Best wireless chargers for iphone 2021

Best wireless chargers for iphone 2021 – Table of Contents

Best wireless chargers for iphone 5. RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger 10W Max with QC 3.0 Adapter, Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs MAX/XR/XS/X /8/8 Plus, Galaxy Note 10/ Note10 Plus/S10/S9/S8 and More
Best wireless chargers for iphone Table 6. Yootech Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Pad with QC3.0 AC Adapter, Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8,Samsung Galaxy Note 10/S10/S9,AirPods Pro
1. Wireless Charger, Seneo 2 in 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad with iWatch Stand for iWatch 5/4/3/2, 7.5W Qi Fast Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8P, Airpods 2 (No iWatch Charging Cable) 7. Belkin Wireless Charger 10W – Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charger for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus/Samsung Galaxy S10, Note10 and More, Black
2. Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave 7.5 Stand, Qi-Certified, Fast Charging iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, Xs Max, Xs, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 (No AC Adapter) – Black 8. Wireless Charger, QI-EU 4 in 1 Qi-Certified 10W Fast Charger Station Compatible Apple Watch Airpods iPhone 11/11pro/11pro Max/X/XS/XR/Xs Max/8/8 Plus, Wireless Charger Stand Compatible Samsung
3. mophie – Wireless Charge Pad – Apple Optimized – 7.5W Qi Wireless Technology for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, X/ XS, 8 and 8 Plus – Black 9. Updated Version 4 in 1 Wireless Charger, Apple Watch & AirPods & Pencil Charging Dock Station, Nightstand Mode for iWatch Series 5/4/3/2/1, Fast Charging for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/Xs/X/8/8P
4. Yootech [2 Pack] Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand, Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8, Galaxy Note 10/S10 Plus/S10E(With 4 USB C Cable) 10. Seneo 2 Pack 15W Qi Wireless Charger with USB Type C Cable, 7.5W for iPhone 11,11 Pro Max,XR,XS Max,X,8, AirPods Pro, 10W for Galaxy Note 10/9 S10/S9, Google Pixel 3, 15W for LG V30 V40 G8(No Adapter)

Best wireless chargers for iphone


You may be looking for the best wireless chargers for the iphone in 2021, but let’s first see what wireless charging is and how it can be advantageous over normal charging.

Long gone are the days when people used to charge their phones with a stock charger connected to the wall and a long cord connected to the phone. These days, technology is all about bringing new products which are more feasible and fun to use with a lesser amount of hassle involved.

Wireless charging is one such technological innovation, which in the core is the science of inductive charging. With this technology, phones can even be charged by placing them on a charging pad without any cable connecting to them. It sounds fun and looks futuristic!

Over the last few years, various companies have been developing wireless chargers under the Qi standards (developed by wireless power consortium). These chargers are not just for iPhones but also other Android phones and devices. The main charging function is simple! There is a charging pad that is connected to the power connection and you just simply place the phone on top of the pad to get it charged.

How it works

The simple science of wireless charging is through electromagnetic induction. There is an inductive coil that is placed under the charging pad and the same kind of inductive coil is also found in the wireless chargeable phones. When electricity passes through the inductive coil of the changing pad, it creates an electromagnetic field where the voltage passes and provides power to the object nearby. In this case, the electric current in receiving coil of the phone leads to the charging of the device.

Benefits of wireless chargers

This is a new technology that may still be in its early stage, but it is not devoid of some of the major benefits. The reasons why you should buy a wireless charger for your phone and other devices are:

  • Easy experience: Charging your phone with a cable adapter means you will have to sit near the wall connection and wait for the phone to get charged completely; however, using a wireless charger means you can keep your phone on the table while working without much inconvenience.

  • Less damage to the USB port: Every phone has a USB port for the charger to be connected, but if you pay attention, then you will notice that the port can be quite fragile to use. Using wireless chargers means you can just place it on the charging pad without using a USB port at all.

  • Multifunctional chargers: Today, the wireless chargers are not just for charging iPhones or any Android phones but can be used to charge various other devices. These devices can be Air Pods, Apple pencil, Apple watch, etc. These devices are used daily and charging them separately can be quite hassling, but using the same charging pad can make your life a bit easier at one time.

Now that it is quite clear that wireless chargers are beneficial and also a technology that is here to stay, let’s focus on some of the best wireless chargers for iphone in 2021 that you can buy.

