdy stand which keeps the screen stable and strong. The stand allows the screen to be rotated, tilted, lifted and swiveled smoothly. There are circular holes so that the cables can be passed through it. The screen is VESA compatible which makes it wall mountable. Some of the basic features are like 90-degree pivot, 26-degree tilt, and the height can be adjusted up to 130mm. The screen also comes with an anti-glare coating which makes the monitor light less painful to one’s eyes.

Some of the other features include a response time setter which can be used to set the response time to fast and normal, though it is recommended to keep it at normal. Another feature is of ULMD pulse width which controls the backlight strobing sensitivity.  This new market entrant by Dell is highly cost-efficient as compared to other G-SYNC 27 inch monitors in the market.


  • Sturdy ergonomics and screen support with its signature stand.
  • Solid construction and sleek build
  • Excellent performance as a gaming monitor
  • Great connectivity options
  • A higher refresh rate of 144Hz
  • Cost efficient when compared to other G-SYNC monitors


  • Out of the box, calibration is required.
  • Gamma is inaccurate and is kept as low as 2.0.
  • Color can be a bit bland and flat.
  • Contrast and black levels turn a bit gray, which can reduce color accuracy.
  • One setting can dull some other feature which can be a put-off.
Bottom Line

If looking for a dynamic 27 inches 1440p gaming monitor to make the gaming experience smooth and vivid, then Dell S2716DGR should be chosen without much thought. Yes, it does have some flaws, but when compared with the great features that come with, one can ignore the drawbacks. All the latest additions like switchable G-SYNC and ULMB, 144Hz refresh rates along with great build and exceptional performance this Dell monitor gives a fully functional gaming experience.The entire design and image quality added with low input lag is game specific and will be loved by hardcore gamers. Dell S2716DGR is surely a monitor to look forward to if one is planning for a high-performance gaming monitor in a budget.

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Finding a monitor which can be used for general purposes and gaming both can be difficult. But Sceptre has found an answer to it by releasing its latest device C278W-1920R which can be used as a normal personal computer monitor and also for playing high-end games. This monitor comes with a revolutionary design of a curved screen which an all around immersive experience for the user. The tilt in the display will give a non-strenuous work time without much difficulty to one’s neck.But one of the most impressive features which are added and optimized as compared to some other monitors in the industry is the response time of 5 milliseconds which is great for gamers. Without any doubt, Sceptre is upping its game in the market with their innovative ideas.

Product Features

Sceptre is known for its perfection in making a device devoid of any flaw. C278W-1920R also falls in the same category where one can say that this monitor will never fail anyone’s expectation. It is packed with many new age features and specifications in the budget. Some of the features which stand out are:
  1. Build and design

Sceptre C278W-1920R has a sleek coming of age look which makes it look modern and high end. The color of the chassis is black with a slim design without any bulky look. The monitor is designed in such a way that it gives a wide all around feel which elevates the gaming experience. The monitor has a tilt, which helps in finding the right angle for viewing the screen. The tilt feature makes sure that there is no strain due to working in front of the screen for too long.

  1. Stand and wall mount

Wall mounting feature of the Sceptre monitor makes it look stylish and efficient. The VESA wall mount pattern helps to mount the monitor on the wall with great ease. One can save a lot of space and can view the monitor from the best possible direction; also the wall mount gives an overall aesthetic and stylish look. The screen also comes with its signature style stand which can be assembled with a lot of ease. The stand apparatus is availed with both neck and base screw which can be assembled easily.

  1. Curved display

Every monitor thrives on one characteristic feature that is its display. Without a great display there will be no use of any monitor, Sceptre always makes sure that they come with great ideas for their display. C278W-1920R is designed with a curved display surface. The curved surface gives maximum viewing experience whether one is playing games or just working. The curved surface gives an immersive experience and without any doubt is a breakthrough addition to Sceptre’s range of monitors.

