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Looking for the best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021. Here are the top 10 choices discussed in detail.
Hearing loss is turning out to be very common among people. For such people watching TV can be quite difficult, and mostly they depend on subtitles when watching programs. But most shows don’t have a subtitle, and turning the volume turns other background music also up. Instead of clarity in sound, it becomes noisier, and dialogs become difficult to understand.


So, what can be an affordable solution to this problem? The best answer to this issue is soundbars. This device has the sole purpose of making dialogs distinctively clear and audible and set them apart from the non-vocal sounds. Soundbars have built-in speakers and subwoofers that provide 3 Dimensional, room-filling sound. All these features help people with hearing problems enjoy watching TV.


How are soundbars beneficial?


The basic reason to connect a soundbar to the TV set is to enhance the audio quality of the TV. They are really helpful for people with hearing loss. With recent soundbars, the brands are specifically focusing on voice clarity technology and adding quality built-in speakers. This will make even the quietest dialog delivery clearly audible without turning the volume up too much.


    • Built-in speakers- the aim behind adding speakers is to ensure that the sound spreads in the entire room. Most of the soundbars have a minimum of 2 speakers and one subwoofer. With higher models, the number of speakers increases.


  • Patented technology- most of the brands have their own patented sound clarity technology that they use. Their priority is the people with hearing loss, but they make the speakers so that it can be used in general to enhance the sound quality.

These days all these flat screens and smart TVs promise HD quality visuals but don’t have the best quality audio. The audio seems jagged and distorted. Such an audio quality becomes a problem, especially for older people or those who require a hearing aid. Adding a soundbar and using it as an audio outlet makes voices clear and tune the frequencies of every channel to make them audible.


Types of soundbars


Soundbars are available in many sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that suits your preferences. Most of the soundbars are compatible with every TV set. Some of the distinct types are:


  • Soundbase

A sound base is a standalone speaker that also enhances the quality of bass. It does not look like a soundbar, it is bigger. The best way to use it is by using it as a pedestal for the TV. Soundbases also enhance the audio quality and makes it more audible.

  • Passive soundbar


A passive soundbar is a bit pricey but allows you to customize it as you like. Tweak the settings to get the audio quality that you want. For installation, a separate AVR is needed, and it can be placed near the TV or mounted on the wall.


  • Active soundbar

An active soundbar is a complete package. Has all the technology starting from speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers to easy installation. Just like a passive soundbar, it can BE wall-mounted or placed near the TV.


Even if there are different types of soundbars, they all function to provide the best audio quality so that every sound is clear and distinct.


Here are the ten best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021:

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Product overview


Hearing loss can make it difficult to listen to the TV sound clearly. To help with this, you can install the ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar (AccuVoice AV200). It clarifies and enhances the quality of the sound.


Product features


    • Patented hearing technology- AccuVoice AV200 uses AccuVoice patented technology which enhances the sound quality. It makes the sound of TV understandable when watching sports, movies, news, or any other program.
    • Auto-controlling sound- commercials are usually loud compared to programs, and you get tired of constantly managing the volume level. With AccuVoice AV200, the feature of Output Leveling automatically controls and enhances the volume level and quality where needed.
    • Clear voices- it is helpful for people with hearing loss and people in general. ZVOX works to enhance the dialog and voices in TV programs to crystal clear even at a low volume level.
    • Easy installation- the soundbar is around 17inches wide. It can be kept anywhere once it is attached to the TV. A single wire does the job, and there is also a manual to help you.



  • Small and compact size.
  • Does not have very bright displays.
  • Clears the sound quality.


  • Fails to lift the voice.
  • Abrupt distortion noises.
Bottom Line
With AccuVoice AV200, you can experience a different clarity in TV sound that normal TV speakers fail to deliver. Install this soundbar and elevate your TV watching experience.
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Product overview


These current flat and curved TV are very stylish and good looking but do not deliver the sound quality. To enhance that, try adding ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar (AV203) to the TV set. This is one of the best tv soundbars for hearing impaired 2021 that one can invest in.