Best wireless chargers for iphone 2021

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When it comes to choosing a good third-party wireless charger that is perfectly compatible with the iPhone and Apple watch, then Seno 2 in 1 dual wireless charging pod is the one to choose. Wireless charging is a trend that has been gaining traction for a few years now, but only a handful of them are beneficial in what they claim. Seno 2 in 1 charger has the groups of basic functionalities that make it easy to use and also be effective. This particular product has many great features, including being a great deal in the budget category.


  • Design: The charger’s design is more like a rectangular charging pad. Unlike many other chargers, there is no slant stand for the phone to be kept on; instead, the phone can lie down on the pad where the markings are made. Honestly, the design is not too snazzy, but makes a good stable charger. Also, the area for the phone is wide enough to fit any type of phone size and width. There is also an Apple watch charging slot which can be used to fit the watch’s wireless charger.

  • Build: The charger’s build is simple and sturdy without anything too fancy. The plastic material used is great, hard quality. There are also silicone strips on the charging pad which makes it difficult for the phone to slide. There is a powering USB port in the back. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that the USB port is not a lightning type or type-C.

  • Functioning: The functioning of the wireless charger is perfect, especially for those who have both iPhones and Apple watches and want to charge at once. Having separate chargers is quite a hassle. You can charge your AirPods as well, using the area where the phone is charged. Android phones can be charged also when connected to a quickcharge 3.0. The charger also allows the phone to be in any type of protective covering with thickness 0 to 2mm.

  • Performance: The overall performance is suitable for those who leave their phone and watch to be charged overnight. The charging capacity of the charger is 7.5W which is also the full capacity of any iphone. Also, using a solid adapter will help in making the device charge faster. The maximum time it takes to charge a device is 2 to 3 hours.

  • Nightstand feature: Seneo 2 in 1 does not come with very bright LED lights on it which can quite distracting. This is why it has a nightstand feature so that you can keep it on the bedside table. Another major feature is that you can keep the watch upward while charging and this will mute the notifications, but will still show the time and date on it.


  • Nightstand mode for Apple watches
  • Perfect dual charging wireless charger
  • Minimalistic design


  • No Type C or lightning type USB port
  • No adaptor included in the box
  • Android phones cannot be charged with speed
Bottom Line
This charger offers a lot because it is quick to charge, has optimized functions and settings and also has features that make it great among other choices. The charger effortlessly charges both iPhones and Apple watches so that separate chargers are not required. This is a charger among the best wireless chargers for the iphone in 2021 that serves the purpose and also falls in the budget-friendly category to save some money.

Choosing a wireless charger is a big deal because there are plenty in the market and only a few stand up to their said quality. Anker PowerWave 7.5 is a wireless charging stand that meets the high quality of easy charging of both android and iPhones. You can easily charge the phone while using it, like with video calling in portrait mode or watching videos in landscape since the charger supports both. Also, the phone can be charged while protected by a cover with a thickness capacity of 0 to 5 mm. The package contains a quick-charging wall charger and a USB cable.


  • Design: The charging stand’s design is sturdy and quite good-looking. The overall color of the stand is grey and white, thus giving a more aesthetic and futuristic feel to it. Also, there is another option to choose a complete shiny black stand. The stand is also spacious and for any phone to be charged regardless of their width and length. There is a blue light in the wireless charging stand that shows when the device is charging. On the downside, there is no particular light to tell if the device is fully charged.

  • Build: The Anker PowerWave charging stand is sturdy and stable. The body is made of strong plastic with good quality. There are also rubber pads on the bottom to avoid any slipping of the stand on any tabletop. The overall structure is standard for a charger and also the stand is spacious. There is not much sound to it while charging and can be easily be kept on the nightstand. It has a self-cooling mode, which ensures that the phone charges quickly.

  • Performance: The overall performance of the wireless charger is almost equal to the stock chargers’ charging time. There is a requirement for quickcharger 3.0 which allows any phone to be charged using the wireless charger. The charging capacity of the chargers is 7.5 W which allows the iphone to be charged within 3 hours, which is equivalent to its stock charging time.

  • Two-way charging: One of the best things about charging with a stand is that you can continue using the phone while charging it. Just because there are two coils used in the charger, you can keep the phone in landscape mode and also in the portrait mode. Also, the stand is wide enough to give a sturdy base for the phone to stay and not wobble while charging.