  1. LED display

27 inches screen of Sceptre has a LED- backlight which ensures crystal clear picture quality. LED makes sure of the fact that the monitor can display a wide range of color with perfect sharpness and accuracy. The display screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. The resolution of the display is 1920×1080 which gives lifelike picture quality. The display also has a viewing angle of 178° horizontal/178° vertical.

  1. Performance

Every monitor whether used for general purposes or gaming purposes should have great performance without lagging. Sceptre C278W-1920R has great performance for daily usage as it boasts of a response time of 5ms which means there will be no screen ghosting. The transformation of the screen will have no tearing, and the screen blurring is reduced almost to zero. Another great feature is that this monitor comes with the refresh rate of 60Hz which is equivalent to many market front-runners.

  1. Connectivity

Sceptre monitors have 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA, and 1 display port. Display port is the latest addition to the range of the monitors as the deliver smooth display connection delivering audio and video. Display port can deliver 1080p video over a distance up to 15m by the use of a passive cable. The monitor also comes with a 3.5 mm mini jack for VGA.

  1. On-screen display

C278W-1920R have a smooth display control interface. Many times the display controls become confusing, but that is not the issue with Sceptre as they like to keep things simple and understandable. The language of controls is in English, French, and Spanish. On-screen display controls include the image, color temperature, luminance, and other settings. The main feature is of Auto Dynamic Contrast Enhancement.

Scepter monitor also comes with a built-in speaker who can give an output of office-level audio best for workshops and conferences which is clear and one can listen to music too while working. Another great feature of this monitor is its compatibility Windows 10 which also allows the monitor to be compatible with lower versions like Windows 7, 8, and XP.


  • 27 inches LED screen displays 16.7 million colors.
  • A revolutionary curved screen with the immersive display
  • Better performance with a response time of 5ms and refresh rate of 65Hz.
  • In-built speakers are enough for office use.
  • Compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • The screen shows graying and blurring after prolonged use.
  • Power connectivity is weak and gets disrupted sometime.
Bottom Line

Sceptre has done a great job in bringing a strong competitor in the 27 inches high-performance monitor category. Though there are several alternatives if one is in search of a monitor with great LED picture quality and which falls in the budget category too then C278W-1920R should be their choice. It is packed with all the great features one would want to have in a monitor, like curved display, great on-screen controls, super sharp resolution of 1920×1080 which, in-built speakers, a response time of 5 milliseconds, refresh rate of 65Hz and most importantly compatibility with windows 10.This monitor is packed with great looks, high-end performance and perfect connectivity for all input devices all in a pocket-friendly price.

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The market is flushed with many coming of age monitors with great features and specifications, every one of them trying to outdo the other; however, in this game, LG’s 34UC79G-B monitor stands out with its great features. Its curved screen of 34 inches is without any doubt the game changer with a great matte finish look and ergonomics to go with it.The performance is also way better than its competitors keeping in mind its price range. The design is smooth and comes with subtle accentuation which gamers will definitely love.

Product Features

  1. Build

LG always makes sure of the fact that their devices should always look great; LG 34UC79G-B too is the same in that category. This monitor has the most premium looks with a matte finish so no reflection in too much brightness. It comes with an easy to set up a sturdy stand in the red and black theme which can be detached easily when one wants to mount it on the wall.

The panel is a VESA apparatus compatible. The viewing angle is in 178° horizontal/178° vertical, which makes sure that there is no image skewing and no drop in the picture quality. The monitor also gives a tilt option, and one can adjust the height up to 120 mm. There is no option for swivel or pivot.

  1. Display

LG 34UC79G-B flaunts a 34 inches display which by all means looks high end and premium. The display is curved by 3800R, and LG has made sure that the curvature is neither too much nor too less. The gentle curve is great for a multi-monitor set up which provides an immersive experience. This monitor gives a resolution of 2560×1080 which is lesser than its competitors.

