Best Wireless Routers for 2021-Buyers Guide


In this article we will review the  best wireless routers for 2021. For a world that stays the whole of the 24 hours online, the need for a constant Internet connection is a need and a must in almost every household today. With the cost of the Internet made so low that it might as well be considered as free, that’s not the issue for most of us.

But rather, given the fact that every member in the house has their own device, making it an average of 3-4 devices in a single home, purchasing an internet connection for every device is not feasible as well as affordable by all.

Thus came into existence devices that can make a single internet connection available to everyone in its vicinity and that too in a wireless manner: routers. Routers act as the very backbone on any Internet connection set up wirelessly. It connects multiple networks and devices to a single IP address given by the ISP and acts as the interface and channel for transmitting the data packets from one node to the other.

Each and every device connected to the router, in turn, is given an IP and a MAC address, and the forwarding of packets to the desired destination is done by identifying the same IP and MAC address over the network.

But before you step out in an ever-confusing world and market to find a router that best suits your needs, there are a lot of key aspects and points that one should keep in mind before buying one:

  • It should contain all the latest technologies in the current market to ensure that your current investment does not run dry and become obsolete in a very short period.
  • Apart from the standard connection points and ports, it should have peripheral connectivity support to make various hardware devices easily sharable over a network.
  • The router should not be more advanced and sophisticated as compared to your needs and vice versa. It should not happen that you use the internet for doing very basic stuff, but your router is one that can handle professional tasks without breaking a sweat. Sure, no doubt it will make your life easier, but you won’t be able to extract its actual value at any cost. Identify your needs and do your research accordingly. Similarly, the reverse also should not happen.

So, in the following segments of this article, we have reviewed for you 10 of the best routers you can choose from while keeping all of the above considerations in mind to facilitate you to and to possibly help you make the right choice. Along the course, you will find routers of various prices. Some are high and steeply priced, whereas some are very moderately priced, and some are very affordable and lowly priced.

The difference in this pricing disparity is all due to the quality and the performance levels of every device. The brand name also plays quite an important role in determining the price of the routers. So, before you set out to buy yourself a router, do some self-introspection and consider all the points mentioned above and then accordingly choose the best suitable option for you from what we hope will be something from this detailed list. Once you find the Best Wireless Router you can hook it up to the Best Gaming PC and have fun gaming all the time.

Best Wireless Routers for 2021

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Product Overview

With the Netgear Nighthawk X6S, you can take your router experience to a whole other level and get acquainted with
features and services far beyond than those offered by traditional routers. Continue to the following sections to learn
more about this unconventional yet fascinating router:

Product Features

Netgear as a brand has faced a lot of scrutiny in recent years with consumers stating that it is highly impossible to
predict whether a selected router will be worth it and deliver as per the needs. It seems that Netgear designed the X6S
keeping exactly this sentiment in mind and as if to say to the world “no more” and showcase to the world a whole new
beastly convention.
  1. 11 ac standard

The last and previous version of WiFi standards was 802.11n which was fast; absolutely no doubts regarding that. But it stands nowhere when pitted against both the theoretical and practical speeds of what the 802.11ac standard is capable of achieving. Having the capability of touching speeds that are at the very least 6 times that of the 802.11n standard, the 802.11ac standard is a feature not found in many routers in the current market however high-end the pricing may be.

And given the fact that a lot of devices manufactured these days come with either 802.11ac support or 2×2 802.11ac support, this feature proves to be more imperative than it may seem, especially for professionals who need a continuous stream of high-speed internet connections.

  1. Tri-band mesh extender functionality

The world of the internet is one filled with technological jargons, and nothing else and the latest addition to this world is the tri-band functionality. Its predecessor- the dual-band technology would make use of network congestion analysis and choose one channel with the least congestion from an existing pool of 2 channels: the 2.4GHz one and the 5GHz one.

The tri-band technology works in a similar way except for the fact that it has a separate and dedicated 5GHz channel apart from the one that its memory will choose. The X10-AD7200 has a theoretical throughput of 3200Mbps which means a peak download speed of close to 700Mbps: a mind-blowing number in itself, provided of course that your ISP can provide you with such speeds.

So before you go bashing about the router stating that the speed is nowhere even close to the one in its ad, make sure that your ISP delivers such speeds in your location.

  1. LAN aggregation

This is a functionality that very few routers pack with them. All of us at one point of time definitely used to think that “will using two sources of the internet in the same device double the speed or not!” Technology told us why not. But it failed to come up with a practical machine for the same. Netgear has won that race with the introduction of the X10-AD7200. A total of 4 LAN ports (two belonging to the 2.4GHz range and the other two belonging to the 5GHz range) means that a total of 4 discrete connections can be put into it.

But the X10 can do something even more advanced. It can aggregate 2 such connections into a single connection and thus doubling the total throughput of the router. Where a single connection was able to touch 700-800Mbps of download speeds, an aggregated connection means that the maximum possible output that one can expect is 1.4-1.5Gbps.

But all of this is possible only if you have the hardware that can support such a system. Any laptop computer or system cannot just make use of this amazing feature. Your workstation should have not one, but two different LAN ports built into a single system.

Various advertisements and charts will tell you that you need a pair of RJ45 ports. Don’t let the terminology confuse you. RJ45 ports are nothing else but the LAN port of your system, commonly known as the Ethernet port.


