Best Home Theater System 2021-Buyers Guide


In this article we will go over the Best Home Theater System for 2021. The built in speakers in electronic devices such as TV, laptops, etc. are nowhere when compared to cinema halls in terms of gorgeous sound. But, with the advent of home theatre systems, experiencing such high-quality audio is not impossible. Home theatre systems are a collection of audio amplifiers, satellite speaker, and a subwoofer. Fortunately, they don’t cost a million, and it’s always better to buy a complete package rather than buying individual speakers and amplifiers. After you purchase a great theater system now you will need to pick out one of the Best Video Projectors to watch your favorite movies on.

Before you set out to purchase a home theater for your home, it’s good to take note of the following points:

  1. The Space in your room: Home theaters come in varying sizes, and this is why you should consider the size of your room because obviously, you don’t want to face problems regarding space afterward. If your room is quite small, then there are many home theatres which have speakers of the size of a bookshelf. If your room is quite big, then you can buy a home theatre which can be placed either on the floor or the wall.
  2. Speakers: A home theatre is all about sounds, and this is why it is important to understand them. Most home theatres generally have 7.1 channel or 5.1 channel speakers. It’s the subwoofer, which produces a low frequency. The satellite speakers work as the front, back and center speakers. Most home theatre systems allow you to either place the speakers on the floor or mount them in the corners.
  3. A/V speakers: The most important component of home theatre systems is the A/V receiver, and you should always get the one with a high-frequency response. As the technology is advancing, the A/V receivers now include many exciting features.
  4. Power: The unit of measure of power delivered by the amplifiers is watts. The speakers need a minimum of 100 watts, and you should look for a home theatre which is capable of delivering at least this much power. Impedance is another term attached to amplifiers and speakers, and most of them have a rating of 6 to 8 ohms.
  5. Connectivity: The more the number of connectivity options, the better. Today, you will find the following types of connectivity ports in a home theatre:
  • HDMI: HDMI is the most popular tools for connecting the home theatres to TV, Blu-ray, etc. Most of the latest models come with HDMI 1.4 which transfers audio to the A/V receivers. It’s good to buy a home theatre system which provides a minimum of three HDMI ports so you can connect Blu-ray players, game consoles and laptops, etc.
  • Video Conversion: It refers to the process of conversion of video signals into digital signals. This feature allows you to connect other devices as well with the home theatre.
  • Other Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, WI-FI, Ethernet, etc.
  1. Surround Sound Processing: Home theatres now come with a large number of surround sound options. They can easily deliver Digital Dolby, and DTS sounds from all types of devices.
  2. Extra Features: FM/AM tuner, remote control etc.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular home theater systems in the market, and we will look at what they have to offer.

Best Home Theater System 2021

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Home theatre systems have witnessed some tremendous innovations in recent years, and one of the biggest proponents of these innovations is Energy Speaker Systems. The 5.1 Take Classic Home Theatre from Energy is the one and only home theatre system you’ll ever need for your passion for music and movies. It is a wireless home theatre system, it has a compact design, its subwoofer is powerful, it has a wide frequency range, there are multiple connectivity options, and greatest of all features is that it is available at a price of just 600$. All these things make 5.1 Take Classic one of the coolest home theatre systems in the market.

Product Features

  1. Body and Design

This home theater is a set of six equipments, which include one central speaker, one 200W subwoofer, and four satellite speakers. This is a very compact home theater as compared to its rivals, and since it doesn’t cover a lot of space, it can be fitted into both large apartments and small rooms.

Satellite speakers – The weight of every satellite speaker is just 2.9 pounds. Their heights are 6.75-inches. They also contain a woofer inside them, which covers the sound of frequency between 20Hz and 20Khz.

Central Speaker – The central speaker has been designed in a way that it can be placed horizontally near the TV. The weight of central speakers is 3.2 pounds, and its dimension is 10.25f-inchx4.125-inch. If you don’t have sufficient space near the TV, you can mount it on a small rack.

Subwoofer – With a weight of 19.7 pounds, the subwoofer is the heaviest part of the home theater. However, it measures only 12.625-inches by 14.285 inches, and so it can also be considered as compact and you can place it anywhere.

  1. Powerful Subwoofer

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater has a very powerful subwoofer with the 200W power rating. When powered up, the blue LED light glows. The ports are on the front side while the controls are on the back side of the subwoofer. It has a front firing port, an 8-inch driver and it has the Ribbed Elliptical Surround which produces the well-defined bass.

It is a very dedicated subwoofer and it handles the low frequency by doubling up through the bass management.  It features the new convergent-source module which delivers very crisp and clear dialogues and background music.

It also has a 0.75-inch Hyperbolic Tweeter made of aluminum, which acts as a tweeter for screaming highs, and a 3-inch woofer made of poly-titanium. The subwoofer in this home theater is a very well-configured and well-designed system which helps in accurate imaging. And since it has a very low inter-modulation and distortion, the clear output can be achieved with satellites itself.

  1. Convergent Source Module

The convergent source module, abbreviated as CSM, is meant for wide dispersion without causing much distortion. It also delivers an excellent midrange performance. The tweeter and the midrange of the speakers have been positioned in such a way that they can perform as one source. This way, the overall dispersion is increased while the lobbying effect reduces. Since the tweeter and the midrange are chambered, there’s less distortion and driver’s resonance.

  1. Ribbed Elliptical Surround

Ribbed elliptical surround is Energy’s proprietary technology, which has developed to increase the excursion and eliminate distortions. This way, the efficiency of the woofer and the subwoofer increase substantially. Many other home theatres suffer from the problem of dimpling which results in the distortions of all the listening levels, but this is not the case with Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater. Its Ribbed Elliptical surround provides a large surface area for the cone to move equally in both the directions. The ultimate result in that even very low frequency can be played with a larger bass extension.

  1. Speakers

The speakers also utilize the convergent source module which delivers wide dispersion and reduces the distortion.  The speakers have been encased in attractive cabinets of piano black color. On the sides and central channels, there are five binding ports and significant space for banana plugs.

  1. Sound Quality

Home theatres are meant for bringing the sound of cinema halls to our home, and Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theatre System does this job very well.  For those users who don’t have much experience with how to get the best sound, there’s an owner manual with all the useful placement tips.  If you follow the tips, you’ll get very clear and warm audio.

The dialogues of movies come out crisp and well balanced, and you’ll be able to hear even those sounds which aren’t possible to hear with inbuilt speakers in the devices. All the speakers produce sound with no lagging, and you’ll be able to experience the best reflection in rooms which have hardwood flooring.