The brightness is also low at just 300, but the contrast ration remains basic at 1000:1. The aspect ratio of 21:9 is another plus point along with IPS panel giving 8-bit color reproduction. The pixel pitch is at 0.312mm x 0.312mm, and the color gamut is at NTSC 72%.

  1. Performance

Without any doubt, one can already get an idea that this monitor is not great in looks but also its performance. The response time of the monitor is 5ms, and it effortlessly balances the pixel count and shade change. The best feature which makes this panel a value for money is its refresh rate which is of 144Hz that is the frame speed increases.

The monitor also supports variable refresh support from 50Hz to 144 Hz. 34UC79G-B supports AMD’s Freesync which synchronizes the change of framerate by performing low framerate compensation. Free sync is of great help whenever the framerate goes below the lower threshold of the variable transfer rate. Overall all these additions increase one’s viewing of high-speed motion experience, and this also leads to no screen tearing and stuttering.

  1. In-built modes

Every device always needs to be innovative, and that is the thing with 34UC79G-B as LG has incorporated some of the best features in this latest device of theirs. The monitor comes with some of the very new and reliable modes presets. Some of the modes are like Game mode for playing gaming, FPS/RTS mode for playing first-person shooter games, cinema mode for better movie watching experience, reader mode with controlled brightness so that there should not be any eyesight fatigue and the custom mode.

The best mode though is the ‘ 1ms Motion Blur Reduction Mode ‘ which is the latest addition, it reduces motion blur and gives virtual response time of 1ms which is great for gaming experience especially the first person shooter games.

  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the major features because without the proper kind of ports the monitor is just a big box which can do nothing. The LG 34UC79G-B has nicely placed ports in the back of the monitor. The important ports which are available in the back of the screen are, 1 display port which supports almost 17.28 Gbits/second in HBR2 mode, 2 HDMI ports to meet high-level gaming and graphics standards and there are 3 USB 3.0 ports too. Another great addition to the monitor is the Quick Charge Technology which allows users to charge any portable devices while they are working.

Some of the other features are crosshair and black stabilizer for color correction. But the most important feature is of Dynamic Action Sync, which substantially lowers the input lags. From all this discussion one thing is pretty much clear that LG leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering the best innovative product in the market.


  • Curved display with an aspect ratio of 21:9 which gives an immersive experience.
  • 34 inches display bigger than most of its competitors
  • 144Hz response time, hence no screen blurring or tearing
  • Freesync support which can optimize the low framerate compensation
  • Variety of in-built modes for different purposes
  • Height and tilt adjustment
  • Wider than average viewing angle.


  • 2560x1080p resolution is a letdown as the market competitors have higher resolution
  • 5 ms response time is also lesser than many other monitors on the market.
  • Expensive when it is compared with others with the same features and specifications.
  • One can see some visible backlight bleed, which results in cloudy blacks.
  • It does not come with built-in speakers.
Bottom Line

This LG monitor can give great gaming experience to hardcore gamers, its 34 inches huge curved screen with great contrast ratio, accurate colors, viewing angles make it stand out in this category. The performance is also great with 144Hz refresh rate which is rapid and fast and AMD Freesync making the gaming experience way better.Though it does have some issues like no built-in speakers and the resolution could have been better. But if all the positives are counted, the negatives seem not so important. Without any doubt, LG 34UC79G-B delivers some of the features that monitors should have and some great additions that make this monitor stand apart from the crowd.

[amazon box=”B072C7TNC5″]Product Overview

The Samsung CHG90 Series Curved Gaming Monitor of 49 inches is the widest and latest curved monitor for gaming. Gaming on it cannot even be called extravagance, but it is sheer luxury and has to be seen to be believed. Monitors which are super wide are already around, but with CHG90 Samsung has really excelled. This massive ultrawide monitor has a 32:9 aspect ratio and is equivalent to two monitors of 27 inches sitting side by side. It is a very flexible and impressive gaming monitor and is very versatile too.The Samsung CHG90 monitor is massive and with a wingspan of 47.36 inches, giving it an intimidating look. The experience that the user gets will be as if you are sitting at the center and the screen is going to wrap its arms around you. It is truly an overwhelming experience. The entire monitor cannot be covered in a simple glance since we don’t have such a wide field of vision. It can easily handle a dozen applications open at the same time, with still more room to fit in more windows. It can surely make you a master in multitasking.