  • Reasonable price
  • Strong build quality
  • Has cooling fans for easy charging


  • Takes almost 3 hours to charge an iphone
  • No quickcharger 3.0 adapter included
  • No LED light to notify when the phone is fully charged
Bottom Line

Anker is known for its reasonably priced and solid build product. This wireless charger is no less effective and serves the purpose perfectly. You can expect to charge iPhones as fast as their normal lightning cables. Also, the overall performance is fantastic without heating the charging stand too much and keeps the charging time optimal.

If you are on the lookout for a wireless charger that is simple in design, small in size and nothing too flashy, then the Mophie’s wireless charger is the best option. Though it is stated to be an Apple wireless charger, it is not exclusive to only the apple phones but can be used to charge other phones as well. This wireless charging pad can be used not only for phones, but also for Air Pods and Galaxy pods. Overall, this wireless charger is a basic model at a price that is not too high.


  • Design: If you look at the design and ergonomics of the charger, it is very simple and minimalist. The charger is a pad-like stand in a spherical shape which is black with a top surface that is made with a shiny protective covering. There is a rubber ring around the charging pad which makes sure that the phone does not slips off from the stand while charging. There is also a light in front of the charger to show when the phone or Air Pods are charging.

  • Build: The charger’s build is sturdy enough to hold the phone. Also, there is a TPU covering on the charging surface. This makes sure that the phone’s body is not scratched or damaged while charging. There is a powering micro USB point at the back of the charger which is also connected through a barrel adaptor.

  • Easy compatibility: The device is said to be compatible with Apple products and that the functioning is Apple optimized, but it is compatible with other products as well like Samsung phones. Any phone that has wireless charging technology in it can be charged using the charger. The charger starts charging the phone as soon as it comes in contact with the device.

  • Performance: The fast charging capability of this wireless charger is 7.5 W. This is the maximum capacity that the charger works at. The overall performance makes sure that a drained iphone gets charged within a bit more than 150 minutes. The Mophie wireless charger helps in charging the phone in almost 50% less time than normal chargers.


  • Minimalistic design
  • TPU surface for preventing slipping of the phone
  • Lightweight with silicone base
  • Compatible with AirPods and galaxy pods


  • Small charging pad
  • Bulky adapter
  • Not durable
Bottom Line

Overall, the Mophie wireless charger is a simple and perfect choice for those who are not on the lookout for bulky chargers. The design is simple with complete safety ergonomics like the silicone base which keeps the charger from sliding on a tabletop. It is lightweight, and the optimum performance for a wireless charger makes it a go-to option for many among the best wireless chargers for iPhones in 2021.

For those who want a wireless charger that is not just a simple charging machine, but is also designed to keep the phone safe from any type of temperature damage should opt for this one. Yootech’s wireless charger offers multiple charging modes for varying devices and also provides sleep-friendly features so that charging phones while sleeping will not be a problem. One of the biggest benefits of this wireless charger is the fact that it comes in a pack of two. This means you can keep one at home and the other one at the office or carry it around in a purse.


  • Design: The design component of the wireless charger is simple and elegant. It is not too bulky or too flashy since it is black with a sleek finish to it. Also, it is smaller in size compared to many other options in the market, thus making it perfect for any table or nightstand. There is also a green LED light that flashes when the device is connected and starts charging.

  • Build: It is sturdy and is made of strong plastic. The plastic gives a certain amount of durability to the charger. Also, there is a stand that makes standing the phone easy on it. There is a charging port that supports USB type-C ports. There are two cables available with the charger – one is the USB A-C and the other one is USB C-C type. This increases the user-friendliness as it helps users of different phones connect the charger easily.

  • Safety and protection: The charger is Qi-certified and that makes it safe for charging the Qi-enabled wireless charging phones. Also, there is a multifunctional protect technology installed, which helps protect the phones against any power surge or short circuit. This technology controls the temperature to avoid any phone damage.

  • Performance: The performance is optimized and better than the stock charger available for the phones. There are three charging modes available which can be chosen based on the type of phone to be charged and at what capacity it needs to get charged. There is a 10W charging capacity and 7.5 W capacity, which requires a quick charge 3.0 or 2.0 adapter. There is 5W capacity, which requires 2A adapter.