  1. Frequency Response

The greatest advantage of a home theater over stereo speakers is that they are able to detect even the lowest frequency and that they ensure uniformity and even sound. This home theater has a very excellent frequency response and it enhances the bass through uniform blending.

  1. Cost and Warranty

The price tag of 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater is 600$, while you can find used and refurbished products at an even lower price.  Energy never comprises with quality and features and you can be assured that whatever you spend on this home theater will come back in the form of amazing audio experience. Energy’s products come with a mind-blowing 5-year warranty, and so you can be relaxed that you’re not going to pay anything for problems arising for 5 years.


  • It has a very glossy and stylish design.
  • All the equipment is compact and can be mounted on the walls.
  • The tweeter and the speaker act as a single source.
  • The CSM increases dispersion and reduces distortion.
  • The Ribbed elliptical surround increases the efficiency of the subwoofer.
  • The subwoofer has a high power rating of 200W.
  • It can catch the sounds of very low frequency.


  • Dissemination can be observed at very high volumes.
Bottom Line
In order to deliver excellent audio, a home theater has to pass so many factors, and Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theatre System passes almost all of them. It can fit in rooms of all sizes; it has a powerful subwoofer; it catches very low frequencies, and it delivers really detailed and crisp audio.
If you are looking for a really promising home theater system, then your search ends here. \

High volume is not the sole purpose of buying home theater systems. As the name suggests, Logitech Z906 5.1 is a Surround Sound Speaker, which means that the sound will appear to be coming from all directions. It uses 5.1 channel layouts which are the most popular layout for home theaters.  Logitech always tries to bring out the best in its products and this fact is evident from the fact that this home theater system is THX certified.This home theater can be mounted anywhere—wall or floor; it delivers continuous power of 500Watts; it connects with more than six devices; it produces thunderous sound, and all this is available for just 260 dollars.


  1. Body and Design

This home theater is a set of 5 satellite speakers and one powerful subwoofer. The color of all the components is grey, and their elegant curves give them a modern sporty look. The build quality of this home theater is excellent, and you will find that they are very sturdy. Even Logitech claims that they can bear gentle falls (though you should never try it).

Every speaker faces slightly upward, and if you place the speakers all over your room, you’ll feel like they’re throwing the sound in the center of the room.  All the components of this home theater are small and compact, and they can fit in a room of any size. At the back of all the speakers, you will find a screw hole through which you can mount the speakers on the wall.

Of these five speakers, the one with horizontal alignment is the central speaker.  The subwoofer is also compact and has a cubic shape. You can place it either under the desk or anywhere you want.  The design of subwoofer is side-firing with an 8-inch driver. It comes with audio decoders which help it in recognizing even the low-frequency sounds.

  1. Long Cable

Unlike many other hardware manufacturers, Logitechannoys customers by providing short cables. With this home theater, you’ll get 4.6m of front cable and the rear cable is 7.6m long. If you need even more, then you can buy generic wires separately and splice them together.

  1. THX certified

Over 400 tests are conducted on the picture and sound reproduction, and a home theater has to pass all the tests to be certified from THX. Z906 has this certification, and so you can be assured of its amazing sound experience.

  1. 1000 watts Power

Adequate power delivery is important for getting the cinematic sound. Being THX certified, Logitech Z906 has a 1000 watt peak power, and you don’t need to even reach 50% of the total volume to get holistic cinematic audio.

The Subwoofer has a 165-watt amplifier that brings out rich midrange and crystal clear sound along with deep bass. All the speakers have been rated for 65 watts, while the total RMS power of the home theater is 500W.

  1. Dolby Digital Sound

A home theatre is all about sounds, and this home theater system will make you feel like you’re sitting in a cinema hall. The audio has a crisp feel and you’ll hear every sound in the way it was meant for you to hear. You can hear even the mild footsteps and the rustling sound of the leaves.

The credit to such a detailed sound goes to the DTS which recreates the sound to match with the quality of DVD, Blu-ray or other soundtracks.

  1. Digital and Analog Inputs

Inputs are something you’ll never run out of in this home theater system. Logitech Z906 allows you to use a number of devices such as a computer, TV, music player, game console and many others. There are three digital inputs, and so you can connect multiple devices such as DVD or Blu-ray players simultaneously. You also get analog inputs and an mp3 player.

  1. Modern Console

The control console is another appealing feature of the Logitech Z906 surround sound system. It is a like a small desktop which you can connect to the rear side of the subwoofer. It allows you to manage a number of functions such as changing the volume, switching through different sound modes, and you can also move the level up and down for individual speakers.  In addition to operating the console directly, you can also use the remote to control it.

All the options are clearly labeled on the console. There’s a volume dial right in the center with LED lights all around it. On the right side of the dial are some orange lights representing the speaker layout, and on the left are the lights which indicate which input is currently being used.  You’ll find a clear “stereo” label and three lights under it.

These represent stereo 3D (for adding 3D sound to all the speakers), stereo 4.1 (for front, sub and rear), and stereo 2.1 (for front and sub). To get the natural sound, you can turn all these stereo options off.

  1. Additional Features

In addition to all the above-mentioned facilities, you get a wireless remote and 3 AAA batteries.

  1. Price and Warranty

The price tag of this home theater system is 260$, which, looking at the features and room-shaking sound quality, is easily justifiable. There are other home theaters which may provide you with such features, but they’ll cost much more.  You get one-year warranty with Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System.


  • It has a very modern design.
  • It is THX certified.
  • The peak power delivery is 1000 watts. The RMS power rating is 500W.
  • It can connect with a large number of devices.
  • It comes with a modern console on which you can control all the features.
  • It produces a detailed digital Dolby sound.
  • You get a wireless remote.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It doesn’t have HDMI inputs or audio decoders.
  • It can prove to be a little big in small rooms.
  • So many lights can distract you while playing games.
Bottom Line

Z906 proves to be an improvement over Logitech’s previous home theaters. With its strong build quality, gorgeous sound output, multiple connectivity options, and an easy to use the console, this home theaters can be seen as one of the best home theaters in the market.

The benefit of budget home theaters is that you pay only for what you get. While others try to look too big or expensive, Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home theater is the one which delivers you the best features without costing a fortune. While its body is compact, well-built and stylish, it delivers crystal clear digital Dolby sound with great details.The power rating of this home theater is above 700W, while the frequency response range is from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. As for connectivity, it can connect any device from TV, radio, games, DVD players to even SD cards through USB ports. And it is priced just under 100$.