Product features


  • Six-level boosting- AccuVoice AV203 uses the ZVOX’s patented hearing aid to give six levels of boosting to the TV voice. With the advancement of each level, the dialogs get clearer.
  • Clarity over loudness- turning up the volume does not provide clarity, it just gets noisy. For clarity, the voices should be clearly audible. The AV203 works like a hearing aid; it separates the voices from background noise.
  • PhaseCue- the PhaseCue feature makes the sound output surround which gives a 3D sound feel. The sound delivered by the soundbar fills the entire room.
  • Output leveling- this technology automatically controls the volume differences between channels and commercials, and programs.


  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Easy to install.
  • Significantly improves the TV sound.


  • The volume is not loud enough.
  • Displays are not clear.
Bottom Line
AccuVoice AV203 is just the product that helps with hearing aid when watching TV. It enhances the voices instead of simply raising the volume.
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Product overview

Trouble in clearly hearing the TV dialogs and need an amplifier that enhances the TV sound. ZVOX SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar TV Speaker might just be the perfect product for you.


Product features

    • Design- the ZVOX SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar TV Speaker is around 35.5 inches long. It can be mounted on the wall or kept in a cabinet. It is very sleek looking that adds to the TV set.
    • Surround sound- ZVOX’s PhaseCue technology provides a surround sound that fills the entire room. The 3D effect makes the sound more soothing and clear to the ears.
    • OL feature- the Output Leveling feature works to make loud sounds a bit softer and the softer ones louder. It even enhances the audio level of DVDs and Blu Ray.
    • AccuVoice Technology- the ZVOX SB380 uses the patented ZVOX AccuVoice technology. It works to lift and enhance the voices and set them apart from the background noise.



  • The display disappears when not in use.
  • Can be mounted on the wall.
  • Built-in subwoofer.


  • Set up is difficult.
  • No Bluetooth and jack port.
Bottom Line
This TV soundbar with built-in subwoofers is the best way to help with hearing problems. Set them up, and you will be able to hear even the softest dialogs clearly.
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Product overview


ZVOX specializes in making soundbars that will help people with hearing difficulties. SoundBase 440 is one of the best tv soundbars for hearing impaired 2021 that delivers the best performance in enhancing the sound quality of the TV.
Product features


  • Design- the design of SoundBase 440 is very classy. It is 28 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. You can keep your TV on top of this soundbar, and the entire set looks complete.
  • Built-in woofer- the soundbar has three speakers and a 5.25 inches built-in subwoofer. The subwoofer provides the bass, which makes the movie and music sound more refined and better.
  • Patented technology- ZVOX uses the AccuVoice patented technology in its products to elevate the voices and dialog, making it clear and distinct to hear. This helps people with hearing aids.
  • PhaseCue technology- this technology in SoundBase 440 creates a 3D surround sound effect. It fills the sound evenly in the entire room, which makes movie watching and music listening experience better.


  • Controlling sound level with Output Leveling.
  • Built-in subwoofer.
  • Best value for the price.


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Not compatible with smart devices.
Bottom Line

This 28’’ long soundbase is compatible with TVs up to 55inches. With a single wire, connect the two devices and enjoy a home theater-level experience.

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Product overview


AccuVoice 201 Sound Bar by ZVOX is an advanced model of AV200 and is best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021. It comes with two advanced AccuVoice settings that makes it even easier for people with hearing difficulties to hear TV sounds.


Product features


    • Two new settings- compared to AV200, this model has two additional AccuVoice settings, ultra-boost (AC2) and normal (AC1). These two settings make the sound and voice crystal clear.
    • Clear dialog- many movies make it difficult to hear dialogs amid background noises. This soundbar elevates the dialogs and makes them clear and separate from the other noises.
    • AccuVoice technology- with its built-in hearing aid AccuVoice technology, AV201 can provide sound output that is easy to hear and understand at even low volume levels.
    • Ergonomic design- the soundbar is compact and looks stylish. It can be kept on a cabinet or mounted on the wall. The connection between this device and the TV is also very easy.



  • Can be controlled using a TV remote also.
  • Output Leveling feature to tame loud sounds.
  • Compatible with every TV set.