  • Cost-effective
  • Multifunctional intelligent protect technology
  • Three different charging capacity


  • Not very sturdy
  • No adapter included
  • Doesn’t charge with a case
Bottom Line

This charger is perfect for a buyer who wants two chargers for a reasonable price. Not only it is stylish, but it is also packed with many great features. It has a technology installed in it which makes sure that the phone is safeguarded from any electrical fluctuation and short circuits thus elongating the battery’s life. Also, you can charge the phone in both landscape and portrait mode easily at three given charging modes.

When it comes to a wireless charger, heftiness is not a feature that is liked by many people. The sleeker the design, the better it is. RAV power 10W wireless charging pad is the one that looks futuristic and fancy. Not only it is a fancy designed wireless charger in the market, but it is also an effective one.


  • Design: When it comes to the overall design of the RAV power wireless charger, one thing can be said for sure and that it is ultra-chic in looks. It is a small pad charger which means it takes hardly any space on tables. You can keep in anywhere and also can carry it around in your bag if needed without having to worry about the space occupied. One thing that is not liked by many users of this particular charger is the fact that the charging light remains on throughout the charging period. This can be quite disturbing especially if the charger is to be kept on the nightstand while sleeping.

  • Build: The charger’s build is simple and round with a shiny finish. This finish comes from the hard plastic that is used to make it. The plastic is of good quality and thus is durable against any scratches or cracks. There is a silicone layering on top which makes sure that the phone does not slip while being kept on top of the charger.

  • Triple charging mode: Though it is not as fast as the 15W chargers out there, it is still a good choice for the price paid. RAV power wireless charger comes with the highest charging capacity, 10 W, which is perfect for the Samsung Galaxy range. The 7.5W is for the iPhones and 5 W for any Qi-compatible phone that can be charged wirelessly. The overall charging time is around 30 minutes less than any basic charger.

  • HyperAir technology: This is the proprietary technology of the RAVpower which is designed to keep the phones safe from any type of damage while charging. The charger is designed to dispense the heat at almost 15% more speed than any other charger. This makes sure that the battery is not damaged due to over surge, overvoltage or overcharging. According to this technology, as soon as the phone is fully charged, the charging power gets reduced significantly.


  • HyperAir technology safeguards phone battery
  • Phone can be charged through the protective covering
  • Futuristic design
  • Micro USB and Qi-compatible adapter included


  • Does not charge too fast
  • LED light remains on while charging
  • Charging pad becomes very hot
Bottom Line

This charger is perfect for those who don’t like hefty chargers. There are three charging modes that will fit different phones perfectly and provide fast charging in less time than any stock charger. Also, there is their personal technology called HyperAir which helps in keeping the phone safe while charging.

At times, it is better to have a small charging pad instead of a larger one. Smaller wireless charging pads for the phones is the best choice, especially when you want the charger to take less space and also want to carry it around easily. There are plenty of wireless charging pads in the market, but only a few come with a quick-charge adapter and some great features that will make the charger function even better. Yootech 10W wireless charging pad is one of those perfect charging pads which are designed for quickly charging any device without damaging it.


  • Design: The overall design of the charging pad is quintessentially simple and minimalist. It does not consist of anything more than a spherical pad on which the phone can be kept while charging. Also, there is a green LED light that shows when the phone is charging. The charging pad area is perfect for any phone to be kept without slipping. It is designed in a way to fit Air Pods and Air Pods pro perfectly. The rubber grooves will make sure that the AirPods fit properly while charging.

  • Build: The charging pad is sturdy and stable. The silicone base makes sure that the phone does not slip while kept on the table. It is made up of strong plastic which also gives the charger a glossy finish. At the back of the charger, there is an adapter USB port that is compatible with type-C USB.

  • Safety: One of the major features that makes the charger a worthy buy is its Qi certification which makes it safe since it is made of fire-resistant material. Also, the multifunctional protection technology makes it safe against any type of phone and battery damage. This technology ensures that short-circuiting and overflow of the electricity will not harm the phone.

  • Adapter: Unlike other wireless chargers, there is normally a need to buy a Qi adapter separately for charging the phone to its complete capacity. But when it comes to the Yootech wireless charging pad, there is no need to do that since it already comes with a Qi 3.0 adapter.

  • Functionality: It can be used easily while keeping it on the nightstand. The LED light switches off after a few seconds of getting turned on, which does not disturb sleep. You can easily keep the charger on the bedside table and not worry about the charger’s bright light.