Product Features

  1. Body and Design

When you look at the components of this home theater, they look like black baby cubs with one large yellow eye in the center. When it comes to their weight, get ready to be surprised because while the components appear to be quite heavy, they aren’t.  This home theater is a combination of 5 satellite speakers, one of which is the central one, and there’s a powerful subwoofer.

Their compact design and less weight allow you to mount these little cute boxes anywhere from the ground to the wall to even small racks. The subwoofer can come under the TV or go behind it.  The speakers are encased in sturdy boxes which can easily resist heavy blows and do not develop scratches very easily.

  1. Magnetically Shielded

The speakers in this home theater are shielded with a second magnet, which is also called backing magnet, on the rear side of the real magnet. The advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t allow the magnetic field to accidentally create large fields that can pose strong threats to the delicate electronics. Devices like CRT monitors or TV, also produce magnetic fields, and this magnetic shield allows you to place the speaker close to such devices without worrying about damaging the electronics.

  1. Power

Power rating is one of the most important parameters which decide if a home theater is good or not. It is possible to deliver a truly Dolby bass only when the home theater consumes adequate power. As a bottom line, you should never get a home theater below 200W of power rating. Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home theater has a power rating of 700W. The individual speakers also have a good power rating and the integrated amplifier is also able to detect and decode very low-frequency sounds.

  1. 1 Sound Configuration

This sound configuration is the most popular configuration used by not just budget, but even high-end home theatres. It was the DVD technology that opened the way for us to enjoy multichannel audio. The difference between 5.1-configuration and 3.1-configuration is that the former has two additional dedicated sound channels. Mostly these are placed on the rear or the side and they boost the audio experience.

  1. Integrated Audio Amplifier

Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home theater makes use of an integrated amplifier, which is a combination of a power amplifier and pre-amplifier. The advantage of this combination is that you can easily switch from one source to another and control the volume and tones.

  1. Enhance Bass Boost

Home Theaters are better than stereo speakers because of their ability to detect low-frequency sounds. They have select circuitry and they can amplify them without causing any distortion.

  1. Bluetooth Receiver

Today, all of us have Smartphones and all Smartphones have Bluetooth. Moreover, Smartphones have access to millions of songs. So, wouldn’t it be better to simply connect the smartphone with the home theater using Bluetooth and without having to deal with wires and ports? Connecting via Bluetooth is easy, and while the music is playing, you can do other things on Smartphones as well.

  1. High-Frequency Response

The audible range of human beings is 20Hz-20 KHz, and any audio device should be able to produce sound in this frequency range. Acoustic Audio AA5170 produces sound exactly in this range.

  1. Front Panel Controls

This home theater system has a front panel control which allows you to control the settings using a remote control. You can change volumes, switch between modes, control stereo settings etc. with the remote control.

  1. USB/SD Card

Micro SD cards have become the new storehouse of music, and there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a Bluetooth supported device because you can connect an SD card directly to the home theater using an SD card reader.  The USB connection also allows you to connect your phone or any other device with the home theater.

  1. Plug and Play

It’s always very annoying when you have to change various settings after plugging a device before it’s ready to play. This is why Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater system employs a mechanism called plug and play, which means you can hit the play button as soon as you have connected the device.

  1. Price and Warranty

The price tag of 100$ is no doubt the most eye-catching factor of this home theater. But one may wonder if the system is going to deliver the best performance. The truth is that Goldwood never compromises with performance just to save the money. And this is evident from the fact that Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater carries a lifetime warranty.


  • Stylish design and compact body
  • It can be mounted on a wall.
  • It has a high power rating of 700 watts.
  • The frequency range is between 20Hz to 20 KHz.
  • It supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has a magnetic shield.
  • It has 5.1 sound configuration channels.
  • You can connect USB devices and SD cards.
  • The price is amazingly affordable.


  • The cables are very short.
  • No battery is provided.
  • Many customers have reported problems with Bluetooth connection.
  • There are no troubleshooting instructions.
Bottom Line
Acoustic Audio AA5170 can easily fill your room with beautiful sounds. Setting up is very easy and it is so light that you can hang it on the walls. Connecting other devices with it is very easy and there are many connectivity options such as Bluetooth, AAC jacks etc. Whether you are a game lover or movie lover or music lover, you are going to love this home theater.

While most of the home theater manufacturers are new in the audio world, Nakamichi has been in the market for more than 40 years. The depth of sound engineering and innovation, which is seen in Nakamichi’s products is something which is rarely found in other home theater systems. The ideology which it undertakes is to never compete with anyone, and this is the reason why its products are totally different from others.And now, after so many years, it is once again ready to sway the market with its brand new Shockwafe Pro 7.1ch DS 600W Home Theatre. Instead of bragging and exaggerated features, this home theater is solely focused on the thing which matters the most—sound quality. It has 7.1 sound configuration, it has a power rating of 600W, and it can be connected with almost every device. The price of the 600W version is 649$, while the lower power rating versions have a slightly lower price.

Product Features

  1. Body and Design

The color of the home theater is mostly black with the rear of the speakers being white. It has a very stylish look and it will provide a very modern look to your living room. This home theater is a collection of one 8-inch wireless subwoofer, two rear surround speakers, and one slim soundbar. The length of the surround soundbar is 45.5 inch, and its height is 3.2-inches only. Actually, it’s quite difficult to be classified into large or small but, it’ll fit in rooms of all sizes. It’s actually meant to be placed on the wall like a tube light.

The size of the subwoofer is 7.5-inches by 12.3-inches by 16.7-inches. The height of 16.7-inches is not too much for a small room and you can stuff it either below or behind the TV. It has an 8-inch drive which is very powerful. It connects to the devices wirelessly and so you don’t have to worry about tangling your feet in the wires.  It has very strong connectivity and it will give an amazing sound even if the connecting device is in a different room.

  1. SSE

A home theater always makes you feel like you’re swimming in the sea of lovely music, and Nakamichi’s Spatial Surround Elevation will take you to a new dimension of surround music.  Spatial: Through the spatial amplification, Nakamichi engages 4-6 tweeters of high frequency that brings you great details in the music and enhances the directionality of surround sound.

Surround – Nakamichi Shockwafe performs unpeeling of the sound and optimizes the volumes and phases so as to maintain the balance and clarity of the sound through all channels.