  • Response to remote is slow.
  • Bass is too strong.
Bottom Line

This improved version of the AV200, which is the best-selling product, is more refined and promises better sound performance to its customers.

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Product overview

Looking for a soundbar that will help in enhancing the sound output of your TV set, especially for hearing difficulty reasons? The ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar (AV157) will solve this issue with its high-tech technologies.


Product features


    • Design- the body of this soundbar is 17 inches wide and is very compact in shape. It is compatible with every TV set. It can be easily mounted on the wall or placed anywhere around the TV.
    • 12 level voice boosts- there are six levels AccuVoice boost and six levels SuperVoice technology. The SuperVoice technology of ZVOX work to make the dialogues ultra-clear. It lowers the background noise so that voices are properly audible.
    • Output Leveling feature- this processor makes any loud sound softer and vice versa. It can even enhance the audio output of Blu Ray and DVD players.
    • 3D sound effect- the PhaseCue technology incorporated in this soundbar gives the sound output a 3 Dimensional effect. This best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021 fills the entire room with sound.



  • Three full-range speakers.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • SuperVoice is very effective


  • Less descriptive user manual.
  • Does not work well with cable/TV remote.
Bottom Line

This model (AV157) of the ZVOX soundbar sets a new benchmark in the audio market. The quality is provided in sound output worth the appreciation and the price.

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Product overview


Have been looking for a soundbar for your TV that solves your hearing difficulty problem and lets you enjoy the TV to the fullest? With TV Ears Voice Clarifying TV Sound Bar, you can now cross off the soundbar from your shopping list.


Product features


    • Clear sound output- once you incorporate this with your TV set, you can elevate the voices and differentiate them from the background noises. The technology processes the frequencies to make the sound crystal clear.
    • Three voice settings- the TV Ears soundbar has three voice settings, normal, moderate, and advanced, which help with hearing problems. The soundbar is suitable for people with/ without hearing problems.
    • Design- the soundbar is 17” long with a sleek design. It is very user-friendly and fits very nicely under your TV.
    • Compatibility- this soundbar is compatible with every TV set. With a single cord, connect both the devices. There is no need for any specific setting for connection purposes.



  • Properly labeled remote.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Too much bass.
  • No Bluetooth connection.
Bottom Line

This 17’’ soundbar has the technology to eliminate the hearing problems that you face with TV sound. You will not regret purchasing this device.


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Product overview


Want a portable soundbar that is light-weighted and can do its work properly? The ZVOX Mini Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar (AV100) ticks all these boxes.


Product features


  • Design- the soundbar is 10 inches wide and weighs less than 1 pound. It is very light and compact. You can take it anywhere with you. But even with this size, it can produce the sound that will fill the entire room.
  • User-friendly- it is so small and compact that it can be placed at any place. You can also choose to mount it up on the wall. The setup is also very easy. A single cord is all that is required to connect the device to the TV.
  • Clear dialogue and audio- the patented AccuVoice technology installed in this device ensure that the dialogs are clearly audible. Along with this, the soundbar also has 6 level voice boosting.
  • Output Leveling- tired of the loud commercial and the whisper-like dialogue. This OL feature automatically calibers this sound difference. It boosts the dialogs and reduces the background noises.


  • PhaseCue for 3D sound effect.
  • Highly recommended by users.
  • Operations are easy.


  • Less detailed user manual.
  • Sometimes voices get distorted.
Bottom Line

With hearing problems, watching TV can become difficult. To boost the sound output, this model of ZVOX Mini Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar is a good choice as the best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021.

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Product overview


ZVOX SB380 is another ZVOX item that is very helpful for people who requires a hearing aid. It correctly boosts the audio and makes it less noisy.


Product features

    • Six-level voice boosting- the AccuVoice in ZVOX product especially works to provide hearing aid to people. With every level, the dialogue becomes clearer, and the background sound quiets down.
    • Clear audio- the difference in audio before and after connecting this device is stark. It makes the audio quality better, and you can hear voices even at low volume.
    • 3D surround sound- the patented PhaseCue technology gives the audio a fresh 3D sound effect. It elevates the TV watching experience.
    • OL feature- this feature is found in every ZVOX soundbars. It works to soften loud commercials and enhance the program audio. With this technology, you will not have to constantly change the volume when in-between changing channels.



