Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice-Buyer’s Guide

Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice


Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice



Having the best rice cooker for brown rice is the golden standard of preparing that delicious meal. Not only that, but they also ensure you don’t spend much time in the kitchen in between your busy schedules. The devices will automatically switch to warm mode when the rice is ready. With this, you won’t be worried about the rice overcooking. Overall, having a rice cooker for brown rice is beneficial in many ways.


Benefits of a Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

Rice cookers, in general, come in various models and types. Those designed specifically for brown rice also vary. Regardless of the broad difference, these machines are famed for making the cooking process easier. They also offer countless benefits, some of which include the following.

  • Better Cooked Rice

With a rice cooker for brown rice, you will be sure to get quality results. Unlike other cooking methods, a rice cooker for brown rice will ensure your rice isn’t overcooked. It also ensures the rice doesn’t burn as in the case with other methods.

  • Automatic Cooking Process

Like standard rice cookers, these ones designed for brown rice are automated. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of these machines. What better thing can you need than just pouring the grains and water, then press some buttons? Even better, some rice cookers have their measuring cups. So, you won’t be stressed about getting the right water grain ratio.

  • Keep Your Rice Warm

Another thing you will love about brown rice cookers is that they keep the cooked rice warm. Thanks to the warm mode feature, which regulates the transfer of heat to warm the cooked rice. If you are a busy person or love preparing your rice early before meals time, this feature will be of great use to you.

  • More than Just Brown Rice

Today, a majority of rice cookers can do more than just cooking rice. The multi-cookers can be ideal in preparing soup, oatmeal, and many more. Hybrid models can even be used as pressure cookers.

  • Different Sizes

The other amazing thing about the best rice cookers for brown rice is the variance in sizes. They come in different sizes and shapes, which is just one of the advantages they offer beyond regular pots. With this, you can always buy a rice cooker that will fit your unique needs. Choose the one you believe will be up for the task.

Apart from rice cookers for brown rice doubling as slow and pressure cookers, they also have a steaming basket. This innovation uses water steam from the inner bowl to heat other stuff. You can heat or reheat your vegetable, meat, fish, and any other item you put on top of the cooker.

If you are looking for a rice cooker, no doubt you will not find it easy. It can be overwhelming to choose from the many options available. And that is why we have outlined some of the top choices to make your work easier. Here are some of them.