Product Features

  1. Multiple windows

The large ultrawide monitor can be split distinctly into up to six areas through an application on the desktop called Easy Setting Box. There are modes which also enable the screen to be split into three panes vertically or into two horizontal splits which will be extremely wide. The user is given the freedom to customize how many portions of the display to be split.

Even more, options are available through the display menu for splitting the screen space. The monitor can be programmed to pull two separate video sources to run two separate computers simultaneously. The screen can then split itself as two perfect 1920 x 1080 resolution displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 each. Or, the screen can be set to work as a 21:9 display for movies and games, while using the remaining screen for email or work. It can also be used in its entire size for extra-huge worksheets.

  1. Large size

Even though the super-wide monitor comes in an overwhelming size, the design has been very efficient. It can blend in directly with office environments due to its functional, simple, and elegant design. Multiple browser applications or windows can be opened side by side and full screen.  The enormous display has a 32:9 aspect ratio and is equivalent to two monitors of 27 inches sitting side by side, but without any divider in the middle.

  1. Incredible Gaming Experience

This is a major highlight of the Samsung CHG90 curved monitor. Certain important features which can affect the way a game can be felt and played are G-Sync, 4K, HDR support, refresh rate of 144 Hertz, and a response time of one millisecond. The last three of these is offered by CHG90 and it helps to make gaming on it an incredible experience. The game called ‘Battlefield 1’, supporting HDR, when played on this display gave an awesome experience of contrast and depth making it look exactly like a 3D display.

  1. Robust and Elegant looks

Even though the weight and size of the Samsung CHG90 are high, the display unit is very elegantly built. The stand which is 32 inches in length is slender, and the monitor has a hidden bezel, giving it a lighter look unlike other models with chunky frames. Even though the bezel is certainly not the slimmest, it is much more of an improvement than at least the CHG70.

The exterior is made of plastic except for a metal strip running around the frame edge.  A ring of light glows blue behind the monitor as an adornment whenever the monitor is powered up. The grey and black combination gives the monitor a smart look as well.

  1. Easy to set up

Even though the Samsung CHG90 monitor comes in a very large size and weight, Samsung has labeled the boxes very carefully to enable an easy and safe setup by the user. It comes as three parts and the stand and base need to be joined together and then has to be connected to the display. All you need to  there is a screwdriver. All the necessary cables are also provided by Samsung. There are no changes to be made in the display settings since the monitors are calibrated at the factory itself.

Game settings or brightness are the only adjustments that need to be made. A joystick is provided to access the on-screen display of the monitor along with menu buttons beneath its lower edge. The three buttons, as well as the joystick, are easy to access, providing shortcuts to the regularly used features.


  • Screen-splitting feature
  • It is the next best thing to virtual reality
  • Tried and tested gaming monitor
  • Very large space on the screen
  • The refresh rate is high which is perfect for speed games
  • Vivid and accurate colors
  • Contrast ratio is excellent
  • Incredible gaming experience giving a 3D effect


  • The splitting up of open applications leads to a lot of gaps with wasted pixel space which could have been smaller.
  • The monitor comes in so large a size that the work-desk may not be big enough to accommodate it.
  • Takes up the entire tablespace
  • G-Sync is not available
  • The 3840 x 1080 screen is not sharp enough
  • Brightness is below 300 nits
  • USB –C is not available
  • Priced high
Bottom Line

If gaming and a large screen are your primary purpose as many other users, the Samsung CHG90 is the one for you since it can give you the unique and enjoyable gaming experience without any doubt. The price is certainly high, but considering the excellent features and multitasking provisions, that may not be a deterrent at all.
[amazon box=”B06ZZDYVQM”]Product Overview

Gaming monitors have seen a phenomenal leap with the change from standard to high definition; G-SYNC being one of the foremost features in this prosperity. This avant-garde development allows swifter experience and smoother performances.The Acer Predator 35” Curved Monitor has sailed its way to the top of the most revolutionary gaming monitors at present. With sharper ocular experience and a cut-throat head start, you would hold dominance over the arena like never before.

