Best Soundbars under 300 for 2021-Top 10 Reviews


Quality of sound assumes utmost importance for gamers, musicians and the current generation at large which is why we shall be discussing on the best soundbars under 300 for the year 2021. Earlier there used to be right central and left speakers which would contribute to create a larger than life soundscape. Soundbars basically eliminate such different propositions and bring multiple sound boxes under one umbrella. More than one sound boxes are kept under one cabinet, thereby causing better effect of echo and stereo effect. It can be used with your television in your drawing room to enhance your film watching experience or it can add to your sound effects while you are playing your favorite games on the PC. Soundbars can be placed according to your preference, like being mounted on the wall or placed in front of your TV or synced to your desktop. The modern LED TV makes more room for you to slot in your favourite soundbar.

Soundbars have in built tech to create an atmospheric sound that provides you more sound clarity. Earlier the boxes were bigger when the display was based on a CRT platform. Now technology has evolved to create compact devices that have a lasting impact without taking up too much space. Some soundbars come loaded with a sub-woofer, only to up your game and make a mark with its stellar performance. Some people confuse between a soundbar and a sound base but both are not the same. The speakers are inside a box, both in a soundbar and in a sound base. The crisper sound details along with a cinematic effect lets the viewer enjoy the moments, be it a movie or gunshots from your battle combat game.

Sound bars come with various specifications and different types of sound, so you would find a lot of options to choose your soundbar. Different sound bars have different types of sound, channels, options of different connections, options of changing parameters to tweak the sound, etc. Some sound bars may act as a central speaker though options are limited due to the main purpose of the sound bar. The latest sound bars can be connected to modern devices like the Amazon Alexa. So now you can not only control the sound from the remote but also via your voice commands. Most customers like to procure a product that would come loaded with features, have good clear sound and come within decent budget. Hence, let us take a small tour of the best soundbars under 300 that we would find in 2021:

Best Soundbars under 300 for 2021

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When we think of sound and equipment regarding sound, one brand that has stood out since a long time would be “Bose”.  Bose has been known to assemble the best of pieces and create products whose sound ring in your ears for a very long time to come. Each decibel of sound comes across in an enhanced manner only to convert user experience to higher standards. Be it while hearing your favorite dialogue or while loading your guns while playing “Counter Strike” on your PS4, XBOX or PC, every rumble brings solace to the ears. The Bose Solo 5TV Soundbar is one such product from Bose that makes a mark, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity feature that allows seamless play of music without any wires dangling!


  • Setting up the soundbar is a very easy task as it requires only one audio cable to be connected to the TV. You can place it above the TV or in front of it according your preference.
  • Love a bit of extra bass to your music? Well then the easy bass controls help you tweak the level and effect of bass while listening to music or streaming a Web Series on a OTT platform.
  • One remote takes care of all your needs, be it controlling volume, bass, Bluetooth connectivity and more.
  • The dialogue mode is a great enabler helping the viewer take note of each and every dialogue


  • Sturdy and long lasting built quality
  • Guarantee of “Bose”
  • Good quality sound with options to tweak according to your preference


  • Relatively small sound stage
  • Bass performance can be better
  • No DTS support
Bottom Line
With a clear rating of 10, this product is surely one of the best soundbars under 300 for 2021. If you want a product that gives you multiple options of connectivity and a larger than life sound scape, then this is the best choice. Experts say that it has great treble and mid-range production which enhances overall sound dynamics. It has a simple appearance but has a good built quality, thanks to the solid plastic. The sound bar has the sub-woofer embedded too which helps in taking up less space. This is one of the smallest sound bars in the list of reviews and if you are on the hunt for a product that would take up less space, then look no further than the Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control.
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These powerful sound bars from TaoTronics sure packs a punch! It has an overall audio experience that keeps the viewer glued to the system. It has a length of 32 inches, so make sure you have enough space in your drawing room before you place your order. No worry of setting up the device with lots of wiring since this product supports Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming music from tablets, laptops or mobile phones becomes an easy task, so you can listen to your favorite music while completing your client presentation or college project! The TaoTronics gives you the flexibility to choose from various audio modes according to your preference:

  • Game Mode: It adjusts the sound according to the sound parameters in the game you are playing.
  • Music Mode: Here comes the kick of bass, so let the music roll and the tap to the beats of the music
  • Movie Mode: Works for both movies or while streaming web series. Adjusts the sound settings accordingly to give you theatre like experience.