  • Performance: When it comes to performance, this charger is perfect for both iPhone other phone users. Unlike other chargers, it does not have only one single charging capacity. Instead, it has three different charging capacities: 10W for Samsung devices, 7.5W for Apple devices and 5W for any other Qi-compatible devices.


  • Fire-resistant charger
  • Three different charging capacity
  • Quick charging 3.0 adapter included


  • It is a bit slower as compared to other chargers
  • Design could have been better
  • Not durable
Bottom Line

When on a lookout for a wireless charger with Qi compatibility and simple design for home and office, then the Yootech wireless charger is the best option. It has several features that make it one of the best choices in the market and a reasonable price to be paid. The three different charging capacity remains one of the best components of this wireless charger.

Want to find a simple and minimalistic wireless charger that leaves a smaller footprint wherever kept? Then the Belkin’s revised version of the wireless charger can be a great option. This charger is perfect for charging the Apple phones and Air Pods as well, along with other Qi-compatible wireless charging phones. Also, one of the best things is that it comes in various colors like black, white, pink and blue to choose from.


  • Design: The overall design of the charger is a simple plate. It can be placed anywhere since it hardly takes up any space. Another great thing about this charger is the fact that it is more like a plate which makes it more stable while keeping the phone on it when it’s charging. A recent change brought about while revising the design is the position of the LED light. From the top of the plate, it is shifted to the side. This makes it easy to see the light while keeping the phone on top of the plate. Usually, the LED light is white and if any metal object comes near the plate, it shows amber.

  • Build: The overall build of the wireless charger is simple and sturdy. In this revised version, the height of the charger has been reduced to make it more stable while keeping the phone on it. The overall charger is made up of plastic, but good quality so that the charger does not get heated up quickly and get damaged due to excessive heat while charging. There is a silicone layer on top of the charger plate to make sure that the phone does not slip. There are rubberized patches below the plate to make sure that the charger does not slip on a table. There is also a USB type-C port for the USB cable.

  • Charging modes: Three charging modes range from model to model. The 10 W charging mode is for the Galaxy phones, while the 7.5 W capacity is for the iphone lines and AirPods. Lastly, if you have any other phone like Pixel or LG, then the 5 W capacity is the one that can be used along with an adapter.

  • Temperature safety: There are dual-layered charging coils made up of ferrite materials which makes the charging an easy task. There are also thermal sensors installed in the charger to regulate and optimize the temperature levels of the device. This makes sure that the phone does not get heated up too much to elongate the battery life.

  • Performance: The charger’s performance is optimal and nothing too fancy. The overall Apple phone charging time ranges from 3.5 to 4 hours. The boost-up technology of the charger will make sure that the device gets charged quickly, all the while protecting the battery life. Also, there are precision resistors and shields installed in the charger to make sure that no other functionality of the phone gets affected due to charging.


  • Wall adapter included
  • Boost-up charging technology to optimize the phone functions while charging
  • Temperature safety with double-layered coils
  • Sleek design


  • Bit on the expensive side
  • Not the fastest charging experience
  • Doesn’t charge fully
Bottom Line

For all those who are shy to spend a lot of money on their cellular devices should choose the Belkin wireless charger. It looks good, feels stable, and works just fine to make it a great choices for the iPhones and others in the market. Yes, there are others in the market along with the best wireless chargers for iphone in 2021 with better-charging speeds, but there are also other features which compensate for the overall performance.

Who does not want a sleek and hassle-free charger stand that is not only functionally effective but is also superbly good-looking? Everyone right! After all, your Apple devices should get the best for its charging as well. A 4-in-1 stand for charging is a perfect wireless charger that will make sure that all your Apple devices like phones, watches, Air Pods and pencils are getting charged simultaneously. The QI-EU 4-in-1 charger is that perfect product that makes it so easy to charge devices without having to create a timetable of when to charge what.


  • Design: The design of the charger is without any doubt super stylish. It is a stand that holds all the devices in its given spaces. It is a rectangular plate on which there is a charging pad for the phone to be rested, and attached to this pad, there is a space for the watch to be attached. Also, there are separate grooves for Apple pencil and Apple ear pods. The stand has an adjustable angle that can be adjusted according to how the phone is being used while charging.

  • Build: The build quality of the wireless charging stand is sturdy and strong so that it can easily withstand all the devices together. The pad is silicone which makes sure that the phone does not slip while getting charged. There are also cooling holes in the pad to avoid overheating which can cause device damage. The Apple watch can be attached to the charging pad through a magnetic suction.