  • A USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 port means that your router is more than just a mere router. These ports convert your USB devices into network devices, making them sharable and accessible over the network without having to manually transport them to a person who may have a need for the same.
  • Aggregated LAN ports make downloads, file transfers, calculation and processing, all happen in the blink of an eye.
  • 128MB of RAM means that there is more than enough capability to process a large number of threads, MAC tables, and pointed memories.
  • Netgear’s “Dynamic Quality of Service” software makes sure that there is no choking and tranquility in the connection of any individual despite their type of usage. Be it intense gaming, watching videos, or just sending texts, everything and everyone enjoy a seamless connection


  • For its entire prowess, the size of the X10-AD7200 is one that can be termed fairly large when it comes to routers. Measuring 11.1 x 9.0 x 2.1 inches, its storage definitely poses a problem.
  • A power rating of AC4000 would definitely make many people wary of their electricity bills. But given its performance, such a power rating is justified though
Bottom Line

Size and storage being the only problem with the X10-AD7200, this router is an extreme beast when pitted against almost
every other router in the market. The point where other routers start fading out and giving up is just like a warm-up
for this router.Immense speeds that take care of every device connected to it, excellent connecting at distances under 100 feet, an
excellent performance in other aspects give it a big thumbs up to go for it with closed eyes. The price tag may seem a
tad too much, but the quality and performance that one would be getting can’t be possibly matched by anything else in
the current market. So, we suggest you not to get intimidated by the price and reject this. Consider this as an
investment that will give you returns over many years.

Product Overview

If constant and a speedy internet connection is what you crave for in your home and at the same time are looking to
replace your old router for a newer one and make your surfing experience more seamless, then very few routers in the
market can possibly beat the Nighthawk R7000 in terms of performance, swag, class, and impudence. Read on to know and
understand more about this router.

Product Features

The Nighthawk R7000 has been one of the most awaited routers by both pundits as well as critics. This wait is more than
enough to give a brief idea of the fact that it definitely comes packed with quite a lot of features under its hood.The Nighthawk R7000 has been one of the most awaited routers by both pundits as well as critics. This wait is more than
enough to give a brief idea of the fact that it definitely comes packed with quite a lot of features under its hood.
  1. BCM4708A chipset

This Broadcom designed chipset is one of the members in the newest generation of Communications Processor that comes packed with Network Acceleration Hardware capability. Being one in a family of intensely powerful chipsets, the BCM4708A brings about what can very easily be defined as a technological wave in the world of router chipsets. At the very heart of the chip is a more powerful dual-core A9 processor.

Where the previous generation had A9 Cortex processors operating at 800MHz, the R7000 boasts of the same A9 processor but one that operates at 1GHz. The addition of a new copyrighted and proprietary technology by Broadcom named as ‘Turbo QAM’ gives a major thrust to the somewhat old 802.11n WiFi standard by increasing the maximum throttle speed to 600-700Mbps.

  1. Driven by Beamforming Technology

Beamforming as technology has made the world of wireless connectivity more advanced which makes the entire surfing experience entire seamless and devoid of any lags in the period. Beamforming implemented R7000 can easily identify the location of each and every device connected over the network and boost the signal in their direction instead of just throwing it out in equal quantities in all directions.

This makes sure that the wastage in total bandwidth is reduced to a large extent and speed is distributed as per the usage of the device; thus eradicating equal distribution of speed to all devices. This makes sure that devices performing high-end tasks are not limited to certain speeds and at the same time devices doing low-end tasks are enjoying more speeds than they actually need.

  1. Alexa-controlled

The Internet has proved to be a big deal in making daily life much easier and smart at the same time. In this ever-increasing field, Amazon Alexa is one of the most buzzing and trending artificial intelligence in the world at the moment. With almost all domestic products getting Alexa support, the R7000 is one of the latest additions in the devices getting Alexa support.

You can now control your router from anywhere in its range by just giving it a voice-controlled command and voila; it’s done just like that; no need to get up and walk all the way over to it.

  1. Turbo fast speeds

On paper, there are a lot of routers that offer speeds that are at par than those offered by the R7000. But the real world is not about theoretic concepts; it is about believing in practical performances and outputs. And in that regard, the R7000 is an unbeaten contender when it comes to offering speeds. Where a lot of modern routers, in theory, can offer peak speeds in an average range of 500-600Mbps, the R7000 has managed to beat them all to the dust by providing the highest throughput ever in the world of routers.

Provided that your ISP can provide you with the required speed, bandwidth, and an uninterrupted ping, the R7000 can practically manage to give you real-life mind-boggling speeds of 600-700Mbps owing to its high-performance gigabit LAN ports that make use of a staggering 256MB of in-built RAM that operates under a mind-blowing processor operating at 1GHz all thanks to the new and modern chipset carried by the R7000.

This A9 Cortex ARM processor is one of the processors in a very small list of processors which boast of having touched and crossed the barrier of operating at 1GHz or above in a communications device.


  • A beastly dual-core processor is operating at 1GHz.
  • A slick design makes the overall appearance appear classier than the previous designs of Netgear.
  • A considerably larger range of connectivity as compared to various other routers; where many routers find it hard to connect devices outside an 80-feet radius, the R7000 has shown to be able to connect with devices within 150 feet.
  • Two distinct USB ports: a USB2.0 and USB 3.0, transform your peripherals from simple devices to network sharable devices.


  • Standing firm at 285 x 184 x 50mm dimensions-wise, and at ~750g weight-wise, makes it one of the bulkiest routers the world has ever witnessed.
  • Even with 4 distinct Gigabit Ethernet ports, the R7000 falls behind in the fact that it cannot team up two ports and combine them into one to give many enhanced throughputs: a fact that is available in a previous build found in the X6S S10-AD7200.
Bottom Line

The purpose of the R7000 was made pretty clear and simple: to be the fastest, rangiest, and the best of all the routers
in the room. And in that regard, it has managed to fulfill every single one of those checkboxes. And the biggest
achievement for it is that it manages to do all the above-said things and still consume less power than a lot of its
competitors.Despite its bulky build and slightly premium pricing, we would more than recommend it at the top of your shortlist owing
to its premium performance that stays unbeaten to date. Buy it right now to enjoy seamless internet connectivity in your

Product Overview

The EA9500 is a router that can best be described as the best fit for any office or household setup which demand a lot
of bandwidth, speed, and usage throughout the course of the day. In that regard, the Linksys EA9500 proves to be a great
choice in a saturated market with a lot of companies and models aiming to break the barrier and aim for the top.It is the latest addition in an already feature-rich and quality lineup of Linksys. With a slightly hefty price tag,
does the EA9500 provide the required level of worth and value? Read on to know more.