Want to find out more about this powerful predator of the gaming jungle? Read on.

Product Features

While hunting for the best gaming monitors you would find yourself with a cartload of options. Landing yourself with the questions of which and why you would generally rely on the reviews. However, is that enough?Wouldn’t you prefer a brand who is known for its excellence in their respective field and who would lavish you with features? Acer Predator not only promises but also delivers.

  1. Ultra-wide Display

The 35” monitor sports a high-quality definition display of 3440×1440 and an 1800 resolution. With no screen tear or lag, and superior design NVIDIA technology proves to be a worthy advanced setup.

  1. Hefty with a higher refresh rate

The best gaming monitors assure a refresh rate of 0-240. The Acer Predator Curve, although quite a hefty monitor of 27.6 lbs, has a native rate of 100Hz and 120Hz at overclocking, without any kind of motion blur.

  1. Signal inputs

This Z35p model uses AMVA display technology unlike the IPS panel used by X34. This model supports only the DisplayPort cable as it strives to provide the best quality of resolution.  The entire package consists of 1 DP cable, 1 HDMI cable, and 1 USB 3.0.

  1. Smoother gameplay

The Predator boasts of two noteworthy technologies of Acer, one being the TrueHarmony and the other the GameView. On the one hand, TrueHarmony combined with the two built-in speakers uplifts the energy level of the game. On the other hand, the GameView helps in adjusting color schemes and set points for accuracy.

Their color management has five modes – Eco, Graphic, Movie, User and the default, Standard. The unit switches to the User mode when you have to readjust any of the settings.

  1. Built to play

G-SYNC optimizes the response rate and is built into the system, so you are relieved from any additional drains. Throw in a 0.34-pixel pitch and 178°viewpoint, this Acer Predator gives a neat eye-wrapping preoccupation of a curved monitor.

You can avail up to 15 languages and a timeout of 120 seconds on the on-screen display; it is placed in the bottom right-hand corner and is immovable.  In the Game Mode, you get three slots for memory where you can easily save your settings.


  • This 35” curve can support a refresh rate up to 200Hz if the resolution is set at 1080.
  • A panel displaying 8 bit can be mounted on the wall, if you want, using the VESA screw holes (100mm x 100mm).
  • The ULMB reduces both the ghosting and motion blur when the objects go through rapid movements. However, this works only when the refresh rates are higher.
  • The controls at the lower right-hand corner contain six buttons that, despite facing down, are easy to control without looking. Emitting a soft glow light at the bottom, it can be used to readjust the pulse effects, tones of brightness and color schemes to your comfort.
  • The Acer Z35p, unlike its fellow rivals, tenders a flexible height adjustment mechanism. In spite of being a hefty monitor, the panel is permissive in its movements and stays where it is set- providing a 25° in a back tilt and 5° in front.
  • The 35” possesses a Blue Light panel that can be maneuvered to reduce strain and fatigue on the eyes. This feature diminishes the blue light levels with the help of proper calibration.
  • The large monitor is shipped in an appropriately sized carton with a handle for an easy carry. The curved screen is protected and supported by rigid foam which defends the panel from any uninvited trouble.