The remote lets you have all controls on your fingertips, starting from fast forwarding, rewinding, access to audio modes, volume controls and mute/unmute. There is a feel good factor to the kind of sound it produces, irrespective of the audio modes you select.


  • The LED screen shows the current functions including which mode is being used
  • Comes with a very handy and useful remote that has all controls
  • The slick 32 inch design requires much less room to be squeezed in
  • Works with both Bluetooth and wired connections


  • Upgrades sound that comes from your PC or TV
  • The size works well to be fit in
  • Different sound modes


  • No subwoofer
Bottom Line
The product comes at a competitive price point of $84.99. Sound experts suggest that this is the best soundbar in this price bracket and hence the rating of 9.9 is completely justified. It comes with different sorts of cables so you can select the one that connects to your PC. For customers wishing to purchase a soundbar which has a display, then this product is an unmistaken choice.

If you are on the hunt for a soundbar which comes with a sub-woofer, then the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar brings with it a great package. It gives the feel of a home theatre and the sound quality is far greater than most sound bars than come in this price bracket. The sound quality give stiff competition to those products which were dwelling in the higher price bracket. Plug in the Polk Audio Signa S2 to your 4K TV and boom!! Your home is now a full on amphi-theatre. With the option of wireless connectivity, you can stream music from your favorite music apps via your phone, laptop or tablet. It also gives clear sound quality when web series is streamed, so that you don’t miss a beat.


  • Slim design so can be easily set up in a smaller space
  • With the option of optical cables, HDMI and subwoofer, setting up the device is an easy job
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps stream music without any glitch
  • Premium audio quality with enhanced bass


  • Decent reproduction of audio
  • Competitive pricing
  • Connectivity options


  • No Atmos support
  • Customization options are limited
Bottom Line
Experts have given it a 9.8 rating but make be rest assured that this product shall give you the feel of a premium product. The lack of Atmos support is a big miss specially when streaming movies is concerned. It sounds loud enough for most people but this is one product you would not like to push to its limits to extract the best possible performance.

Samsung is known amidst today’s generation as a brand that delivers excellent quality products and soundbars are no exception. For Samsung TV owners, this product makes an excellent choice. If entry level soundbars have to be considered, this Samsung product makes a clear winner. It can put on a table beside your LCD or LED TV and also can be wall mounted. It has rubber bumpers while prevent scratching of surfaces, specially while setting up the product. It has a frequency band between 42 HZ to 20 KHz. Experts say that it delivers noteworthy levels of sonic sound which should auger well for movie lovers.  It comes with various USB and HDMI cable options, so you get quite a few alternatives to set up the soundbar real quick.


  • Seamless connectivity with Samsung TVs
  • The special gaming mode enhances sound clarity when you are playing your favorite game on your PS4 or XBOX
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity for seamless entertainment
  • Sub-woofer comes with wireless options along with a wider frequency response


  • Control with one remote for all functions
  • Additional gaming mode for enhanced gaming experience
  • Compatibility with Samsung TVs


  • Sometimes causes Bluetooth connectivity problems
Bottom Line
This Samsung is a value for money product and comes with a rating of 9.7. if you have a Samsung TV, then this may the right sound companion for you.

The design may have a minimalistic feel to it but the sound bar in question has a large sound scape that strikes a chord with any user the very first time itself. It is indeed one of the best soundbars under 300 for 2021. The noteworthy aspect of TCL is that within a short time, it has made a name for itself and is known as a brand which does not compromise on sound quality. It has set components for both the left and right speakers and hence you can expect a balanced output. There has been very detail engineering that has gone into the making of this device and TCL vouches that it is here is stay! It has one driver and one tweeter on both sides. It saves you time since setup is easy. All necessary cables are packed into the box, required to establish connection.