Product Features

  1. 11ac enabled

Being the latest edition and version of wireless connectivity standards in the communications world, the 802.11ac standard of WiFi has certainly revolutionized the communications world in terms of speed. Where its predecessor (the 802.11n) was able to touch peak speeds of 450Mbps and that too on paper, the 802.11ac has practically displayed and showcased tremendous speeds that have been as high as 0.5Gbps, or roughly 1500Mbps.

To get a better idea of such speeds, let us put it into a context that almost all of us can relate to. With such speeds, downloading a movie in full HD quality is just a matter of hardly 5 seconds. That’s right! The 802.11ac standard seems to come with the tagline, “Exploit your net usage the best you can.”

However, beware and keep in mind that the said speeds are subject to a lot of conditions: Can your ISP can manage such speeds? Is there a considerable amount of great coverage in your area, the amount of congestion and traffic in the neighborhood? These are just some of the asterisked points that come with not just with this new standard but with almost every technological development.

  1. Beastly powered

With only select routers having managed to cross the milestone of touching processing speeds as high as 1GHz, the EA9500 seems to belong from a whole other alien planet altogether. Powered by an immensely powerful dual-core processor operating at a staggering 1.4GHz, the handling, and processing of even a bucketload of requests and pings is nothing more than a child’s play.

  1. MU-MIMO enabled

Even though MU-MIMO is still a technology still under research and development, but even still, it is one of the fastest emerging technologies in the communication world. Its purpose and methodology are a lot similar to that of the beamforming technology which identifies all devices connected to the network, detect its usage and accordingly allocate bandwidth and speed.

The main focus of the Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology (MU-MIMO) is to allow a given router to communicate with all the devices connected to it at the same time to decrease the time a device spends in the waiting queue before it is finally connected. This technology increases the overall efficiency of the router and thus making sure that no bandwidth and the consecutive speed is wasted by spreading it randomly.

All activities such as streaming video, music, gaming, file-transferring, simple browsing, texting, surfing, etc. are all handled in the best manner possible. However, before one goes off gallivanting and buying an MU-MIMO enabled router, you should make sure that your communicating devices are also MU-MIMO enabled.

As of today, this technology is not a proprietary standard in every device out there but comes exclusively in very select devices. Look for an MU-MIMO/Next-Gen AC/AC Wave 2 mark on your router as well as your device in order to make your router and workstation compatible.


  • A fabulous and extremely powerful processor at the core of the device makes it nothing less than Godzilla in terms of performance delivery.
  • A total of 9 Ethernet ports: 8 for LAN connectivity and 1 for the actual Internet connection makes sure that there is a proper connection between the various subnets that are at work, and that configuration of external virtual interfaces (VLAN’s) is not a troublesome issue in the future.
  • The inclusion of tri-band functionality makes sure that the various 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels are devoid of traffic in the best manner possible in order to provide uninterrupted service and deliver the maximum throttle speed that the router can theoretically offer.
  • A total of eight highly sophisticated and powerful antennas make sure that the signal strength is at always at the best possible reception value for the various frequency bands and channels to transfer the data packets at the best possible speeds.
  • 2 USB ports in a single USB 2.0 and a USB thunderbolt make up the setting up of external storage devices or media servers sharable over the network a simple task.
  • Alexa support included makes it smarter than a lot of routers in the market.


  • It seems that a trend has been established where the best of routers are witnessing bulky builds and designs. The EA9500 is no different. Standing firm and taut at 14.3×5.4×11.7 inches and heavily at 1.5kg, the EA9500 makes it an uncontended king for the throne of bulkiness.
  • Even though MU-MIMO equipped, the interface of the router is not able to communicate all too well with it pushing all the work of MU-MIMO down the gutter.
Bottom Line

In totality, the EA9500 can be termed as an all-rounder in every field including its pricing. Even though Netgear’s
mighty X6S and X10 Nighthawk routers are quite rich in sophisticated features, they are ridiculously priced.Sporting the latest of technologies, easy setup, loads of customized personalization options, unbelievably fast
throughputs, tons of ports for the required connectivity are just some of the reasons for one to go with this router
that can hardly put a foot wrong for many years to come.You will love the control that the router offers you and the fast connectivity that you get to enjoy when you invest in
this. Go for this unit if you are looking for a high-performance router that is designed to provide you with full value
for your money.

Product Overview

The Linksys WRT1900ACS router is designed to deliver best in class networking performance, whether it be your home or
your office. It is great for a home office. You do not have to worry anymore about not getting the speed you expected,
the wireless router is engineered to give you the performance that you deserve.It is also equipped with additional features that will enhance your experience of a wireless router usage, and provide you with the service never seen before in other devices.

Product Features

  1. Exceptional Signal Strength

It is provided with a dual core arm that offers an exceptional signal range and strength. It can provide support to multiple users at the same time. One can stream their favorite music, watch online videos in high definition or play games on online sites all at the same time without any kind of buffering, isn’t that great? The Linksys WRT1900ACS does it all.


  1. High Speed

The router is considered to be amongst the best as it brings to the user high speeds that can even exceed up to 600 Mbps. Models that used to be made in the past did not support or back up 5GHz bands. However, they can also be connected to this device and can gain access to the internet at exceptionally high speeds than the usual provided by the 2.4GHz ones.

  1. Four Adjustable Antennas

For ensuring maximum coverage of the network as well as excellent signal strength to the users at all times possible, the Linksys WRT1900ACS wireless router comes along with four external antennas. These antennas are adjustable and enhance the communication of the dual band. One can stream movies in ultra-high definition at the same time while transferring many files and not experience a single lag in the connection.

  1. Dual Band

The dual band provides network speeds that extend up to about 600 Mbps + 1300 Mbps for applications that are considered to be media-intensive. This makes for an excellent speed without lags or buffering of any kind, hence providing the users with a stable connection that does not waver at every second minute.

These dual bands provide and work to continue a stable connection in the long run. One does not have to keep pulling their hair out at times of their work when there is a lack of a stable connection at hand. With the mentioned device, one can now continue working on their work without having to worry about the lack of connection.