Elevation – Through elevation, Nakamichi Shockwafe processes the 3D contents, DTS: X and Dolby Atmos. By interlacing the height effect on the speakers’ drivers, it helps you in experiencing the greatest immersive perception.

  1. Easy Set Up

Installing the Shockwafe Home Theater System is a very easy task. All you need is to connect the subwoofer to the device. You can do it by Bluetooth or with the cables in the device. Then you have to connect the surround speakers, and the home theater is ready to blow your mind.  If you are a beginner and haven’t had much experience of how to generate the best sound, then the manual will help you out.
The home theater has a remote control through which you can control the settings.

If you dedicate some time, then you’ll be a pro in no time. However, for your convenience, there are already a few preset options such as games, movies, night mode, sports, music, television etc. The night mode is very handy when you’re playing music at night and don’t want your family to get disturbed. The Shockwafe menu is also very easy. The LCD controller provides you with all the options. In the beginning, you may feel like you’re not getting anything, but you’ll understand them soon.

  1. Multiple Connectivity Options

The Nakamichi Shockwafe is meant to fulfill all types of audio needs. With 7.1 channel configuration, you can enjoy audio from 4K sources as well. This home theater system is able to connect almost all devices, including the HDMI and DTS decoders. The other connectivity inputs include ARC output. HDMI, coaxial digital connectors, 3.5mm jacks, USB ports etc. The USB port comes in use while performing the updates.

  1. Bluetooth

Today all electronic devices have Bluetooth and it is the easiest way of establishing the connection as well. Nakamichi Shockwafe has 3.0 Bluetooth, which is known for delivering high standards with a wireless connection.

  1. Amazing Audio Quality

Initially, you may have some problems, but once you have adapted to the control options, this home theater will prove to be even more than what you may expect.  Trying to trace the speaker with the direction of the sound is almost impossible, and you won’t feel like you’re not in a cinema.  The credit for the immersive sound goes to no doubt the 7.1 sound configuration of the home theater. The clarity of sound produced by most of the home theaters decreases when you increase the volume, but this is not the case with Nakamichi Shockwafe. You’ll receive all the sounds even when you’re playing something that demands a high audio.

  1. Price

The price tag of the 600W version of Nakamichi Shockwafe is 649$, while for lesser power versions, you have to pay even less. It’s true that you will find the same features in other home theaters as well, but they’ll be definitely expensive.


  • It has 7.1-configuration which allows it to connect with 4K devices.
  • The power rating of this home theatre is 600W, which powers the speakers to offer 104DB.
  • The Spatial Surround Elevation takes the user’s experience to a new level.
  • The device can connect with all types of electronic devices.
  • The subwoofer has an 8-inch powerful driver.
  • The Bluetooth connection delivers high-quality streaming.
  • Setting up the home theater is very simple.
  • The remote control has all the control options.


  • The USB port doesn’t connect devices.
  • Remote control is a bit complicated to understand.
  • There is no stereo mode.
  • The subwoofer is quite large.
Bottom Line

Nakamichi Shockwafe is the perfect example of why deep research and experience beats false boastings. When you compare this home theater with other devices, you’ll find that there’s actually no comparison as Nakamichi Shockwafe is a totally different device. It has a 7.1-channel configuration, it has a large number of connectivity options, and it produces the best sound you’ll ever desire.

[amazon box=”B00YMN69XS”] Product Overview

If you look out for the greatest reason why people still go to cinema halls to watch movies, despite having so many other means is that the sound and picture quality, which can be experienced in a cinema hall is not available in any other mode. We cannot go to cinema halls all the time, but what if there was a home theater that could make us feel the real cinema experience right at our home.Onkyo HT-S5800 Home Theater is exactly that. However, in addition to prioritizing movie watching, this home theater also provides excellent output for music and games. Its most striking feature would include Atmos Dolby sound, powerful subwoofer, top-shelf speakers, Ultra HD ready, Discrete Amplifier, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and 2015 AccuEQ. You can experience all these features at just under 700$.

  1. Body and Design

This home theater looks like an army of speakers ready to fill your room with sensational sound anytime you want. It is a set of six speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The six speakers include two front speakers, two speakers for surround sound, and one central speaker. The color of all the components is utterly black, and they will definitely add to the modernity of your living room.

The total weight of the home theatre is 72 pounds, so except the subwoofer and the center speaker, you can mount all the other speakers on the wall.

  1. Atmos Dolby

Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2-channel provides you with Atmos Dolby Sound. This means that the sound is produced and placed in all dimensions rather than being restricted to channels. When you stand in the room while the home theater is playing, you will feel the sound is not only coming from every direction but also from the overhead.

The importance of Atmos Dolby increases even more when you’re watching movies as it allows you to hear every sound such as whirling of winds to turning of pages.  The sound is really breathtaking and captivating. Another advantage of this home theater is that you can expand your channel-based content to other flexible layout speakers.

  1. Multiple modes

Every type of entertainment has slightly varying sound themes, and although focusing especially on movies, this home theatre provides you multiple modes so that you can enjoy amazing sound whether you’re listening to music, playing games or watching sports. Changing modes is very simple and you can do it with the help of the remote.

  1. Powerful Subwoofer

The reason why the home theater is a specialist of movies is the bellows and deep bass produced by the subwoofer. The weight of the subwoofer is 21 pounds and it is best placed under the TV. While most of the other subwoofers use 8-inch drivers, this home theater has a 10-inch driver. You can control the bass so as not to disturb your neighbors and family members.

  1. Top Shelf Speakers

The front speakers have strong bass reflection and include the midrange drivers of 5-inches. They also have a balanced dome tweeter to generate accurate and immersive audio. These speakers have 3-1/4-inch cones up-firing powered by the height channels. The precision driver and tweeters are located close to each other so that they can enhance the clarity and richness by acting as a single source.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is present in almost all devices today, and it is also the easiest way to connect two devices. This home theater uses Bluetooth 2.1, which is considered as flawless. You can add up to mind-boggling ten Bluetooth devices at a time and switch through them according to your choice.

  1. 4K video Ready

This feature is something that is found only in the latest and high-end home theaters. This home theater has HDCP 2.2 and it can transmit 4K video at the rate of 60 frames per second, and that also with no deterioration. It has a high bandwidth to support 2160p, which is at least 4 times clearer than 1080p resolution.

  1. Discrete Amplifiers

This home theater delivers high currents to the speakers through Discrete Amplifiers which result in dynamic and accurate audio production.  The receiver utilizes a massive power of 115W/ch.