Bestseller No. 1
Instant Pot Zest 8 Cup Rice Cooker, Steamer, Cooks Rice, Grains, Quinoa and Oatmeal, No Pressure Cooking Functionality
  • 4 smart programs make cooking your favorite rice and grains to fluffy perfection super-fast and one touch easy
  • 4 smart programs for one touch cooking white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal
  • Quickly steams veggies, fish and more with the touch of a button: Makes 8 cups and doubles as a warmer for all kinds of foods
  • Built in protection against overheating: Compact, lightweight and easy to store
  • Accessories included: In addition to the non-stick ceramic coated pot, the Zest Plus also comes with a dishwasher-safe steamer tray, rice measuring cup and rice spoon
Bestseller No. 2
Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Japanese Rice Cooker with Induction Heating System and Pre-Programmed Cooking Options for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup - 1.0 Liter - SR-HZ106 (Black)
  • JAPANESE RICE COOKER – Industry leading induction heating which creates an electrical current inside the pot to heat and cook rice, porridge, soup and more
  • INDUCTION COOKING - Durable 7-Layer Inner Pan with Diamond Coating. The non-stick inner pan with copper exterior is designed for years of continual heat and use with no loss of efficiency
  • DELICIOUS HEALTHY COOKING - 13 Pre-Set Cooking Programs automatically cook a variety of rice including delicious white rice, quinoa, porridge, sticky rice, brown rice, frozen rice and more
  • KEEP WARM FEATURE - The rice cooker's automatic shut-off function prevents overcooking, while its handy keep-warm setting activates automatically when cooking is complete, holding contents at an ideal serving temperature for up to 12 hours
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Built-in umami-enhancing taste catcher, 7-layer inner cooking pan, special measuring cup for portioning the desired amount, ladle, and a non-scratching rice spoon for authentic Asian-style service
SaleBestseller No. 3
Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
  • Easy-to-use single switch control
  • See-through glass lid with stay cool knob
  • Stay cool handles for easy transport
  • Durable nonstick inner cooking pan
  • Every Zojirushi rice cooker comes with a plastic measuring cup. This cup has a capacity of 6-ounces, or about 3/4 of a U.S. measuring cup. The capacity of the rice cooker is counted in these 6-ounce cups of uncooked short grain white rice. One 6-ounce cup of raw rice makes about 2 to 3, 6-ounce cups of cooked rice
SaleBestseller No. 4
Zojirushi NP-GBC05XT Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer, 0.54 L, Stainless Dark Brown
  • 700-watt 3-cup rice cooker and warmer with Induction Heating technology. Note - Capacity is measured in the approx. 6 oz. / 180mL rice measuring cup, using raw short grain white rice. Other grains may vary.
  • Menu settings include: white/mixed, sushi, porridge, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free and quick cooking. Electrical Rating- 120 volts / 700 watts
  • Accessories include rice spatula, spatula holder and rice measuring cups;Detachable and washable stainless steel inner lid
  • Capacity*: Up to 3 cups / 0.54 liter.Capacity is measured in the approx. 6 oz. / 180mL rice measuring cup, using raw short grain white rice. Other grains may vary
  • Thick, spherical inner cooking pan; carrying handle; detachable cord; wash by hand. Dimensions (W x D x H) : 9.12 x 11.87 x 7.5 inches
Bestseller No. 5
Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer – 12 Built-in Programs Including Glutinous (White), Mixed, Brown, GABA, Black
  • KOREAN MADE ELECTRIC PRESSURE RICE COOKER: Developed by the finest of experts, the heating plate pressure technology is specially designed to cook exceptionally delicious rice with improved cooking times.
  • UNIQUE 13 MENU OPTIONS: Use this pressure rice cooker for brown rice, white rice, GABA rice, porridge, mixed rice, & more!
  • IDEAL 6 CUP CAPACITY: The 6-cup (12 cups cooked) rice cooker provides the perfect serving amount for small gatherings or small to medium sized families
  • FULL STAINLESS-STEEL INNER POT: The durable inner pot is scratch-proof, non-stick & non-toxic as its curve shaped body provides optimal heat distribution
  • SMART-COOKING PRESSURE RICE COOKER: This smart rice cooker includes a smart cooking algorithm designed to automatically cook perfect rice each time
SaleBestseller No. 6
Cuckoo CRP-JHSR0609F Multifunctional and Programmable Electric Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker, 6 Cups, Brown
  • Efficient and Intelligent: Fully programmable, complete with a white LCD display 14- cooking functions, it’s your personal kitchen assistant. With voice navigation for Korean, English and Chinese.
  • Faster, Smarter Cooking: Hassle-free cooking is simple with fuzzy logic and the intelligent cooking algorithm it detects grain type, temperature and cook time. Abnormal Pressure Detection Sensor ensures your rice cooker is performing at its optimal level.
  • Professional Quality: X-wall stainless steel inner bowl brings optimal temperature and heat distribution throughout your food. Non-stick non-scratch surface and easy one touch cover lid release button allows for an easy clean up.
  • Safety First: We went the extra mile to ensure our electric rice cooker is as safe as it is easy to use! With automatic steam and pressure emission, a lid locking device, auto temperature control and an alarm for overheating, we put your safety first.
  • Trusted Brand: With 40 years of experience Cuckoo has perfected the art of cooking rice. Join the Cuckoo community and enjoy your perfectly cooked rice, prepared in no time in your streamlined, stylish rice cooker that will compliment any kitchen.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Aroma Housewares 8-Cup (Cooked) (4-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-914D),White
  • Multi-Functional Use – Whether you're in the mood for a hearty jambalaya, steamed veggies and rice, or even a delectable cake, you can accomplish it all with your rice cooker. The possibilities are as creative as you are.
  • User-Friendly Programming – This product is also a proud member of our “set it and forget it” mentality. The cooker is incredibly simple to operate using our user-friendly digital panel that switches to Keep Warm mode automatically once cooking is finished.
  • Simultaneous Steaming – With the included steam tray, steam foods above while rice, soup, or any other meal simultaneously cooks below, allowing you to save time without sacrificing quality.
  • 15-Hour Delay Timer – The programmable delay timer is great for families on the go, delivering delicious meals ready when they're needed, up to 15 hours in advance.
  • Compact Capacity – 8-cup capacity yielding 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice. Its compact capacity is perfect for preparing small individual meals or delicious side dishes.
Bestseller No. 8
Zojirushi NS-LHC05 Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, Stainless Dark Brown
  • Menu settings include: white/sushi, mixed, porridge, sweet, brown, and quick cooking
  • Triple heater (bottom, side and lid) generate heat all around for even heating
  • Detachable and washable inner lid
  • East to store retractable cord
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
SaleBestseller No. 9
Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker and Warmer, 5.5 Cup, Stainless Brown, Made in Japan
  • Multi-menu cooking functions include settings for white, mixed, sushi/sweet rice, porridge, brown, GABA brown and quick cooking
  • Umami setting extends soaking and steaming time for better rice
  • Steam-reduce setting reduces steam to 50-percent of regular setting
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):10-1/8 x 15-3/8 x 8-5/8 inches.Scorch setting toasts rice to a crispy golden brown, ideal for special dishes
  • Easy to ready colored LCD control panel with clock and delay timer
SaleBestseller No. 10
De'Longhi Livenza 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker Programmable SlowCooker, Bake, Brown, Saute, Rice, Steamer & Warmer, Easy to Use and Clean, Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Pot, (6-Quart), Stainless Steel
  • All-in-One Versatility Select from Brown & Sauté Steam Rice Bake and Slow Cook to craft the most flavorful perfectly cooked dishes
  • Easy Intuitive Design Eliminate the guesswork with 24-hour programmability at the touch of a button with illuminated temperatures and times
  • Precision Cooking Control ExacTemp technology s the best results with intelligently regulated timing and temperature settings
  • Keep Warm Without Overcooking Automatically switches from Cook mode to Keep Warm mode so your meal is ready to eat when you are
  • Easy Cleanup With no need for additional pots and pans you have only one dishwasher-safe pot to clean



