Best Laptops under $700-Buying Guide


Today will will review Best Laptops under $700. The use of electronic devices has reached a new height in the modern digital era. It can be either mobile phones or laptops, computers, or tablets. These have become an integral part of our daily life. We require the use of one or more of these devices at home, the office, and educational institutions. Our day-to-day activities have become much easier and more efficient with this technology.

A laptop is an electronic device that is mostly used nowadays. It has both the features of a laptop as well as a normal desktop computer. Many different companies around the world produce the best laptops under $700 and can be chosen accordingly. It is preferred over computers since it is compatible and easy to carry. Every information of your life, be it files or images, can be securely stored in a laptop.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should own a laptop in the 21st century:

No one can deny the importance of laptops in the office. The documents, files, presentations, and emails can be completed and located on the laptop. Even meetings and discussions with partners and clients can be conveniently conducted using a laptop.

You may be a high-school student or a freshman in college, but you require a laptop in both stages. This super amazing gadget can easily help you complete assignments and projects. You do not need just a pen and paper anymore! More and more schools and colleges are allowing students to carry laptops to the classroom. This ensures engaging and fun learning at every step.

Gaming can either be your hobby or your profession. Once you own a laptop, you don’t need other items like a DVD player. All the controls and setups are automatically available with the game. Plus, you can also adjust the screen brightness, so you don’t damage your sight while playing for long hours.

How much time do you spend in theaters every year? What if you can have the same in the comfort of your homes? Many online streaming platforms are available like Netflix, which can make this dream of yours come true. All you need to do is subscribe. Then watch the movies and series of your choice in your room whenever you want.

A few clicks and you can easily communicate with your family and friends anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a laptop with a reliable internet connection. It’s that simple! The miles separating you from people can be shortened to a few clicks, thanks to this amazing gadget.

The features of a laptop are endless, keeping in mind how fast the modern world is advancing. Buying a laptop means a great investment for at least the next 5 to 10 years. So, it is important to choose precisely the one that fulfills all your needs.

Since the options for choosing a laptop are many, you may find it difficult to choose the right one. Read the article further to find out the ten best laptops under $700.

Best Laptops under $700

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This laptop comes with the best price tag, so it’s the first choice in the best laptops under $700. For the past few months, it has been the best-selling laptop on Amazon. It is the number one laptop choice preferred by people. The reason is that this laptop is very powerful and easily portable since it weighs just 3.97 pounds.

⦁ The display size is quite huge at 15.6 inches. The full HD display has an LED-backlit keyboard and amazing graphic display.
⦁ The dual-core processor is very powerful. It is 2.6 GHz and can be boosted up to 3.5 GHz.
⦁ It has a battery life of 7.5 hours, once fully charged.
⦁ The laptop comes with two stereo speakers, which are built-in. It gives out a clear sound with enhanced volume.
⦁ It comes with expandable storage of 128 GB SSD.


  • The performance is up to par for a laptop priced at just $345.
  • The design is sleek, and the touchpad is very comfortable to use.
  • The battery life is amazing.


  • The quality of internal accessories is just fair.
  • The bezels of the display are not so small.
  • The software is Microsoft 10S, which may not be liked by many people.
Bottom Line
Overall, this laptop is the best laptop under $700 to fulfill all your basic computing needs. The 4 GB RAM helps with easy storage. The screen quality is very sharp, and the audio produced is rich and clear. Such a feature is rarely found in low-priced laptops. The software is upgradeable to Linux. This laptop is perfect for kids & teenagers as well as senior citizens since the functions can be easily understood.

This laptop is the best laptop under $700 if the 8 GB RAM catches your eye instantly. With a fast-moving life, you need to have an equally speedy laptop too. ASUS VivoBook does the work. It is compact and quite travel-friendly. The display is Nano-edged on all four sides, and it is frameless too. It weighs 3.75 pounds.

⦁ The screen to body ratio is 88%, which is quite impressive. The visuals produced are amazing and crystal clear.
⦁ The CPU has the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1.
⦁ It has 128 GB NVMe storage capacity. Also, 8 GB DDR4 RAM is included, assuring lightning speed.
⦁ The keyboard is ergonomically backlit. It also has a fingerprint sensor that gets activated through Windows hello.
⦁ There are many comprehensive connections, such as USB 3.2 Type A and C, USB 2.0, and HDMI.


  • The build quality is rock-solid with an attractive and modern aesthetic.
  • The speed quality has improved if compared to its predecessors, without making many compromises.
  • It is perfect for everyday activities which can be fulfilled excellently.


