Best Phone Car Mount for 2021-Buyers Guide


Are you looking to buy the best phone car mounts for 2o20? If yes, you need to invest in a model that takes care of several factors. These include providing safety to your phone, providing you with hands-free access to handle the GPS navigation and other calls of your phone without impacting your driving and giving you an obstruction-free driving experience.

Today, you will find different designs, styles and features of phone mounts that can be clamped perfectly on the windshields or dashboards of your car. How do you know which one is the right choice for you? Here are some necessary conditions that you have to look for when choosing the right phone car mount:

Do you need a phone car mount?

Today, a car mount for smartphones costs a minimum of $10. So, do you really need a mount in the first place? Yes, if you spend a lot of time in your car travelling to various locations on work. If you go by car only occasionally, you don’t need a mount.

What do you require in a phone car mount?

When you travel on bumpy roads, does your phone fall off frequently? When you are driving, are you getting distracted by a lot of calls? Is your current location obstructing the view of the road while driving? You need to ask these questions before choosing the right mount. When you travel on bumpy roads frequently, you might need a mount with additional clamps on. If you are getting a lot of calls, you need a mount that will help you access your calls in a convenient angle through hands-free mode, without obstructing your driving.

Some other factors you should check for are mounts that will help you charge your phones, appearances and visual appeal of the mounts, compatibility to hold different types of smartphones and more.

Best Phone Car Mount for 2021

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Are you looking for a stylish and highly efficient phone car mount that helps you to handle calls in a hands-free mode without getting disturbed about your driving? Here is an affordable and sleek-looking phone mount from Mpow.


Some of the interesting features that make this phone mount one of the best phone car mounts for 2021 are:

  • Helps you with hands-free GPS technology, thanks to which you can handle calls easily without getting distracted when you are driving

  • Compatible to hold phones that are between 1.8inches and 3.8inches wide

  • Comes with extendable, deep arms that can hold phones between 4.7 inches and 6.8 inches

  • Can be easily fitted into the CD slot as the base of the mount can be easily locked in place to keep the phone firmly

  • Unique structure of grip on all three sides to hold hour phone firmly in place; small button on the sides helps the phone to come out of the mount easily

  • 360-degree rotating ball joint that helps you view the phone from any angle of your choice

  • One-Touch Quick Release System that gives you a destruction-free driving exprience


  • Comes with firm friction fit, which ensures that your phone stands firmly and doesn’t fall off even on bumpy roads
  • Made from highly durable, temperature-resistant materials that give an excellent grip to the phones
  • Very easy to install and remove from the mount


  • Release button gets stuck at times, according to a few users
  • Phone starts to fall off the holder after a few uses in some cars
Bottom Line
Yes, this phone car mount from MPow is definitely stylish, user-friendly and affordable. However, it is not suitable for many models of Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and Cadillac. You need to check with the product details thoroughly before buying it for your car.


If you are looking for a simple, user-friendly phone car mount that can be used with any size and brand of smartphone with absolute ease, this one from Beam Electronics will satisfy your requirements. Keep reading to know why it is considered as one of the best phone car mounts for 2021.


Some of the major highlights of this phone car mount are:

  • Comes in a universal design that can fit smartphones that are between 1.9 and 3.7 inches wide; perfect for all phones such as iPhones, Samsung,

  • One-touch button that helps you fit and release the mobile from the mount quickly within one step

  • Made with durable exteriors and padded interiors to withstand extreme climatic conditions and protect your phone from scratches

  • Comes with a 360-degree rotating ball joint that helps you alter the viewing angle of your phone according to your convenience

  • Can be easily mounted on a windshield, where you can easily view your phone at eye-level, without obstructing your driving view

  • Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Sleek and advanced design without a heavy cradle-like pattern
  • Installation, setup and use can be controlled with one hand easily
  • Mount comes with side clamps to hold the phone securely
  • Designed to last for many years as it is resistant to extremities in climate


  • Movement of vent possible only in the horizontal and vertical angles; not in circular angles
  • Air vents aren’t very durable
Bottom Line
With a smart and stylish design, this phone car mount from Beam Electronics is one of the best-looking models in the market. It can withstand extreme hot and cold conditions as well. So, there is no harm in trying it out, considering that there is a one-year warranty on this model.


The iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Phone is an elegant holder that provides ultimate safety and stability to your phone. The beauty of this phone holder is that they can be used anywhere you want (at home, at your workplace, on your desk, etc.) with a lot of ease and convenience.


This phone car mount is known to be one of the most flexible models available in this price range, because of the following features:

  • Patented, easy One-Touch Release technology ensures that you can easily mount and remove the phone from the mount with just one movement of your hand

  • Comes with a unique foot-like design towards the bottom of the Mount Cradle; this can be adjusted to change your view angle anywhere between top & bottom or up & down

  • Comes with easy to wash suction cup that improves the stability of the phone even on uneven terrains

  • Comes with an upgraded Telescopic Arm that can extend up to 6.5 inches

  • Universal Mounting Feature makes this phone car mount apt for almost all types of phones that have a dimension of 2.3 to 3.5 inches


  • Telescopic arm known for its impressive range, strength and durability
  • Easy to use features and option to choose from different viewing angles
  • Very easy to mount on windshields, landscape, desks and other places of your choice


  • Not very durable when exposed to a lot of sunlight
  • Not very firm on the dashboard, at all times
Bottom Line
The iOttie One-Touch Phone Car Mount is very easy to mount on your windshield and dashboard. Thanks to this mount, you can easily access your phones for GPS and calls; however, it would have been better if it provided more stability for its price.


Some big phones such as iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy series cannot be easily placed on other standard car mounts. However, with this product from Maxboost, you can get rid of all those problems. Enjoy hands-free driving by firmly placing your phone on the mount next time when you get into your car.


Here are some of the user-friendly and comfortable features that make this product one of the 10 best phone car mounts for 2021:

  • Comes with an adjustable clamp on the mount head that can be extended to fit almost all the advanced smartphones such as iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Series, LG, Pixel, Redmi, HTC and more

  • Easy locks in place where the mount can be fixed on the surface without any tools

  • Comes with 360-degree rotating ball joint, which can be titled in any horizontal or vertical angle you want for an easy viewing experience

  • While the attached arm helps to move the mount easily, while the flexible neck helps to customize your viewing angles

  • Comes with a super-strong, durable suction gel pad for holding the mount firmly

  • Dual locking mechanism enabled to ensure that the mount doesn’t shake at all

  • Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Quite affordable
  • Very easy to setup and install
  • Anti-slip nature of the suction pad gives a firm hold to your phone
  • Comfortable and hands-free driving with access to view your phone from any angle


  • Firm hold started to loosen up after a few weeks of usage, as stated by a few users
  • Instruction manual not clear enough
Bottom Line
With a reasonable price and great popularity, this flexible but sturdy phone mount from Maxboost is definitely worth your investment. However, ensure that you check the manual properly and fix it right the first time, though.


If you are looking for an affordable yet durable phone car mount to hold your gadget firmly, the Aukey Car Phone Mount is the right choice for you. Priced at just around $10, this is the perfect gift for your loved ones, if you are on a budget.


Some simple yet sophisticated features of this phone holder that make it a good buy are:

  • Adjustable grips for mounting the air vents to give place to thin and stout vents

  • Ball joint can be made to rotate the full 360 degrees to provide you with many viewing angle options to pick from

  • Comes with a quick-release button, thanks to which you can fit and remove the phone from the mount in easy steps


  • Compatible to hold a wide range of devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, iPhone 11 Pro, Max series, Google Pixel and Nexus and so on
  • Padding in the curved silicon prevents your phone from scratches
  • Adjustable phone cradle makes it perfect for fixing and removing your phone from the case an easy task
  • Charging port is easily accessible
  • Help you manage GPS and answer calls with ease to concentrate only on your driving


  • Few users noted that the clamps aren’t as stable as the manufacturer’s claims
  • Short side clamps don’t provide enough stability to the phones
Bottom Line
Yes, this one from Aukey is definitely attractively priced, though it has got a few design issues. We would still recommend you to go for it, if you are on a tight budget. The features are decent and the durability is not bad, either. Try it out now, and you will start loving it for the sheer driving comfort it offers.


