Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2021-Top 10 Buyers Guide


If you are an avid gamer, you will understand that it is important to have the support of the best wireless gaming headset for 2021 to enjoy your gaming. What fun is gaming when you aren’t able to enjoy the sounds and effects clearly?

Yes, choosing the right wireless gaming headset is quite a challenge. However, we are sure that at the end of this article, you would know what to expect and make the right choice. But the more important challenge is to know the basics about wireless headsets, so that you are informed about the different types available in the market.

Here is a brief buying guide on choosing wireless gaming headsets:

Compatibility – It is quite natural that you should first see which platforms your headset is comfortable with. Some are compatible only with Xbox, while some are compatible only with PlayStations. However, you need to choose one that is compatible across all platforms such as Xbox, PlayStations, Windows PCs, Mac PCs and mobiles.

Comfort & design – Never look only at the visual appeal when you are choosing wireless headsets. Irrespective of the style and exteriors, your headset should be comfortable. So, you should choose a headset that is made from breathable material in mesh fabric, so that your ears can feel cool and dry even when you are using the headset for long hours.

Technical specifications- The final factor you should look out for is the technical specifications such as the wireless range for lossless audio output, frequency range, duration of battery life, noise cancellation features and the like.

With these basic factors in mind, you can now go ahead and read about the 10 best wireless gaming headsets in the market today. The features have been given in detail here, so that it helps you make a qualified decision whether it would work for you or not.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2021

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Are you looking for a wireless gaming headset that doesn’t require you to spend a lot? If yes, the Stealth Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach is one of the ideal choices for you. The best part about this headset is that it doesn’t compromise on any feature because it is low-priced.


Some of the interesting features that make the Turtle Beach Stealth Gaming Set one of the sought-after and best wireless gaming headset 2021 are:

  • Designed specifically for Xbox; direct connectivity to Xbox one or Xbox Series X consoles possible without the use of any cable or dongle

  • Comes inbuilt with Windows Sonic Surround Sound effect, powered by Microsoft, to give you a life-like and virtual experience during marathon gaming sessions

  • Comes with big, 50mm speakers to deliver high and low notes with equal clarity and crispness

  • Ear cushions are designed using breathable and comfortable mesh fabric; made with the brand’s exclusive ProSpecs design to make the headset compatible to be worn with glasses as well for long hours

  • Battery can offer you 15 hours of unlimited entertainment when charged fully


  • Considered as one of the best headsets that can be used for PS4 or Xbox One
  • Superhuman hearing technology helps you hear every single movement, beat and effect in the game
  • Comes with a microphone with flip-up mute functionality, so that you can use it as and when you need it


  • Crackling sound noticed in the audio quality by a few users within a few weeks of usage
  • Microphone doesn’t work properly
Bottom Line
Priced at just $85, this Stealth Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach, does have certain flaws. However, we feel that this is a great choice if you are new to the gaming industry. Get a grip on this headset, before you move on to advanced versions.


By now, you must have known that the headsets from SteelSeries are loaded with innovative features that make them quite pricey. However, Arctis 7 is an excellent model that comes at a reasonable price but with the trademark style of the SteelSeries brand.


At around $150, this wireless gaming headset from SteelSeries, comes with some impressive features such as:

  • Offers a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity to provide you with lag-free and lossless audio quality at all times

  • Low-latency sound effects with no interruptions to provide highly stable output by cutting out all unnecessary external sounds

  • Comes with a detachable microphone in clearcast design; with its noise-cancellation feature and studio-like audio quality makes it one of the best microphones in the gaming industry

  • Equipped with 51mm speaker drivers with ultra-low distortion features to help you listen to very little effect and beat with utmost clarity

  • Provides 360 degrees of precision audio, thanks to the modern DTS Headphone XV2.0, 7.1 surround sound effect; to experience this, you have to use the headset on your PC

  • Comes with a 24-hour battery life to make gaming sessions exciting and entertaining

  • Compatible to be used with PlayStations, PCS, Switch and Mobile devices


  • Award-winning Arctis Sound Output to help you hear critical and subtle sounds with 100% clarity
  • Elastic fabric, with well-designed contours of the headset, help in even weight distribution all over the head


  • Customer support not helpful when it comes to manufacturing defects
  • Not as distortion-free as they claim to be
Bottom Line
We do feel that that audio quality and build quality of this Arctis 7 headset from SteelSeries could have been better than what it is currently. However, at $150, it does come with the trademark elegance of the SteelSeries brand. So, you can give it a try.