  • Although commanding superiority in being one of the best gaming monitors, some users find it hard to afford. Almost $900 on a curved screen shows that the sky-high prices have been kept intact since their first time. The opulent have to be credited for their lion’s share in the sales rate even with an array of available options.
  • The two 9 watt speakers can be contained around the back where there are openings that are generous and bid an ample volume. But what hinders their admirable quality, due to a muffled sound, is the very fact that they are situated at the back.
  • Minding such a huge size and weight, if you think it has an internal unit for charging you will be disappointed. It is through an external power supply that the unit is provided with the current. A large external power supply provides current. It also retains a right angle connector whereas a straight plug could have made things easier and accessible.
  • Few customers have complained about the development of the dead pixels. There were constant appearances of vertical lines which would only be resolved if the system was unplugged. Others found it frustrating when the screen kept shutting off while they watched Netflix. Another problem is that you have to turn the brightness up as the light is reduced at the lowest setting.
Bottom Line

The faults observed cannot be considered as an obstacle hindering you to buy the product. While every product has its own flaws, there are too many positive features here. Designed with anodized aluminum and hard plastic, Acer Predator 35” Curved Monitor is of premium built, and when assembled it becomes a sound edifice. The color, clarity, refresh rates, and HDR features are a laudable treat.Acer additionally provides a three-year warranty teamed up with Amazon’s easy 30 day return policy for products that turn out to be faulty or are damaged on arrival, respectively. While some have had issues with the unit, Acer Predator of 35”could not have secured a 3.9 out of 5 without a debonair performance and a modern three-dimensional outlook.

[amazon box=”B0777RY75V”]Product Overview

Are you a PC gamer vying for the best gaming experience? Then you will not only need a gaming PC, but also a suitable monitor that will not let you compromise on the screen display & the performance of your gaming endeavors. Several factors must be considered when buying the right gaming monitor, such as, Resolution, Panel Size, Pixel Response, Refresh Rate, Panel Technologies, etc. Dell Alienware 34 Curved Monitor provides the best of all these features & elevates your gaming experience. Read on to know why & how this gaming monitor by Dell fulfills all your hardware needs.

Product Features

  1. Widescreen

The monitor screen is ultra wide with an aspect ratio of 21:9. It has a 1900R curved screen with a diagonal length of 34 inches. A curved screen ensures that both the pupils of the eyes are at equal distances from the screen. This means images appear sharper to our eyes, thus giving high-quality visuals while also reducing the load on the eyes which is of major concern to a hardcore gamer.

It offers a pixel pitch (distance between the center of one pixel to the center of next pixel) of 0.2325 mm. Lower the number of pixel pitch, better is the resolution. Here, the native screen resolution is WQHD 3440 x 1440p.

  1. Refresh Rate & Pixel Response Time-

Refresh rate refers to the frequency with which the monitor changes or refreshes images on the screen per second. A monitor with a lower refresh rate implies blurred images. Dell monitor has a high overclocked refresh rate of 120Hz & a native refresh rate of 100 Hz. Over clocking increases the performance of the system above the rate specified by the manufacturer. The vertical refresh rate is 30-100 Hz & horizontal refresh rate is 73-151 kHz.

Pixel Response time is the time taken by a pixel to change from one shade of grey to the other. The lower the grey-to-grey response time, better is the display. In this monitor, the response time is 4 milliseconds.

  1. Panel Type

This monitor is provided with the IPS (In-Place-Switching) panel. This LCD screen technology enables consistency of colors & greater viewing angles (178° horizontal & 178° vertical), that is, you can look at the screen from any angle without any difference in its color & contrast.


It’s an adaptive sync technology that prevents screen tearing. Screen tearing occurs when your graphic card goes out of sync with your monitor’s refresh rate. As a result, portions of several frames are displayed at once, instead of displaying whole frames separately.

  1. USB 3.0-

The monitor is provided with USB ports of version 3.0 which run at a speed of 5 Gbps. Monitors are provided with USB ports to plug in webcams, flash drives & low powered USB devices. In this monitor, there are a total of 4 USB ports.

  1. Other ports

There are many more ports in it that ensure a wide range of connections-

Display port, Headphone jack, Power charging USB port, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port, Line-out port, USB upstream port (used to connect to the host device) & a power cable connector.