  1. 2015 AccuEQ

HT-S5800 home theater has Onkyo’s proprietary AccuEQ technology which is meant for setting the distance level and crossovers for all the speakers. This also eliminates lingering waves. You can select the EQ modes according to your preference or you can select the one from available presets.

  1. Easy To Set Up

The setting up of Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2 Home Theater is very easy as all the speakers connect to the subwoofer. If you face any problem, then you can use the instruction manual. If you need extra help, then you can talk to the customer care service.

  1. Multiple Connectivity Options

You can connect almost all types of devices which you can ever want to connect with this home theater. It doesn’t have a disk player, but there are inputs for Blu-ray and game console. You can also play MP3 music and other streaming devices with the USB port.

  1. Price and Warranty

The price tag of this home theater is 700$. This is not actually a budget price, but looking at the features and the audio quality which it delivers, you can expect to get back what you pay.  This product comes with a long warranty of 5 years, and so you can be relieved that you’re not going to pay anything for a long time.


  • It provides Atmos Dolby Sound.
  • There are a large number of connectivity options.
  • It is excellent for the movie experience.
  • The power rating is high.
  • It is 4K ready.
  • It uses Onkyo’s proprietary 2015 AccuEQ.


  • It is a large home theater and it is not suitable for small rooms.
  • There is no Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • There are no Ethernet jacks.
  • The price is very high.
Bottom Line

Onkyo HT-S5800 has been designed with the mindset of providing everything that a home theater should have. It produces Atmos Dolby Sound and it allows you almost all types of connectivity options. It is also Ultra HD Ready and it uses discreet amplifiers.

If you are looking or such an advanced home theater, then you should get this home theater without a second thought.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for enhancing the quality of audio in your home to match that of the cinema halls, then Polk Audio RM670 5.1 Channel Speaker Home Theater promises to give you everything you want. This home theater can be seen as an improvement over the things that were once considered as the disadvantage of Polk Audio.The midrange response is better, the subwoofer has a powerful 8-inch driver, and there are some other cool features which you’re definitely going to love. And what’s best is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to own this home theatre.Product Features

  1. Body and Design

When it comes to its design, this is one of the coolest home theaters you’ll ever come across in the market. The color of this home theater is black which the best-suited color for electronic devices. The curved shape of the front gives a stylish look to all the speakers. This home theater is a collection of 6 speakers which include 2 surround speakers, 2 front speakers, 1 central channel speakers and 1 powerful subwoofer.

The size of all the components of the home theaters is not very big and you can easily accommodate all of them in a small room.  You can place all the speakers either on the floor or mount them on the wall as there are slots provided on the back. They come with a cover which protects the tweeter and midrange from getting dirty.

  1. Polymer Composite Cone Drivers

The advantage of speakers which have cone speakers is that they can deliver very gorgeous sound even with a compact designed speaker. The Polk Audio RM670 utilizes cone drivers made up of composite polymer which is, in addition to being efficient and lightweight, provides a distortion-free midrange. In the center speaker, there are two high quality drivers which deliver an amazing audio output.

  1. Baffle and Grille Design

When it comes to audio, the design of the speakers also matter. The best-considered design for audio systems is baffle and grille design, which is present in this home theater system. It helps you by delivering a truly immersive sound which will make you feel like you’re drowning in it. It’s just impossible to track which direction the sound is coming from.

  1. Silk Dome Tweeters

The advantage of soft tweeters is that they distribute the damping and compliance equally through the tweeters. They produce sounds with high frequency, ranging from 20Hz from 20 KHz. In this home theatre, there are silk dome tweeters which deliver smooth high and better imaging.

  1. Polypropylene

The use of polypropylene thermoplastic in manufacturing the home theater not only reduces the cost but also provides uniformity. As for sound, they are very lousy and damped. Moreover, they also reduce resonance so you can set the natural sound instead of increasing frequency sounds.

  1. 1 Channel Configuration

While most of the other home theaters in this range come with 5.1 channel speakers, Polk Audio RM670 comes with 7.1-channel configuration systems. This way you can add two extra speakers. Such home theaters are the one which provides you with a full surround effect.

  1. Powerful Subwoofer

The subwoofer has an inbuilt amplifier which consumes 50 watts in regular mode and around 100 watts in when you’re playing in dynamic mode. With the help of amplifiers, you can also control volume levels, signal sensing, low passive filters, and automatic power.

There’s also a phase toggle which provides some additional control options.  The subwoofer has an 8-inch long power driver which provides a dynamic balance for longer excursion and linearity, and thus ultimately results in the strong musical bass.

  1. Easy Setting Up

Installing the home theater system at home is a very easy task. All you need is to connect the preferred device to the subwoofer and then connect the speakers to the subwoofer. The connectivity is strong and you can receive the amazing audio in other room as well. If you have any problem, then you can refer to the user manual.

  1. Magnetic Shield

When a speaker is placed near the TV or any CRT monitor, the magnetic field created by these devices may destroy the delicate electronics of the speakers. But Polk Audio deals with the problem by providing a second magnet, which shields the electronics from the strong magnetic field.

  1. Price and Warranty

The price tag of this home theater is just under 600$, but on Amazon and other online stores, you can get it for less than 400$. This is an amazing bargain considering the features and audio quality which this home theater delivers.

For the same features, you’ll have to pay a higher price with other brands. As for the warranty, you get a long warranty of 5 years on speakers, while on the subwoofer, you get 3 years warranty. So, you’re not going to worry about problems for very long.


  • This home theater is stylish and compact and lightweight.
  • The speakers can be mounted on the wall.
  • The 3-/4-inch polymer cone drive provides distortion-free midrange.
  • It has a baffled and grille design which provides wide dispersion and superior imaging.
  • The silk dome tweeters produce sounds with high frequency.
  • It has a magnetic shield.
  • Subwoofer houses in an inbuilt power amplifier.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The cable is not very long.
  • At high volume, the sounds feel like overlapping.
  • Many people have complained about connectivity problems.
Bottom Line

When you listen to the audio delivered by this home theater, you will feel what sound engineering really is. The striking features of this home theater include compact body, Dolby Sound, multiple connectivity options, and easy control options.
If you are looking for a truly promising home theater, then you should definitely get this home theater.