  • Can be mounted on the wall.
  • Built-in subwoofer.
  • Convenient disappearing display.


  • No Bluetooth connection.
  • Clear dialogues but the sound quality not too good.
Bottom Line

This 3.3” sleek-looking device is simple to use and gives you the best quality sound output. It has many features that work together to leave you satisfied with the sound.

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Product overview
The AV157 model of the ZVOX TV soundbar range has a stylish look, and it also ticks off the boxes for performance. People with hearing problems will find this best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021 very useful.


Product features

    • Sound clarity- this product uses various algorithms to tune the voices and sounds so that the audio is crystal clear.
    • 12 voice boosting level- the AV157 has six stages of AccuVoice boosting, along with six levels of SuperVoice technology. These two together make dialogues clearer, and the non-vocal noise is toned down.
    • Solution for loud commercials- the ZVOX’s Output Leveling tunes the sounds to make them audible and lowers the commercial volume. This saves you the trouble of changing volume levels when going through channels.
    • Easy to install- the device is very small and compact. With only one single wire, you can connect it to the TV. AV157 can be kept at any place or can be mounted on the wall.



  • PhaseCue for surround sound.
  • Labeled remote control.
  • Compatible with every TV set.


  • Instructions not clear.
  • There is a problem with syncing it with the cable remote.
Bottom Line

A good sound quality takes TV watching to the next level. This ZVOX TV soundbar enhances the audio so that you can have a good time.


Buying Guide

There are a couple of things that should be considered before purchasing a soundbar. The following list points out the few important factors that you should check in the best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021:


    • Sound Clarity- This is the most important thing that you should check, especially if your purpose of buying is to help with hearing problems. The voice in a soundbar should be very clear and distinct so that it is audible even in low volume. Check for voice boosting settings so that you can calibrate it according to your needs. A soundbar with good audio performance can be checked when you don’t need a hearing aid when watching TV.


    • Connection- When it comes to electronics, it should be user-friendly. There should be proper instruction so that you can set it up yourself. It should be compatible with your TV for soundbars and has the right port and wire to complete the connection. A connection is successful when there is no lag between the visual and audiotape. You can also go for Bluetooth soundbars because it will not work with TVs and be compatible with other smart devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.


    • Design- Soundbars are available in multiple sizes and designs. Some soundbars work differently based on their design. Most of the soundbars are kind of oblong or rectangular. It looks very good with a flat-screen TV. You can also choose the soundbars based on their display. Some are very bright, and there are some whose display automatically disappears when not in use. A compact, lightweight soundbar makes it easy to carry it around and handle.


    • Control- The soundbar has its own separate remote controls. But if you don’t want to have too many remote controls around you, then some soundbars can also be operated with your TV/cable remote. And if it also has some application, it can also be used to adjust settings and control the volume.


    • Subwoofer- Subwoofers elevate the sound performance of the soundbars. It can be internal or external. The subwoofers add bass to the audio output. With internal, the subwoofers are built in the soundbars, or you can opt for external subwoofers as an addition to the sound system. Compared to the external and internal subwoofers, the external ones are more effective in producing audio that fills the room and has a powerful impact.


    • Price- No matter how satisfying the product features are, the final decision depends on your budget. So it is better to do your research keeping in mind your price budget. With soundbars, there is a large range of products available at different prices. With price change, the quality of the features will also change. So, if you want a long-lasting quality product, you might need to increase your budget. The good thing about such a buy is that it usually becomes a successful long-time investment.


Bottom Line

Soundbars have proved to be a very helpful invention in technology for people with hearing problems. There was a time; the elderly or people with hearing problems were unable to enjoy watching TV. But now, with the best tv soundbar for hearing impaired 2021, this is not an issue. The prices are not too high, so everyone can afford them. Do your due research to get the best product and enjoy a theater-like experience at home.

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