Power cable, USB upstream cable, Display port cable, & Mini Display Port to Display Port cable


Depth – 12.56 inches, Height – (17.42 inches ~ 22.08 inches), Width – (32.03 inches).

Dimensions with stand – 81.345 cm x 31.909 cm x 44.244 cm

Power Consumption

Power consumption – 60 watt

Power consumption when not operational – 0.3 watt

Power consumption in sleep mode – 0.5 watt

Voltage requirement – AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)

  1. Physical features

There is a vent on top of the screen that serves as a heat dissipater. Monitor thickness (with support stand) is 27.9 cm thick.


  • Six gaming modes can be chosen from, out of which 3 are customizable, & the rest are factory preset modes- FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role-Playing Game) & RTS (Real-Time Strategy).
  • Flexible hinges allow you to adjust the position of the monitor at will. You can adjust the height (up to 5.1 inches), swivel (40 degrees) the monitor & also tilt (-5/+25 degrees) it. The monitor is also provided with backlights which add to its appeal factor.
  • The LCD screen has a 3H hard coating which is anti-glare and flickers free.
  • A brightness of 300cd/m² ensures a vibrant & crystal clear display of colors. The screen can support 16.7 million colors.
  • There are 4 customized lighting zones to choose from, which facilitates personalization of keyboard, mouse & monitor with different effects & colors.
  • Over clocking increases the speed & responsiveness of the system.
  • IPS panel ensures good sunlight visibility.


  • Heavy monitor is weighing 11.86 kg. The weight of the monitor is not much of a disadvantage since the monitor setup is a one time task.
  • Over clocking has its own set of disadvantages. Since the processor is pushed to perform beyond its default rate, the lifespan of the processor reduces with time. One needs to be well informed about over clocking before using it.
  • Power consumption is a little high because of the IPS panel, and the contrast ratio is average- 1000:01.
  • The screen is not well suited for use in a dark room.
Bottom Line

Dell Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor is highly recommended for gaming enthusiasts. With a top notch display, razor-sharp graphics, cutting edge technology & uninterruptable performance, it is unquestionably the current best monitor choice in the market for gamers. In spite of the few minor disadvantages mentioned above, this monitor still provides you with the best gaming requirements. The iconic sharp, sleek & curved design of the monitor, & the RGB lighting system is a stunning visual treat. Though the price is a little on the high end, this masterpiece by Dell & Alienware with its unbeatable features is worth every penny spent.
[amazon box=”B0728JH3RQ”]Product Overview

A monitor is a window to a PC’s soul. But it is very important to have a high-quality monitor to have the best of the experience. Without a good display, everything you do on your PC will seem lethargic and mundane. But then how should one pick a best gaming monitor in this complex minefield of marketing and actually impressive technological advancements; no worries, the LG 34UC89G-B 34-Inch 21:9 curved ultrawide IPS gaming monitor with G-SYNC is just the right product with its vivid full HD display, high refresh rate and breakthrough features in its games, which makes the gaming experience unparalleled. Let’s know more about the amazing features of this exceptional gaming marvel.

Product Features

With recent success in the gaming section, LG has brought 34UC89G-B with 34 inches 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS display with G-SYNC for gaming fans to enhance their gaming experience even further. With its high-resolution Ultra Widescreen and advanced gaming features at a pretty reasonable cost, it will certainly attract more hardcore gamers.
  1. Resolution

The higher the resolution, the higher the pixels count, meaning better visual details and high image clarity. The LG 34UC89G-B gaming monitor comes with 34 inches 21:9 UltraWide curved display which has 2560×1080 pixels of maximum resolution. It’s not very often you find a huge IPS display under $700. An obstacle which keeps the gamers and fans from QHD is a hardware limitation which is not the case with LG 34UC89G-B. As the game is being supported by NVIDIA technology (SYNC), it meshes with the GPU, which is Geforce powered with GTX giving an untroubled and rapid gaming experience.