Though it is more expensive than most of the other models discussed in this article, the Zeehoo wireless charger-cum-car mount for car is considered as on one of the best phone car mounts for 2021. Have you wondered why? Read the features to know more about this.


Here are some of the sophisticated features of this sleek phone car mount:

  • Comes with 360-degree rotation so that you can use and view your phone in whichever angle you want; helps you get a distraction-view of the road while driving

  • Claws of the mount can be adjusted well to make your phone fit firmly on the case

  • Comes in three charge modes – 10W charge mode for Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, LG and similar phones, 7.5W charge mode for iPhones and Standard charge mode using the adapter for Samsung edge and other phones with Qi

  • Wireless fast charging features ensures that you can charge the car even while it is mounted on the case, thereby reducing the number of cables in your car

  • Comes with an intelligent and automatic sensor technology, thanks to which the clamps close and open automatically when you place and remove the phone in the mount respectively

  • Suction cup is strong enough to be fitted on any surface such as windshields, dashboard, etc.

  • Comes with 18 months warranty from the manufacturer


  • Helps you to comfortably navigate with the help of GPS or make calls even when you are driving, without any hassles
  • Very helpful customer service
  • Automatic and intelligent design reduces the manual effort


  • Charging is not fast and efficient when the phone is mounted on the case
  • Clamps open randomly at times, causing the phone to fall off
Bottom Line
The 18-month warranty period is a good enough reason for you to try this phone holder right now and check if it works for you perfectly.


Are you looking for a flexible and comfortable phone mount for your car to place your big smartphone, so that you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off when you are driving at great speed? Here is an upgraded model from TopGo, a company that gives priority to customer feedback and issues. With its newer and bigger design, this phone mount is best-suited for you if you are looking for flexibility and comfort.


This upgraded phone case mount doesn’t cheap. At $25, it is definitely way costlier than most other car mounts. However, here are some features that justify the price of this model:

  • Comes with a cup-holder phone mount that increases adjustability and flexibility

  • The 8-inch flexible gooseneck helps you adjust the height of the mount as per your convenience

  • Perfect for fitting cup sizes that are between 2.01 and 3.54 inches wide

  • Made from heavy-duty plastic with extended arms and 360-degree rotation to adjust the mount vertically or horizontally, as per your needs

  • Made with a comfortable grip and comes with an anti-slip surface with padded cushions to protect your phone


  • Compatible to be used with all phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series and other advanced smartphones
  • Highly flexible for adjusting the length, width and other settings to suit your ease of use
  • Very easy to install and release the phone from the mount


  • Mount not locking properly on the dashboard, leading to easy detachment with the movement of the car
  • Many people felt that the base of the mount could have been bigger
Bottom Line
While the upgraded version of this phone mount from TopGo is definitely way bigger and wider than the original version, we feel that this base is still small that it doesn’t fit the cup-holder properly. Kindly check the measurements carefully before you buy this product.


Here is a simple but effective phone car mount for you that helps you access your phone and gives you complete focus while driving as well. We are talking about the car phone holder from JunDa.