  • Wireless sub-woofer enhances the overall experience
  • Comes with a wall mounting kit to facilitate easy set
  • Tuned to produce distortion free sound at all volume levels
  • Sound from music instruments are crystal clear


  • Decent sound profile
  • Good choice for content with more dialogues
  • Design


  • Lack of enough bass support
  • No DTS connectivity options
Bottom Line
You shall get this product on Amazon at the given link: Do checkout for more options. With a price tag of $129.99, this is indeed a good bet, taking into consideration similar products from other brands. If dialogues are your forte, then this should be your go to choice.

Looking for a product which comes with touchless remote controls? Then the BESTISAN Soundbar comes with a remote controller than works on gestures, so no need to keep pressing different buttons to continue the functions of the soundbar. The length of the product is 34 inches with a dual channel audio support. The 6 driver tech support enables good clarity of sound for a long period of time. The company warrants lifetime support in terms of technical dysfunctions. It gives you the option to switch between different sound modes to choose the one which suits your preference. The engineering is such that it supports 360-degree surround sound, so you shall be able to experience an overall larger than life soundscape.


  • News, Music and Movies, these three sound modes give the user various options to make the current choice according to current requirement
  • The Remote Control has different LED lights based on which mode you are currently tuned to
  • Sound designed for a larger impact when connected to high definition LED TV


  • Enhanced user experience by choosing preferred sound mode
  • Good engineered product
  • 360 degree soundscape
  • Touchless remote controls


  • One piece configuration
Bottom Line
With a very nominal price of $69.99, Bestisan ensures brilliant engineering and after sales services. With features like different sound modes, touchless controls and others, it is indeed a product that deserves an overall rating of 9.5.
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This is probably the slimmest soundbar under 300 that is available in the market. Yamaha has done exceedingly well all these years to produce products that have left a mark. Another advantage of this product is the Bluetooth range of 33 feet. Now isn’t that awesome? You can be in corner of your house and streaming music via your mobile phone. You would have the option of syncing more than one device via Bluetooth and the Yamaha lets you switch between both devices. The Yamaha has keyhole mounts and a mounting template that lets you setup the device in the best possible space of your house. Even though it does not support a subwoofer, it has a subwoofer output port.


  • Ultra 4K sound compatibility
  • Can connect more than one device via Bluetooth
  • Easy set up


  • Dialogue clarity
  • DTS support
  • Multiple device connectivity


  • Sub-woofer required for enhancing bass
  • Music cast audio technology may not be supported
Bottom Line
The Yamaha is a device that shall give you enhanced sound clarity and with its brilliant connectivity features, this would surely find its fans. Being a Yamaha product, the price is on the higher side at $199.95 but it shall be worth your money. It has received an overall rating of 9.4.

The Wohome Sound bar is one of the best soundbars under 300 for 2021 due to its striking design, powerful engineering and unmistaken sound quality. This is one such sound bar which produces brilliant effect of bass be it while listening to music or streaming your favorite web series or while playing games. It is powered by DSP technology that allows fantastic clarity and precision of sound at all times. It comes with treble and bass adjusters, so you are truly let it rip at your next house party!! It comes with all sorts of wiring options compatible with computers, TVs, projectors, DVDs, PS4s,PS3 and others. The brand provides wall mount kit, thereby allowing additional options to setup the device. The remote control has all the options, so you can lay on your couch and soak in the sounds.


  • Built in sub-woofer
  • Default/news/music/movie sound modes that offer flexibility
  • Multiple setup/connectivity options


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to set up/mount


  • Controls may lag
Bottom Line
With a price tag just under a hundred dollars, this definitely is an eye-catching product. Wohome has made a niche for itself thanks to some out of the box designs and features and this product is no such different. This has been a huge hit amidst the younger generation and if you are looking for a product to up your coolness quotient, then this is it.

Sound and Sony go hand in hand. Be it speakers, headphones or any such product, Sony has always been a clear winner. When Sony announced launch of a soundbar then its competitors knew that they have to be on their toes. If you are willing to upgrade your home theatre experience, then this product shall be a game changer. Crystal clear sound is its USP and you would not be left disappointed by any means. This is also a perfect product for anyone who wants to enhance the sound level and sound quality of their TV sets. It comes in a decent size and hence is easier to be tucked in beside a TV, PS4 or computer. The added advantage lies in the fact that sub-woofer that enhances the entire sound scape.