  1. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor measures number of times that the monitor is able to refresh a displayed image each second, also the number of frames per second a monitor can display and is measured in Hertz. Here the LG 34UC89G-B surpasses the competitors with its high 144 Hz frame rate supported by astonishing graphics just to add to your great gaming experience. The Games played on this monitor gives a flawless experience with its clear and fast gaming event as compared to other monitors

  1. Adaptive Sync

G-SYNC technology with NVIDIA graphics gives a no tearing screen experience. The LG 34UC89G-B seems to give better performance with NVIDIA’s G-Sync as compared to other monitors with AMD Free Sync.

  1. The Panel Technology

This is one of the best features offered by LG 34UC89G-B at such a lower cost. It provides a huge IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel under $700. Normally at this price, we see monitors with TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. IPS panels do offer a better visual quality which means a more vibrant, more accuracy with color reproduction, also the better all side viewing angles which certainly enhances the viewing experience during gaming. Though IPS panels restrict from supporting lower response times and thus faster camera movements.

  1. Response Time

Response Time of a pixel represents the number of times a single pixel needs to turn from a black to a white or a switch among various shades of color grey. So, the lower the time of response, the smoother will be the camera movements. The LG 34UC89G-B provides 5 milliseconds (ms) of high response time since it runs on IPS panels which can only go as low as 4 ms whereas TN panels can go to 1 ms. High response time in LG 34UC89G-B may lead to a motion blur as pixels do not have sufficient time for switching between colors during fast camera movement.

  1. Other Advanced Gaming Features

A new feature introduced called ‘Crosshair,’ allows gamers to take the gaming skills to next heights. Moving the strike point around the center of the display screen, this feature enhances and improves the firing accuracy of FPS (a first-person shooting) games. And there are few more advanced features to cater to serious and hardcore gamers. Also, you get to quickly optimize the screen settings in order to activate the Black Stabilizer for revealing the superior and minute details in darker scenes, whereas the new feature of Dynamically Action Sync ensures smooth and fluid gaming experience.


  • A 34 inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS display gives an excellent viewing experience
  • The 144 Hz rate of refresh gives a very better experience than the ones with lower refresh rates. This is a great deal when it comes to the gaming experience to gamers
  • Faster and effortless gaming experience with the NVIDIA’s G-Sync graphics which also provides a tearless screen
  • Crosshair feature- enhances firing accuracy in FPS games, giving gaming enthusiasts a next level skill in gaming
  • Very reasonable cost; it’s difficult to find other Ultra Wide huge IPS display under $1000 so definitely worth the cost
  • The black stabilizer along with action sync features


  • A high response time of 5 milliseconds (ms), the IPS panel restricts the time of response up to 4 ms. TN panels can enhance the smoothness of camera movements with lower response time
  • NVIDIA’s G-Sync can work only with NVIDIA cards
  • High-resolution screen and high refresh rate demand for a monstrous GPU, which may add to your cost further
Bottom Line

Undoubtedly we recommend this gaming monitor by LG to every gaming fan out there, despite a few flaws like high response time. But it certainly thinks about all the expectations by a hardcore gamer as well as about his pocket. It is difficult to find such high-resolution Ultra Wide huge IPS panel under $700 with great hardware in it; it certainly is a good buy which will enhance your gaming experience to greater heights with its great hardware and advanced gaming features.So if you are a regular gamer or even a newbie gamer looking for a gaming monitor with amazing viewing and gaming experience under a limited budget, this is definitely one of the best options for you.

A game lover has to look at so many points before buying a monitor which best suits his gaming desires. Even if you’re not that much into gaming, you’d still want a monitor which provides a wide view, excellent visuals, and doesn’t show a lag between your command and its processing. And above all, price and budget options are also the important aspects to be looked at.

We hope that with some insights into how to choose a perfect monitor and these detailed reviews, we helped you make up your mind about which monitor you are going to buy. Good luck with your purchase, and we wish you a Happy Gaming!

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