When the time comes to buy a rice cooker for brown rice, you will be split between endless options. Indeed, no one can blame you when you find it challenging to pick the best. So, if you are looking for the best rice cooker for brown rice, you have a lot more to do on your end. For one, you should consider some of these factors.

  • Size

Most devices will, in most cases, list the number of cups you need to make rice. This usually ranges from three cups to twenty. Yet, it is never as obvious as it seems. The sizes listed are not the number of cooked cups of rice you will get. Instead, it is the number of uncooked grains that the device will hold. When it comes to the size aspect, one of the biggest things you can consider is the amount of rice you can make at one time.

  • Cost

Many people will want to choose the cheapest rice cooker for brown rice in the market. The sad part is that this is never an excellent idea.  Also, remember that the best rice cooker for brown rice may not be the most expensive. In other words, when it comes to price, you have a lot more to consider when buying a rice cooker. For instance, if you are a regular rice cooker, it makes perfect sense to go for the most expensive, usually the most durable and biggest models.

  • Types of Uses

As mentioned above, modern-day rice cookers are multi-purpose. This is no different with brown rice cookers. In fact, the chances are high that you will find a cooker, which can prepare both white rice and brown rice. It would be great if you had an idea of what other things you want to prepare with your rice cooker. The most versatile devices in the market can make various types of rice and grains. They can also be used as a pressure cooker or slow cooker.

  • Durability

Investing in a rice cooker for your brown rice will be a costly process. That is why you should only choose the best rice cooker for brown rice, usually the most durable. While some people may choose the cheapest options, the truth is that they will replace them soon. If you want a device that will serve you long enough, go for the most expensive brands. Some of the mid-range choices are also good at lasting long.

  • Ease of Use

The basic role or reason why people go for rice cookers is to make the cooking process easier. Of course, this means they will want rice cookers that are easy to use. Depending on your budget, you will most likely get an option that will answer this need exactly. Unless you have problems using these devices, don’t pick the cheapest in the name of simplicity.

The other considerations to factor in when buying a rice cooker for brown rice are your kitchen’s size and additional features on the device. Your personal needs will also play a big role in the whole process. Above anything else, simply choose a cooker that will address all your concerns.



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