  • The display isn’t colorful. Also, it does not support Thunderbolt 3.
  • The TFT panel is not very good. Some customers have rated it the worst.
  • The laptop may stop recognizing hard disks after some time.
Bottom Line
If you are a college student, then this is the best laptop under $700. It is affordable with a large storage space as an add-on. This laptop strikes a perfect balance between a large display and excellent performance. You can nicely view all the web pages. It comes with a one-year accidental damage protection tag too. So, there isn’t any need to worry if you spill coffee while working on your project.

The New HP laptop is another name for the powerhouse and the best laptops under $700. It can handle an entire project and entertain with its amazing 11-hour battery backup. The product is lightweight and very lean. This feature makes it easily portable, whether it’s to the office or the dorm rooms!

⦁ The screen supports 10-finger multi-touch. The 15.6 inch touchscreen is HD WLED.
⦁ It has Intel Core i3, which is the 10th generation and the latest.
⦁ It consists of Intel UHD graphics, audio HD set-up, and stereo speakers.
⦁ The SDRAM is 8 GB DDR4, along with 128 GB SSD. It does not support optical drive.
⦁ It supports Bluetooth 4.2, 1 HDMI 1.4, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C, and 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A.


  • The screen size is great, and the laptop starts up in a short time.
  • Photoshop, Lighthouse, and Illustrator can be easily accessed and used.
  • It is easy to set up, and the touch screen works well.


  • Highly detailed games may not work well on this laptop.
  • An internal disk drive is not available.
  • The laptop lags a lot while loading some web pages and apps.
Bottom Line
The features of this laptop are parallel with the price tag it has. This is the best laptop under $700 if you are someone on a laptop for the whole day. The battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion. This ensures a long battery life and can help you to complete your work easily. The touchscreen works well. It is best suited for home use. The sleek and compact figure helps you fit this laptop even in the thinnest of bags.

If you love the combination of Lenovo and a lightweight laptop, then this one is the best laptop under $700. This laptop is flexible and convertible. It is going to please a large section of people who want a convertible laptop that fits their budget. The CPU is a fourth-generation AMD Ryzen 4000 processor, which makes it outstanding. It is easily portable in any form.

⦁ The DDR4 memory is 16 GB with 256 GB of SSD storage.
⦁ It comes with a Lenovo Active Pen, which works perfectly with the touchscreen.
⦁ It weighs just 3.64 pounds. The thickness is less than 1 inch when closed.
⦁ It has a battery life of up to 10 hours. It only needs to be plugged in for just an hour to get 80% battery charged.
⦁ The touchscreen laptop can be easily converted into a tablet, thanks to the 360o hinge.


  • The 7nm AMD Ryzen promises a six-core strong performance.
  • The keyboard is comfortable to use. The convertible design is sturdy.
  • It is rare to get a lightweight laptop with an affordable price tag.


  • The option for discrete graphics is lacking.
  • The touchpad may seem a little wobbly to use sometimes.
  • The display isn’t very overwhelming. Also, there is no option for Wi-Fi 6.
Bottom Line
The impressive performance combined with good battery life makes Lenovo Flex 5 the best laptop under $700. It is best suited for you if the design is not an issue for you. Also, you get a convertible laptop without burning a hole in your pocket. The camera is HD 720p and comes with a physical privacy shutter. It ensures unwanted attention. If you are involved in business with regular meetings, this one will best suit all your needs.

Looking for a decent laptop with good specifications and not too costly? Well, Acer Swift 3 is the best laptop under $700 to be purchased by you. This laptop is priced at $679. This one consists of super-fast Ryzen 7 4700U CPU along with Radeon graphics. The battery life is pretty decent. The laptop is lightweight and makes for an amazing ultrabook.

⦁ It comes with 8 GB RAM, offering greater processing speed. Also, it has 512 GB of storage.
⦁ It supports the fingerprint sensor. A silver chassis design gives it a sleek look.
⦁ It supports Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6. The keyboard is backlit.
⦁ The mouse movements can be done smoothly, without any friction.
⦁ The base is made of non-slip rubber. This ensures that the laptop works in full capacity during heated sessions.


  • Getting an ultrabook with ultra-features at this price is profitable.
  • This can be excellently used for multi tasking.
  • The lightweight structure assures easy usage and portability.


  • The RAM cannot be increased beyond 8 GB. It is fixed.
  • The display is very dim, and the speakers can be middling for some.
  • The dimensions of the laptop are small. Some people may find it uncomfortable to work on it.
Bottom Line
Overall, this laptop is the best laptop under $700 to fulfill all your basic computing needs. The 4 GB RAM helps with easy storage. The screen quality is very sharp, and the audio produced is rich and clear. Such a feature is rarely found in low-priced laptops. The software is upgradeable to Linux. This laptop is perfect for kids & teenagers as well as senior citizens since the functions can be easily understood.