  1. Parental Control

The users can have parental control over the content that is being watched or reduces the time the data is being used. In addition to this, they can monitor the network activity, create password protect networks for guests and turn the access of the WiFi on and off.

This feature is especially helpful for the parents as they can keep a track on the period of time that their children or child is on the internet, and control the time they spend on different sites. Depending on the time of usage, one can keep a check on to not let the time exceed the time that was assigned beforehand.

  1. External Storage Devices

External Storage devices are considered to be a boon in today’s age and lifestyle. There is a lot of data that is stored, uploaded, downloaded as well as transferred from one place to another. Therefore, there is a need for this data to be backed up somewhere safe so that it cannot possibly be lost, deleted or stolen and harmed in any way.

You can now enjoy ultra-fast data speeds while transferring your data from one place to another. This has been made possible by the implementation of USB 3.0. With its delivery of optimal speeds of data transfer from the external drives of SATA, it has an edge over the USB 2.0. One can now also store add-ons along with the unsurpassed performance of NAS.

The device accommodates over five hundred and twelve MB of RAM; this is more than twice the amount of memory of its predecessor. This enhances the speeds of the data transfer of even the largest files in a flash. The execution of the file transfer is done in no time at all, without a lag. Again, many users can play games online at the same time, plus transfer the files without any kind of lag.


  • It enhances dual-band performance to eliminate dead zones as well as the spotty coverage in the corners of one’s home.
  • It offers transfer speeds of up to 1.3 gigabits per second so you can enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal in the comfort of your home.
  • The high powered amplifier assists in maximizing the signal coverage and strength even in homes that are multi-story
  • Offers strong networking hardware, along with an exceptional Wi-Fi range
  • It supports the storage of add-ons along with the unsurpassed performance of NAS.
  • It delivers a retro design along with allowing the users to interchange between alternative firmware of the third party.


  • It is one of the largest routers that are available in the market.
  • The price might get a little heavier on your pocket, as it is quite expensive.
  • The default software does not offer the required configuration options needed, plus the Interface of the Web may require some adaptation for the ones that have started using it recently.
Bottom Line

In spite of certain flaws exhibited by the device, if one can manage to pay the hefty price tag of the product, then
they can easily acquire one of the best wireless routers for their home in the form of Linksys WRT1900AC. The pros,
however, outweigh the cons in all ways so one can be assured that they get only the best quality of service that they
are looking out for in a device. The product definitely gives the user much more than the worth of their money, making
it a worthwhile investment.
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Product Overview

The TP-Link AC5400 is not among the likeliness of your regular pieces of office equipment. Along with its multitude of
skyward shot antennas, one can be assured that it will live up to the expectations that gaming enthusiasts have from it.
The device is packaged with many features that will aid the performance of the product, this way the users will get to
experience a more convenient execution of the service, and it will result in more efficiency of the work.With its high-speed efficiency, this product will be the paradise to serious gamers and gaming enthusiasts out there that are always on the lookout for the next best thing in the market.

Product Features

  1. Eight High Powered Antennas

Eight high-powered antennas help in maximizing the range of the signal as well as the strength exhibited by it. It also shares its five thousand three hundred and thirty four megabits across its single 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz channels with ease.

These antennas are adjustable, and one can notice the obvious difference in the strength of the network signal. With the help of these high powered antennas, one can continue using a stable internet connection as well as keep up with it more easily. If one wishes to take a headache out of a faulty connection, then the TP-Link AC5400 is the right choice for you.

  1. External Storage Device

The Dual side-mounted USB 3.0 gives shared access to storage printers along with other types of networking equipment. This makes the speed of data transfer more rapid than before, and the process is less time consuming.

  1. Mu-Mimo

Leaving aside the eight high-powered antennas, the mu-mimo is designed to work at maximum range for the purpose of seeking out the user’s network based equipment for providing the users with the most reliable and strongest connection that is needed.

This MIMO technology is multi-user based throughout. The technology of signal focusing gives a boost to the speed of the network, as well as to the range of the network connection along with boosting the reliability.

  1. VPN Access of the Accelerated Type

Using public Wi-Fi is not safe. One should protect their data by tapping into the internet by using the routers inbuilt VPN Server. This server develops an encrypted connection of VPN back to the user’s home whenever they are making use of the public Wi-Fi.

One should use VPN Acceleration while downloading certain files from the public Wi-Fi and surfing the web, this way they can stay safe. VPN Acceleration provides a boost to the Open VPN connections down to one’s router at their house.

  1. Searing Speeds of Wi-Fi

Get in on the act with the amazing TP-LINK AC5400. This device has Wi-Fi network services that reach up to the speeds of 2.4 GHz and above, in addition with two bands of 5 GHz, i.e. 2167 Mbps.

Three Bands of Wi-Fi facilitate it as such that it becomes easier to streamline one’s network. This it becomes helpful to stay competitive in the long run while keeping up with the competition in the long run.

By the dedication of one band to the gaming traffic whilst the remaining two offer Wi-Fi network services of high speed right in the comfort of one’s own home. As an alternative, one can enable the smart connect for having the router emphasize or give attention to the most worthy Wi-Fi band for each of the devices, leading them to reach their performance zenith.

  1. Processing Of the Battle-Tested Type

When the game is played setting it on the highest settings possible, then it is considered that this one has an excellent execution and better processing power. The meaning of quad-core is power. Along with a quad-core CPU of 1.8 GHz, RAM of 1 GB and three co processors, the TP-LINK AC5400 offers the suitable amount of power that is required to execute each service with precision, application as well as thread for eradicating latency and executing smoother gameplay than the usual.

  1. Threat Protection

One can protect their system from the malicious threats that the system is exposed to while downloading files or sharing them from one place to another. However, the TP-Link AC5400 gives protection to each of the devices from the most recent occurring cyber threats with its strong security, prevention of cutting edge intrusions, and lastly protection by the inbuilt antivirus.