  • Adjustable stand: One of the best things about the charging stand is that it is easily adjustable so that it can be used in any way. The charging pad can be turned to be kept in both horizontal and vertical ways. It makes it easier to be used while working on it or while watching videos or video calling. The charging pad can also lay down flat to avoid any risk of phone slipping.

  • Simultaneous charging: Another major feature of the charging stand is that all the devices can be charged simultaneously. There is an intelligent identity chip installed that identifies the spare devices and uses separate charging capacity to charge, thus avoiding any device damage. There is also a cooling system that makes sure that the device does not get heated up which avoids the chances of damage.

  • Different charging capacity: The wireless charging stand has a different charging capacity which makes it perfect for charging various Qi-compatible phones and other Apple devices. 10W capacity is used for Galaxy phone fast charging. Also, the 7.5 W is for iphone lines, 2W for Apple pencils and Apple watches and 5 W is for Air Pods and other Qi-compatible phones.


  • Widely compatible with various devices
  • Adjustable stand with magnetic metal support
  • Safe from overcharging and over surge of electricity


  • No adapter included with the package
  • Doesn’t charge the apple watch
  • Not durable
Bottom Line

With this wireless charger, among some of the other best wireless chargers for the iPhone in 2021 which is capable of charging four devices together, you will not have to buy separate chargers or carry around different chargers while traveling. Simply invest in the QI-EU 4-in-1 wireless charger and use it to speedily charge almost every Apple device that needs be charged every day easily in no time.

There are indeed several wireless chargers in the market, but the fact is that only a few of them actually live up to the standard quality which can charge faster and also does not damage the devices. The updated version 4-in-1 wireless charger is one of those which gives the best functionality in the price paid. Not only does it support charging various devices together saving time and efforts, but it also makes sure that none of the devices get damaged or overheated while using the charging stand.


  • Design: The design of the stand is as clean and neat as it can be. It is perfect to be kept on top of the study table or bedside table while sleeping. It does not take much space since the stand is a black, neat, and rectangular. It almost has a matte black finish to it which makes it look even chicer. Design-wise, it is quite efficient because there is a charging pad for phones, one Apple watch attaching area, pencil stand and separate base for AirPods.

  • Build: Nothing can be sturdier than the updated version’s 4-in-1 wireless charger. It stands strong without any instability to it. The body is plastic, but is covered with silicone to avoid any slippage of the devices while charging. Also, the charging pad can be adjusted according to the requirements. It can be tilted horizontal or vertical or backward if need be. The magnetic support of the stand makes it foldable which makes it easier to use and carry. Also, the overall charger is lightweight, making it less of a hassle for carrying it in a bag or purse.

  • Proper safety and protection. One of the major issues that many chargers face is the fact that they tend to get hot after continuous activity. Overheating can ruin the battery of the phones and other devices. Here, the charger is QI certified and also has an automatic control technology installed. This technology makes sure that overheating or over surge does not harm the phone. The devices can be charged for three hours and still will not lead to overheating due to two charging coils.

  • Performance: This charger is multifaceted as it can be used to charge various devices together. Different charging capacity allows the devices to be charged together and the best thing is that simultaneous charging does not cause any harm to the devices. 7.5 W capacity is for iPhone only, whereas the 10W is for phones like LG, Pixel, Samsung and Galaxy. Also, the 5 W capacity is used to charge the AirPods (1/2 and pro) and 2W capacity is for the Apple AirPods and pencil.


  • Easy and fast charging
  • Foldable stand making it easier to use while working
  • Case-friendly charger (keep metals object away)


  • No adapter included in the box
  • Charging is not that efficient
  • It doesn’t charge fully
Bottom Line

Finding the right set of features will make the charger an easy buy and not difficult to find any more. Powlaken’s updated version 4-in-1 charger is perfect for charging all the Apple devices at a single time. Not only does the device gets charged at a regulated speed, but it is also protected to avoid any damage or battery death.

Seneo wireless chargers are known to be the best in town for their seamless functions and better compatibility with various devices. This 15W capacity wireless charger makes sure that you can charge a large variety of phones ranging from iPhones to LG to Pixel to Samsung. Other than phones, the charger can be used to charge AirPods as well.