A student’s life is incomplete without having a laptop that can easily handle all their work. 2020 Newest Dell Inspiron is the best laptop under $700 for both high school and college students. The operating system is Windows 10, which is fast and reliable. This budget laptop is priced at $589 and does all your basic works, straightforward.

⦁ It is installed with the Intel Core processor with a flash memory size of 256 GB SSD. This massive storage gives space for storing many files.
⦁ The 14-inch HD is a non-touch display. The screen is anti-glare LED-backlit.
⦁ Any application can be smoothly run on this laptop. This is possible because the RAM has been upgraded to 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM.
⦁ The graphics produced on the screen are Ultra High Definition or UHD.
⦁ It supports the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • The i5 processor is the latest along with Intel Iris graphics.
  • The battery backup is good.
  • One free memory slot is also provided for increasing the storage capacity of the laptop.


  • The display is low resolution and is dim. The keyboard is not backlit.
  • The laptop can overheat if used continuously for a few hours.
  • Certain applications and websites may take a longer time to load.
Bottom Line
Most of the customers who have purchased and are using this laptop are either students or teachers (for online classes). But a large section of users of this laptop is gamers also. If you belong to any of these three categories, then this laptop is the best laptop under $700. This pocket-friendly laptop ensures high performance. You will get the value of every penny spent.
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The name itself reveals for whom this laptop is specifically made. For all businessmen and businesswomen out there, this laptop is the best laptop under $700. Your business requires you to have a super-fast laptop that can handle large files & documents. The Dell Inspiron comes with a storage of 256 GB SSD plus 1 TB HDD! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

⦁ The CPU is of Intel Celeron Processor 4205U of 1.8 GHz. It has a memory of 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM.
⦁ Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is the operating system.
⦁ The display isn’t a touchscreen, but it comes with an anti-glare LED backlight.
⦁ It consists of a DVD drive. A built-in microphone with an HD webcam is also featured.
⦁ It supports 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI and combination audio jack. Stereo speakers emit a loud and clear voice.


  • It is well-built and can be used for both offices as well as work from home purposes.
  • The Microsoft Office is preinstalled. So, you do not need to shell out extra money.
  • It starts and lights up quickly without any lagging.


  • The battery backup isn’t very good.
  • Some buyers have complained of a defect in the speakers.
  • The webcam does not capture very clear images and videos.
Bottom Line
A professional working 24/7 would require a laptop on the go for every need related to business. For such people, the best laptop under $700 is this laptop from Dell. The features are amazing and can easily adjust to your business requirements. It comes with a free mouse pad as a gift from Dell. A one-year warranty is another reason why you should choose this laptop for your work field.

The Lenovo IdeaPad is another budgeted laptop with almost all features of a high-end laptop. It is the best laptop under $700 for every purpose. It can be either work or studies or gaming; this one equally fulfills every need. The external looks are very attractive. The bandwidth provided is excellent. It can handle multiple applications at one time.

⦁ The laptop is powered by the latest and new AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor. This gives lightning-bolt speed to the laptop.
⦁ A narrow bezel provides · A larger display and clean-cut design on both sides of the laptop.
⦁ It comes with a built-in webcam with a physical shutter, assuring privacy, and security.
⦁ You can enjoy the crystal-clear sound, thanks to the Dolby audio set up with two speakers.
⦁ You can connect easily to the laptop via Bluetooth 4.1, three USB ports. HDMI and two x2 Wi-Fi 5.


  • The construction of the laptop is sturdy. It emits strong performance.
  • The keyboard is comfortable to use. The keys are perfectly sized and easy to click.
  • Memory and speed are pretty reasonable for everyday use.


  • It cannot support heavy game files. The laptop slows down in these situations.
  • The screen isn’t very user-friendly and is dim. Webcam quality is also poor.
  • The battery backup is not very reliable. It can hardly last for 4 to 6 hours.
Bottom Line
This laptop from Lenovo is perfectly suited for day-to-day, basic use. If that is what you want, then this one is the best laptop under $700. The touchpad is soft and easy to use. The display is not bright but still better than many other pocket-friendly laptops. Go for it if your budget is around $500!

This laptop from HP promises to work at full speed and complete all tasks from ‘sun- up to sun-down.’ If that’s what you want, this is the best laptop under $700. Connection to any part of the world can be done easily with this laptop. It has been constructed to keep you entertained and productive anywhere, anytime. The design is slim, so it is easily portable.