  • The device is compatible with IFTTT as well as Alexa.
  • It offers comprehensive security to the network for each of the connected devices.
  • The storage is expandable and inbuilt. Therefore it provides secure access to one’s data even when one is away from their home.
  • It is a simple fronted.
  • The setup is guided, and it leads the customer through an effortless installation process by the use of a mobile app and Bluetooth.
  • It is super-fast.
  • It has a swift setup and is not too time-consuming.
  • It has an Exceptional performance of 5Ghz
  • Link Aggregation is available on both of the LAN and WAN for maximization of the NAS and Fiber ISP connections. (these are equal to 2Gbps)


  • It is very expensive
  • The model is not very good looking in design.
  • The antennas can’t be aimed.
Bottom Line

One thing is for sure that this device is not all flashy looks and appearance. It lives up to the expectations of the
gaming enthusiasts, meeting their requirements in spite of the little faults in question such as its pricey cost, and it
is not the best looking model out there. If you’re looking for something more reasonable, then this might not be the
thing for you.However, this product deserves to be on the list of serious top gamers due to its superfast performance and other prime
features that further add to its efficiency as a gaming router. However, go for it only if you are ready to splurge on
your router.

Product Overview

With its high performance and ultimate range, the Net gear (R7800-100NAS) is one product that you don’t want to miss out
on. It provides a good signal strength and coverage. Now find all of the features that you wished for in a single
device! There is no need to frown over the lack of signal when you have got important work to complete at hand – The Net
gear (R7800-100NAS) Nighthawk X4S AC2600 4×4 is an amalgamation of all the features you have wished for some time or the

Product Features

High skills require reliable connectivity as well as high performance. The Net gear (R7800-100NAS) will get the best out
of one’s network speeds and will extend it up to 2.53 Gbps. With its high-speed performance, it can reach speeds faster
than the normal routers available in the market. It has efficient processing with a processor of about 1.7 GHz. With a
performance scale, such as this, you will never experience sluggish connectivity or buffering ever again while using.
  1. Doubling the Bandwidth to the Mobile Devices That Are Connected

We can double the bandwidth and thus make the best efforts to get the range of the Wi-Fi for those mobile devices that are connected to the network with about 160 MHz of support, thus leading to an increase in the Wi-Fi range all over.

  1. Peripheral Ports

Along with the two ports of USB 3.0 in addition to a single port of eSATA, the X4S could also be used as an alternative for a printer as well as a storage server during the times that it is connected to one of the USB printers along with the external hard drive, Although, the storage performance is not considered to be one of the best there is.

  1. Cost of the Product

The suggested price of the device in retail is £ 230 or 270$. These pricings are expensive. However, one could easily find it on the streets for lesser than the usual pricing.

  1. Bloated interface along with the redundant menu sections and items

If one considers themselves to be a novice, then they will most likely encounter trouble while trying to customize their network with the Net gear X4S. The bit more experienced or professional users will find that something is missing, and a lack of options in the customization options/category.

The software can be confusing at times. However, it offers a lot of functionality that the majority of users won’t be able to access as they are less experienced, these options are ideal for the IT professionals that require them.

  1. Simultaneous Streaming along with MU-MIMO

By the use of Multiuser (MU) MIMO Technology, the routers of Net gear can stream the data to multiple devices that too, at the same time! By the implementation of multiple user MIMO, one’s Wi-Fi network can give a better performance with efficiency and a faster approach to each device connected to the router.

One can stream videos in high definition online, play games on online websites, and download files from the internet all at the same time without any kind of hampering to the connection in any of the devices, thus providing a smoother streaming and faster downloads, in turn.

  1. Ultimate Range

With the Net gear (R7800-100NAS), you now do not have to shift corners in your room every time just to get within that barely visible Wi-Fi range. You can enjoy a good signal coverage in every corner of your room with the device above, thanks to the four high-performance antennas present on the exterior along with the use of Beamforming+ technology.


  • The router provides a good signal in terms of a network.
  • It offers an ease of usage, and it is swift in the setup of the product.
  • It is cost-effective and gives the worth of its price/money.
  • The performance of the device as well as the range offered is exceptional.
  • Advanced features are present so that the gaming experience is totally lag free.
  • One can manage and take control of their home network with the App ‘Nighthawk’.
  • Four external antennas are present on the device; these are considered to be high gain.
  • Beamforming+ is used along with the antenna for deriving the most range at the highest zenith.
  • Four high-gain external antennas and Beamforming+ for maximum range


  • The software interface of the project is slow.
  • In addition to being slow, the interface of the software is quite confusing at times
Bottom Line

If one requires the perfect solution for a Wi-Fi related problem, then they have come to the right place. Apart from
being effective, it really shows a powerful impact. The XS4 is a great choice for those looking out for new features
that will set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.To put it into simple words, the Net gear (R7800-100NAS) Nighthawk X4S AC2600 5GHz performance can be summarized in two
plain words – ‘the best.’ It came up in the ranks on the charts of both the tests of TCP transmission and 5 GigaHertz
(GHz). However, by a very hairsbreadth above the Linksys WRT. Still, it performed the best in both tests – with
super-fast speed and efficiency, along with a dip in the speed as the distance doubles and additional two walls were
added to the equation. There is no doubt that this router from Netgear, is designed with speed as its main objective.It comes loaded with a lot of features and is not very exorbitantly priced; therefore, it is the best choice for people
who are looking for reasonably-priced superfast routers. With new-age features and an extremely good consistency, this
router will never disappoint you. Go for it, if you want to realise the full value of your money’s worth within a few
days; you will realise why it is one of the highly-recommended Netgear routers by technology experts.

Product Overview

The ASUS (AC3100) gaming router is a high-performance, low-latency router which covers your whole house with a seamless
Wi-Fi network. With this Wi-Fi beast serving your internet needs, whether it is heavy online gaming, or streaming 4K
Ultra High-Definition videos, buffering can’t dare to ruin your experience. With its dual 1000 + 2167 Mb/S bands, it can
deliver a combined speed up to 3167 Mb/S.Its network providing range is quite large and more than enough for most of the houses. The router is not only fast and
robust but also secure to use owing to the advanced AiProtrection and Parental lock technologies. Its high functionality
and a large number of specifications don’t affect its easiness to setup, use, and administer because of its special
mobile app and computer software.