  • Design: The design is simplistic and minimal. There is not much going on because it is a small round plate that can be placed anywhere. It is black and has a shiny finish to it. The charging plate is also very slim and lightweight, making it easier to carry around. There is a hidden interface for connecting the USB type-C cord to avoid any damage to water splashes, thus increasing the overall lifespan of the charger.

  • Build: The overall build of the wireless charger is solid and sturdy. The charging plate is made of high-grade plastic and has a silicone covering to avoid slipping of the phone or the Air Pods case while charging. The input has type-C USB which makes it more compatible and easier to use and also has a longer life.

  • Automatic temperature balance: The wireless charger has the best cutting-edge technology for regulating the temperature and avoiding overheating of the system. There is automatic temperature balance technology and air vents on the back, which is capable of eliminating excess heat. This not only keeps the charger safe, but also optimizes the charging capacity.

  • Performance: As it is already known, the Seneo wireless charger has the highest charging capacity of 15W. But for those who want to charge their iPhones, they will get only 7.5 W charging capacity. 15 W is for LG V 30 phones and 10 W is for Galaxy phones. Also, there is 5W capacity to be used for charging Air Pods, Galaxy pods and other Qi-compatible wireless charging phones.


  • Super-fast charging
  • Air vents and ATB technology for heat controlling
  • Hidden interface


  • A bit too small and the phone needs to be aligned to get charged
  • Quickcharge 2.0/3.0 adapter not included
  • Takes too long to charge
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One of the major features that attracts customers to buy a wireless charger is its charging speed. Without any doubt, the Seneo 15W wireless charger is perfect for the easy and fast charging of the devices. But along with it, you will get to charge Air Pods or Galaxy pods easily on the same plate. With innovative technology, they make sure that there is no overheating of the charger, so this becomes one of the best options in the budget.


There are several wireless chargers in the market, which usually render buyers confused about which one to choose. Yes, there is always a need to figure out the phone requirements, but you should never compromise with features and functionality. Also, it is very crucial to keep an eye out on the price and reviews before buying one. Apple does not manufacture wireless chargers anymore, so buyers will have to rely on several third-party manufacturers. No doubt some of them are great like the above mentioned best wireless chargers for iPhone in 2021, but many are not that trustworthy. The reasons why a bit of deep researching is crucial is because you would not want the charger to damage your expensive iPhone or other Apple devices.

Choosing the right wireless chargers

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before buying any wireless charger for iPhones:

  • Power: The power of the charger will decide how fast the phones can be charged. At 5W, it can be charged, but not too fast, but at a higher capacity, it will offer fast charging. Wireless chargers for iPhones should have 7.5W since it is the highest capacity, it can take, but the charge can also have 10W or 15W capacity for Samsung and other Android phones.

  • Qi standard: The most crucial thing is to check if the charger is Qi certified or not. This standard defines the basic safety regulations of how a wireless charger should function and operate.

  • Connector and adaptor: Check what type of connector the charging pad requires to connect to the wall connection. Usual connectors are USB type-C or micro-sub connector. Also, check what the adapter requirement is and whether you will need to have it separately.

  • Aesthetics: After the functionality is checked, make sure that the wireless charger is good-looking and chic. There is some which serve the purpose, but are not too pleasing to look at while some others are better looking but fail to give the right charging efficiency.

  • Budget: Lastly, check your budget before buying one. There are many 2-in-1 chargers and 4-in-1 chargers in the market and others are simple single-plate chargers. It is better to take into consideration the requirements and the budget before buying one.

Tips to use a wireless charger

Unlike the general stock chargers that come with phones, the wireless chargers are more technologically advanced. This is the reason it is crucial to abide by certain safety rules and measures to keep the phone undamaged and make sure that the charger works to its fullest capacity. Some of the tips that can be helpful are:

  1. Having phone cases that are too thick can reduce the charging speed or the charging altogether, so remove the case if need be.

  2. Wireless chargers use electromagnetic induction while charging so keep metallic and magnetic items away from the charging pad.

  3. If the charger and the phone gets too hot, remove them and let them cool down before charging again.

  4. Keep the phone in no-vibration mode while charging so that in case a notification comes through, the phone will not move from the plate.

  5. Remove any USB cable from the phone while charging or the wireless charger will not work.

Wireless chargers are new-age devices, but they are not too complicated to start with. These devices are simple to use and efficient to rely on. You can simply choose any of the above mentioned best wireless chargers for the iPhone in 2021 to make sure that the iPhone or any other Android phones get charged without any hassle.

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