It is not without reason that many users believe that this phone car holder from Junda is one of the best phone car mounts for 2021. Here are some remarkable features of this model:

  • Comes with a 360-degree swivelling ball joint that helps you adjust your viewing angle as per your convenience, without disrupting your view while driving

  • Easily controllable with one hand; while you use one hand for driving, you can easily mount your phone, access it and remove it from the stand with the other hand easily

  • Easy control of GPS and answering calls as well without impacting your driving

  • Stylishly-designed curved mount with a durable, non-slip silicone base to hold on firmly to the car’s dashboards

  • Silicon base comes with padded sides to protect your phone from scratches

  • Comes with an adjustable spring buckle that can be used hold phones that are up to 7 inches wide


  • Unique curved design helps the mount stand firmly on curved surfaces as well
  • Secure and stylish mount that serves the dual purpose of phone safety and disturbance-free driving


  • Cannot withstand very hot conditions as the grip starts to melt, as reported by some users
Bottom Line
The style, hold and ease of access that this car phone holder from Junda offers is impressive. However, this may not suit you if you are living in a very hot place, as this holder scores quite poorly on the durability factor. Go for it only if you are living in a cold area.


Are you looking for a smart and durable phone holder that has the ability to improve the visual appeal of your car’s interiors just by its presence? The luxurious and stylish Bestrix Phone Holder for cars is a good choice for you.


Please find below some of the impressive features that make the Bestrix Phone Holder one of the most sought-after phone mounts for car for this year:

  • Highly flexible but durable, as it is made from high-quality ABS plastic

  • Comes with a 360-degree rotation of your phone display, thereby helping you choose any vertical or horizontal angle of viewing

  • Compatible with all smooth dashboards and those made from faux leather or original leather

  • Suction cup designed in unique shape to hold on firmly to the dashboard

  • Comes with 1 square and 1 round metal plate that you can place between the phone and the case to give more stability to your phone when you drive on bumpy roads


  • Easy to rinse and wash the suction cup as it comes with a rinsable base
  • New and upgraded design with 4 magnets under the silicon pad to increase the stability of your phone
  • Extendable arm that can be adjusted to view your phone however you want, without blocking your view while driving
  • Magnetic Car mount comes with plates to improve phone stability on uneven terrains


  • Cannot stand very hot conditions
  • Charging not possible when using metal plates on bumpy roads
Bottom Line
Priced at $25, the Bestrix Magnetic Phone Mount for car is quite advanced when it comes to its features and looks. However, we would have liked the model more if it had handled hot temperatures well. For this price, we did expect that feature, though!


Here is a comfortable car phone mount that helps you to seat your phone nicely, thereby helping you concentrate on the road at the time of driving. Thanks to this user-friendly phone mount from Exshow, you don’t have to worry about losing your balance when looking for your phone or your phone blocking your view while driving.


What makes this phone car mount from Exshow one of the best phone car mounts for 2021? Why is it a great gift not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well? Read the features below to know more about this product:

  • Very user-friendly design that comes with a long arm and flexible base; this way you can not only reach your devices with more ease than before but can also make the mount fit perfectly on uneven dashboards and windshields as well

  • Comes with a one-touch release button that helps you place the phone tightly on the mount in one click

  • Base has solid sucker feature to withstand any climatic condition

  • Made from durable, double-coated TPU material, which ensures that the mount can be firmly on the windshields

  • Made to withstand a wide temperature range (from -13 degrees F to 194 degrees F)!

  • Comes with a unique, 360-degree adjustment ball joint, to help you get a good viewing angle

  • Ability to fit and access any smartphone that is between 1.9 and 3.7 inches wide


  • Can be mounted anywhere you want
  • Comes with shock-absorbing angles that can be adjusted according to your convenience
  • Perfect for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy notes, Redmi and all other smartphones


  • Suction cup doesn’t hold the mount firmly on the windshield
Bottom Line
While the design of this phone car mount and its features are quite good, we feel there are better options for a lower price.


After reading all these reviews, we hope you will be able to choose a suitable car mount that is compatible with most of the models of phones in your family. Stick to your budget and read the product details carefully before choosing one of the best phone car mounts for 2021. This way, you can be assured of getting full value for your money. Don’t forget to get a cell phone signal booster to give you that extra range when you need it.

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