Product Features

  1. AiProtection Network Security by Trend Micro

The AiProtection security provided by this router features one of the most secure home routers available. This automatic vulnerability detection security system monitors any type of suspicious behavior and hence, prevents you from unwittingly accessing dangerous malicious websites. Along with this, this ASUS router comes with an advanced parental control which enables you to restrict access to undesired sites through your network.

  1. AiMesh For Mesh Wi-Fi System

Though the ASUS AC3100 gaming router is capable of providing the widest ever coverage of up to 5000 square feet, it is equally compatible to be used in a Wi-Fi mesh system in coordination with other ASUS routers. So, no matter whether you are in your bedroom or your backyard, you’ll still get a strong Wi-Fi network connection. The AiMesh technology, hence, gives you an outstanding roaming capacity.

  1. WTFast Game Accelerator

The WTFast game accelerator is a GPN (Gamers Private Network) and a nice gaming solution. It optimizes the game connection data to maximize your online-gaming performance. It enables you to play online games from anywhere with a smoother connection and a lower ping time. This router comes with adaptive QoS with which, you can prioritize your gaming activities or even dedicate the whole bandwidth to your gaming using the solo mode.

  1. ASUS Router App and ASUSWRT User Interface

Using the ASUS Router app, now the power is literally in your hands. Owing to this user-friendly app and the ASUSWRT user interface, you have the complete control of your network, be it setting up your router, managing network traffic, diagnosing connection issues, and even updating the firmware. The best part is that you can do this without operating a manual switch or even booting your PC.

  1. MU-MIMO Technology

With the revolutionary MU-MIMO technology, the router can give each connected device its own dedicated Wi-Fi connection. This prevents slowing of the network due to overcrowding. Moreover, this router can serve well not only for gaming but also as a digital home hub and network center owing to its exclusive eight Gigabit LAN ports which are indeed twice the number most routers provide.

So, now your smart TV, gaming consoles, and other network operated devices can have their own dedicated networks. Also, this router automatically chooses the best band available for your connected devices.


  • The ASUS AC3100 router has a large coverage area which is enough for even very large homes. So, if you were looking for a router which can provide you fast network in any part of your house then probably this router is what you need. You can use this single router for all your devices. Also, the huge number of separately dedicated ports means that every ethernet device gets its separate network connection.
  • The ASUS AiProtection by the reputed network security provider Micro Trend makes your online experience safe and secure by detecting and blocking any suspicious activity. It prevents you from visiting any malicious website. Using the advanced parental lock, you can keep a check on the websites which are being used on the network. This is especially helpful if you have kids in your home and you don’t want them to access inappropriate online matter.
  • If you are a gaming pro, then this router can cater all your gaming needs very well. The WTFast game accelerator and adaptive QoS technology, buffering or lagging will be things past. The 3167 Mb/S combined network speed is more than enough to stream even the best 4K UHD videos as well.
  • The router is easy to set up and administer owing to its ASUS Router App and ASUSWRT User Interference. You can control many of its features, like managing network traffic and firmware from anywhere in your house.
  • The router is compatible with a large variety of device be it your I-pads, smart TVs, computers versions. Also, due to its ability to coordinate along with other ASUS routers, it can perform as well in a mesh system as a solo router.


  • The wireless dual-band networks are not as efficient and reliable as it should have been for the cost, which has resulted in their failure in many cases.
  • It can have cuts or shutdowns sometimes, needing it to be rebooted and set-upped again before you can use it.
  • This router doesn’t have a SIM slot of its own, which means that you must use a DSL or a modem in order to connect it to the internet
Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of our review for this product- the ASUS AC3100 dual-band gaming router. Though we have found
some basic cons in the product, they are well outweighed by its numerous advantages. The few technical issues that may
occur can easily be fixed by their service providers as long as it is in the warranty period.Also, the eight separately dedicated wired ports are something that you don’t get in other routers at this price. So,
overall it can be concluded that this router is a good gaming router which can also be used as a regular router and the
specifications are above par. You should definitely look forward to buying this product which will super-enhance your
gaming, video streaming, and other such experiences.

Product Overview

The TP-Link AC5400 gaming router is powerful tri-band gaming router which can easily support online games or 4K video
streaming without any buffering or lag. Moreover, its intelligently designed eight wireless Wi-Fi antennas are more than
enough to cover every part of your house inside an envelope of seamless Wi-Fi.Owing to the HomeCare by Trend Micro, parental control, antivirus, and other security features now your online
experience will be not only fast but also secure. The administration of the Wi-Fi network is also very simple, flexible,
and convenient thanks to its IFTTT technology, the Tether app, and its compatibility with Alexa.

Product Features

  1. Connectivity options

This tri-band gaming router uses three bandwidths at the same time with up to 1000 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, 2167 Mbps at 5 GHz, and another 2167 Mbps at 5 GHz. This becomes a total of 5400 Mbps. There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports and eight external antennas. It can be connected to the internet via a modem or a DSL with a 3.0 USB or a 2.0 USB.

  1. X Stream Architecture

The unique XStream technology introduces three co-processors to complement the 1.4 GHz core-processor which means fast and powerful processing. Each of the co-processors is dedicated to a separate band while the core-processor handles the whole system. Thanks to this, you can enjoy fast and smooth network on each of the connected devices. You can play online games, stream 4K videos, download files, and anything else at the same time and that too at an astonishing speed.

  1. Homecare by Trend Micro

The HomeCare by Trend Micro is the complete security solution for your Wi-Fi network and the connected devices. It comes with antivirus, parental control, and QoS technology. So, the HomeCare detects any type of vulnerability and protects you from malice and fraud over the network. Using the parental control, you can restrict visits to certain unwanted websites over your network. It can be noted that this router comes with a free TP-Link HomeCare subscription for three years.