[amazon box=”B01JOBIFP2″] Product Overview

The technology of home theaters has advanced at an impressive rate over the last few years, but many people have this perception that to experience most of the advanced features, you will have to spend a fortune. But Pioneer has shattered this perception with its new 5.1 Home Theatres System HTP-074. It is one of those very few home theaters which have been able to pack so many features at a price tag of less than 450$.It has HDR support, 5.1-channel configuration, Bluetooth connectivity, multiple HDMI ports, and its power rating is 100W/ch. Moreover, it is 3D ready for broadcast, Blu-ray and games, and it allows HD pass-through of 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Product Features
  1. Body and Design

In its quest to pack everything in a home theatres at such a price, Pioneer has started with the body. The color of the home theatres is dark black which looks very cool and stylish.  The home theater is a collection of 5 compact speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

The power rating of the speaker is 150 watts while the power rating of the subwoofer is 100W.  The center speakers and the subwoofer are quite big, but lightweight, and since other speakers are very compact and small, you can easily mount them on the wall.

  1. HDR Support

HDR means High Dynamic Range. It’s a new innovation in the world of visual technology and it aims at creating images which are similar to the images as seen by our eyes. It works by balancing out the dark and light areas on the screen, and by filling the realistic colors in the images it brings sumptuous colors, depth and more realism.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity

All electronic devices today come with inbuilt Bluetooth, and this is also one of the best connectivity options. In this home theater, you’ll find Bluetooth 3.0 which is considered as best when it comes to flawless streaming. You can connect any device with Bluetooth to this home theater and start streaming.  It also has AZDP profile, which allows you to connect devices with SBC and AAC codec.

  1. More Details with 4K Support

Moving on to the next latest technology in this home theater, you’ll find that it delivers highest-quality 4K video resolution at the rate of 60 frames per second. So, if you want to produce a 4K picture from your Blu-ray device to your 4K television, you can easily do that with the help of this home theater, and you’ll experience no inferior quality.

  1. Next Gen Video Ready

Pioneer 5.1 Home Theatre HTP-074 has got next-gen video measure such as Ultra HD clarity. It helps in creating an excellent contrast between the brightest and the lightest image. If you’re planning to buy new devices, then choose only those which have a contrast ratio of more than 2000:1.

  1. Compressed audio for quality sound

No matter how fancy things a home theater can do, the bottom line is always great audio, and this home theater takes very good care of that. It has the ability to generate new signals that can restore minor details which are generally excluded during the process of compression.

It is the result of this feature that you can hear even minute sounds such as ripple of winds and the rustling sound of a leaf. While using Blu-Ray discs, you will experience the true HD Dolby Sound, which is greatly immersive and you’ll feel like drowning in the sea of music.

  1. Front USB Input

USB ports in which you can directly insert your pen drive or any other USB supported device are becoming more and more popular. Most of the home theaters provide USB ports at the rear which are quite difficult to access. Pioneer 5.1 HTP-074 Home Theater provides USB terminals at the front. All you have to do is to connect the USB memory stick and you are ready to play music files of multiple formats such as MP3, WMA, and AAC.

  1. Easy Setting Up

Installing this home theater in your room is no big deal. All you need is to connect the devices to the subwoofer. There are a large number of HDMI ports available in this home theater. Next, you’ll connect the speakers to the subwoofer and then you’re done. Pioneer HTP-074 Home Theater comes with an instruction manual which will guide you in the process.

You also get a remote control with this home theater which has all the control options. You can change the volume, change audio modes, manage Bluetooth connected devices, and much more with the remote control. All the settings and control options may feel overwhelming at first, but after playing or a few minutes, you’ll become the real pro.

  1. Eco Mode

As the name suggests, it is something related to energy saving capabilities. Home theaters need to have a high power rating for delivering great surround sound, but that also means increasing your electricity bills. So, the best option is to choose a home theater that can save energy as well. In this home theater, you will find two types of ECO modes: ECO mode 1 and ECO mode 2.

The function of ECO mode 1 is to maintain the audio quality while saving energy when you’re playing music from CD or 2ch files. It saves a moderate amount of energy. ECO mode 2, on the other hand, can save high energy when playing dynamic contents such as movies and concerts. You can switch between the modes, either from the remote or from the front panel.

  1. Price and Warranty

As said before, this is a home theater with all the advanced features at an affordable price. So, it can be said that the price tag of 450$ is the most justified price for this home theater.  As for the warranty, you will get a full 1-year warranty on this product.


  • It allows 4K HD Display pass-through at 60fps.
  • It comes with HDR support for realistic images.
  • It produces Dolby TrueHD sound.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It doesn’t have an inbuilt CD/DVD player.
  • The speakers are not wireless.
  • It doesn’t have WI-FI connection.
Bottom Line

The best phrase to describe this home theater would be “Highly Advanced”. Its most striking features would include HDR support and excellent audio quality.

If you’re searching for such an advanced home theater for your home, then your search ends here.

It is not possible for us to go to a cinema hall all the time to enjoy the amazing, immersive sound, but thanks to the modern technologies that we can now experience exactly the same experience as that of cinema halls right at our home with the help of home theaters, and Yamaha is no doubt one of the most dedicated brands in the world of home theatres.YHT-4930UBL is another home theater in their collection, which has so many exciting features with 5.1-channel sound configuration, Bluetooth connectivity, 4K Ultra HD Support, and an inbuilt amplifier. And the best thing is that you’ll get all these features for just under 460$.

Product Features

  1. Body and Design

4930UBL is considered as an in-box home theater, which means that it contains all the components such as speakers, receivers, Blu-ray/DVD/CD player. This home theater is a set of five satellite speakers, an AV receiver, and a powerful subwoofer. The color of all the components is black, which is considered the best color for audio systems.

Being an in-a-box system, all the components are compact and small and they can fit easily even in a very small room. They are light enough to be mounted in a wall, and you can even put them on shelves. The subwoofer is also very compact and you can easily put it under the TV set or behind it.

  1. 1-Channel Configuration

YHT-4930UBL 5.1-channel Home theatre uses 5.1-channel configuration which is the most popular configuration among all types of home theaters. Enjoying multichannel audio had become possible after the development of DVD technology. 5.1-channel configuration is considered better than 3.1-channel as it provides two additional dedicated audio channels. They boost the audio quality and you can place the additional systems either on the back or on the side.

  1. Wireless Streaming with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is now present in all electronic devices such as Smartphones, iPhones, Smart TVs, game consoles, DVD players etc. And the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity is not only that it is easy, but it also doesn’t use any wires. You can easily connect your desired device to this home theater via Bluetooth and start streaming.