How about a wireless gaming headset that is not only highly effective but extremely comfortable as well? If you thought this was too good to be true, you haven’t heard of the Corsair VOID RGB Elite Gaming Headset.


With its stylish design and cool features like the following, this headset from Corsair has already found immense popularity among avid gamers.

  • Comes with premium-quality,50mm audio drivers that can be turned as per your preference; comes with an impressive range of 20 to 30000 Hz to give you a 7.1 surround sound effect

  • Very ergonomically designed as the drivers are embedded safely in breathable microfiber mesh fabric

  • Earpads made from high-quality memory foam to give your ears extreme comfort even when you use the headset for a long time

  • Comes with a microphone ( that can be used in any direction), which you can use to speak up or mute when you don’t have to; inbuilt LED mute indicator lets you know the status of the microphone

  • Heavy-duty aluminum Yokes used for construction; therefore, it is built to last for many years


  • Comes with easy to control on-ear volume and mute buttons
  • Each ear cup comes with a bright RGB lighting effect that you can customize as you wish
  • Microphone comes with an easy, flip-up mute functionality
  • Offers one of the best audio frequency ranges in this category


  • Detailed instruction manual not available for installation
  • Static noise noticed in one or both the earcups during gaming, by a few users
Bottom Line
Yes, it has a few flaws; however, this wireless headset from Corsair is designed to give you an incredible gaming experience at an affordable price. It is quite durable as well, so it gives you good returns on your investment.


Every gamer has different preferences when it comes to choosing his wireless gaming headset. Are you the one who gives importance to durability and long battery life? If yes, the HyperX Cloud Flight is one of the best models you will ever find in the market at a reasonable price.


Most of the users of the HyperX Cloud Flight headset believe that it gives them full value for their money, because of these remarkable features:

  • Lag-free audio quality, thanks to a 2.4GHz wireless connection; audio range of 20m provided for uninterrupted output

  • Battery offers almost 30 hours of non-stop gaming entertainment, when charged fully; this is far above the industry standard of 20 hours

  • Comes with a durable but flexible steel slider to help you adjust the controls as per your convenience

  • Smart audio and microphone controls on ears, for easy maneuverability

  • Ear cups are designed to rotate 90 degrees for giving you a life-like experience while gaming; LED lighting effects on the cup help you capture every single detail of the game, regardless of the environment

  • Comes with a detachable and durable microphone that is embedded with noise-cancellation features; you can operate this microphone only when you are gaming on your PC or PlayStation 4 in the wireless mode


  • Comes with inbuilt features that make it ready to be used with PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro immediately upon purchase
  • Extreme comfort guaranteed as you can wear the ear cups around your neck as well during marathon gaming sessions


  • Headset could have been made with more durable parts
Bottom Line
Priced at just around $135, this is definitely one of the best wireless headsets in the market for gaming lovers. Go for it and you won’t regret your decision.


Are you looking for a durable but lightweight wireless gaming headset so that you can hear all the minute sounds of the games clearly? If yes, the G533 from Logitech is a great choice for you. It comes with sophisticated and patented features to make your gaming experience a memorable one.


The Logitech G533 is easily considered as the best wireless gaming headset 2021 because it is blessed with certain impressive features such as:

  • Patented professional-grade drivers protected in a mesh-like fabric to give you crystal-clear surround sound effect and impressive bass output

  • DTS headphone technology to help you hear all the effects & sounds that the game designers created in that particular game

  • Professional-grade audio output quality and hassle-free audio transmission (that can be done digitally) gives you excellent quality of audio and connectivity even when you are at a distance of 15m from the unit

  • Made from durable, lightweight and protective material that doesn’t give you any discomfort, even when you wear it for hours

  • Can work for up to 15 continuous hours when it is charged once

  • Easy connectivity to various devices such as Windows 7, 8.1 and 10PCs, Mac OS 10.11 and upgraded versions


  • Battery is easy to recharge and replace
  • Durable quality headphones that produce audio quality found only in premium-priced or expensive headphones
  • Considered as the best-sound wireless gaming headset in this price range
  • Comes with on-ear volume and other controls


  • Customer support team of Logitech is not very helpful
Bottom Line
We are quite impressed with almost all gaming gadgets from Logitech. With its stylish features and high-quality audio output, it is definitely a great buy, as it is designed to gives you full value for your money.