  1. Tri-Band and MI-MIMO

Unlike the standard single-band or double-band routers, the tri-band TP-Link router loaded with the MI-MIMO technology ensure that every connected device gets the fastest possible network. So, you can easily play games while a high-resolution 4K video being streamed at the same time. Bandwidth prioritization offered by the smart QoS lets you set the priority of certain devices or activities over others, thus optimizing the Wi-Fi performance when you are doing your favorite things.

  1. Tether app, IFTTT and Alexa compatibility

Easily administer and control your Wi-Fi network with the Tether app for Android or iOS. Do things like setting guest privileges, scheduling, and even updating the firmware on your mobile device while sitting in the comfort of your couch or bed. With IFTTT, you can set actions for specific triggers like connecting or dropping of a device from the network.

The router is also Alexa compatible which means that you can command Alexa for tasks like adding a new device, sharing a guest password, turning the Wi-Fi on and off, setting the priority of a device or action, and running a speed test.


  • The tri-band feature allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time, all getting the fastest network. The MU-MIMO technology ensures that a heavy usage on one bandwidth doesn’t affect the internet speed on other bandwidths.
  • The HomeCare by Trend Micro is one of the best security solutions for Wi-Fi networks, which protects your devices from viruses, hacking, and other malicious activities. This also features parental control which enables you to set restriction over websites which are inappropriate for your purposes. So, if you don’t want that your kids or family have access to any particular type of matter, then you can realize this with the advanced parental control.
  • The XStream technology employs three co-processors for complementing the core-processor to give you a fast, smooth, and seamless online experience no matter however heavy is the Wi-Fi usage. So, you can play your favorite online game or stream a 4K video without any lag or buffering.
  • You can set trigger actions for certain activities using IFTTT technology. This saves your time and effort doing the same thing again and again. Also, owing to its Alexa compatibility, this router gives you a different level of convenience as you can get tasks done just by giving voice commands to Alexa and the artificially intelligent personal assistant will do the rest.
  • The user-friendly Tether app which comes for both Android and iOS gives you a highly convenient way to control every aspect of the Wi-Fi at a single place.
  • The total Wi-Fi speed up to 5400 Mbps is better from most of the other routers in the same price range. The MU-MIMO technology delivers the fastest possible connection to every connected device. So, you can play heavy online games and stream a live 4K UHD video at the same time.
  • The eight external antennas intelligently distribute the network in a large space by locating connected devices and focusing the network towards them. This router is well enough for large homes and medium-sized offices or cafes.
  • The powerful Tether app and intuitive user interface make setting-up the router a task of minutes. Not only set-up but also managing the network and personalizing it according to your preferences is also very easy.


  • Due to the highly complicated features and technologies, the device is not as durable and reliable as one will expect at this price. So, it has failed in some cases after serving for unreasonably less time.
  • Few users have found the customer support to be a little slow and disappointing
Bottom Line

Though this product- The TP-Link AC5400 Gaming router, has found to have a few flaws, it is far compensated by its
advantages. We will, therefore, surely recommend this product to the consumers as it is one of the best gaming routers
in the industry in this price range. So, you should definitely go forth and bring this Wi-Fi beast to your home.

Product Overview

When it comes to the online or virtual world, we are all supremely dependent beings. The internet is not a luxury
anymore; it has become more of a necessity. You need an uninterrupted internet connection for a lot of work, and there
is work which may get lost if your internet connection breaks for even a minute. The new NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S AC4000
Tri-band Gigabit Wifi Router helps to serve you with a smooth connection that doesn’t let your spirits or connection hit
the ground. With its multiple antennae supporting and making sure your connection flows rapidly and smoothly, you don’t
need to worry about losing data that needs a consistent connection.Considering how important and indispensable internet has become, what is also equally important is how fast it is and
how much data are we losing through our modems and routers. We all want the ones where we lose the minimum data and get
the maximum output, as in speed and hassle-free surfing.Also, with new gadgets like Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo coming up, which need an internet connection and good and
stable internet at that, it becomes a challenge to maintain speed and have the devices working in a lag-free and
energy-efficient way.

Product Features

  1. Connectivity options

This tri-band gaming router uses three bandwidths at the same time with up to 1000 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, 2167 Mbps at 5 GHz, and another 2167 Mbps at 5 GHz. This becomes a total of 5400 Mbps. There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports and eight external antennas. It can be connected to the internet via a modem or a DSL with a 3.0 USB or a 2.0 USB.

  1. X Stream Architecture

The unique XStream technology introduces three co-processors to complement the 1.4 GHz core-processor which means fast and powerful processing. Each of the co-processors is dedicated to a separate band while the core-processor handles the whole system. Thanks to this, you can enjoy fast and smooth network on each of the connected devices. You can play online games, stream 4K videos, download files, and anything else at the same time and that too at an astonishing speed.

  1. Homecare by Trend Micro

The HomeCare by Trend Micro is the complete security solution for your Wi-Fi network and the connected devices. It comes with antivirus, parental control, and QoS technology. So, the HomeCare detects any type of vulnerability and protects you from malice and fraud over the network. Using the parental control, you can restrict visits to certain unwanted websites over your network. It can be noted that this router comes with a free TP-Link HomeCare subscription for three years.

  1. Tri-Band and MI-MIMO

Unlike the standard single-band or double-band routers, the tri-band TP-Link router loaded with the MI-MIMO technology ensure that every connected device gets the fastest possible network. So, you can easily play games while a high-resolution 4K video being streamed at the same time. Bandwidth prioritization offered by the smart QoS lets you set the priority of certain devices or activities over others, thus optimizing the Wi-Fi performance when you are doing your favorite things.

  1. Tether app, IFTTT and Alexa compatibility

Easily administer and control your Wi-Fi network with the Tether app for Android or iOS. Do things like setting guest privileges, scheduling, and even updating the firmware on your mobile device while sitting in the comfort of your couch or bed. With IFTTT, you can set actions for specific triggers like connecting or dropping of a device from the network.

The router is also Alexa compatible which means that you can command Alexa for tasks like adding a new device, sharing a guest password, turning the Wi-Fi on and off, setting the priority of a device or action, and running a speed test.