⦁ The laptop comes with a certification of ENERGY STAR, hence making it environmentally-friendly. The display backlights are mercury-free, and display glass is arsenic-free.
⦁ It is pre-installed with Windows 10. The Intel core processor is i5-1035G1, which is super-fast and has a frequency of 3.6 Hz.
⦁ The screen to body ratio is 82%. The display is WLED-backlit with anti-glare, full HD graphics.
⦁ Once fully charged, the laptop can work efficiently for up to 11 hours.
⦁ It comes with a built-in camera. The touchpad has gesture capabilities.


  • The battery backup is amazing. All your work can be smoothly done throughout the day.
  • It contains BIOS recovery and protection mode, which automatically detects and alerts about the laptop’s health.
  • The screen gets turned on in less than 10 seconds.


Bottom Line
Overall, this laptop is power-packed and works well. It is the best laptop under $700 if you want a combination of beauty and speed. The sound produced by internal speakers is beautiful. So, no need to worry about environmental pollution if you are using this laptop.

This laptop from Lenovo is a successor of Lenovo ThinkPad E590. It works pretty decently, so it falls into the best laptops under $700. The CPU is AMD Ryzen 5, which works rapidly. It comes with integrated graphics, which is Vega 10. The combination of AMD CPU and Intel processor results in an outstanding product. This laptop is worth mentioning.

⦁ It comes with Windows 10 installed with 64-bit 8 GB RAM. It has a storage of 256 GB SSD NVMe.
⦁ The monitor backing is completely made of aluminum, giving it a smooth finish.
⦁ The product weighs 4.28 pounds and costs $639.
⦁ It has an audio jack for the microphone and the headphone. It supports Wi-Fi 5.
⦁ It supports 1 x USB Type-A (USB 2.0), 2 x USB Type-A (USB 3.1 and 3.2), HDMI, and microSD card slot.


  • It is easy to set up and very fast to use.
  • The keyboard is amazing and comfortable to use.
  • The battery backup is decent and can handle the load for the whole day.


  • The screen can freeze sometimes and requires rebooting.
  • The built-in camera doesn’t have good clarity. Also, the screen display is not very impressive.
  • The trackpad can lose sensitivity after some time. Some features of Windows may stop working if overused.
Bottom Line
For someone looking for a laptop for basic needs, this one is the best laptop under $700 for 2020. It sets up quickly and can fulfill all your business-related needs. If you are a student or simply someone needing a laptop for gaming purposes, this one fits perfectly. The buyers have claimed that this laptop’s keyboard is the best. Therefore, working becomes quite easier.

The laptops are either manufactured for a specific group of people or just for basic use. Now that we know the best laptops under $700, it is important to look into the main factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a laptop. Mentioned below are some pointers:

You may be wondering why this is the very first tip. How can you purchase anything major in your life without setting aside a specific budget? How much money can I spend is the foremost question you should ask yourself.

The purchasing power of a student is much lower than a person who is employed. The laptop preference of both these groups is pretty different. So, adjust your budget first and then start searching for laptops in that specific price range.

None of us want our electronic devices to lag. It becomes a major hindrance to our work and any other activity. A major part of any laptop is the CPU or the processor. This part needs to be powerful enough to achieve all your work on the laptop.

Two major processors exist today: Intel and AMD. Both have proven to be equally great, although Intel is known to be a better performer than AMD. Choose the one that has the latest upgrades and best fits your needs.

If you’re working or playing games on your laptop from sunrise until sunset, you need a laptop with the best battery backup. A battery with poor life will cause disturbances amidst your work.

It may not be possible to charge the laptop if you are constantly traveling. Therefore, the battery is an important factor to look for while buying a laptop. Once charged, it should work for at least 7 hours without charging.

All your files, documents, photos, and videos are stored securely in the laptop’s hard disk drive. This storage space varies from laptop to laptop. Usually, the smaller laptops have 300 GB space, and the larger ones have space up to 1 TB.

The storage decision depends on the amount of data you wish to store on the laptop. If you’re someone with basic needs, choose the one which has less space. If you are a gaming freak or a student with assignments to complete, choose the one with more storage space.

Last but not least, the screen size is an important factor when it comes to a laptop. You may like a small screen laptop or one with a bigger screen. The design also differs from size to size.

This factor again depends on your usage. Choose the laptop with a screen size of 16 inches or more if you’re into watching movies and gaming. A small screen will suffice if your needs don’t exceed surfing the internet and office work.

These five pointers will help you choose the best laptop under $700. Select carefully so that it stays by your side for many years to come!

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