  • Easy set up process
  • Brilliant performance and output of sound
  • Simple design but good built quality


  • Bass works wonders and is an instant hit
  • Easy and quick setup process


  • Multiple connectivity options absent
  • Balancing of sound may be a hit
Bottom Line
Being a product from Sony, the price would be somewhere around $278.00. But if you are someone who appreciates products from Sony, then you would not be disappointed. It has received good amount of feedback with a rating of 9.2.
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The JBL Bar 2.1 would open up the entire sound scape of your home and enhance the sound quality which is being produced from the speakers of your television. It has in total six drivers in its system, four 2-1/4” midrange drivers and two 1-1/4” tweeters. It has a brilliant soundshift technology which enables shifting of TV and Bluetooth audio sources. It is also apt in decoding dialogues and enabling Virtual Surround Sound Mode. The package comes with wall mounted brackets, so set up is not a cumbersome task anymore. The sub-woofer is wireless and is loaded with an in built amplifier. It comes with all sorts of cables including 1 optical digital audio input, USB port for firmware inputs, 1 analog stereo minijack input and optical cable and stereo mini to mini cable.


  • 300 watt power output enables smooth functioning of movies, web series or games
  • Deep bass performance from the 6.5’ wireless sub-woofer
  • All sorts of cables provided to ensure a smooth setup process
  • The existing TV remote works as the controller


  • Sound modes including virtual surround sound
  • Seamless streaming via Bluetooth
  • Powerful audio output thanks to the powerful bass


  • Optical cable may create some hindrances
  • Not loaded with accessories
Bottom Line
With a hefty price tag of $249.99, this sound bar is surely not one of the most affordable products in the market. But it does pack in a lot of elements at the price it offers. The deep lows in the sound scape can be dialed up and the crisp highs also lets you sync to the tunes. With a 9.1 rating, this one can surely not be taken lightly amidst so many soundbars available under 300 in the market.

The best soundbars under 300 for 2021 come with a host of amazing features that offer you best flexibility in terms of syncing, connectivity, designs, sound modes etc. Let us consider a few basic pointers to remember before we take the spurge and order one:

  1. Options of connectivity:

The more the number of connectivity options, the better it is for us surviving in a tech savy world! Most sound bars come with HDMI connectivity along with a 3.5 stereo connect and RCA. The Bluetooth sync is the most useful with most users preferring to connect their sound bars with their androids or tablets.

  1. Size of the sound bar:

The size of the sound bar is avery important factor to be taken in the reckoning. It all depends on where you want to place your soundbar, in front of your TV set, on top of it, inside the cabinet or somewhere else. Based on the space available, you need to check out what options are available. If the sound bar is not setup in a very convenient position, then sound output will be compromised and so will the entire experience.

  1. Availability of a sub-woofer:

For audiophiles, the importance of a sub-woofer is paramount. The sub-woofer adds extra jazz and bass to your party music so you can be always ready to rock and roll!! Some sound bars give you the option of selecting a sub-woofer in another cubical cabinet while others have built in sub-woofers which ends up saving considerable amount of space. So if you want additional bass, go for a sub-woofer.

  1. Budget:

The budget is by default a very obvious point of contention since different quality of products are available in different price points. We have covered the best sound bars under 300 in this review, so you are having a similar budget, then pick the best bet from the options put forward in this article.

  1. Active or passive:

Most sound bars have to be set up by plugging into the power socket and connecting a cable to the sound source. But there are some other sound bars which require an AV or amplifier to receive the signal from the source and therefore power the sound bar for optimal performance. Now its up to you, which one satisfies your preference.

  1. Option to go wireless:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can stream your favorite music from your phone while connecting to the sound bar. No need to be in front of the sound bar to control operations, you can be in the adjacent room and control via Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity is something that cannot be ignored.

Hope the factors zeroed in would enable you to pick up the best soundbars under 300 and hope you have a gala experience with your preferred music and web series. Check out the Best Home Theater System 2021

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