  • Offers really high-speed and data are saving surfing, something that is indispensable when it comes to routers.
  • Hassle-free and easy to set up and use, which is what any layman would want.
  • With features to die for, the NETGEAR Nighthawk comes at a price that you can’t say no to.
  • Equipped with the latest processor that also gives you the ease of using heavy data apps, is a definite boon.
  • Losing data can be a nightmare for any of us. But with NETGEAR Nighthawk, you can be sure that that won’t happen, since it provides fast backups with two ethernet ports.
  • Control your house at voice commands since it supports Alexa and Amazon Echo.


  • You may have to restart it since it stops working and resumes working only after restarting.
  • The connection to the DSL drops frequently.
Bottom Line

While the NETGEAR Nighthawk may have its share of cons, the pros of the product outweigh them. With new products coming
in every day, this is one that won’t disappoint you. The price at which you get, it is also not something that you will
get at the same price. Moreover, the streaming speed is like a strong wind that works up to your satisfaction level.You can’t let this deal go because products like this don’t hit the market every day. You are getting a data-intensive,
next-gen product with the advantage of fast backups; you don’t want to miss that, especially when you have multiple
computers and smartphones in your house. Watch internet connectivity reach a new level, thanks to this new-age router
from Netgear.

Product Overview

When it comes to your Wi-Fi network, you shouldn’t have to compromise in terms of quality and performance. The Linksys
AB2600 does just that; now you don’t have to wait for long lengths for that video or page to load. The device offers
four types of data streams instead of the usual three or two offered by traditional devices. These streams provide you
with an unbroken entertainment experience.Now you can polish up your streaming and gaming skills and take them to the next level with the device. The product is
also accoutered with a 1.4 GigaHertz dual-core CPU. With the MU-MI technology, one can manage activities requiring heavy
bandwidth as well as heavy traffic by a connection speed that ranges up to 2.53 Gb per second, thus making it the
preeminent among the swift Wi-Fi technology.

Product Features

  1. Four Data Streams

The Linksys AB2600 Wireless router delivers up to 4 data streams, rather than one or two provided by the traditional ones. This device has speeds that exceed up to 2.53 GB per second. Along with this, it also consists of four-gigabit ports for Ethernet, one USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port / eSATA for providing transmission of high-speed data for storage devices and wired connections.

  1. Multitasking

The device offers an unbroken entertainment experience to the users; they can play games on online sites, stream their favorite music, as well as stream music all at the same time without any lagging.

  1. Enjoy Gaming without Interruption

Now you can enjoy an unbroken experience of gaming, thanks to the Linksys AB2600. With the help of the MU-MIMO technology, one does not experience any interruptions in the network from the other devices connected to the same network.

Speeds that are blazing fast are required for multiplayer online gaming without any lags; the device offers just that. There are four-gigabit ports for Ethernet; these tend to offer about 10 times the speed of regular Ethernet ports for gaming devices that are wired.

  1. Streaming Onto Multiple Devices At The Same Time

The MU-MIMO technology makes it possible for the users to stream on several devices all at the same time without any lagging or interruptions, slowdowns aren’t experienced either. With combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2.53 Giga Bytes per second, you can get rid of that annoying buffering in the middle of streaming and thus, activate faster downloads.

  1. Customize Your Home Wi-Fi At any time, Anywhere

One can make use of the Linksys App for Smart Wi-Fi for closely monitoring and managing one’s Home Wi-Fi from any place by the use of a tablet or a smartphone. You can make a separate password-protected network of Wi-Fi that is capable of serving to about 50 guests and can easily share this password around.

  1. Parental Controls

If one wishes to restrict the content that their kid sees during their time on the internet, then the parental control options are for them. By the use of these, one can make sure of a safe internet experience for their children, even if they are not at home right now. Any kind of distracting or inappropriate content can be restricted with the help of this feature.

This type of content can also be blocked. One can control the time of usage, along with blocking certain devices from gaining access to the internet. In addition to this, one can also prioritize some devices that require maximum speed out of the rest.

  1. Enhanced Mobile Speed and Range

With the Beamforming+ technology, you can gain access to an enhanced wireless range throughout your home; this can be done by sending Wi-Fi signals to each of the mobile phones connected to the same network. The signals that are to be sent out should be of the focused kind. Along with the help of a handy app – Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app, you can manage and monitor the home network closely from any place at any time.

  1. Powerful hardware

The Linksys AC2600 4 x 4 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Gigabit Router can be defined to be a powerful router. It offers 1733 MegaByte per Second on the 5 Gigahertz band, along with providing 800 megabytes per second on the 2.4 GHz band. The router is equipped with a 1.4 Gigahertz dual-core processor, DDR3 512 MegaByte RAM Memory and 128 MegaBytes of flash storage.

Thus, one can conclude that this hardware is the most powerful ever seen in recent times. To add to it, four GigaBit ports of LAN have been provided along with one GigaBit internet (WAN) port, other features offered are an eSATA / USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 combo port.


  • It delivers an excellent 5 GigaHertz Wi-Fi performance.
  • It allows the user access to enhanced technology with the new MU-MIMO.
  • Provides no real issues to the users
  • It is ideal for gamers, large families, businesses and anyone that runs multiple devices.
  • It supports multiple user input and multiple user output.
  • It has excellent storage performance.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The feature of storage does not support the backup of a time machine.
  • Clients must back up MU-MIMO for taking benefit of the improved performance
Bottom Line

The Linksys AC2600 Wi-Fi Router uses only the latest wireless technology for delivering swift speeds at 5 Giga Hertz
throughout multiple devices that too, at the same time. However, the route is huge to start with. Therefore, one should
ensure to keep an eye on the dimensions. Four large antennas are provided that offer a great signal strength and
coverage.You now can gain access to smart Wi-Fi and manage your home network anywhere, but to take advantage of this technology
one needs to be experienced, this may not be the device for users that are looking for something affordable. Go for it,
only if you have a fair bit of idea and knowledge about using wireless routers because this is a unit that is not
designed for the newbies.


We hope these reviews help you make a good decision on choosing the best wireless router for 2021 depending on your requirements and budget.

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