  1. 4K HD Pass-through

4K resolution is the latest development in video technology and only high-end and expensive home theaters support them. Thankfully, YHT-4930UBL brings you 4K experience at such an affordable price range. It supports HDCP 2.2 which delivers 4K videos at 60 FPS. It also has HDR video that provides lifelike images on the screen through the large contrast between the brightest and the darkest areas on the screen.

  1. Virtual Cinema Front

This technology has been developed by Yamaha. This comes into play when we cannot place the speakers in the rear. You can install every speaker at the front and the home theater will make it feel the sound is coming from the back as well. With this technology, Yamaha YHT9430UBL is able to produce an immersive audio quality despite being categorized as an in-a-box home theater. You cannot get this experience in any other in-box home theater.

  1. Cinema DSP

DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing. It is a prefix used by Yamaha to define some of its audio equipment.  With the help of Cinema DSP, this home theater supports HD audio playback such as DTS-HD Audio and Dolby TrueHD. It is very helpful in providing expansive and natural imaging of the audio. It completely transforms the acoustic environment, according to which mode (cinema, music, game, Blu-ray etc.) you’re using.

  1. YPAO Sound Adjustment

The quality of the audio also depends on the room. However, it’s always better to get a room theater that matches with all types of rooms instead of changing your room according to the home theater. This home theater from Yamaha uses a special technology called YPAO that analyzes the acoustics of the room and adjusts the parameters so as to create the best audio. This smart system is something you won’t find in other home theaters other than those of Yamaha’s.

  1. Extra Bass

This home theater uses low-range enhancing technology, which helps the speaker in delivering a rich bass and maintaining the right localization and balance. It is this feature that makes it a perfect choice for movie viewing. The subwoofer is also very powerful with an 8-inch driver. It also has an inbuilt amplifier.

  1. Price and Warranty

The price tag of this home theater is 460$. It cannot be considered as a budget home theater, but looking at the features and audio quality output, this price is not too much to pay. Yamaha is commended for the quality of its products, and so you don’t need to worry about the functioning. However, for your satisfaction, Yamaha gives you a long warranty on functional and physical problems.


  • The in-box design makes the home theater very compact and fit for all types of rooms.
  • It has a 5.1-channel configuration.
  • The virtual cinema front makes you feel like the audio is coming from all directions.
  • The YPAO sound optimization adjusts the sound parameters according to the room.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It delivers extra bass.
  • It supports HD audio playback.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • Yamaha provides a long warranty with this home theater.


  • The in-box design has some limitations when you compare them with other home theatres.
  • The subwoofer is small and less powerful.
  • There are a limited number of HDMI inputs.
  • There’s no Wi-Fi connection.
  • Some customers have complained about connectivity problems.
Bottom Line
The name of Yamaha behind a product is enough to describe its authenticity and reliability. This home theater has so many exciting features that will compel you to get it for your home. It has a stylish design, YPAO sound optimization, Virtual Cinema Front, Bluetooth connectivity, extra bass and much more. If you’re looking for a promising home theatre that takes your music experience to a whole new level, then get this home theater today.

[amazon box=”B00WZOE500″] Product Overview

When we talk of best home theaters in the market, it is impossible to miss out one from the South Korean Giant Samsung. It has been the leader of electronic home appliances and same is the case with its Home Theater.  One of the features which you will rarely find in other home theaters is the web browser. It has a massive power rating of 1000W, which explains how well the speakers are going to work.It has all types of connectivity options including the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet. It supports 3D Blu-ray and also the standard Blu-ray. In addition to Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity, it also has audio and video inputs and USB ports. You can also listen to the radio with the home theater. As for the price, it’s available for less than 450$.Product Overview

  1. Body and Design

As for the color, this home theater is completely black, which is considered the coolest and most stylish color for audio devices. The components look classy and they will definitely add to the modern look of your living room. The home theater is a set of one 3D Blu-ray amplifier and player, two surround speakers, two front speakers, one central speaker, and a powerful subwoofer.

The surround and front speakers are very light and you can place them either on the floor or on the shelves. The subwoofer is also small and you can shove it right under the Television set or behind it.

  1. Web Browser

You won’t find a lot of home theaters which come with a web browser, but the Samsung 5.1-channel 1000W home theater does. With the help of this web browser, you can visit all types of websites on your TV screen. You can also stream your favorite TV shows, install apps, surf social media, and do some online shopping as well.

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi

Wireless connectivity is in the bottom line of this home theater, and the Wi-Fi is one such wireless connectivity provided in this home theater. You can easily sync other Wi-Fi supporting devices to this home theater and get access to your favorite games, movies, apps, concerts etc. Not only this, but you can also play the content from mobile devices and PC to a connected media.

  1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another wireless connectivity option available in this home theater. Bluetooth is even easier and more widely used connectivity than Wi-Fi, and almost all devices have this facility. You can easily connect your Bluetooth supporting devices to this home theater and start playing your favorite music anytime you want.

  1. Wireless Rear Speakers

To create amazing, immersive audio, speakers at the rear are as important as the speakers on the front. The combination of all these speakers creates such immersive audio that you’d feel like drowning by the music. They boost audio quality in all modes, whether it is movie, sport, music or game.

  1. Blu-ray Support

In addition to supporting normal DVD players, this home theater also supports Blu-ray DVD players. With this feature, you take your streaming experience to a totally new level with cutting-edge apps, web browsing, and other smart services.

  1. 3D Blu-Ray

3D is the norm today. All the latest TVs are coming with 3D feature, and Hollywood is also pumping out tons of 3d movies. So, why shouldn’t get a home theater like Samsung 5.1-channel 1000W home theater which supports 3D picture. All you need is a 3D TV and 3D glasses and you’re set to dive into the three dimensional virtual world.

  1. DTS NeoFusion

There are multiple processing modes in this home theater, and most important is the DTS NeoFusion. It has a similar setting as that of any Blu-Ray/DVD player. DTS is encoded with a larger data rate as compared to Dolby, and this is the reason why it is considered better than Dolby. DTS NeoFusion is not found on any home theater other than Samsung home theaters because this is a proprietary technology of Samsung.

  1. HDMI

In addition to wireless connectivity, this home theater also has tons of wired connectivity options, and the best of them is the HDMI network. The advantage of HDMI over other connectivity options is that it is able to transport the high bandwidth of data with just a single cable. For connecting the TV and Laptops to the home theater, you won’t find anything better than HDMI. Moreover, there’s a 3d Ethernet.

  1. Dolby True HD

This home theater allows you to enjoy the full HD audio. It processes the 2-channel audio so as to create a real crisp and enhanced bass. You’ll be able to hear even the minutest detail with this home theater.