When a wireless gaming headset is rated as one of the best high-end gaming headsets in the market, it is natural for you to get curious about knowing more about it. So, here we are to talk about the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset. Priced at about $330, this is definitely one of the premium models in our list here.


What are the features that make this headset from SteelSeries is one of the sophisticated products ever in the field of gaming headsets? Keep reading:

  • Comes with dual wireless technology to give you lag-free, 2.4GHz sound quality while playing your favorite games

  • Easy connectivity to mobiles through Bluetooth for lossless audio quality

  • High resolution speakers made from high-density neodymium magnets to produce immersive sound effect and a frequency range of 10 to 40000 Hz with crystal-clear quality

  • Built to last for many years as it is made from lightweight but heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy

  • Comes with 2 batteries that can be swapped as per your comfort; you can charge one battery to give 20 hours of non-stop entertainment, while you use the other battery for gaming

  • Comes with a high-quality microphone that is regarded as one of the best in the gaming industry; Clearcast and bi-directional design delivers studio-quality audio output by canceling out all the external distortions


  • High-fidelity, lossless and lag-free delivery at all times to guarantee you a memorable gaming experience
  • First product to offer DTS Headphone :V2.0 surround sound effect in the world of gaming


  • Customer support department not very helpful
  • Device broke off within a few months of usage
Bottom Line
While this premium wireless headset from SteelSeries is definitely a good buy, we recommend you try other low-priced models, especially if you are a beginner.


Are you ready to experience the next generation sound effect in gaming? Are you ready to take on your gaming to the next level so that you can hear every single sound and special effect while gaming? If yes, it is time to invest in the Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset right now.


This wireless headset comes from the brand of Razer, a company that has been rated as the numero uno in the field of manufacturing gaming peripherals in the USA. So, it comes with some incredible and reliable features such as:

  • Comes with premium-quality THX-certified special audio drivers to give you immersive, 7.1 surround sound effect

  • Gaming simulation provided in a full 360 degrees, to give you positional audio effect to listen to every beat, effect and note of the game

  • Comes with audio controls on the ear; therefore, all audio adjustments can be done easily

  • Offers you a 16-hour, non-stop entertainment when charged fully

  • Embedded with a noise-canceling feature, so that you can chat with utmost clarity while you are gaming

  • Microphone comes in an outward flipping design to expand or collapse as per your needs

  • Comes with 2.4GHz and an audio range of 12m, which is quite impressive


  • Unique 360 degrees positional audio effect of giving you a life-like experience when gaming
  • Headbands can be adjusted as per your required length
  • Earpads embedded safely in cooling-infused gel to keep your ears comfortable at all times
  • RGB lighting effect with animation gives you the flexibility to choose from over 16.8 million colors


  • Quality of the microphone’s audio output could have been better
Bottom Line
The Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the best for a distortion-free and lag-free gaming experience.


Here is a wireless gaming headset for all Xbox lovers. The SteelSeries 9X Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset is predominantly designed for Xbox users; however, you can also easily connect with your PCs and mobile through Bluetooth.