  1. Additional Features

The list of features is something that will never end with this home theater. The additional features of this home theater are USB ports, AllsharePlay, Samsung Apps etc.

  1. Price

The cost of this home theater is 459$, which, despite being higher than the budget price, can be justified on the account of a long list of features, audio quality and connectivity options.


  • It has a 5.1-channel configuration.
  • It has a high power rating of 1000W.
  • It supports 3D Blu-ray picture.
  • You’ll get a web browser to stream your favorite movies and videos on the TV screen.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity options.
  • It has Wi-Fi support.
  • The wireless rear speakers produce immersive sound.
  • It produces Dolby True HD sound.
  • Its price is less than 450$.


  • It has only one HDMI port.
  • At high volume, the sound clarity decreases.
  • Many customers have complained about problems with Blu-ray devices.
Bottom Line
Samsung is a name everyone is familiar with, and after using this home theater, you’ll understand why it’s the leader in the electronics world. Most important advantages of the Samsung 5.1-channel 1000W Bluetooth Home theater are the Wi-Fi connectivity and pre-installed web browser. It supports 3D Blu-ray discs and it delivers high audio quality.

[amazon box=”B0779GRFWF”] Product Overview

Whether it is design, or technology, or connectivity, or something else, Klipsch always believes in doing something different. And there can be no better example than the Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System. You can see the difference just by looking at its horn-loaded aluminum tweeter and copper woofers.The speakers are very small and you can place them anywhere you want. The subwoofer is wireless and down-firing, and it has been designed in a way to fill your room with amazing immersive audio. As for performance, you won’t feel like you’re not in a cinema hall, and you’ll be able to hear every single detail clearly. With a price just under 1000$, it proves to be a bridge between the low-end and high-end home theaters.

Product Features

  1. Body and Design

While other brands have to strive hard and copy each other’s design to somehow look appealing enough to catch the customers’ eyes, this home theater sways the view with its looks only. First of all, the speakers are very small, and they have a brushed-black finish which makes them able to blend in with any environment. The speakers come with removable fabric grilles, and when you remove them, you’ll see the copper woofers of size 3.5-inch.

These woofers have an attractive metallic color, and the tweeter has been made with horn-loaded technology. It is something that you won’t find in any other home theater. As for the placement of the speakers, Klipsch Black Reference provides multiple options: you can place them on the floor; you can mount them on the walls with the rear keyholes, or you can place them on the shelves.

The subwoofer is also very compact. It is wireless as well. You can place it under the TV or behind it depending on your choice.  The height of the surround speaker is just eight-inches and the length of the central speaker is just 11-inches.

  1. Powerful Subwoofer

In addition to increasing the versatility options of the home theater, the subwoofer has other advantages too. It has a massive 2.4 GHz transmitter which helps it to receive the signal wirelessly. Its power rating is very high with 150 watts. The down-firing driver is 8-inch long, and it is the main player behind filling your room with earth-shattering sound.

  1. Powerful Copper Woofers

Klipsch has employed a unique copper-spun technology for its woofers. With this technology, the drivers not only look stylish but they are also able to deliver articulate and smooth midbass for movie and soundtracks.  The right and left speakers in this home theater have a three and a half inch woofer. The central speaker, on the other hand, has sufficient space for two woofers—one on either side—and there’s a tweeter in the center.

  1. High Frequency Response

In order to play all types of low tones, high tones, and middle tones, it is important for a home theatre to have an excellent frequency response, and this home theater stands very well on our expectations. Its frequency response range is from 38Hz to 23 KHz. This range is the best-considered frequency range as it also covers the audible range of humans,

  1. Tractrix Horn Technology

Tractrix Horn has always been the bottom line of home theaters by Klipsch. In Reference Theater Black 5.1 Surround System, Klipsch has used updated 90 degrees by 90 degrees Tractrix home along with ¾-inch LTS Titanium tweeter. This helps the speakers in delivering smooth acoustic with clarity and precision.

  1. 8-Ohm Impedance

Impedance is another term which defines whether a home theater is good or bad. The benefit of low impedance is that more current reaches the speaker, but it can also damage it. Klipsch 5.1 Black Reference is 8-ohm compatible. This impedance is low enough to allow adequate current to pass to the speaker and high enough to save it from getting damaged.

  1. Cinematic Performance

With the help of molded graphite woofers, this home theater is able to deliver excellent acoustic performance.  The cones are exceptionally lighter, but very rigid. They can catch the sounds of even the lowest frequencies and amplify them without distortions. It’s the LTS technology that enhances the detailed performance. LTS tweeters are actually the most important component of Klipsch speakers.

  1. Easy Set Up

The speakers in the home theater don’t have a lot of bass as the speakers are tiny. It’s best to use an AV receiver which sets up to 100 Hz, and you’ll find plenty of such receivers in the market. Moreover, the sound produced by the speakers is directional and they can be placed along the best listening positions for best audio output.

  1. Price and Warranty

As we said, this home theater from Klipsch is a bridge between the high-end and low-end home theaters. The price tag of this home theater is 999$, which is surely not a budget-friendly in any way. But, looking at the quality and advanced technology employed in this home theatre, this price can be justified.

It’s always better to get a very good home theater at such a price than to get an inferior home theater at a slightly lower price.  As for warranty, Klipsch provides you with a full 2-year warranty.


  • It has an innovative body design which makes it compact and small.
  • You can place the speaker anywhere you want.
  • The acoustic performance is superior.
  • You’ll experience no footprint.
  • The LTS tweeters lessen the distortion and produce great details.
  • The subwoofer is powerful with 8-inch driver and 150-watt power supply.


  • There’s no Bluetooth connection.
  • The receiver must have a frequency range of 110 Hz or else connection is very difficult.
  • There’s no Wi-Fi and HDMI connection.
  • The price is too high.
Bottom Line

If You are looking for an all round home theater so as to boost your audio experience, then you should definitely get this home theatre.


The competition between the leading brands is forcing them for continuous innovation in the technology of home theaters and keeping the prices low at the same time. There are many companies like Samsung, Onkyo, Nakamichi, Klipsch etc., which have a number of excellent home theaters in the market. All you have to do is to figure out what you want and how much is your budget. Don’t forget to check out the Best Projector under $1000.

We hope that with this detailed article, we have helped you understand a lot about the popular home theaters in the market, and we are also sure that you must have decided which one you are getting for your living room.


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