This one from SteelSeries is definitely one of the costly units in the market, as it is priced at almost $200. Do the features justify this price? Keep reading to know more:

  • Comes with integrated Xbox Wireless connectivity, thanks to which you can wirelessly connect to your Xbox without the need for any cable or dongle

  • Many functionalities possible; you can connect to the Xbox and other devices such as mobiles through Bluetooth at the same time; listening to music and picking up calls also possible while you are gaming

  • Comes with a clearcast microphone with a noise-canceling feature and bi-directional design to make your voice clear and distortion-free

  • Superior audio feature that highlights all the low and subtle notes, thereby making it an award-winning sound feature

  • Comes with a 20-hour non-stop battery life when charged fully

  • Comes with an innovatively designed chipset for use in Xbox exclusively; optimized features that reduce the power consumption of the battery makes it more durable than ever


  • Made from elastic fabric with perfectly designed contours to distribute weight evenly on the head
  • Airweave ear cushion design inspired by the athletics industry to keep your ears cool and dry even after long hours of usage


  • Turns on after a long time, and also turns off when you least expect it
  • Xbox connectivity keeps going off many times
Bottom Line
Yes, this headset from SteelSeries is quite good when it comes to its visual appeal and audio quality. However, for its price, it shouldn’t be giving you connectivity issues, is what we feel.


The Logitech G935 is one of the most advanced wireless gaming headsets that you will find in the market in this price range. Coming from the stables of Logitech, we aren’t surprised by its looks. However, its performance truly proved that it is a headset that gaming lovers would love to invest in.


What makes the Logitech G935 so sophisticated and detailed? Keep reading to know more about the same:

  • Most updated version of wireless gaming headset from Logitech equipped with high-quality, 2.4GHz output quality

  • Extremely customizable, as you can make the headset perform as per your convenience, with the help of easy to manage controls

  • Comes with a full-spectrum, 16.8million RGB lighting that can be adjusted

  • Works for 8 continuous hours when used with lighting feature and 12 continuous hours when used without lighting

  • Pro-G, patented drivers of 50mm dimension, 1designed effectively to help you hear all the sounds with utmost clarity in any kind of gaming environment

  • Equipped with LightSync RGB game-driven feature, which works well with the exclusive Logitech G Hub Software

  • Perfect balance between high and low notes, thanks to the surround sound effect created by the sophisticated DTS quality headphones

  • Comes with a 6mm, high-quality microphone to improve the quality of audio output that eventually hear

  • Comes with audio range of 15m(indoors) and 20m (outdoors)


  • Excellent value for money
  • Sophisticated and elegant features that provide you with great audio quality
  • Rechargeable battery works 8 hours (with lighting) and 12 hours (without lighting)


  • G hub software is not as effective as it should have been
  • Customer support not very helpful when it came to providing technical assistance
Bottom Line
Go for it, provided you have downloaded the latest Logitech G-hub software on your PC. You will not regret your choice.


Corsair is always known for making some of the high-quality gaming essentials that are rated quite highly in terms of looks, comfort and performance. This Virtuoso model is no different from this rule, either.


What makes the Corsair Virtuoso one of the best wireless gaming headset 2021? These features will give you the answer to this question:

  • Comes with extremely well-designed, 50mm audio drivers made from neodymium to provide you with precise audio quality 7.1 surround sound effect and a frequency range of 20 to 40000Hz- a feature that you may not find in most other sets

  • Lag-free wireless connection, thanks to the SlipStream Corsair Wireless Technology, helps to give an incredible, low-latency audio signal range, even when you are 60feet away from the PC

  • Comes with a 9.5mm broadcast range, which helps you to get others hear your voice with crystal-clear quality

  • Detachable microphone offers high-bandwidth range; can be used in all directions and still provides premium low-end response at all times

  • Made from durable but lightweight aluminum to last for many years

  • Ultra-soft, memory foam earpads designed to fit your head perfectly, to give you extreme comfort even when used for long hours


  • Stands true to its tagline, “Incredible Sound, Impeccable Quality”
  • Frequency range of 20 to 40000Hz is almost twice as what you would get in most other models
  • Excellent blend of comfort, durability, visual appeal and performance


  • Design of earcups could have better, as they aren’t able to fit large heads comfortably in their present design
  • Doesn’t work consistently with Windows PCs, as a few users had to resort to frequent troubleshooting
Bottom Line
Yes, this one from Corsair with its High-Fidelity and Low-Latency sound effect, is definitely quite impressive. However, go for it only if the shape of your head is not too large.



We hope our reviews will help you choose the best wireless gaming headset 2021, so that you can enhance your gaming experience and enjoy marathon gaming sessions without any distortions or problems.

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